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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher

Evangelical Lutheran parish of Arkhangelsk

German settlement of Arkhangelsk began to form immediately after the founding of the city in 1684, when British and Dutch merchants moved to the new city-the fortress of Novgorod. Here on the Cape PUR-pillowcase next to a wooden Seating yard, in the direction of Zhabinsky pillowcase Boru, foreign settlement is born. В1587 year based Novo-Kholmogory Posad. For the PUR-Navolok Pomeranian relocated 130 families. Now Arkhangelsk like all medieval cities was to consist of two parts: the fortress-the Kremlin and the Posad. In the fortress focused administration headed Dvina governors. To the tenements, where it was built Seating yard, began to form settlements: Streletskaya, Pushkarskaya, Galecka, German, and around the city, and later a Soldier in Kuznechikha and Admiralty in Solombala. By the decree of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich /1584 – 1598\ 15 Feb 1588 in the port of Novo – Kholmogory was opened to foreign ships, which was the impetus for the development of the German settlement. In 1601, Tsar Boris Godunov issued a decree on the privileges of English merchants, they were allowed to trade in Russian cities. English “Moscow company” had their factories, warehouses and offices in Kholmogory, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk. In Kholmogory, the British had their own rope factory. By decree of Tsar Mikhail Romanov / 1615-1645 / Novo-Kholmogorsky Posad was transformed into the city of Arkhangelsk. The German settlement of Arkhangelsk was located on the land, from the walls of The German Gostiny Dvor to the Soldier's settlement in Kuznechiha. Embankment Noble /the Trinity/, Novgorod, Kostroma prospectuses and the by-pass channel was crossed by the streets of the German settlement: Sentencecase /Police/ Lutheran /Kirochnaya/, Sahalinskaya /Pochtamskaya, Finland/ Bohr assumption, Dobrininskaya /Garden/, Krylovskaya /Olonetsky/ pharmacy \Orphanage, Vologda/, Istomina /Malakhovskaya, Vyatka/. In the German village home of many influential merchants and officials, who had on the development of our city's great influence: Kaylee, Warmed, Rode, Beckery, Brandt, Morgan, Clarks, Claptone, Klassen, des Fontaines, Lindesy, Stoppy, Gernamy, Pezi, Rotary, Hoevelaken, Meyer. The history of the German settlement remained an important milestone in the trade and cultural history of Arkhangelsk. The presence of a large number of other foreigners and nonresident residents throughout the existence of the largest port city of Arkhangelsk led to the consolidation of residents into their religious communities: Evangelical / Reformed Lutheran/ English, Catholic, Jewish, Mohammedan. They not only existed as religious associations, but also had their churches and parishes in the city. All communities were subordinate to the city Duma. Their activities were controlled by the Department of Spiritual Affairs of foreign Confessions and the Arkhangelsk provincial Board. All the activities of the heterodox communities were concentrated in the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory. The Orthodox Church, with great features, strongly opposed the entry of the Gentiles into the Arkhangelsk Province.

Evangelical /REFORMED – LUTHERAN/ community:

The founding year of the Evangelical parish in Arkhangelsk is considered to be 1645. Protestants in Arkhangelsk managed to keep for the whole winter Moscow pastor Krawinkel. This is the first in the city's history was the arrival of Dutch, an Evangelical reformed. It is probably departure to Moscow, pastor Crawinkel was left Kester, a teacher at the parish school, whose duties included device worship together with the elders.
11 years after the founding of The Dutch Evangelical parish, Dutch Calvinists were able to invite pastor WHEELER KOSTERUS, a permanent preacher from the Netherlands, who arrived in T660. In 1674 purchased from the merchant Bibingka location on the banks of the Dvina, the Calvinists built the first wooden Church – reformed Church /later on, the place was the Anglican Church. George/. LUTHERAN – the GERMAN advent / close to the official Anglican Church was founded 25 years later, the Dutch founded the second ADVENT of the Hamburg merchants, who gave his ward the name “Hamburg”. The first preacher called to Arkhangelsk in 1686 was pastor SCHROEDER of Hamburg. When it was built a wooden Lutheran Church /this place is now Evangelical/, also on the banks of the Dvina river near the Dutch Church. There was also a parish school with a teacher-kister. Until the early 18th century the Dutch arrival, after the first COSTERUS pastor /preacher in Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kholmogory and Yaroslavl / was two more pastor: ABRAHAM URSINUS from the city of Haarlem \1670 – 1684rr.\ only in summer, living in Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory, during the winter in Yaroslavl and Vologda. He changed the title of doctor of medicine to pastoral. In 1684, URSINUS went to East Friesland. Third Arkhangelsk pastor JOHANNES RAVENSBERG was from Haarlem /1685-1695/. HE was also a doctor, but being in poor health, could not serve the four communities. RAVENSBERG became a pastor only of the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory of the parish, and in the Yaroslavl and Vologda were called their pastors – LUDWIG STUMPF /and in 1693 was elected pastor in Moscow, and Dr. BERTHOLD DEALER/ died in 1704/. Pastor RAVENSBERG was witness to two visits to Arkhangelsk Peter 1. Since 1695 the pastor did not fulfill their obligations, apparently was sick. He died in Arkhangelsk in 1698. In 1699 in Arkhangelsk there has arrived the new pastor FRANCOIS DE RUYTER, also from Haarlem. In 170TH year he had to bury the first pastor SCHROEDER, who served in Arkhangelsk for 14 years. B 1701 DE RUYTER was present when the ruling is as follows Lutheran pastor PHILIP MIHAJLICA. In 1701, the PARISH was visited arrived in Arkhangelsk famous traveler CORNELIUS DE the BRAIN. In 1711 in Amsterdam he published his book “Journey to Muscovy”.
Divine services were conducted in Dutch in reformed Church, and in Lutheran in German. Services in a wooden Church were conducted only in the summer, and in the winter on warm pastoral apartments. In navigation to invite foreign sailors to serve in the Harbor raised a special flag. The Church community was chosen by the Church Councils. Council consisted of elders, deacons /overseers of the poor, the Trustees. The Church Councils sat in the homes of their pastors.  /Data about the first pastors taken in 1919, the archive of the Evangelical Church by the pastor, F. I. BARNHELM/ When the Church is dilapidated, the Church warden STEFAN HAGENDORN, merchants LOGIN BEKEN, ANDREW LANG and SAMOILA BEKEN addressed in 1766 to Governor R. A. GOLOVIN with a request to build a stone Church. In 1768, the Church was built at the expense of the German merchants, and the recollection of foreign correspondents. It was a one-storey, one-nave building with a bell tower, which was crowned by a dome with a clock and a cross with a weather vane. In January 1774, the fire destroyed all the wooden structures of the ceiling and the organ. / Reports of damage and plans for the Church are available in photocopies of the state archives of the Arch.area / after repair, the Church received a Gothic spire on the bell tower. Wooden Dutch Church was also in the 18th century rebuilt in stone.
With permission from Alexander I to the Act of 30 November 1817 the Lutheran and reformed congregations joined together and made one community under the name: “ARKHANGELSK EVANGELICAL PARISH.” Lutheran Church of St. Catherine has become a common. In 1823, the reformed Church burned down and was not restored, and the place was sold to the Anglican parish. Pastor of the United parish became reformed pastor JOHN ARNOLD /Ivan Z. / BRUNNING / and in 1820 it was replaced by a former Lutheran pastor KARL FRIEDRICH AUGUST / Fedor/ BREHME. In 1850 to the elderly pastor BREHME was appointed assistant GUSTAV MORET. The United parish was headed by the Church Council, he elected honorary patrons from among honorary officials and merchants of the Lutheran religion, for example, the honorary patron until 1851 was the city commandant major General AA DE SCALON, and since 1851 the merchant of the 3rd Guild VV MAYER. In March 1896, at the request of the merchant E. I. SHERGOLD was allowed to set the bells on the bell tower of the Evangelical Church. After the fire at the request of the head of ecclesiastical Affairs V. HOEVELAKEN in Т908 year we approved a project to restore the burned Church.
The Archangel Evangelical Society was closed in 1920 and did not exist for many years. In June 1992, in Arkhangelsk was re-registered RUSSIAN – the GERMAN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN PARISH of ST. CATHERINE, and in the Lutheran Church after the restoration was in 1987 opened chamber hall of the Philharmonic society.


