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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher

The life of internees. Tales.

Vyacheslav Platonov.


The life of internees.
Ten Beers-zehn Bier.
White crane.
The streets and letters of A. G. Lorch.
Victory parade.



Dear Valya ! The other day we received your letter , in which you ask how to deal with our things . I hasten to answer You after a family discussion, considered by us seems from different angles . The General conclusion is the following – taking into account that Moscow is now in hozmagazinah no hospeda on the market and they appear extremely rare and worth big money , we decided that , in fact , eliminate anything I wouldn't so how to replace sold or promisenew thing there is no way . However, given the complexity of some things and the overall difficulty of the road , we , bonding heart , agree to the elimination of the samovar . By the way reported that there is a samovar of this size is on the market for 3-4 thousand rubles., it is possible that you have other prices . However , if you have to eliminate it , then not for money, but in exchange for products . The most necessary white flour, then cereals, fats; part of the amount to get wool . You can probably eliminate the bucket , but in any case can not sell the meat grinder , without which Olesechka just as without hands , as well as bedding items – iron , saucepans , kuslak , the chest , the oval mirror , which , according to the Bones You brought . I wouldn't advise you to eliminate the sewing machine . How can the family do without her ? And where it now to buy ? And what will it cost money ? However , it is up to You...we Will now await Your arrival . All of us and our other Muscovites alive and well and our granddaughter growing gradually , although not completely normal conditions in relation to nutrition . Much is essential for their age , they are almost deprived , and this of course affects their growth, health and well – being and us-the elderly . Sorry kids , but to not help very much limited to all the rules , and they are given with great delay . All of us sometimes see each other , although all loaded , and these meetings are very rare .Alya lives with us , and Igor with family — until not with us , Kostya see very rarely , he , obviously , is engaged in a their Affairs .
My sweet Roller! The letter had been all week due to the severe frosts , they reached 57 degrees. Tomorrow I hope to send him , it became warmer , is anyone going to the market or Geico will drop it tomorrow on the way home . There is nothing new , of Am. and Geico sit and knit with two oil lamps , warm , even cozy – the plates sit . Leo had gone to bed . Cricket somehow almost stopped tweeting , but he should not be cold on the stove . Geico brought me a letter from Mirecki , this girl is quite alive , and now through you will become stronger . Soon Enichkin birthday , think of me as I am about you , my dear . I kiss you and the boys
01.11.1944 G. Darling, my dear Valichka ! Good evening, my dear . When lamp start to write to you - as already written .You're home , my darling , the house is just not the month . Before you know it – the day passed , the business was without a doubt more than enough , right ? One letter yours, the first from 08.10. I got no answer , but more than not . Far, far away are you now from me on the distance and not to me to you , outside , not what was in Sorokino . Very clear and well I understand it and understand that it may be trying to be very clever and politely. I didn't write you up in my last letter about the doctor because I sealed the envelope . I have been with him four times , he admitted that he had very little hope of improving my hearing , but it turned out that the hearing very quickly began to return , now I can hear clearly , if I sit next to , without raising the voice of the speaker , and the noises and knocks have become much weaker , and the cows mumble , and do not roar copper pipes , as it was recently . To charge me the doctor refused , but agreed to take wool socks and wristlets . He's 80 years old , his right arm hurts, so it's hard to work with his ear . Highly educated , a philosopher , a lover of music . His wife is also cute . So as you can see , I'm a lot more than lucky . This doctor I would not be in Moscow . I came to live here they are very recently , at the end of the summer , and that the doctor's big ears, I learned recently , in October , and immediately went . They live very close to us . Tomorrow we have to go again . When he cleans and treats inside the ear is very painful , we have to dream about the end of the treatment , but still suffering .
The last few days we cut the cabbage, L. got a big tub and it's already a lot, and Am. hoping to shred its full . Cabbage was raised by a Gay man , a very good harvest came, though, and do not water it it almost . Brought it all in here for two times .
We got a job again-to embroider a blouse-Ukrainian . Home case much , another bad is that there is no perfect and the wood has to be cut completely open with the wind . And two days the wind was strong and the snow fell , and became cold . The house is still warm , only begins to blow from the floor – frame not yet inserted, and the bench is not done . AM. went today to Geicke , says that it is uncomfortable , but now I like myself Geico recently admitted to me she was better off than now . Toshi's husband already went to work as a night watchman , so during the day at home and mostly sleeps – this is of course also uncomfortable . But A-e is now a lot easier – the economy almost completely moved me – she cooks , mostly only morning tea with some food . And of course, in emergency cases is the bosses , as for example now with cabbage . In free days , which are always very small , Geico always willing to come and many times spent the night .
Fluffy writing is not often – the last time from Tula . Writes , that lives now very well , sent Gee a clean, that he in red army . Tisinka replied to my letter very warmly . Wrote Natasha and cute my vologzhanka – Sof. Nick. and Am. You. The birthday of L. celebrated very well – Geico was , was a delicious lunch and dinner and coffee . Well, that's all . And you have a life full swing, so versatile and diverse . Maybe you'll see one day Malvina , then ask her why she's not answering my two such loving letters and kiss her for me . I keep it in my heart . Tatochka if you do too . Last card I already addressed to her mother and all there is no from them news . Geikina documents in In.yaze – it would be good if you got them, and sent her , maybe the school will open a vacancy . Kisses to my dear nephews and niece and aunt Shura , greetings to all relatives and friends . You , my dear kisses especially gently .
02.11.The letter lies probably at home a few days – the weather is such that you can not ask a-ku to go to the post office . Sunday will come Geico will ask her to go to her home by mail . And snow all goes and goes and so wet –wet . Maybe a Geek will bring me a second letter from you . Now all embroidered blouse-cross on canvas, tired eyes - no longer see clearly . Have to go cut the wood , it's still snowing , but to me today will be easier , since I got the boots and the hat . Kiss another 20 or 30 times and you one time guys . Be healthy and safe , my dear
15.11.1944 G. Darling , my dear Valichka ! Yesterday came suddenly Geicke and – Oh joy – brought me your long look forward to a letter , a letter from Mirecki and a postcard from Natasha , also a letter from Cannon and from Micah. Nick-cha . Fluffy is now living a very well – he writes and confirms uncle , so Geico now quite satisfied . She wants to write you myself , for a long time going .Well, first of all , my darling , I kiss you, thank you for the letter . Really I was expecting , so I wanted to : after all, from Moscow I had so far only one your letter from 08.10. . I hope you're not zyabnesh home as with the holiday starting Oct always relied to drown . Do you have gas in your kitchen and what about lighting and water ? Did it make your life smaller military ? And as with the economy: is there a queue in the shops , has life become easier for Housewives and workers ? Do people occasionally go to theaters , concerts again, did life become easier and quieter ? I'm so glad you Moroccoi so well sat that you have a General plan . And now we are waiting for letters , I hope that you go along to Nina and I'll detail it out with Miccinesi and Latticinio orphans . Mirochka wrote me this last letter in a very sad mood, but I think it is quite gone after her visit aunt Valichka . Honey she is a girl – really ? And what a good sister ! I am glad that she looks good-God grant her strength and happiness .
You poor thing , how scared I am Margarita , but it's good that she can coast to live in Moscow until April . And then you and explore with my daughter is not properly managed . Margarita, apparently, one lived in Moscow? And she has her own room ? And who and where her parents and close relatives are there ? About health hope and firmly believe in all the best . Yes, that's – light – grandson or granddaughter – you're my sestrenochka grandmother will fall and how soon ?
We live all the same , but it became easier in the sense that the products , except milk , significantly cheaper . How to explain this properly I don't know , maybe because of immigrants has become the village a lot less . Now I'm thinking about leaving . Thank you very much for your wishes and intentions . The owner of Sorokino I never received and all packets go bad and always lost , very sad , if she to me will not come . Here is cricket thinly sawed . I write after dinner when the two oil lamps. Hear much better , the doctor had six times to do more , apparently , and not so thank God and thank you Dr. – I feel so much better to hear . Gay said that there is nothing to compare – so much better . My deafness was very annoying . A lot of cases , today finished embroidering a blouse , you now need to knit a scarf . To by the evening very strongly get tired and quickly fall asleep .
07.12. 1944. Honey, my dear Roller ! I went today to Geicke and she received your letter dated 20.11. Thank you , my dear , kiss, for all your lovely words . How I wish I could sew with You attached to the baby in such a peaceful, joyful and lovely company . Mirochka seen very glad you came home, as soon as may , so going down to see aunt Walicka and I am happy for her . I like to be near You . Thank you to all your young people for hi .A picture of the resurrection in Your room I see so clearly , especially the clear race of Misha from the Bones – because I have so often seen her before . What a contrast to your old life in Sorokino . Now you in really the center of the young life , all loved , all need a – as well , Roller. And here is also a pleasant work for the mind, the use of knowledge accumulated over the years . How good it is and how honored actually , my dear ! Work to do still have time , yet you surely need your loved ones cute , especially your new daughter , who herself is going to become a mom and so soon . Someone will give it to You for the New year and have come up with names? And who waits and rejoices from Margarita's family ? Or she's an orphan -- you never mentioned her family .