1666-1670g. WILLIE COSTERUS –
1670-1684g. - ABRAHAM URSINUS
1699 – 1701. – FRANCOIS DE RUYTER
1686 – 1700 – SCHROEDER
1701 – 17.. G. PHILIP MICHAELS
1763 – 1776гг. – ALBERTUS HOOLBOOM
1858-1867 G. – candidate of theology BRUECKNER
1919 – 1920 – F. I. Burnell
Lutheran/ German / cemetery of the city of Arkhangelsk is now in the closed for burial in 1974 Kuznechevsky /Vologda/ cemetery of the city. This territory was allocated by the Arkhangelsk Duma to the Evangelical /reformed Lutheran/ parish in the first polovik of the 19th century behind the city line /behind the Bypass canal. At the time of formation of the parish it was the fourth Lutheran cemetery. The first two were under Church: under Dutch Church SV. Peter and the German Church St. Catherine. After the ban by decrees of Empress Catherine II to bury the dead in the churches within the CITY limits, the cemetery was moved to the gate of the street Kirochnaya /Lutheran/, and from there to its present place.
The cemetery had the appearance of an elongated into the bypass channel of the rectangle. It was between the Orthodox/the North face/ Catholic/ South side/, old believers and Muslim/ Eastern side/. The cemetery was surrounded by a fence, which until recently remained forged double-leaf gate demolished during the construction of the Afghan memorial. The main street of the cemetery crossed the Avenue, the Cemetery consisted of individual graves and family graves. Monuments are made of precious stones / granite, Labrador, etc./. The family graves were surrounded by an openwork fence. The necropolis of Sergaliev made in the form of the crypt. Monuments and fences were most often brought from abroad. Lutheran cemetery was primarily a merchant, although there were buried, and representatives of other estates/nobility, burghers, peasants and clergy/. Most of the cemetery monuments have spiritual and historical value. The geography of places of birth of the persons who found here the last shelter is extensive. It reminds about trade and cultural relations of Arkhangelsk - the first sea port of Russia.
Sunday 16 August 1995 at the Lutheran cemetery in Arkhangelsk pastor Arndt von Bulow spent the next worship service for the congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish, restored in 1992.
Gernet Sergey, Vice-President of the Archangel club Sloboda, Tselikov Natalia L., Executive Secretary of the club, Shumilov Alex, a student at Pomeranian University, Shumilov, Nikolai, senior researcher at the State archive of Arkhangelsk region.

Extracts from birth certificates, certified by the pastor HanseDom.