08.12.44 ... Address In-TA In. Yaz. – Metrostroevskaya , 3 is somewhere near the Zubovsky Boulevard , are Geico to send you a power of attorney don't know . Letters it is still not written , documents of in-t may be used. agree to send himself ? Why do you have to take them to himself ; to confirm that you're sister would Ira Crete – Smith , she should know it those , because she had it committed student . Gaya surprisingly careless about their education documents, the school to go to work, apparently, is not going to earn needlework-knitting, embroidery . She is now happy – Fluffy in every letter he writes that he is healthy and living well . Today I diligently knit the middle of a large white scarf , imposed a decent piece . Very dark something burning today, our optilock . AMA came , erasing at the plate, Leo's gone again , come back, we'll have dinner . Today I cooked soup with potatoes , onion and rutabaga and baked a cake : in the pan at the bottom of the cabbage , top wrinkled potatoes , the only vegetable – oil no more . Passed the embroidered blouse , MB. soon it will get a kilo of oil . I embroidered it in prored and surface colored paper Muline , very elegant came . AMA made it . Vegetables in the room on the floor we froze , it was 44-48 deg. , the water on the floor was freezing but the room was not cold . Have poor Gay has gone to zero , now nothing 4-9 degrees.
10.12. You're asking about food, is it enough for the winter ? Vegetables is not enough , except that the cabbage – its much chop , millet MB. will last until spring , but it still malatitze and decreases – eats the mouse and the sparrows of the sheaves in the attic . Sunflowers are in the same position . About warmth – brought a log , so Leo December calm . For milk again there was a debt . To sell blanket can not , and Geico grumbles – how long are You going to sell ? She's right, of course , she herself seems to no longer sell things and keep what she had better than us .
The weather is very cold , not calling and beckoning , but to go sometimes you really need snow decent . If you go to the Village , we have to insulate and wrap up to the eyes , rarely go . Nature see very little , only before going to bed – night star or dark . Hearing quite recovered , Gay no longer is irritated , sometimes a little paraskevaides with me . I'm very touched by the invitation to the Christmas tree for the doctor and his wife , they invited all of us – just amazing . Lena and Dora are going to go . I run to them almost every week . To have glasses as I can not get used to , very tired eyes in them , and without them after heavy embroidery three blouses can not work . Now I'm wearing glasses . Once Munya lives , poor girl – day after her birthday if she writes to you once in a while ?
Today we have Gay , but the AMA went to school for some mandatory "Cluster Association" , the lion fell asleep after Breakfast , Geico knit hem white woolen shawl . It is very cold outside , try not to go . I kiss you all .
25.12.1944 G. Darling , my dear Valichka ! Yesterday, I bought this paper so I can write without waiting for the piece of paper from you . In addition the paper has also presented a shirt of calico and two kirkalocka for matches . Happy birthday , my sestrenochka , and happy birthday Alecci . Welcome back number – sorry – had not happened . Send greetings and to a New year,, too, already will retroactively, unfortunately . Well nothing to do about it . Yesterday was absolutely unusual for these days – we Geicko was away , Leo did not want to go and Anushka stayed with him at home . The doctor and his wife invited so cordially that the Geichka went, there was another teacher , in the room there were pine trees and pine branches , Lighting — a lamp with glass . The house of the earth – in one room , very cozy , bright and warm . Came , chatted , looked at photos , then the old man doctor had read us your poetry about Sochi , about your family , about the granddaughter . Then we had a dinner with salad and potato gratin with delicious cabbage . Then they drank tea with anescape with pumpkin and with the poison of the nightshade , a little singed on the Christmas tree , silent night . Then , seeing that the owners are tired , I helped clean the dishes ( cups and saucers we brought ) and we went home on a Christmas tree to Amuse and then received gifts . About their I've already written , and you have a homemade fur shoes and also a shirt of calico ( calico L. received the award in his PROMKOMBINAT ) and green belt from mamochkino dresses for jewelry , or rather for the frame , and improvised wall art Mat with her own embroidery ( it is this Mat gave maluleke here , and then we gave it back to her ) . Embroidered piece of wood with a stream on the stream descends Heron, the other stands in the forest stumps , mushrooms and birds – a very beautiful rug . There were lamb houses and pies – one with cabbage and mushrooms , the other with carrots fried with nightshade . Burned pine two optilock and her one candle . I gave Am. casket with Golden herons ( even from dad ) , Leo the circle of frozen milk , and Geicke tape . Leo got even tobacco and matches and a jar of vegetable oil . The unsewn shirt , also from calico , gave myself Am. Sat till eleven o'clock , also sang a cute childhood "silent night Stile Nacht , Heilige Nacht" and went to sleep . The room was very warm and Geico , unaccustomed to such temperatures , slept badly . Weather before Christmas softened . The doctor gave me two pine trees before we left , they're standing in my headboard . Now we've had Breakfast, Leo's gone to work, Len. prepared for the lessons and took a NAP , Geico solitaires , I just washed the dishes . Hasten to ascribe to send a letter , but then again, you lie – I rarely go to the village . Yes, I forgot to say – the City gave the doctor four broom , she was very happy with them . I am the broken plate from his small Cup , and the doctor brush with Kholmogory bone carving and Flax. pedestal of linoleum .

In the room we have elegant: bedspreads on the beds, napkins on the table and on the wardrobe . Now they're both gone , there'll be one I – I will think about all your cute , in all the worlds of the universe . They are already dressed . Wanted to write a winter poem , but will have in the next. the letter in no time . It is waiting for a letter from you . Mirochka still not answered , a kiss its for me . I apologize -- there's been a lot more to do in the last week than usual . Polali I've already knitted , caught up with Len.  she's got a lot more connected, too .Well , all life is like the quietest little stream . I'm sending you all my love .
18.08. Hello, my nice Roller !
Thank you for the letter from 10.08. At the same time received the day before yesterday Anushka , finally , a letter from Mirecki , in all probability is the answer to the Telegraph Nuskin request a status move . What do you think ? passports are registered temporarily and the apartment is ready ! but the poor Mirochka – how difficult it was for her : Lena was sick and had Mirocke to go and have her both of her younger children . Lena doesn't know yet that her eldest son in the madhouse ; to petition for admission there befell Vera . Lena has something with the liver , who knows how much she'll get sick .
About Anna, I wrote to you all about everything . Probably wrote already about some poison – Anushka thinks fringe mushrooms . Trestrict is still ongoing , but she says today there is no pain , and getting up at night still had very forces departed . Today she ordered a medication through the neighbors said that the doctor if called , you still prescribe it .
Leo those mushrooms are not eating and therefore his digestion is all right . And need to same was so happen , that those mushrooms was cleaning Aurora! My disorder began the day after , but I'm not suffering ( yet at least ) and at night I have to be up was not necessary . Yesterday came EECCA , in her Wednesday lessons end early . Soon to come sister Emma scarlet. . I think if Jecca will come often and sometimes overnight . The extra bed still stands , on it only once the grandmother Vera Illarionovna with Valeric spent the night and then 2-3 times Sasha Glezer . Sasha, too, again has resorted . Was sent to the center of the village for bread and decided to turn to us , which is not on the road . He is now at home for the hostess job . For 9 years old boy quite independent and a real helper to the father . It seems all we have to go to the store and then home. work , the business now I have a lot . The whole Amusco for myself and all of You , and only you much sweet sister especially .
14.10. My lovely and dear sisters , Libelant and Valusia ! How are you , what are You good ? I, unfortunately, nothing good to inform not can . Here today is the fifth day as a very sick lion . Some of the strongest cough and his temperature was , and then she fell , and rose again yesterday . You can see it in his lungs , and now it may be swelling. And I think maybe I'm wrong , he's been living the last few days . Because of his illness Yenya with Elsa again postponed his departure , although the City is from yesterday on leave . I am very grateful to them for that , because I really very sad and it would be difficult . Yenya today , or rather yesterday , tried to persuade me to spend the night with them , and he would have podezhurit a Lion , but I decided not to leave the Lion at such a grave time for him . Still, I already know how to put it back and that he loves , and he was accustomed , of course , and likes me to be around him . I can sleep in the afternoon when the lion sleeps . It in memory , speaks and even smiles often and complains of nothing . When it is very much his cough , especially at night , and he can't NAP , I asked him : "is it hard" ? He once meekly smiled and said, "No , not really , of course the coughing is annoying , but you can tolerate" . Asks for nothing , all happy and very pleased that the EN is not going away . And ene would have to go , Elsa got to see a good doctor , and he need a rest . I think that the lion will not last more than three days and they will have time to go to Moscow . The weather here is still summer , but yesterday the wind rose so that soon it will change and time – it today Cover .
Another ordeal will – HART will soon have the Army escort . Zoe really is very worried , even if she did not fall . Tomorrow Valery will go again to the Commission in the Kustanai , the hair he already told me to cut it and he's very changed , you can see he's worried , though he tries not to show it . And in November , maybe sooner , have to spend it .
Slava now some urgent job comes later . The rest is nothing . Natasha to the manger used to and is now happy to go up . Write , my dear , and often be healthy . How will we have I'll write to You , in the event the bitter end Thank You calls . I kiss You and wish you all the best , greetings to all relatives . Gay's.


Beer to the Imperial court supplied "Kalinkinskogo brewing and medovene Association" , founded in the mid-19th century in the merger of the two oldest brewing companies – Crown and Calasetta . Brewery Abraham Krona and Friedrich Danielson was founded in 1795. and your beer to the Imperial court, the firm has become to supply with 1805. Beer quality was such that brewer, in 1818. won the gold medal with the inscription "For useful" for carrying on a neck on Anninsky tape . In 1827. Ah. Kron (died v1828g.) he signed a three-year contract for the supply of beer to the Court of Nicholas 1 in the amount of 346 barrels per year . Beer bottle Crown cost court administration depending on the class from 37 to 56 cents . In 1829. son of A. Krone Fedor extended his contract on the 4th year . In the 1830s , there were strong competitors in the market , but F. Kron held positions at the Imperial court , committing to "put to the Highest court beer white in the manner of English, light and black", also stipulated the quality and packaging. The second companion "Kalinkinskogo brewing and maduranga Association" was founded in 1790х years English subjects Calasetta Noah , who was delivered to the courts of elite varieties of beer . The reason for the merger of these two oldest industries was the cholera epidemic that erupted in St. Petersburg in 1848. , citizens were afraid to drink beer and both firms stood on the verge of bankruptcy . Production was then completely renovated and the partnership continued to supply products of good quality . The last time the title of Supplier of the Imperial court "Kalinkinskogo brewing and medovene partnership"confirmed 25.12.1912 ( the legal successor is modern malting enterprise. S. Razina ). On deliveries of some brands of beer , kvass , honey contracts with Glushkov , Shpilev , Sinebryukhov and Artamonov were signed . According to archive data , In 1880е years one of the main suppliers of beer and honey to the Imperial court has become a factory "Bavaria", the history of which begins with 28.11.1863 G.  when approved the Charter Of the Russian-German brewing company "Bavaria". At the plant worked German master brewers on "native" German equipment . The plant produced its first products in 1865. , and in the next exhibition in Riga, this beer received a silver medal. By 1868. production of beer and honey at the plant reached 600 thousand . buckets (1 bucket was equal to 12 liters ) per year for a huge sum of 400 thousand rubles. per year. At the beginning of the 20th century on working capital "Bavaria" took the third place in the country , conceding only to Kalinkin plants in St. Petersburg and Trekhgorny in Moscow . Its assortment included the following Beers : "Bavarian", "Table ", "Munich" , "Black", "Bock beer", "March", and "porter". Since 1909. the plant became known as"Old Bavaria". With this plant every month delivered a large batch in all of the Palace cellar . These supplies can be traced the "geography" of the movements of the Imperial court . For example, in 1890m year more just beer drank in Winter Palace (16490 booth. ), which is understandable – this is the ceremonial residence of the Russian emperors and here are the most numerous and crowded balls and receptions , with the maximum number of drinks had to January , February and September-the time of traditional class celebrations and celebrations . In second place are shipments to the Gatchina Palace (15295 booth. ) , which is also understandable , since March, 1881. he became the permanent residence of Alexander III . Deliveries fell on April-may, October-December, that is on that time when there lived the Imperial family with the numerous environment . The third position in the number of drunk fell on the Peterhof cellar (9485 booth.) . In July and August , the Royal family lived in Peterhof – this is the hottest months, in addition to these months annually conducted exercises of the troops of the St. Petersburg military district and after maneuvers on the Krasnoselsky field dusty officers gladly drank cold beer in the Imperial buffet at the Baltic station and in the Krasnoselsky Palace .( I. V. Zimin . Royal work . 19-beginning of the 20th century.)
In 1877, in the town of Veliky Ustyug was opened brewery. It was established by the Bavarian citizen, a professional brewer Ludwig Georg Sebald. After the death of Ludwig, the company was inherited by his sons Georg, Carl and Nicholas. In 1903, Georg paid the brothers their share and became the full owner of the plant. About 30 people worked for Bavaria, the annual profit was more than 55 thousand rubles. The firm flourished. On the streets of the city in the busiest places and then came across zebald beer shops, where they sold honey drinks, lemonade "Sparkling", "Bavarian", "March", "Munich" and "Export" beer . Beer lovers, enjoying a drink, played Billiards . They especially liked the dark "porter" with a high content of alcohol. Beer George Sebald also supplied Kotlas, Nikolsk, Cherevkov, Sol'vychegodsk, the Toima, Podosinovets, Ust-Sysolsk, the station Luza and other places. During the first world war, beer production decreased significantly, and in 1916 the factory produced only fruit water. In 1920 the plant was nationalized and in 1922 the couple Georg and Sophia Sebald left Russia and lived (* the couple Deinlein, also refugees from Ustyug) in Those the suburbs of Nuremberg. Their great-granddaughter Dr. Sigrid Maldonado writes from the United States: "... for me, the Great Ustyug, where my great-grandfather and great-grandmother lived, has always been of great importance. There my great-grandfather Ludwig Sebald was the owner of the brewery. My great-grandmother is buried there. In Velikiy Ustyug up their children, including my grandfather's brother who was called “the Bavarian Sebald”. He and his wife Sofia, née Roters for my mom and her sisters were George and aunt Sophia." In July or August 1914 my grandfather was interned in Wesenberg (Estonia) and sent deep into Russia, but he was lucky enough to get to Ustyug, where his brother lived. In October 1914, my grandmother, Alida E. Johanson, left Wesenberg and followed her husband with her children. In Ustyug, the whole family was to be registered weekly in the local police. They lived in the house of my grandfather's brother, Georg Sebald. With special pleasure my mother recalled the evening when uncle George and aunt Sofia came to visit: lying in bed, my mother and her sisters (their children, my uncle and aunt was not) listening to adult music. How wonderful it was to fall asleep to the music! Uncle Georg played the violin, and aunt Sophia played the piano... my grandmother was a pet teacher somewhere in 1897 or 1898. ( From the notes of E. Bozhko)
In the window of the audience looks into the spring sun and on the inside –especially since this pair of ends . What do we have next? A, metal technology-laboratory work . So you need to go down from the main building of the mining Institute to one-two-storey building, where we are waiting for Kirzhner Maria Ioganovna, a pretty gray-haired lady , but the three of us she can not wait , we agreed yesterday to go down below , to the waterfront , there is a wonderful institution and his name is a restaurant "Pilsen", where , if lucky, maybe Czech beer with all relevant attributes . We just got a scholarship, and we don't have the strength to sit in this dusty auditorium where the dust flies chaotically in the sunlight , the scholarship burns through your pocket , and you want to drink at all . Hurrah , the end of the couples In the restaurant the place is small — ten or twelve people , you also need to consider that some departed , others , which occupied a place , has not yet come – it means a person twenty to twenty – five , but it is not enough — at least an hour to stand . Well , a couple of Beers and of course their tasty snacks ? Those lucky people whose turn has come , take three to five mugs of frothy amber drink and fragrant sausages , which are spreading magical scent . The line moves slowly , more and more I want to eat and drink and when you finally reach the crane then bought five mugs on the nose , then again to stand in this curse this turn .
A year later , we were in student practice in Altai , after which we went on a tourist trip to Teletskoye lake and an incredible event happened – in August , in the village of fifteen houses through which we passed, brought beer . Beer was brought in the car —water truck at lunchtime and swept through the village of klitsch - "BEER" . It is known that during cleaning all alcohol clean away , and here such event . Coincidentally , combine Ivan came home for lunch – tanned , dusty and hungry ( day and night at harvest ) and his wife Lyuba, a milkmaid, too, happened to be at home , all in all , smelling of milk , beautiful . Now she can lay on the table , but on the way, the reason was the bed and the little cute there ...And suddenly this cry of "BEER" ... " Luban wait," says Vanatta –I'll be right back ", grabbed the bucket and ran in shorts to take place .