RGIA, f. 1343, on. 40, D. 39965 1891 year. PEC.
L. 1) Petition: Requests that the August Andreev PEC, Arkhangelsk merchant of the 2nd Guild: identifying me to the hereditary honorary citizenship, sons, grandsons, brothers and nephews, to give that letter to the Hereditary Honorary Citizenship.1891 June 29.
l. 2) Certificate of baptism: 1813, April 5, and was born April 20th baptized according to the Evangelical rite August Georg PEC, the son of a Baker Andreas PEC Reception from his marriage with Ernestina, urodenal, Bloomenrader. His sponsors were: Mr. Peter Nicholas Dresen, Mr. Wilhelm Lindes and Ms. Santier. The Church of the Evangelical society in Arkhangelsk.
L. 11ob.) The certificate of marriage: 1835, January 20 Baker married August George PEC of the Ar-angeliska with girl Herminie Norman, the daughter of a skipper Gert Heinrich Norman, rodivshuyusya in Emden.
L. 2ob.) Certificate of baptism: 1845 Jul was born 16 August Herman PEC, baptized according to the Evangelical rite October 21st, the son of prakashika Aug Yegor PEC from his marriage with Erminia, SD. Norman. Godfather: Mr. Heinrich, Hellerman, Mr. Rinek Christians, Mr. Friedrich PEC, Ms. Louise Grelle and Ms. Adolfina PEC.
L. Z), 1851 APR 10, Herman was born Nikolaus PEC, baptized Evangelic Dec 19, son of August Yegor PEC from his marriage with Germania, nee Norman. His sponsors were: Navy captain Korsakov was nastupaet Alexander PEC, Mr. Leopold Tiden, Mr. Franz Roters, Ms. Emilia PEC and Ms. Daria Teen.
L. 11ob.), 1881 March 19th and was born May 5th, baptized in the Church of the Life Guards regiment Conago in St. Petersburg Sergei. Parents: Arkhangelsk merchant's son, August Avgustovich PEC, of the Lutheran faith and his wife Stefanida Ivanovna, Orthodox religion. The godfather was Arkhangelsk merchant's son, Richard Avgustovich PEC and daughter of Kronstadt tradesman Sofia Fedorova.
l, 11ob.) 1884 March 24th and was born March 31, baptized in the Church of L-GW. CONNAGE regiment Boris. Parents: Arkhangelsk merchant's son, August Avgustovich PEC, the Lutheran religion and his lawful wife Stepanida Ivanovna, of the Orthodox faith. The godfather was Arkhangelsk merchant's son, Richard Avgustovich PEC and the wife of the clerk Emerytalny Cash Morskogo Department Zinaida Fomina Kalistratovna.
l. Goiter.) 1877 Aug 5th born Alexander Herman PEC, baptized 1878 Feb 10, son of Nikolaus Herman PEC from his marriage to Bertha, nee. Meyer. Godfather: doctor of medicine Julian Kosmowski, Mr. Ferdinand Lindes, Mr. Alexander Lyurs, Ms. Carolina Meyer, nee brown, girl Julia Meyer and the maid Louise Grelle.
L. 4) 1879 Dec 15 born Richard Rudolf PEC, 1880 baptised July 13th, the son of Herman prakashika Nicholas PEC from his marriage to Bertha, urozhdennaya Meyer. Godfather: Mr. Rudolf Meyer Ms. Maria Meyer, nee. Dresen, maid Elmira Meyer and Mr. Richard PEC.
L. 4ob.) 1824 May 30 was born Friedrich PEC, baptized August 10, son of the Baker Andreas Traugot PEC from his marriage with Ernestino, ur. Blurreder. Godfather: Ms. Pastore Anna Lindes, Ms. Charlotte Tiden, Mr. Frederick the great, Mr. Jakov CRO and Mr. Alexander Felkner.
l. I2) marriage Certificate: in 1849, on may 30th, Friedrich PEC was married to the maiden Elizabeth brown, daughter of the deceased William brown, born in Arkhangelsk. (Q. Evang. Islands in the Arch-ke).
L. 5) year I854 Nov 14 was born Edmund William PEC, baptized 12 Jun 1855, the son of a Baker of Frederick PEC from his marriage with Elizabeth, ur, brown. Godfather: Mr. Abraham des Fontaines, Mr. Peter Dresen, Mr. Karl PEC was nastupaet Mr. Andrew PEC, Alexandrina Gellerman the girl and the girl Darya brown. L. 5ob.) 1858 Jun 13 was born Punkristo PEC, baptized 16 Mar 1859, son of Frederick Baker of PEC from his marriage to Elizabeth, SD. Braun. Godfather: Mr. Christian Grelle, Mr. Edward des Fontaines, Ms. Dorothea Meyer, Mrs. Anna Gribanova and girl, Louise brown.
L. 6 on.) I860 G. Jul 19 I was born to Friedrich PEC, baptized October 20, the son of a Baker of Frederick PEC from his marriage with Elizabeth, ur, Browns. Godfather: Mr. Carl Meyer Mr. Franz Shtop, Mr. Jacob Clifton, Ms. Daria Clapton and the girl Caroline Browne.
L. 7) 1863 Mar 31 born Andreas Traugott PEC, baptized June 23, the son of a Baker of Frederick PEC from his marriage with Elizabeth, SD. Brown. Godfather: Mr. Carl Lurz, Mr. Petric, Mr. William brown, Ms. Wilhelmina des-Fontaines and Ms. Carolina Frieze.
L. 7ob.) 1869 Feb 2nd was born Friedrich Arturis, baptized 4 Jan 1870, the son of a Baker of Frederick PEC from his marriage to Elizabeth, SD. Brown. Godfather: Mr. Alexander Meyer, Mr. Gustav PEC, the girl Anna Clifton, girl Fanny PEC and Ms. Caroline Broun.
L. 6) 1889, July 1st was born Oscar Bruno PEC, baptized 1890 Jan. 14, son of prakashika Bruno Christian PEC from his marriage to Bertha, GEB. Pileckas. Godfather: Mr. Friedrich PEC, Mr. Oscar Gilda was nastupaet the child's father, Mr. Alfred Pilecki in St. Petersburg, was nastupaet Director of the school Konstantin Pilecki, Mrs. Ernestine Schmidt, Mrs. Anna Shergold, SD. Pilatka, and the girl Betty PEC.
L. 9) 1826 Sep 26 the day he was born Karl Heinrich PEC, baptized according to the Evangelical rite of October 31st, the son of a Baker Andrew Traugot PEC from his marriage with Ernestina, SD. Bloomenrader. Godfather: Padimate Friedrich von Schenna, Mr. Heinrich, Hellerman, Mr. William Felkner, girl Maria KRO, girl Louise Lindes and girl Eugene Rinek. The Church of the Evangelical society in Arkhangelsk.
L. 12) marriage Certificate: 1855 Sep 7 married Carl Heinrich PEC with a girl by Henriette Alexandrina Leopoldine Hillerman, the daughter of a skipper Emanuel of Heinrich Christian Daniel Hellerman, rodivshuyusya in Arkhangelsk.
L. 9ob.) 1856 July 6 was born in Krasavin near Ustyug Heinrich Karl PEC, baptized 1857 June 9, son of the henchman Carl Heinrich PEC from his marriage with Alexandrina, ur, Gellerman. Godfather: Mr. Heinrich, Hellerman Sr., Mr. Heinrich, Gellerman, Jr., Mr. William Lovelace, Mr. Carl Lurz, Ms. Anna Tiden, Ms. Charlotte PEC was sastopama Ms. Emilia PEC, girl Carolina PEC and the girl Matilda Clifton.
l. 10} 1857 Nov 13 was born in the city Rudolph August PEC, baptized 14 November 1858 ibid., the son of the superintendent of the factory of Carl PEC from his marriage with Alexandrina, SD. Gellerman. Godfather: Mr. William Menk, Mr. Alexander Meyer, Mr. Petr PEC, Ms. Caroline Lurs and the maid Louise Gellerman.
l. 8ob.) 1874 August 17 was born Walter Andreas PEC, baptized November 17, son of the prior Carl Heinrich PEC from his marriage with Alexandrino, ur. Gellerman. Godfather: Mr. HEPP Schmidt, Mr. Alexander Gellerman, Mr. Edmund PEC, Ms. Herminia PEC, the girl Teresa focht, girl Carolina Gellerman.
L. 11) 1884 Mar 25, born to a merchant's nephew Heinrich Karlovich PEC, Lutheran religion, and the lawful wife of his, Elgip Petrovna, of the Orthodox religion, son Andrew , baptized May 17th. His sponsors were: Provincial Secretary Peter Petrovich Berval, the widow of State Councilor Olympics Alexandrov the surge drum. (Archangel Cathedral).
L. 10R.) 1885 Dec 24 born Wilhelm PEC, baptized 9 Mar 1886, son of Rudolf August, PEC, of an interpreter in the local custom, from his marriage with Daria, nee. Hoevelaken. Godfather: Mr. William Hoevelaken elder, Mr. Alfred Hoevelaken, Mr. Heinrich PEC, Ms. Alexandrina PEC, Ms. Lucius, Hoevelaken, nee. Scholz and Ms. Carolina Gernet, née Lovelace.
L. 8) 1887 Jul 27, born Adolf PEC, baptized October 1st, the son of Rudolph prakashika Aug PEC from his marriage with Daria, née Lovelace. The godfather: Mr. Karl PEC senior, Mr. Herman Scholz, Mr. Herman Lovelace Jr., Mr. Dr. Valentin Martinovici, Ms. Daria, Hoevelaken, Ms. Olga PEC and the girl Laura PEC.
Extracts from birth certificates said Klaus Jacob Hansen, pastor of the Evangelical Society in Arkhangelsk.                                                    28 January 1891 year.

List of students of the Arkhangelsk Evangelical school in 1866.

Upper class.  Boys.
Franz Kramers.       Luther.          14 years

\German PEC.              - "- "- 16 years

    Theodore, Hoevelaken.    - "- "- 16 years

    Nicholas Tiden.        Pravosl.       15 years

    Alex Betehtin.    - "- "- 16 years

    Alfred Stop.        Evang.          14 years

    Rudolf Meyer.       - "- "- 14 years

    Edward Withers.          - "- "- 15 years

    Herman Scholz.          - "- "- 15 years

    Emil Nonsense.            - "- "- 15 years

     Richard PEC.             - "- "- 14 years

     Egor PEC.                 - "- "- 14 years

    Ernest Hoevelaken.    - "- "- 14 years

Upper class. Girls.

    Bertha Meyer.                                  15 years

    Jenny Guernet.                               15 years

    Hermine, Hoevelaken.                         15 years

    Jenny Shergold.                         13 years

    Matilda Manek 14 years

    Marguerite guernet 13 years

    Maria Forsman.                              12 years

    Dorothea PECs.                                    15 years

    Charlotte Hoevelaken.                       14 years

    Emma, Hoevelaken.                              13 years

    Fanny PEC.                                      13 years

    Bertha Guernet.                                    11 years

    Clara Sander.                                 14 years

Middle class. Boys.        

    Gernet, Gehan.                                    11 years

    Georg Lyurs.                                      11 years

    John Gernet.                                    11 years

    Alexander Gellerman.                      11 years

    Richard Sunder.                                12 years

    Adolf Scholz.                                9 years

    Karl Werner.                                     11 years

    Alfred Hoevelaken.                         10 years

    Edmund PEC.                                     11 years

    Carl Kramers.                                  10 years

    Karl PEC.                                          10 years

    Vladimir Menk.                               10 years

Middle class. Girls.   