A year later I was on the student's practice in Germany, at the Freiberg mining Academy . In one of the first days on arrival we decided to look into beer restaurant , came in , looked around—almost empty , the tables in white table cloths on the tables, the flowers , the music plays softly ,background , a waitress in a white apron . Took a table for four , just what we need four of us . Immediately the waitress comes over and asks : "Was wollen Sie ?"say what You want , well, I'm right on my own way :" Zenn Bier , bitte ! "- ten beer let, please . We were instructed to be polite before leaving the Union on the mandate Commission and then in Berlin on Unter den Linden at our Embassy , because we carry our high Soviet culture . But the waitress stared in surprise ( my Tambov accent ?) and again asks , as if did not understand , but her mind was clear that he understood , still as understand !.I repeat again and she is puzzled to leave . Well here to understand the girls, two glasses , and we Bear three , and why just ten , well, too clear , not to bother once again , it's already the end of the day and people are already arriving . Here came the waitress with a tray , on which stood only four glasses of beer she left on the table each cardboard circle , which was supplanted by the name of the beer since this beer is made , and on each circle put on a dash What is a glass of beer , whether the case of the circle , in our circle not only more beer , well, maybe not two and a half times , but such a large cap of foam , and there's one disappointment , a beer and the thirst is not quenched . Girls those stand on ceremony, and we in one gulp . Only put empty glasses on a cardboard, the waitress with full glasses right there flies up and puts them before us and still on a dash on a cardboard circle to everyone . After two glasses, me and Bear began to savor and taste – color , smell , taste , density , German students appeared at the next table and at the end of the evening we had already drunk on brudershaft.
A year later, I was on assignment at atomic Yellow Water . It was a 1968 . A city with a population of 60-70 thousand people , mostly young people .Only recently it was open , was behind barbed wire . Specialists gathered from everywhere-technicians from Moscow , Leningrad , Novosibirsk , doctors from Saratov , musicians from Tambov . Supply, as they said before, Moscow , but I , living in Moscow , have not seen such an abundance of smoked sausages , fish of different names and methods of their preparation, cheeses and much more . But if you can buy fish , there must be beer , and it was in the sale of rare for some reason –"Zhigulevskoe" ,"Riga", "Moscow", and only bottled , not fresh , more rarely fresh .Once in the city several tens people were poisoned with beer and there were even lethal outcomes . And abundance later and a half dozen years someplace disappeared and began to issue coupons for the normalized purchase of oil , milk and meat and it was necessary to stand long turns , but instead of meat in sale there were only bones .
"See what makes the vibration with the concrete during its transportation in the pipeline-due to the correctly selected oscillations, the solid fraction tends to the center of the pipe , and the wall forms a water layer ( as a lubricant ) , due to this the laying mixture can be transported over very long distances , and immediately before its laying in the developed space – on the last section – we apply bi-harmonic oscillations and the mixture turns out to be homogeneous ,that is homogeneous ,  It turns out that from the mixture to remove the water , which was added to improve transportation without vibration , and that means you can remove the cement that added added water , and this means that out of mine workings will not need to pump excess water from the washed of excess cement ..." Well , all we've got , we're good , today is Friday and as we agreed earlier , Hurd takes us ( me , Erika and Horst ) in the beginning of the lake – the weather is good , after mining the soul good rinse in fresh water then through the store home . On this desolate shore –about the center – the lonely overgrown juniper bushes and two undress for bathing girls . Gert stopped the car near a Bush and the guys began to undress with his other hand . I already knew that the Germans do not stand on ceremony when bathing and take every last drop , looking at the other side of the Bush through not very dense branches and saw two Aphrodite in all their glory , who behaved in nature freely and naturally , at home the bathroom is impressive . Two days a week bakes bread bakery private meters it already over fifty , first, it is unclear , then as you approach ever more clearly fills your whole being wonderful smell of freshly baked fragrant bread . And we still have two cases left – a butcher shop and an alcohol purchase . Everything worked out so that no lists and no need for a week required so much liverwurst , cooked , half-smoked and smoked sausage , Bologna and wieners ( bockwurst ) , and meat too . After Gert takes white and red wine, takes them to the car and comes back with a box of empty dishes of beer , each in its cell . Bottles with a capacity of 0.3 liter and in the box they ( do not remember) seems to be sixteen pieces . He puts his box in the stack and instead the seller gives him a box with full bottles of beer .
My eldest daughter asked me to come , if I could work , to help them move to a new place of residence .They have been living in Scotland for several years and have run out of rental apartments in a townhouse and they are now not far removed the house . Apartment in townhouse in three levels-on the ground floor garage, and behind the wall stairs to the second floor, under which the toilet ; on the second kitchen and a large room with panoramic window and glass door on the balcony , under which a small lawn with flowers and shrubs , ten steps a noisy stream flowing somewhere below in a fairly wide tranquil river Dee , along the stream the bushes and trees ; on the third floor two bedrooms and bathroom with toilet . In the new house on the ground floor added a computer room and two fireplaces – blue and red , and the second — another bedroom . But me and son-in-law in the transportation involved colleague son-in-law at work —Scottish father and Irish mother ( or Vice versa ) Martin , who knew a bit of Russian – he frequently went to Russia on business trips . After the carriage we went to a Scottish pub and drank Irish beer "GUINNESS" , and Martin told us something about this drink . It began to be made in the middle of the 18th century , the founder was Arthur Guinness, frothy beer from dark ruby to almost black, the main varieties of beer produced in many countries ( almost like Your machine "Kalashnikov" ) , a dozen varieties and a half with different flavors depending on local conditions and additives , but its basic taste beer retains , a pint of beer only about 200 calories , and a glass of beer carbohydrates more than a glass of milk . Doctors recommend drinking this beer after illness, well restores strength, enriches the blood and treats insomnia . A dark color because it is used in the manufacture of burnt barley .  GUINNESS is an Irish drink and therefore St. Patrick's day must drink two or three pints of beer .
And we had Chernobyl ( the Japanese now Mukoska ) . It took special equipment to conduct decontamination activities . Our delegation went to England to sign a contract for the purchase of equipment and to attract English specialists . The trip was preceded by telephone conversations and in absentia were already familiar to both sides . "Now , with the equipment we all decided , and spices , Sasha , we will not give (but Your people teach ) , we have very strict laws . That is if you come out of your state of health , according to our laws the state would have to give you a few acres of land and build on it a castle." The head of our delegation was Alexander Miroshnichenko , he passed Tomsk-7 , Chelyabinsk-65 and before the accident worked on Chernobyl . Medium height , thin , face yellow-green in color , unlike many others he had a right to two holidays a year – vacation for medical treatment and vacation , I've only met in the GDR . Fate Sasha was tragic — he has sharply worsened disease and needed a transplant of bone marrow , and it was already in the perestroika time , the operation agreed to do in the United States and , as Minchernobyl Ukraine was not a sufficient amount , threw a cry for assistance , he could not stand all this, and shot himself . But this was then , and now after the conclusion of the contract, the British invited our delegation to the pub . We have perestroika ninety-first, second or even on the cards hell buy , and there is an abundance and so many varieties of beer – Nay . One of our team decided to be original – he ordered "Zhigulevskoe" beer – written on paper and gave it to the waiter . I should have seen his pathetic face when he came back apologizing, " we don't have that kind of beer , mister, but we're gonna buy it now." My delegation was happy, though they did not have anything . But the beer-that is our , frankly , was shitty.
In recent years , of course , everything has changed, we have become available to all world beer brands, and we began to make quite a decent beer . The main criterion for assessing the quality of beer is its compliance with the law "on purity" (Das Reinheitsgebot), adopted in Bavaria in 1516 – beer should contain only three components : malt, hops and water , well, may still be present yeast . Other evaluation criteria are the smell , the taste , the flavour , the freshness of the beer and the bitterness . The inspection is carried out twice: immediately after bottling , and the second time in three months . For each item is awarded a certain number of points and if the beer in the amount of gaining from 4.55 to 5 points , it is awarded a medal of the highest standard . So here is beer mark Kaltenberg Pils, manufactured in MPBK "Ochakovo", gained in 2011 4.75 key, and Kaltenberg Hell – 4, 64 . The owner of this brand of beer is His Royal Highness the Prince Luitpold von Bayern , which authorized its production in Russia in 2008 . Bottling beer takes place in the presence of the Royal chief brewer Harald Schumann . Winning the gold medal proves that in Russia can brew a good beer and not worse than the German.
Ruslan works in Moscow in a German company and sometimes he goes on business trips to the head office . Recently, they were taken to some remote village of fifteen houses in Austria , where they produce components for them . This subsidiary was created on the basis of a rural smithy . After getting acquainted with the production of products, they were adopted at the highest level – as much as the burgomaster — and there they were shown an ancient way of drinking beer by blacksmiths . In filled with high mugs lowered for a few seconds red-hot metal rod, then after about a minute you envelops bread smell and drink acquires a soft caramel taste and becomes not so cold , which is important for hot blacksmiths.
When I worked in the GDR , there in the club of Soviet specialists were selling beer brand"Wernesgruner", which is seldom where they could buy , it was mainly for export . On weekdays Cantina rarely went to – day the miners began early ( 6-7 am ) , but still had to get on the service bus , so had to get up early , but in 2-3 hours the working day was over. On arrival in the town of Soviet specialists relied two hours of rest, and then began public work – sports : volleyball , football , badminton , skittles etc. ; rehearsals: choir, theater , etc.; mugs on interests-photo, fishing, hunting and the like . This achieved unity of people-they were in sight (which is very important for the competent authorities ) , were busy with some business and did not indulge in libations for the glory of Bacchus .But the weekend ( if you do not go for a nominal fee for a tour of the country ) at your disposal – to go with his wife to the store and make purchases — play case – shop nearby , and from 15 hours on Saturday – SAUNA –is Holy . Shower, two land premises : in one 100 degrees. , in the other 120, two pools: in one 9-10 degrees.  in another 14-16 , it is a shame that the dimly lit relaxation room with sun beds , where , wrapped in a Terry towel – bed sheets , not only to relax but also to sleep , and then make another run or two . Well, now already ahead of the inevitable , earned repeatedly shed then , Cantina with clean tables , light music and beer with salted peanuts and sluggish conversations on abstract themes , God forbid, politics or work . Cup 2-3-4 depending on mood and circumstances, and to 9 evening home , and there's someone in that much .
Recently like the German "Liebenweiss" — wheat is not filtered and English "Old Bobby" - an Old Dog .



Post card. The globe is highlighted and it is written :"the Soviet Union", up in the clouds flying blimp with the words "TRUE" and below the globe : "Over the land of the SOVIETS have to fly a Soviet airships »
.Stamp of sending from St. Nicholas STERN Yaroslavl region - 17.08.36 g
.Stamp of receipt in Podolsk Mosk. region – 23.08.36 G.
Meine liebst Mutter ! Mutterhen , mein Bruder ist schon angekommen und er hat gesagt ,das ich dir schreiben soll , aber ich habe dir das letzte mal geschrieben und von dir keine Antwort bekommen . Mir aber das schadet nicht , ich kann auch ein Briefchen mehr schreiben als du . Gestern gingen wir Fichse angeln auf die Wolga und haben 15 Stuck gefangen . Ich kann dir sagen meine Liebste das wir sehen 2 крота gefangen haben . Wie geht deine Arbeit ? Du wird wir sehe in dieser Jahr schlichte ernte denn es war viel zu trocken . Ist es dir Libling weilig ohne Kostja oder nicht sehr ? Natachsa ist jetzt in Mologa , aber sie muss bald zuruck . Gestern hat Tante Julja , Tanja und Tante Olja Pezi gefungen und heute zum Mittag ging es Suppe mit unserem Fichsen und getrokene Pilze . Tante Julja war bei uns paar Tage , aber heute ist sie schon weck . Bei uns hier steht jetzt schon zindich schlechtes Wetter , der Herbst neht an . Auf wieder sehen . Dein treuer sohn Mitja . 16. 07 . 1936г.TRANSLATION : My beloved Mother ! Mommy , my brother came and said I should write to you , but I already wrote to you , and I didn't get an answer from you . But I do not mind , I can write you a little letter . Yesterday we went fishing on the Volga and caught 15 Grand . I can tell you , my dear , we've seen and caught 2 moles . How's your job going ? As you can see this year is bad because of the great heat . Honey, are you probably having a hard time without a Bone or something ? Natasha is now in MOLOGA , but should be back soon . Yesterday aunt Julia, Tanya and aunt Olya Ptsy caught and today for lunch we have soup from fish caught by us and fried mushrooms . Aunt Julia was with us for a few days , but today she is ready to leave . Here is now bad weather, autumn is approaching . Goodbye, your devoted son Mitya .16.07.1936 G.
28.06.1939 Hello, dear Daddy, Mom, mA'am and Cam ! I am writing to You now from Pereslavl , where the drive and reach safely . Was quite in unison – only Adika ran , and the Jura behind , almost never swore . Yesterday I wrote to You out of the train and threw the letter in Berendeyevo . There we almost did not stop , despite the rain , walked . It took almost 5 km and decided to stop in the village under the canopy and drier , a little dry , the rain had stopped and we went on to go was good and we stayed and rested for 10 min. So they walked and walked and finally came to Pereslavl ( it is 20-25 km) not yet dusk , but the sun was already low . Went to school , but there was no one there , then another , a third , the idea is the same no one , finally in the district Council was a man – he looked at our papers and called the farmer's house , there were places and we went there , but on the road , when we passed one of the schools where we were before we called . It turns out the Director came and he put us in office , there were two sofas , where we slept with Yura , and Adeka slept on the floor . The city and the lake we haven't looked today, will be here all day , try to get a boat , I think it is not so difficult . Go to the Boat . Today we got up at 8 o'clock, went to the Trubezh, bought and went to eat . For food, there was a small incident – Adica didn't want to eat soup from a can and didn't want to and we ate , but we wanted this soup is eaten . Places from berendeyev to Pereslavl hilly-from one hill to another, from hill to hill . The hills offer pretty beautiful views, very beautiful greenery-different, different-very dark and near light-light . Or in the distance somewhere on the hill among the dark greenery can be seen a white bell tower , very beautiful . The land here is good for black , in many places there are peat . Cam , I'm gonna ask you to put potatoes in the garden pit under the window , and it's up and it's big , and I wanted to do it, but I forgot . Well, be healthy , to write nothing more . Today promises a lot of interesting things .
14.01.1941 G. Hello , dear Dima ! Bow down to you Tonya . Dimochka , I hasten to inform you that I arrived very well . Came home at 9h 25m evening. Came home – my mother was sitting alone , I ask her – where is dad , she said he left for you . When dad came , he said he saw you . Dimochka , thank you very much for working with us so well . Dimochka, I will never forget you . Dimochka, I'm very bored . Came home from school в1ч. 35m.  there was one that sat and cried – I don't know what to do and decided to write you a letter .Dima , don't scold me that I wrote so bad . Dima , as I have seen counselors , but as you have not seen these . Dima , I wish you well to learn and I will learn perfectly . Dima , my mom told me that I didn't go to school , but I told her that Dima told have to go . She laughs at me . Dimochka, I ask you to answer my letter . Goodbye, waiting for an answer . Dimochka, say Hello to your mom and dad for me .
You fly fly fly fly, letter,
Directly to Dima in the window ,
If Dima is unpleasant ,
Then fly, letter, back.
Given the student the 10th class 188 schools of Kominternovsky district Dmitry Savinskiy that he is a pupil of the above school . Issued for submission to the district Committee .
16.02.1941 G.
I order you to be by 16 o'clock on may 27 , 1941 in Kominternovsky Regional Military Commissariat of Moscow to the address : Petrovka , 22, kom. 21 having with him :
1. Military card ( certificate of attribution )
2. Reminder
In the absence of the called ask the management or relatives to report to RVC , Neglinnaya , 14 , when , for how long and where out .
22 on may 1941.

Honey, dear Baby . Tight, tight kiss you, my baby . Thank you you pretty girl for your gentle native letters . First, I can you answer your questions , and second, to tell about the news . You're asking how to find me . In my opinion I already wrote you this . From the station take the tram and go to the station "the Board of water", cross the river Omka and the first street to the left , walk along this street to the end , then to the right and left will be the green gate –here I live .It is easy to find –you have to ask the fortress , the military unit 55796 . Then you ask me about the package . I write to you , darling, that I need nothing . I know you want to treat me to something , caress me , but why would you do it if you had to pull yourself off? You ask me why I didn't write anything about Tonya , and I still haven't seen her , she hasn't come to me .
Now my news . First, a nice little baby, I have a new address again: OMSK, V. part 55796, I ask you not to write letters with a triangle – they do not reach . Live is still good , nearing the date of issue . Yes , Maloposka , you're confusing the title of the combatant commander . Line commanders can be both Junior and middle-this is what I wanted to be , but now I am getting more and more accustomed to the idea that I will receive the appointed specialty .
Now another . The other day I also received a postcard from aunt LACY , they all 4 go to SEMIPALATINSK. For me it was very unexpected , strange news . Very surprised at this – t . Lesenka writes that Babus transfers the road well , sorry for them poor things. I might , when I finish the science course will go to Moscow ( not for long ) and then , what a pity , can't see almost anyone from the family . Well, Yes it does , if only life was all good .
You're asking me, Malup , how did I meet the party? The holiday we had a few the other day . Firstly , we went to the demonstration ( we did not have a parade), secondly there was a very good 4-course lunch . On 4th was Apple , very tasty and good, and on the evening went in circus . In circus, too, was very well . Yes, compared with last year – this is Paradise , but the year before last compared to the present – Paradise .
Well, need to round , and the second evening to write , and suddenly today will not have time , and you're going to worry .It is now almost a retreat , a holiday , and a warm clean bed . You know , Malupit when I go under the blanket and clean sheets myself clean remember that Golden time when I was sheltered and caressed . Oh , how I would like , though, to see you sweet little darling , how nice to even think about you . Well, maybe it will still be so happy when you cover me once again and caress and kissing , and I'm going to say : "Mom , Stutterers party Kochi" and you will kiss and caress me . Well, calm night .