    Clara Guernet.                                    11 years

    Adel Stop.                                    12 years

    Clara Scholz.                                    11 years

    Frederick Withers.                           12 years

    Matilda PEC.                                  11 years

    Berta, Hoevelaken.                              12 years

    Elmira Meyer.                              10 years

    Alexandrina Guernet.                     12 years

    Julia Menk.                                     12 years

    Adele Gellerman.                            10 years
Voldemar PEC 10 years
The President of the Evangelical school
Abram des Fontaines.

The German school in Arkhangelsk.

(According to former teacher Martha Ingeborg Hansen, Dr. Eric Amburger, in Hamburg in the 1950s.)
Before Russification was 4th grade, in which children received adequate learning age. The boys and girls were sitting in the same room separated by a barrier. Subjects: German, English, French, arithmetic, history, geography, natural history. Russian children were accepted only as an exception, and for a double fee.
The chief teacher has always been the pastor of the Evangelical community; as other teachers are known in 1866: Georg Gul, Karl Hilde of Riga, Constantine Kizel; then – Johann zasse of Altona and Edward Roller of Pforzheim. Next was taught by miss Louisa Kramers, born Gernet, Emma Moeller, and her father Emanuel Meller from Riga.
To avoid having to introduce Russian as a common compulsory language of instruction, the community closed the school in 1892.
It was reopened in 1897 as a private school (private school) of Evangelical society. German was only one of the subjects, however, from the very beginning. There were three preparatory and three main classes. Then the boys could go to 4th grade school girls in 5th class girls ' school after the entrance examination. The school had such a good reputation that many Russian families sent their children there. For the most part, in school was 70-100 children, and in the heyday of the 1912-1914 -up to 200 children.
In the years 1897-1911 Director was the pastor's Side (German, Evangelical doctrine). Teacher: Hugo Stumberg (German, arithmetic}, Alexander Ivanovich Ivanov (Russian, geography, history), Caroline Hansen, born Gernet (English, cool lady), Fannie Earl, nee Hilda, daughter of Charles Hilda (French, German), Yulia Zenkovich (Russian, arithmetic), Inna Karlova from Riga, Agnes Vitol from Mitau (French, drawing), Martha Weber (English, singing), Marta Hansen from 1902 (Russian, arithmetic, history).
In the years 1912-1915, the Director was pastor Krause. Teacher: Mr. Stomberg, Alexander Lyubimov, M. Hansen, Amanda Nylander from revel, Mar Breyer of the Roll (Livonia), Agnes Vitol, Pastora Elizabeth Krause, nee will bostrem, Ivan Mikhailovich Sobolev (science), B. V. Bartenev (mathematics).
In the years 1915-1920, the Director was pastor Varnel. Teacher: Stumberg, Hansen, Breuer, Sobolev, Vitol, Olga Dolotova, Lucy des Fontaines nee PEC (1920), Ms. Rabinowitz, Ms. Rumyantseva.
In 1920-1921 : Director of Stumberg.
Kindergarten with 1912года: management, Elizbeth Krause, 1915 Mar Hansen, were: IDA Hiller, nee Crafton; Clara Gernet, born Gellerman; Mar Blair, Magda Lindes.

Die deutsche Schule in Archangelsk, nach Mitteilungen der ehemaligen Lehrerin Martha Hansen.

Vor der Russifizierung: vier Klassen, in die Kinder erst in vorgechrittenem Alter kamen. Knaben und Madchen sassen in einem Raum, durch eine Schranke getrennt. Unterricht sfacher: Deutsch, Englisch, franzosisch, Rechnen, Geschich te, Geographie, Naturgeschichte. Kinder von Russen wurden nur ausnahmsweise aufgenonmen und gegen doppel tes Schulgeld. Hauptlehrer war der jeweilige Pastor der evangelischen Gemeinde, als weitere Lehrer sind bekannt 1866 Georg Guhl, Karl Hilde aus Riga, Konstantin Kusel, dann Johannes Sasse aus Altona und Eduard Roller aus Pforz heim. Ferner unterrichteten Frau Luise Kraemers geb.Gernet, Emma Moller und ihr Vater Emanuel Moller aus Riga. Um nicht Russisch als allgemeine Unterrichtssprache einfuhren zu mussen, schloss die Gerneinde 1892 die Schule. I897 Wiedererof fnung als “Privatschule der Gemeinde”.

Deutsch war nur noch eines der Facher, jedoch von der untersten Klasse an. Eg gab drei Vorklassen und drei Grundklassen. Danach konnten Knaben in die 4.Klasse des Gymnasiums eintreten , Madchen in die 5. Klasse des Madсhengymnasiums, nach Aufnahmeprufung. Die Schule hatte einen so guten Ruf, dass viele russische Familie ihre Kinder dorthin schickten. Meist waren es 70-100 Kinder, in der Blutezeit 1912/14 bis zu 200. 1897-1911 Direktor Pastor Bock (Deutsch, ev.Religion). Des Lehrers: Hugo Stumberg (Deutsch,Rechnen); Alexander Iv. Ivanov (Russisch, Geogr. , Geschichte); C aroline Hansen geb.Gernet (Englisch, Klassendame); Fanny Graf geb. Hilde, Tochter von Karl H. (Franzos.,Deutsch); Julie Senkowitsch (Russisch, Rechnen); Ina Scharlow aus Riga, Agnes Wihtol aus Mitau (Franzos., Zeichnen); Martha Weber (Englisch, Gesang); Martha Hansen seit 1902 (Russisch, Rechnen, Geschichte).

1912-1915 Direktor Pastor Krause H.Stumberg ). Des Lehrers: Alexander Iv .Ljubimov; M.Hansen; Amanda Nielander aus Reval; Martha Breyer aus Walk (Livl.); Agnes Wihtol; Pastorin Elsbeth Krause geb.Bostrom; Ivan Mich. Sobolev (Naturkunde); Boris Vlad. Bartenev (Mathematik).

1915-1920 Direktor Pastor Barnehl. Des Lehrers: Stumberg, Hansen, Breyer, Sobolev, Wihtol, Olga Duletova, Lucie des Fontaines geb.Paetz (1920), Frau Rabinowitsch, Frau Rumjanzeva.

1920-1921 Direktor Stumberg.

Kindergarten seit 1912: Leiterin Elsbeth Krause, 1915 Martha Hansen dabei beschaftigt: Ida Hiller geb.Clafton, Clara Gernet geb. Gellermann, Martha Breyer, Magda Lindes.

The list of believers of Evangelical Church in Arkhangelsk for 1924:

F. I. O.-Social status-Age-Occupation, place of service or work
Anvik Einar Geraldovich Alien 37 the Norwegian Consul
Baranova Emma Nikolaevna Of burghers 36 household
Berend Robert Karlovich of the burghers Of 40 Mechanic at city electric station
Blossfeldt Elena E. nobles, 49 household
Bondi, Mary Vilgelmovna From merchants 49 household
Borman Ernst Karlovich mean Of 70 Unemployed
Breutigam Emil Karlovich of merchants 61 member of The Board of t-VA Brewer. Head. ex. Surkova
Vager Olaf Oskarovich Alien 38 The Director General. “Russlands”
Wallenberger Bruno F. officials 52 Head. will ecostreet. Parties
Varakina Maria khristianovna of peasants 32 households
Varzugin Embark Andreevna mean Of 56 household
Verigo Evgeniya Vladislavovna From the middle class 21 household
Verigo Elena Karlovna mean Of 50 household
Verigo Margarita V. of the burghers Of 23 household
Verigo Elvira V. of the burghers Of 20 household
Verkhovtsev Natalia Davidovna Of 36 mean household
Vicklund Arnold Adol Alien 38 The Secretary Of The NOK. Consulates
Witt Boris Vladimirovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   24 students of College
Witt Boris Petrovich From sweat.Poch. citizens.   43 teacher of school 2 stages
Witt, Vladimir Petrovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   51 Engineer Zaw. GOV't. building office
Witt, Karl Petrovich From sweat.Poch. citizens.   40 Judicial investigator
Witt Sophia Albertovna From the middle class household
Witt, Tamara K. of the officials Of the 42 household
Witt Emma Vilgelmovna From merchants 50 household
Haushild Of Karl Avgustovich Alien 32 Trusted General. “Russlands”
Heinrich George Oskorbin mean Of 40 Unemployed
Heinrich Oscar Oskarovich mean Of 33 Assistant early thrust North.well.e.
Henriksen Alf A. Alien Head 44.stevedoring-freight forwarder. office Marine. Gasparich.
Gents August V. From the Lich.Poch.citizens.    49 Head. foreign Department of the state Bank
Gentsch Germany French from meschan 47 household
Herman Bertha ernestovna Of 41 mean household
Herman Gertrude Arturovna from meshan 19 household
Herman Irma Arturovna Of 18 mean household
Gernet Clara A. merchants Of 49 household
Gernet Eduard Karlovich of the burghers Of 58 Unemployed
Gernet Eduard of the burghers Of 27 Assistant accountant

Hesse Clotilde K. nobles, 62 household
Gilda Arnold, the latter Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   34 Engineer OMESA
Grel Adele Frantsevna from pot. Poch. citizens.  78 household
Grinevitskaya Nina V. 22 officials Serving in Govstat Bureau
Grinevitskaya Tatiana 23 Of the officials Serving in an orphanage
Hoevelaken Andrey Germanovich From merchants 68 Unemployed
Hoevelaken, Antonina Antonovna of the burghers Of the 52 household
Hoevelaken, Herman wilghelmovich From merchants 57 Serv.T-WA Brewer.Head.ex. Surkova
Hoevelaken, German Germanovich From merchants 19 Unemployed
Hoevelaken, Erich Germanovich From merchants 21 Artisanal artel
Hoevelaken, Ernst wilghelmovich From merchants 71 Unemployed
Degol Johan Ioganovicha mean Of 44 Serv. I Farm Stevedores
Degol Leontine A. mean Of 36 household
Deseve Andrew Leopoldovich officials 32 Student
Deseve Anna Adolfovna officials 56 household
Deseve Leopold A. officials 60 Inspector of forests Subtemplate
Dietz, Frederick A. officials 38 Head. mountains'. electra. enterprise
Dried Fedor Khristianovich of the burghers Of 23 Bookkeeper Severoles
Drichel Alice Christianovna of the burghers Of 20 Teacher
Drichel William Khristianovich of the burghers Of the Adjuster 24 of Subtemplate
Drichel Maria Feodorovna Of officials 49 household
Drichel KHRISTIAN Khristianovich of the burghers Of the 51 members of the Board of Kowareta
Drichel Edward Khristianovich of the burghers Of 18 Unemployed
Drichel Edward Khristianovich of the burghers Of 45 Master Les.head.  No. 27
Evdokimova Ernestine lyudvigovna of the burghers Of 51 household
Asinska Adeline E. of the nobility Of 50 household
Galdikas Mar G. Of the clerk 33 merchants state Bank
Naborshikova Catherine Karlovna Of the burghers 79 Unemployed
Zach IDA O. of the burghers Of the 42 household
Zach Moses V. Of burghers 44 dentist
Zass Augustine I. of the burghers Of 40 Accountant forest.head.  No. 25
Ignatova Elena lyudvigovna Of the 21 peasants Unemploye
Karpova Nina Of the officials of the Post 48. office phone
Clafton Emma Ferdinandovna of merchants 56 household
Clapton Anna Williamon From merchants 82 household
Krapina O. G. Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   36 household
Kashani, Ernst Avgustovich of the burghers Of 35 Serv. forest.head. No. 6
Kramin Vladimir Ivanovich From the middle class 30 Serv. State revenue
Kuznetsova Fanny Fedorovna of merchants 72 household
Kupfer Johann N. of the burghers Of 60 Pharmacy hospital Vodnik
Kupfer, Lillian V. of the burghers Of the 43 household
Kupfer Nellie I. meschan 22 Pharmacy No. 3
Lauronen Johann A. peasants 43 Artel response. labour's
Lebedev Fanny Richardovna of the burghers Of 29 household
Leuzinger, Gert R. From merchants 35 household
Lindes George R. From 43 merchants Serv. State bank
The Lisson Mary K. nobles, 53 household
Lorenz, Karl Alexandrovich From the nobility of 50 Head. the pharmacy Covrolin.
Lubnina Anna she Of peasants 40 household
Maas Vladimir Yakovlevich of the burghers Of the 33 member of the Board I of the Farm Sviridov
Maher Alexandrina Andreevna of the burghers Of 53 Teacher Rybaka
Maltseva, Sofia Christianovna peasants 31 Feldsher Ambulatory Cu. Forge
Marcinowska Clara G. From merchants 61 household
Marcinowski Ian V. nobles, 34 Inspector Lomonosov gymnasium
Meyer Alexander of the burghers Of 59 Correspondent General VA Russlands
Meyer Conrad wilghelmovich Of sweat. Poch. citizens.  31 Unemployed
Moeller, Emma Emanuilova of the nobility Of 72 household
Nikonov Amalia she of the burghers Of 32 household
Oceanova of Matt alfredovna of the burghers Of 35 household
DRRR Sofia Aleksandrovna From the middle class 35 household
Paul Carl A. peasants 42 Aptekarev. Gorzdrava
PEC Alexander Abgarovich From the peasants 30 Caretaker of the society Russlands
PEC Alina R. From the merchants 24 the Typist of the society Russlands
PEC Arnold Abgarovich peasants 26 Serv. Th. Bank
PEC Boris Branovic Of merchants 30 Unemployed
PEC George Richardais of the burghers Of 23 Rev. The severoles
PEC George Abgarovich peasants 27 Coachman
PEC German augustovich of merchants 73 Unemployed
PEC Irma Karlovna from merchants 56 household
PEC Klara Edgarovna from peasants 20 household
PEC Maria Germanovna From merchants 47 the household
PEC Olga Richardovna of the burghers Of 36 household
PEC Oscar Bronowicz From merchants 35 Posavad. Excavator grapple is also divided. Caravan
PEC Richard Germanovich Of merchants 45 the Board Member I of the Farm Sviridov
PEC Rudolf Karlovich of merchants 67 Unemployed
PEC Fanny A. Of merchants 56 household
PEC Edmund F. From merchants 70 Unemployed
PEC Ella Edmundovna of merchants 41 households
PEC Elsa Brunovna from merchants 37 Unemployed
PEC Elmira Karlovna from sweat. Poch. citizens.  69 household
PEC Emma Frantsevna of merchants 69 household
PEC Emma Edgarovna from peasants 22 the Accountant of Bureau of the Russian Register
Pilecki Alexander K. nobles, 60 music Teacher
Potega David Antonovich from 80 Unemployed peasants
Potselueva Eden A. of the burghers Of 37 household
Prugavin Clara Richardovna of the burghers Of 32 household
Romanus IDA B. of the burghers Of 35 household
ROPP Elena From the nobility 52 household
Roirant Amalia Yakovlevna peasants 39 household
Roirant Vladimir Fedorovich peasants 36 Monter adorement. Zaw.
Rungen Clara Feodorovna of the burghers Of 61 household
Rusetskaya Wilhelmina Antonovna of the officials Of the 78 household
Selyava Olga of the burghers Of the 48 Unemployed
Singis Andrey Petrovich Of farmers 60 Caretaker electrically. Stations
Singis Anna Fedorovna of peasants 44 housekeeping
Singis Arthur A. peasants 21 Serv. electrician. stations
Singis Felix A. From peasants 19 Serv. electrician. stations
Evgeny Sintsov Ferienanlage From merchants 52 Serv. Owls'. Surgeon. Hospitals
Sorokin Emma I. meschan 49 household
Studentov Lucie alfredovna of the burghers Of 39 household
Stumberg, Alfred Goronovich officials 24 Unemployed
Tankevich, Sofia Ivanovna of the burghers Of 64 the Patient with paralysis
Telyatyeva Laura Gapova Of merchants 45 the household
Ushakov Evgeny Karlovna From the nobility of 57 household
Felgendreher, Gustav Ivanoic Of peasants of the 19th Patient
Felgendreher, Johan Ioganovicha peasants 49 Serv. Cooperative Response. Labour's
Felgendreher, Maria Ivanovna From the peasants 20 the household
Felgendreher, Oswald I. the peasants Of 22 Bookkeeper forest. head.  No. 1
Hillrose Alexander F. Of farmers 47 the store clerk of the Works
Hillrose Emma peasants 33 household