Will be time will write little letter at the most . Once again, gently kiss your youngest son .
09.05. 1942. P/o SOROKINO, Altai Krai STALIN street 23 . Valerie Fedorovna .
Hello dear nice Bodnarenko ! We hasten to inform you a great news and happiness that I experienced yesterday . I sat and suddenly I'm on call I go to the exit...and it is a joy for me native cute Bratchikov mA'am . Bodnarenko , I could not believe my eyes , how lucky we both were happy ! Misha in Omsk was a passage and thanks to his energy at the post address he found me , he did not even know what school I am . As soon as he came we turned to the Commissar of the battalion , which allowed me to go into town , and we went with a dear beloved Malchikom . What a good MA'am he is ! He goes to the front very calm with a good and hard mood to do his duty . Poor thing, don't grieve honey , let's hope it's all right . MA'am says he's going to be at the front in , apparently , in less than a month .His work, he is happy to be seen , and that they are too happy , how could you not be happy with such a hero –worker , a sweet Malchikom . In the city we went with a Meme by his works , but had to go to aunt Lele , and saw Vova , Tamara and Irina .They live like nothing .Dylan works hard , we sat at them a little bit and railway station , there was already a train , which was supposed to go Memcheck . We sat with him , talked , hugged and he went in the train and I went back to aunt Helen , and then at the school . Bodnarenko how good our Mamchik , he is a true hero –our Bear , as it is solid and what is , in my opinion , a good relaxed and some confident mood . It's very good and I think we hope so that he will be unharmed .
Wait for the letter , I will write more about it . Not to worry.  Whole.  Omsk, p / I 163/11.
20.10.42 the city of Omsk . Hello, my dear sweet Sun ! How are you doing , my little Girl ? How's your health, your mood, your job ?
My dear little Girl, I'm in a hurry to give you some news . First , I received one letter from Misha . He is still in SARAPUL
in the hospital , writes that his health is improving , but nevertheless, the duration of treatment installed in 15-20 days , and maybe even the whole month . He's already recovered to the point that walking without crutches and could even walk to town . Writes, that bored very was especially the first time , but now has opportunity to read and , apparently, very is keen on reading . Writes that he just read "the Three Musketeers" . Their meal was nothing but soldering the hospital he buys something on the market . Writes that he participated in the capture of G. KARMANOVA , and the rest you already know . Secondly , I have changed address: city OMSK, p/n 61 , part 296 , me .
Continue the letter in the dress . Am now on that place , where once lived .Perhaps today will be able enter to Vova, ' ll take a look as they settled down on a new apartment , and the until now not has ever managed to visit . Dear poor Girl, I am very grateful to you that you sent me 30 rubles .in a letter and grateful for the letter itself. don't remember I wrote that I have a desire to go to another school , but I firmly decided to study here until the end and going to be released , and when you get to the part there will be seen .
Outfit my over again sitting in class for the third day continue to write the letter . Yesterday was Vova , but the house did not catch it , only saw Tamara with the Ira . Ira was ill with pneumonia but is now recovering . Vova is going to go to the logging camp somewhere in your region . Tamara wants to know about the prices of the products they are particularly interested in the oil , honey , flour and meat . Don't forget to text them about it . Their new room I really liked-clean , bright , warm and cozy , though small, but for the present time –it is a luxury .
Dear Mother, you write to me to make reasonable decisions and that they may be relevant to you and especially to you . I understand this , but I also consider that it is necessary to benefit the Motherland and it seems to me that I will be an unimportant business Executive . She remember how you scolded me for negligence , mismanagement . And here in College I lose the one thing , then another . Twice I managed to get a penalty . But you already wrote that the College I will graduate and who will appoint , and , if the commanders will see that there is more sense to appoint me as a combatant , I'm willing to take the case . I hope Mama , that with this decision will agree ? As for our old decisions , I am very pleased that everything worked out this way . Most importantly you're in a safe place , and the fact that I moved decently , that in order to keep you safe , I agree to move the same amount .
Expensive Malinochka , I've been meaning to ask you ( just for fun ) if you got in KHIMKI, where I was working , my earnings and did things in the Military enlistment office in MOSCOW ?
Ah here is need to to cum . Kisses for you and Cam , your D. S.

A LETTER without date , judging by the events it was written about this time period .
My dear , Bodnarenko and Kamchik ! As I long you not wrote . Hotter was time . Summed up the final marks for the holidays and went control of the control, credits for tests, time in the bathroom to run away was not . Now is over the fever and you can tell something about myself . First, I want to congratulate you on your holiday and then on myself . I live well , healthy and happy , learn anything for the holidays, I have a 9 " Choir." and 7 "ExC.", moreover, all major , in General, nothing learned . You know , Bednarek , every day clearer and clearer picture of my future work , whatever I was neither released , mainly in the theory of duties , I know, but with practice, how will ? This I do not know , but my specialty is very responsible , that if sent for an internship, I would represent my work even better, but so far in this regard we do not know anything . I Bodnarenko seem to have not written to you that recently received a commendation from anyone . platoon for a good education , so things are fine .
My dear Maloposka and Bratchikov Cash ! The other day , I wrote a letter to the Mayor, where he asked for advice on joining the party . As your thoughts ? In my opinion , this is a time when all the forces of every devotee should be given in full and with the greatest possible benefit . That's why I want to join its ranks , as in its ranks I will be able to benefit . I thought earlier that I would join the ranks only when I get to work and try my hand , but now I think about joining the school . The case is , of course, serious and so I want to consult with you . That I will join party during war-it has to be obligatory as I don't want to be the inhabitant . I am determined , mother , that will go all out for our Motherland , for the Soviet government . Now I'm waiting for a response from Misha to my letter . Recommendations I think to take one from the Komsomol battalion , the other , if you can give Dylan Savinsky , I'll ask him , and third , I think , would give me Sofia Solomonovna . But how to find it? If you know her address , Manpack , then please tell him , I will write her a letter and hopefully will receive a response with a recommendation . Your son and brother .
26.11.42 g. kiss you tenderly my Malamocco , my sweet little thing ! How long I didn't write to you , my sweet honey . Once quite already wrote , suddenly interrupted me . That day I was dressed and had some free time , I defended my shift and was sitting in class . Suddenly comes a friend from the entrance booth and with a mysterious view of reports that he had me have a case . I was too happy , I wanted to finish the letter , but as soon as he said that I was waiting , I of course immediately had finished and decided that it came Tonya . But when I was told that this brother , how happy I was! Jumped up and immediately wanted to rush to Kenchiku , this was impossible .Dating nobody resolved ,not to mention time off , but I popped up for a few minutes – tight kissed sweet, Bratchikov said that will get the meeting and ran to work . Long had to strive hard , it was very difficult to get permission to date , and the discharge and failed to obtain. the school is not allowed . Well, finally I succeeded and we started talking in the corridor of the staff on the bench . What a happy day it was for me, how well we sat and talked . Now probably all my life will remember 22november 1942. I told Cam about your life and times . Very , I think , had it still , I'm happy for you that you now have with food will be better will a cow .The cow will help a lot .
Dear Bodnarenko , you asked me to write more often , but the right to write when you can only outfit , I will try to write more often , but don't know how to get it . The internship probably will be more difficult to grab on this time , but we go on training , I learned that on the same day , but after Kem care .Before that, there were other assumptions , this is , of course , very good , it is very good for all of us .

I wrote to you , dear Kapulica , what do you think about joining the VKP/ b/, and now decided that it will depend on the result of the training . If the job can be done and get a good feature , it comes , but still I beg you , dear Maloposka , tell me the address of S. S. Plotkina her recommendation to me is always useful . That seems like all the news about me .
Now, about Mesa . I received from him the last letter 21.11. He says he's taking peat? the treatment of foot and that before discharge from the hospital, he remained for 10-12 days , than when the letter was just 12 days , so I decided not to write him back . In the letter he wrote to me about joining the VKP/b/ . He wrote so . First , he asked me : do I understand the role of a Communist, a soldier — teacher . If I understand what a Communist should be considered , modest , sympathetic , brave . He says if I understand that, I'm already half a Communist . I understand, I understand this , but to fulfill, it is hard , I try but not always it turns out, too . Then he says that in relation to your personal preparation for entry into the party , I think you're prepared for it , but you're not conceited . I'm not ashamed . So I kind of got a blessing from a cute little mA'am . Then he explained to me a few statutory provisions on the entry into CPSU/b/. Then he answers me to my question – what kind of Commissioner he was at the front . He was a Commissioner of "special detachment" , and what he writes . And at the end of the letter I received a note that I sent photos and these photos . He starred in GOLBITZ, Well, that's the news from Mancika . So I think to join the party , but only after the internship , she will finally decide the issue . I'm done . you need to go to the post , last shift . Hard , kisses for you my dear . Yes , Poor thing , I was very surprised the story of Kamchik that when I wrote you that I was punished , you even cried . Poor, tender my baby, you in sight suffered this case more, than I ? Nice tender crumb . All right , come on, I kiss you forever . Your youngest son .