Fontanez, Alexander Germanovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   38 Unemployed
Fontanez, Alexander E. From sweat.Poch. citizens.   28 physical education Instructor
Fontaines, Vladimir Germanovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   26 locksmith Zaw.  No. 9
Fontanez, George Germanovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   31 Monter'
Fontanez, Lucius, R. From merchants 31 household
Fontaines Tony Karlovna From merchants 65 household
Focht Gustav Avgustovich of the burghers Of 47 Serv. TeraCopy No. 4
Shergold, Anna K. nobles, 62 household
Shergold, Boris G. From merchants 39 General VA Russlands
Shergold, Olga Georgievna Of merchants 38 household
Shergold, Eduard G. From merchants 35 Coachman
Shergold Harald G. From merchants 32 Bookkeeper Islands Russlands
Shergold George G. From merchants 29 Bookkeeper Islands Russlands
Shergold Evgeniya Georgievna Of merchants 27 the Patient with seizures
Szyperska Clara alfredovna of the burghers Of 41 POM. Accountant SEL-Khoz. Bank
Schmidt Johann I. Of peasants 34 household
Scholz Adolf Adolfovich Of sweat.Poch. citizens.   43 Artist
Schroeder, Alexander Ernstovich Of the nobles 65 doctor
Shtop Alfred Karlovich of the burghers Of 72 Kester Evangelical Church
Sunder Fanny A. of the burghers Of 60 Tapers
Jacob Burt Germanovna of the burghers Of 49 household