19.12.1942 g. Hello , Mommy dearest . I live very well ! I am in practice, everything is new, as if a new world had opened up . It becomes even clearer that the work will be even more difficult . The difference with the theory is very large . My job required a great knowledge of the people – the main approaches , speed Dating , free circulation and less shyness , and I have these qualities no . Over time can be and will gain their , and until there is no . It will be difficult because I'm young , to gain credibility among the workers twice your age is not so easy . And in General , because until now I've never done this kind of work . I watch how people work here and admire many people – how deftly , how skillfully they do their job and just artists . They treat me well here , the work is related to food , in all probability, and I will work independently the same . The interest is there , but skill is not enough .Now already has passed half of my practice , soon ago and there will begin an independent work .Big kiss .13.12.42 the city of KANSK.
12.02.1943 year. Dear Maloposka , I'm alive and well are still there , working at the headquarters , a lot of work in the city almost did not go . I'm going to Pat the place , but I'm not gonna cut the clock .The work is very so – so- anxious to leave , but that hardly will come true soon . Don't worry about me . Write aunt Shura, I call her and at every opportunity I run to her . In a hurry . Kiss you many, many times .Again people came , waiting for me –you have to let them go , and then run to lunch . For a long time would have to go soon , but I won't . Well, a whole many more times . Write my native Maloposka. Your youngest son .
24.02.43 Dear Mommy ! I'm going ! he was assigned to the division . It is a pity that did not have time to enquiries about the apartment , tomorrow another day I will try to do it . Go to the SS , get a letter of recommendation . It is a pity , in Moscow almost anywhere and have not visited .The day before yesterday, only one time was in a Small theater , we watched "the Front" -is a wonderful thing . Work will be very much, afraid seriously .Well, don't worry about me . Strong and only strong , gently kiss you .
A LETTER without date , judging by the events of m was written around this time period . In the foreground, the soldier throws a grenade . Verses : "For the honor of his wife , for the lives of children , for the happiness of their Motherland , for our fields and meadows – kill the invader-the enemy!"and below :" What deal nobler \Struggle with invader-enemy! And that you have made today, \ to to complete his debacle ?»
Hello , dear Maloposka ! How are you doing ? I'm still near Moscow . Was not so long ago from aunt Shura , I read your letter . I feel sorry for you , my dear little thing , something you all are sick , take care of yourself Malupit ! Read about Michael . My dear , of course it is a great grief for all of us , but still , I am sure that he will survive and be healthy again , although of course without consequences such a serious wound can not remain . He must have served in the army by now . But I'm sure he'll stay alive! Can not be that the medicine failed , may not be to its strong nature won the damned shrapnel German bombs . Yes Maloposka , if he writes to you , so not so bad . Nothing , Little mother , do not worry too much , don't cry , our Birdy ! Keep yourself healthy, take care of yourself . Remember that after the war we will have to meet all together! Don't worry about me , don't worry , I'll be alive and well , I'm sure . Be sure of that, too .I have a lot of work and it is still quite difficult for me , but I know nothing that I will overcome . I study, learn new things, and this is the main thing in life . All the time forward, all the time to learn, to learn new things . The attitude here towards me all of his subordinates are good , from the authorities too . The other day will send Money SS to pay the rest of the apartment, it will remain with us . Dear mother, please do not move to Moscow at the earliest opportunity and when it becomes better in Moscow , I will try to make sure that you can move . All right , my dear , I'm done, I have to work . Don't worry ,don't cry , don't be sad, Mommy . Again and again I kiss you , your son.
08.03.43 city of Altai Krai p/ o SOROKINO, Stalin street , 63
Hello , dear Maloposka ! How do you live, my dear ? I'm glad your letter got you through the so the Shura . I'm still not at the front , it's time to really go . Well not our business to judge . And we'll go .My work is nothing to speed gradually part , we can say already in .All -???? account for learn . Soon , when even better learn the business , start to study gunnery . Maybe you will be able to ever retrain , can not quit that dream . I can't focus , all noise , interfere with , pull for . At all pull many . I myself work every day less and less . I'm just starting to lead . This , of course . well , so be it , in fact my job should be in the manual . Attitude to me to get me better and better , to others used . In the end , I think everything would work out . That's all , perhaps , that I can tell about myself . Received I from you two letters for time tenure in Moscow – the first me very upset , the second contrary has calmed , but all -??? fear , that not all you me write .
Thank you , my sweetheart , congratulations on the new title . I struggled to try not to disgrace the honor of the Russian Soviet officer .
Dear Baby, don't worry about me . Do not cry too –and about the Bear , what can you do that he was wounded a second time , because it only hurt . It's not so bad . He will again be alive , to be happy and cheerful , certainly as soon as these wounds remain without consequences . Well, Yes it is war and could be even worse . But all -???, poor Thing , I all -??? am confident , that he will remain alive , he will after the war again with us . I beg you to inform me as soon as you know his address . I'm very sorry that it is not possible or not enough I will avenge the blood of his own brother . Too bad I'm not an gunner or even an infantry soldier . I'd beat those damn freaks just as hard as I could . Now, what kind of weapon do I have ? Just one pen . Well, she'll be struggling to work , maybe it will help .Now I want to tell you my opinion about your move to MOSCOW. I'm still holding on to the old one . Wait, darling ! So I go to the front and when we get back for the holidays , when fending off the Krauts until about MINSK , then I'll find a way to transport you back to our room . That's how I think . In the meantime, my dear, wait a little . I understand you are bored , sad , but what can you do , I do Not think that in MOSCOW you'll be better off . Hold on , be patient , baby, please . I'm finished . Today still managed to finish , and have many times started to write you and the Cache , but did could not finish , Well, a huge kiss , your sincik . Field army.  Field post station 1899 . Part 025 .
04.04.43 G. actions of the Red Army . Hello, my dear mother ! Here's the first letter I'm writing you from a new place . The truth up front and not so close , but much closer . than before . It is quiet and calmly , like I was somewhere in the rear , so don't worry about me . I live good , work not so much . Everything goes my way . Is that how you doing , my dear precious Baby ? How're you feeling? How cute is my native Memcheck as Camofi doing ? How did they heal Mamchik's wounds ? Write me everything, the whole truth . I have again a new worded: field-mail 32488 , me . Yes , my dear Maloposka , I almost forgot about the photograph , which I received on the last day before leaving MOSCOW . Even though she's small and pretty bad , she's still me . I'm sending you this card . Before leaving I was able to be With, and she wasn't , and caught Sonia . Aunt Shura was called and not found any where , either at home or at work . I arrived here well-quietly . In General, there is nothing more to write . I only ask one thing-don't have to worry about me , I'm sure that will remain alive and be safe . Write me-you can write more and more .
Well hard , kisses for you . Your son.
17.04.1943 G. dear , my favorite Maloposka . Today – April 17, 1943.- the day of my birth . Always almost this day was so good, so happy . Always, except last year , we gathered all together, came to us our native and familiar and was a good cheerful family celebration . Today I had one , but not very sad , what can you do , if so necessary . Don't be sad and you , my dear little tropinochka . Only yesterday I wrote you a letter , a new day , nothing happened, Life goes on from day to day all one and the same . Yes, my dear, I don't think I've written to you yet that I have a certificate for you . Now, every month, you're gonna get me a modest present . Still at least this will give you some relief . Don't you dare take offense at me . I wrote a bit –just 300rubley . I would be without them enough money , and you and Kenchiku maybe they do .
In General , my business is nothing , just a little bit boring , even the German is not amused , no, it flies to us . Well , I should probably wrap this up , now go to lunch - the food is pretty good , though two times day , but hearty and was already used to it , the truth is sometimes we make ourselves dinner , there is still farmers and they live not bad , so we have them sometimes we buy something . As you can see my works in order and I beg you not worried about me . Only I beg you write , and then boring a little bit . Hard, hard kiss you, my dear mommy . Your young sinik — guard Lieutenant.
20.04.43 the city of SVERDLOVSK , Lenin str., house 54 , building 6 , room 39 . Graduate Konstantin . On the envelope from above – Death to the German invaders ! Below-the Emblem of the Soviet Union and the inscription-Military . Even below: "the Main quality of the Soviet people should be courage , courage , ignorance of fear in the fight , readiness to fight with the people against the enemies of our Motherland" (STALIN ) .
Hey, brother ! How do you live , my dear ? I live nothing, decently . Here is had gone take a closer to trial, but still all quietly . not even the bombing . Would stand I on the new place , where not write , but already , of course , not in MOSCOW. The life that I already wrote to you , nothing . With the boss so average , but everything else is in order . I'm sending you my physics, which I received the last day before I left MOSCOW. Cam , about the apartment, I paid for half, I'll pay for half, and she'll stay ours .