The cemetery was established according to the decree of the Arkhangelsk Governor from 1793 and is located near the city Kuznetsovskogo cemetery. It was closed in 1974.
Initially, in the seventeenth century, when every Church, Lutheran and reformed, there was a small burial. Then it was the place of the joint cemetery for Vyazgin Avenue (now University Ave, between modern Karl Marx street and Popova). In the XIX century Lutheran cemetery was administered by the Evangelical society, it served and persons of Roman Catholic religion, the Cemetery was surrounded by a fence, from which partially preserved wrought-iron gates. In terms of the cemetery had the shape of a rectangle, divided into quarters. The entrance was from the street. Vologda. In this cemetery were buried mainly foreigners who lived in Arkhangelsk. Now a bit of old graves. Many descendants left the city. The graves disappear.
This list includes the names that the authors were able to read on the tombstones in 1998-2000. Research Kuznetsovskogo of the cemetery continues, which will be updated and supplemented and this pointer. In memory of our ancestors, we give some documentary information from the biography of the presented people.
For convenience, the list has an alphabetical list of surnames with the number, which marked the monument on the cemetery plan.
Dates life identifies a on old style, to determine a new style, need to to to numbers until 1900 add the number of 12, and after 1900 — 13.
18. Balsevich, Thaddeus p., bailiff of the 1st precinct of the city of Arkhangelsk.
29. Beyer Wilhelmina Henrietta Ivanovna, nee. Heidelnreich, Danish citizen (21.06.1819, Arkhangelsk — 15.05.1903, Arkhangelsk).
166. Bertram Samuel (3.09.1768 — 17.04.1819).
91. Bondi Leopold Ignatievich (30.06.1898, Arkhangelsk — 7.12.1975). The head of the woodworking workshops of the North sea fleet.
156. Brandt Adolf wilhelmovich, Brandt's son V. I. Died in infancy.
156. Brandt Wilhelm Ivanovich (1.01.1779, Hamburg-5.08.1832, Arkhangelsk). Merchant 1st Guild and industrialist, founder of trading houses " Brandt, Rodde and K0 "(1802)," Wilhelm Brandt and K0 " (1829), mayor in 1830-1832.
156. Brandt Julius Wilhelmovich (08.1829—1831). Brandt's Son V. I.
47.Brown Herman (22.10.1869—16.11.1889).
48.Brown Elizabeth (14.04.1804—19.04.1891).
28a. Breda Peter (?, Copenhagen-3.04.1875).
Brine (Penbryn), Abraham van (1789-6.09.1861), merchant, 3rd Guild, a stockbroker at the Arkhangelsk port.
39. Wager Oscar (11.01.1859, Nordenhof, Norway — 7.02.1908, Onega, Arkhangelsk lips.).
111. Hanzely Jacob (Nicholas) (5 (18),11.1832, Belt, Holstein — 1 (13)04.9?.. Arkhangelsk), a Lutheran pastor in Arkhangelsk in 1862-1892 years.
122. Garling Emilia, nee. Vardeman.
26. Hellerman Henry Andrew A. (17.03.1806, Neuware — 30.09.1871, Arkhangelsk), the merchant of the 2nd Guild.
25. Gellerman Heinrich Wilhelm Leopold (Of 22.03.1835, Arkhangelsk — 27.01.1894), merchant of the 2nd Guild. And Son,A. Gellerman.
24. Gellerman Eugene, baby.
151. GEMP Ksenia Petrovna (1894-1998, Arkhangelsk), biologist, public figure, author of works on the history and culture of the Russian North, honorary citizen of Arkhangelsk.
13. Gernet Evgeny (1831-1877), merchant of the 1st Guild.
100. Johann Gernet (31.01.1820—8.12,?), merchant of the 3rd Guild, brakowski heated beef fat.
11. Gernet Johann (Ivan Petrovich) (21.01.1786—16.11.1846), merchant of the 3rd Guild, the defective beef fat at the port.
11. Gernet Carolina Margaret, nee. van Brinen (Fabrina) (12.03.1800—13.10.187?). J. Garnet I. (Ivan Petrovich).
102. Gernet Louise Caroline (23.04.1830—13. 07.1870). J. I. Garnet
14. Gernet Matilda Alina (24.09.1835—11.02.1876), a girl.
33. Hesse Olga Konstantinovna von (1873, Velsk — 10.07.1910). Daughter of K. R. Hesse background.
32. Hesse Constantine Rudolf von (11.12.1823, renal — I. 12.1875), state councillor.
100A. Gilda.
158. Grel Wilhelm Khristianovich (12.08.1817 — 14.10.1865), merchant, founder of the company "Grel brothers". Brother H. H. Grelle.
167. Grelle Franz Khristianovich (27.10.1806—1.03.1814), a merchant's son, brother H. H. Grelle.
155. Grelle KHRISTIAN Khristianovich (6.12.1819—16.12.1889), merchant, trading under the firm of "Grelle Brothers."
85.Grinevitskaya Olga Konstantinovna (1877-1952), born. Rinek.
28. Griffin Otgon (1839 -?).
156a. Grothoff Elena Berzin (5.10.1873, Carstenhof near Dvinsk — 7.10.1929), born. Gan. J. Dutch citizen.
93. Hoevelaken, Boris Wilhelm Wilghelmovich (15.02.1884— 28.SG7.1885), hereditary honorary citizen.
92. Hoevelaken, William I. (19.06.1823—2.11.19 j)4), merchant of the 2nd Guild, Director of the Partnership KEMA sawmills, a churchwarden of the Lutheran parish. Brother T. I. Gouskina.
86.Hoevelaken, Herman (Hermolaus) Ivanovic (8.11.1822—II.05.1895), merchant of the 2nd Guild, a customs officer. Brother T. I. Gouskina.
87. Hoevelaken Hermine Garmon (Erminia and Eremeevna), born. Santier (26.11.1800, Emden — 9.12.1871, Arkhangelsk), merchant wife.
88. Hoevelaken Lucie Vilgelmovna (22.12.1895—1.06.1900). Sister B. V. Hoevelaken.
88a). Hoevelaken, Theodore (Feodor) Ivanovich (7.05.1819— 29.09.1874). Son Of G. G., Hoevelaken.
159. Detlov Fedor (14.04.1903—19.04.1903). Detlov Friedrich (1841-19.04.1914).
159.Delova Alexandrina, born. Meyzner (14.11.1874— 26.01.1904).
160.Delova Emilia (05.190?-1902).
72. Dressen Wilhelmina Andreevna (7.01.1816, Emden— 17.11.1891, Arkhangelsk). J. PL. Dressen.
74.Dressen Yevhen Dorothea, nee. Shergold (24.07.1853, Arkhangelsk — 15.01.1894, Arkhangelsk). J. N. P. Dressen.
79. Dressen Peter (Peter Petrovich) (14.04.1814 — 2.01.1861), merchant of the 3rd Guild, the broker of the stock office of the State Commercial Bank.
75.Dressen Peter Nikolai Petrovich (14.04.1841, Arkhangelsk — 21.06.1885). Son PL. Dressen.
9a. Drichel Carolina Maria Anna (20.05.1871, New York City-17.09.1875).
161.Teeth Vasily Danisiewicz (1820 — 07.1881), the shtabs-captain.
ZUK, Joseph (?-26.11.1878).
63. Ilina Sofia Gurgenovna, nee. Landman (8.08.1862— 17.03.1909), widow. The Daughter Of A J. G. Landman.
20. Irmer Clara Eugenia Frantsevna, nee. Sholts (1.10.1854, Arkhangelsk — 5.08.1875, Moscow). Daughter Of F. F. Scholz.
15. Kaminski Franz-Arrival (1874-19.04.1916).
119. Kanovsky Paul A. (3.06.1856—23.10.1889).
105. Chisel Aug Ivanovna, nee. Shuhardt (1826— 20.02.1911). J. K. F. Kisela.
105.Kizel Konstantin Fedorovich (22.03.1824—29.08.1904), valid state councillor. Son Of F. Kysela.
106. KITEL Friedrich (Fedor) (23.07.1787, lübeck—26.09.1870), a translator at the customs office, the Vice-Consul of the USA in Arkhangelsk.
150. Kinse Konstantin (15.12.1839—6.02.1879), a merchant's son.
137. Clafton Wilhelm Moiseevich (1.03.1806—6.04.1864), merchant of the 2nd Guild, owner of the cable factory.
136. Clafton James (16.01.1868—17.02.1868).
135. Clifton James (Yakov Moiseevich) (7.12.1834— 15.06.1898), merchant of the 2nd Guild, brakowski flax and flax tow, subsequently, the manufacturer.
137. Clapton Dorothea, nee. Roters (11.12.1830—10.07.1896). J. V. M. Clifton.
134. Clafton Robert (25.10.1835—5.01.1901). Son Of W. M. Clafton.
163. Prince Ivan Andreevich (29.08.1791—28.08.1848), the customs examiner.
124. Kosmowski Julian A. (29.02.1844— 26.10.1908), nobleman, state Councilor, MD, Chairman of the Arkhangelsk society of physicians, senior physician of the Arkhangelsk reserve battalion.
1D. Kristina Emilia (4.10.1836—5.09.1912, Arkhangelsk), born. Schatz.
54. Kramer, Louise Antoinette (1.03.1827—4.01.1909), born. Guernet. J. F. Kremer
53. Kremer François (16.08.1814, Antwerp — 10.03.1858).
6. Krilichevsky Alice (15.11.1869—1.09.1903, Arkhangelsk). J. Kriticheskogo M. A., doctor of laws, fellow Manager of a Russian Bank in Arkhangelsk.
76. Cook Thomas William (?, South Shields, UK — 30.04.1916).
121. Kursina Maria Matveevna (1831 -?), nee. Zetterberg, noble.
61. Landman Evdokia Yakovlevna (21.02.1829—10.05.1903). J. Landman, J. G.
62. Landman jürgen Henrik (26.07.1819, Fulda — 23.09.1886), merchant of the 2nd Guild, skornyak.
139. The Lauquen (14.11.1856—2.09.1906).
138. The Lauquen Maria Andreevna (1839-5.05.1909).
35. Levenshtern, Mr ermolaevich background (?-3.03.1866), captain II rank, holder of the order.
36. Lindes Ferdinand Friedrich (24.03.1841, Arkhangelsk — 2.08.1900, St. Petersburg), merchant, foreman of the Evangelical parish in Arkhangelsk.
130. L jurs Alexander Wilhelm (26.11.1846—26.08.1884). Son Lyursa P. K.
131. L yurs Carolina A. (2.10.1813—?). J. Lyurs P. K.
133. Lyurs Clara (28.12.1875—28.06.1878).
133. Lyurs Maria (7.01.1880—23.02.188?).
132. Lyurs Peter (Peter Karlovich) (6.10.1806—10.01.1879), Arkhangelsk merchant of 1 Guild, founder of the company "Gribanov, Fontaines, Leurs»
1. Manfeld Dieter (6.03.1876—29.04.1917).
19. Manko Boleslav Iosifovich.
83. Marcinowska Clara G. (9.05.1863—24.01.1942), born. Hoevelaken. Zh. Martsinovskogo VI
84. Marcinowska Nina (2.03.1891 — 12.01.1948), noblewoman.
83. Martsinovsky Valentin Ivanovich (1861-1915), a nobleman, doctor, doctor of medicine.
58. Meyer Alexander Ferdinand (4.02.1829—27.07.1890).
67. Meijer Berold Jacob Benjamin (9.09.1781, Hamburg 11.01.1868), merchant of the 3rd Guild, dispater, vodorodnoe a broker in the port.
50. Meyer Wilhelm (7.05.1888, Arkhangelsk — 3.11.1890).
55. Meyer, William Henry.

51. Meyer Wilhelm Johann wilghelmovich (3.10.1846—22.09.1911, Riga), merchant of 1 Guild, court counselor, mayor (1895), collegiate councillor (1897), the German Consul in Arkhangelsk.
56. Meyer Dorothea Wilhelmena, nee. Clafton (17.05.1816, Arkhangelsk — 14.10.1876). H. I. J. K. Meyer.
52. Meyer, Eugenia Margarita (7.09.1891—23.01.1894).
57. Meyer Carl Christian Ivanovich (12.08.1814—21.10.1888), merchant of 1 Guild vowel Duma (1850-1853), the Arkhangelsk mayor (1871-1875, 1883-1884), Hanover (1863-1866, he was), Bremen (March 1867), Consul in Arkhangelsk. Dorothea J. Moses.
58. Carolina Meyer, nee. PEC. J. A. F. Meyer.
67. Meyer, Margaret Elizabeth, nee. Guernet (9.08.1790— 16.03.1872). J. B. Y. Meyer.
70. Emilia Meyer (1821-1889), a girl.
68. Meyer Julia (4.05.1826—2.06.1906), girl. Daughter Of B. Y. Meyer.
8. Menk Anna Alekseyevna (1835 -?).
9. Menk Tatiana Antonovna, born. Martynova (1833-1883).
44. Minako, Alexandra, born. Ivanov (14.04.1841—21.07.1902). J. G. I. Minako.
43. Mineyko Gerard Iosifovich (23.10.1832, Vilno — 19.08.1889), a nobleman, a scientist-statistician, a public figure.
161. Moses Evgraf Ivanovich (?-19.07.1877), an employee of the Archangel polybutelene.
162. Molchanov Simion Ignatievich (?-20.03.1854), caretaker of the Arkhangelsk land hospital.
40 Nilsen, Nikolin, born. Schmidt (5.08.1839—10.10.1898, Arkhangelsk).
126. PEC August Andreevich (5.04.1813—15.01.1894), merchant of the 1st Guild, honorary patron of the Evangelical parish.
40A. Alexander PEC (2.11.1897—25.09.1907).
125. PEC Hermine, nee. Norman (12.07.1813—9.03.1900, Emden). J. A. PEC.
96. Dorothea's Petz, nee. Hoevelaken (24.12.1850—12.05.1915), a merchant's wife.
406. Elizabeth's father, nee. Brown (16.02.1832—16.05.1910), a merchant's wife.
89. PEC Eduard (Rudolf) Eduardovich (25.02.1891—20.05.1892).
118. Plicatus Johann Heinrich H. (13.02.1833, Riga — 23.11.1899, Arkhangelsk), nobleman, doctor of medicine, Arkhangelsk provincial medical inspector.
129. Valeriya Pozdnyakova Domanovica (?-1868).
41. Poplavskaya Alla Albinovna (22.10.1917—14.05.1998). Daughter Of A. A. Poplavsky
46. Poplawski Alivian Albinovich (1.09.1880—6.12.1962), a gentleman, a photographer, a Secretary of the Photographic society in Arkhangelsk. Son Of A. L. Poplavsky
42. Poplawski Alivian L. Margania (1842-31.12.1914), a nobleman, a Lieutenant Colonel.
45. Poplavskaya, Mariana I. (1878-1966), noblewoman. J. Poplawsky.
40. Postnikova Olga she, born. Engel.
127. Procopius Christian Bernard Gavrilovic (5.01.1830, Finland — 12.04.1901), a retired major General.
128. Procopius Emilia A. (17.05.1845—12.10.1907). J. H. B. G. Procopius.
81. Rinek Adelfina Germanovna (1853-1920), born. Hoevelaken. J. C. H. Rinek.
82. Rinek Konstantin Khristianovich (2.06.1846—4.06.1905). state Councilman, Forester.
7a. Richter Edward Christian (1821-1879), petty bourgeois.
91. Rogaska Natalia Alfredovna (19.01.1899—18.07.1860). J. D. I. Bondi.
94), Roters Andrew (Andreas) Ivanovic (10.09.1785—1.09.1849), merchant of the 3rd Guild, brakowski flax and flax tow at the port.
43A. Rusetskaya Wilhelmina F. (19.12.1817—19.08.1888), noblewoman. J. A. S. Rusetsky.
41G. Rusetsky Anton Antonovich (27.10.1845—4.09.1886), a nobleman. Son Of A. S. Rusetsky.
41A. Russian Anton Stefanovich (9.06.1809-30.05.1879), a nobleman.
436. Rusetsky Theodore A. (29.03.1839—6.06.1888), nobleman. Son Of A. S. Rusetsky. In 1864 he was an assistant Kholmogorsky district police officer.
69. Soberg Elena, the baby.
38. Strem Ulrich (9.07.1872—30.04.1908), Swedish citizen, engineer.
34a. Ullai Edward (27.06.1906—7.08.1906). 60. Vogelgesang Friedrich (11.01.1851, Aachen — 23.10.1908, Arkhangelsk), captain.
149. Fontaines, Abram I. des (26.08.1802, Arkhangelsk — 24.09.1873), merchant 1-St Guild, Commerce adviser, Arkhangelsk mayor in 1853-1859 years.
17. Fontanez, Alexander Adolf des (11 (26).04.1869, London-12.02.1872).
144. Fontaines, Alice Amalia A. des born. Fontaines (1867-12.10.1913).
149. Fontaines, Anna M. des (17.06.1820—22.06.18?). J. A. I. Fontanes.
95, Fontaines ASTA A. des (24.07.1924—18.09.1998).
146. Fontaines, Berthe des born. Sholts (9.12.1869, Arkhangelsk—18.12.1886).
148. Fontaines, Wilhelmina Margaret des born. Dress (3.04.1839-30.01.1894). J. E. Fontanes.
143. Fontaines, Herman ten (27.08.1858—3.09.1899).
147. Fontanez, Edward des (31.07.1830, Arkhangelsk -15.08.1901, Peterhof), hereditary honorary citizen, honorary patron of the Arkhangelsk Evangelical parish.
82A. Forsman Hermine (15.11. 1851-7.01.1913).
152. Forsman Johann (1847-1871).
141. Frieze Nicholas (6.12.1826—30.11.1877).
5. Shergold George Gamovic (16.03.1777, London — 6.03.1815). In Arkhangelsk since 1798, served in the office of the company "Brust and K°".
2. Shergolds, necropolis.
21. Scholz Alexander Robert F. (28.07.1847— 13.01.1890). Son Of F. K. F. Scholz.
20. Scholz Amalia Louisa Ivanovna (17.04.1823—16.12.1894). J. F. K. F. Scholz.
16. Burt Louise Scholz (8.06.1860—23.11.1861).
20. Scholz, Herman Adolf F. (5.09.1852, Arkhangelsk — 15.07.1905, Riga), merchant of 1 Guild. Son Of F. K. F. Scholz.
20. Scholz Franz Johann Frantsevich (5.10.1842, Arkhangelsk — 24.01.1875, San Remo). Son Of F. K. F. Scholz.
20. Scholz, Franz, Karl Frantsevich (2.07.1815—15.02.1886), merchant of the 1st Guild.
20. Sholts Eduard Karl Frantsevich (12.09.1845, Arkhangelsk — 26.05.1874, Baden). Son Of F. K. F. Scholz.
23. Stop, Carolina, nee. Gronemeyer (3.06.1830—17.05.1904). J. F. Stoppa
36. Stop, Franz (7.06.1816—29.11.1901), merchant of the 2nd Guild, a stockbroker.
17A. Stop, Edmund F. (3.06.1862—5.12.1915), personal honorary citizen, a merchant. Son Of F. Stoppa.
164. The surge drum Christopher Friedrich (Fedor Yakovlevich) (4.11.1809—6.09.1877), state Councilor.
49. Sunder Alexander (1820-4.08.1904), vending vodorodnoe broker.
49. Schunder Louise, nee. Kinshe (1831-18.12.1906). J. A. I. Sunder
165. Schuster Louise (7.07.1840—18.01.1913), girl.
163. Yuriev James F. (23.10.1909—5.08.1921).




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