Dear Cam, something's not spelled . I beg you to write to me about my mom. My new address is : P/n 32488 , me . Yes , I do , but everyone has one thought – how to get away from here , to retrain , and that my specialty is not easy , well, write to me , dear brother . I firmly shake his hand .
24.04.43 g. active Army . Hello, dear little Baby boy ! Finally got a letter from you . Are you asking me where I was then ? I was at MOSCOW at the Tsaritsino . But now it is far from Moscow and Tsaritsino more than 300km. from that place. But the best is still decent , of course . much less , than to Moscow , probably 10 times . I already wrote to you that it is quiet , almost the same as you have there in the rear .
The work I have is old and old ungrateful , but , of course , is still needed and is quite demanding . Don't like it I still , Yes it can be done .
Dear Maloposka what I don't write about Mamcita , where he , like his health , I don't know anything about him . This is just the second letter I have from you since I left school and I know so little about mA'am . Truth received I letter from Cache , where he writes , that mA'am in hospital of the Ukrainian , but as his health, too, nothing there is no . I beg you to write me all about it . what you know . Only all-all , I'd like to read about Mamcita , even if not the letter , then at least about him . What do I do with hurt not fluently , under tired , damn it , a little . Tremble and pull the order . About yourself don't know what else to write live decently . the food is good , plenty of work , but not so much . Write, my dear, Pro themselves , Pro Cache, Pro all known . family , I want to know is , I want to live not only military life , but home . Well need to finish . 11.15 now on my new watch ( or rather now they are no longer new) job done and now move on with a battery that is tonight's our first night on our optilock . Finished bursting machine, left all those for whom the work was done and there were only we –employees of our Department , and then not all . I have in fact subordinate to the decent people - the typist and the clerk 4re , All have to be in charge . Chief I have direct one , he is a good man , of course not without flaws , but the main thing is that he is good to me. Yes , and after all the first of May is coming – a great holiday , probably and we will manage to note it and I hope that it is not bad . There will have to be something to drink and something to eat , maybe like 23 .04. get presents . I'll celebrate is my birthday . All right , tiny , end , time 11.30., now, maybe I'll get something to eat for the night and sleep . Well, kisses for you , my dear little Mother ! Your son.
03.05 43g. Dear Little Maloposka! Hello, my sunshine ! Writes Acic . Yesterday was a great wonderful holiday-laziness of the first of may . I congratulate you, although he already has passed . How did you spend it, my baby? I spent it very well . Not compared to the past , but , of course , worse than any of those who spent at home with you and cute brothers . Although it was fun , and that was to drink , but still certainly not what home . Well, it's nothing , well at least we are all alive and hopefully healthy . I , love , live well , holiday was fun , walked – seemed , but didn't do anything special . I went into the woods here near us GYPSIES work . Good people . I with them have long been acquainted , will come to their sit – talk so well with them , they are always glad to see us , treat your modest food . And as we came to them at Easter , we dyed eggs and gave us we sat and ate and GUTOR with them . Yesterday the same thing I went to them , gave them cigarettes . Then went to the village , carrying on , joking , singing songs . In General, all was good .That's what you had . I've been thinking about you, Masha and Costa, and I've been drinking toast for your health and happiness .
With the work I have all the old , spinning like a top , but its very unhappy and dissatisfied with himself . With all my good relationships , both with subordinates and with my supervisor . Today is the last day he was gone-he went to the rest house for 8 days , and I stayed for him . With work almost has coped, worked your Lieutenant for captain . Certainly far I'm up to it , much I've come to know so well as he . And he's a good man , my chief – captain Bulganov .
It's been a few days , the letter in his pocket all creased up . The captain had already arrived, and again, everything is going in the old way , work is not much , even can say a little and I often go out of our hatenki , and we stand in the village to lie down in the sun . The forest has turned green its transparent greens and warm outside and good . In her free time walking in the woods and they often trained in shooting from a pistol . Life in General is fine , but I would like more variety . All right , come on, your son .

15.05.43 G. On the envelope : "Death to the German invaders," the MILITARY , in the picture -a soldier with a girl in his arms fighting off the claws of the German , and under the picture the inscription : "We are fighting a just war»
Hello, dear Mommy ! I haven't written to you again in a while . I live now in the woods in the dugout here and work . From the old location it is very close . You sit a lot and sweat a lot of work , and the weather is good , you want to go where the explosions spread , the noise of war . There I need ,I need , and it's quiet . Sometimes fly-Nazis , but nothing but stupid leaflets, I'm not quitting . I went yesterday close to the front , up to 3 km away, drove up , wanted to go further , but it was too late and had to go back . There's more interesting , I stayed there for about an hour and I liked . Sitting , suddenly fly through our heads the shells , they are our gifts to the Germans . One our unit in the "village" , the village was once great and is now worth only half of a house and one oven – nothing more . Machines our closed , their even not in sight, when to them be the right fit . Well , that is interesting . I listened to stories about the front , and he never was hurt . But in General life . How are you doing ? Cam may have already arrived or soon will probably come to you and then again you will be together . Write Mommy about Michael , where is he, how is he ? Soon you should receive first aid from me -300r.according to the certificate . Ah here is perhaps all .Your son.
19.05.43 g. Postcard with a color picture-our soldiers go on the attack and fluttering over them a red banner, which : "For our Soviet homeland»
Hello, dear Mommy! I'm in the rest home ! Don't be surprised , I'm surprised by this to the extreme — how and why I got here don't know comes to us in the dugout head of staff – Colonel – says – go to a rest home , so it kind of threw me , why me ? The people here have fought , and I was young lejtenantsky suddenly sent to rest ? I even tried to argue , and they with the head as cignoli at me . Well, I went . Here is quite nice , clean , sleeping on these beds you like . I have school didn't sleep on the beds , excluding the time when I was in the reserve and spending the night with friends in Kansk ? So my business is going well . There was a check , there were a few minor points ... Further two pencil lines are jammed .

26.05 43g. Hello , my dear Maloposka ! Today received from you a letter from 24.04.43 g. I just arrived yesterday from the holiday home , a Little bit did not finish there , boredom overcame , you could be there for another 2 days , but we left – turned up such circumstances that it was convenient to leave . So , again, in part , on your old job , work is not much without me , apparently , not much worked .Well rested, I still nothing important brain refreshed , now with new strength for the work. Without me , there was nothing special, it's all right .
Dear Maloposka now you probably already Capcicum together , it probably left your booking and it will work somewhere near you . Well if it is so , if the Cam is somewhere far away and will be able to move in with him , then you certainly would be better with him . Are you asking if the war is going to end soon ? Of course I can not answer you and I , you're actually not asking that . Dear Mom , I can tell you only one thing – you have to have more patience and take care of your health as long as possible . Take care of yourself as soon as possible and I'm sure that soon or not we'll see you , once more I repeat to you , my dear , take care of yourself as best you can . I wrote to you ,wrote you a cash certificate for 300 p., probably soon you will receive my first gift . Please don't take care of them and buy some for yourself and eat as best you can , nothing personal . Don't worry about me , we're still here –quietly and quietly . Well, perhaps I'll finish my writing . Kiss you tight, dear Baby . As soon as will have time to write , write a little more about Michael. Well, even a whole , be healthy , native Maloposka . Your son.
31.05.43 G. Hello , dear Maloposka ! Once you are getting , I have all the old. Though not so long ago again stayed closer to the front , pulled up before 3 km away , wanted to walk to the front edge , but unfortunately it was getting dark and had to go back , and failed again to visit the house of mother corps . Pity, but hope still to visit . There-closer to the front-more interesting and life is more diverse ... we Sit in the car and hear the whistle of shells – our troops send "hotels" to the Krauts , from which they become sick . 3km. from the front line – the village was once great , but now it is left half a house and half the stove , and the rest all burned , all destroyed — war . And over the masked machine similar to the pile of brushwood or tree , white fragrant flowers cherry blossoms and it reminds me of peaceful life! Here on our site is pretty quiet , only sometimes the enemy throws troops and then our guards got the word , and it is always very good and it beat off the enemy hunting for a few days . But perhaps there will soon be the busiest time and then we will give a heat to the Krauts . Here is my life, my dreams and hopes . Once you are getting , and I do not live badly . We live in the woods here , just a lot of mosquitoes But they'll sivensa , so after Malupit ? Please write more about yourself , Kostya and Misha , and I mean Bratchikov know nothing . I beg you write about MIKE , where is he ? Well all , take care , big kiss . Your son .
11.06.43 g. Hello , mommy dearest ! How are you doing? I live still , though some changes in there . Now I have less responsibility , but the truth is we have to do more ,as people I have become less . Was pecking at me , I'm gonna go to gunner, but it seems broke , and this broke and another place , not really there for artillery units , but drill work . Now to start all over again . Again, to plead and to talk with one , then another . Well, it's all nonsense , just to find a place to intercede . We stand still there , flying above us ,still, their own and other people's planes . The dugout we are not bad , only flows strongly , when it rains , it becomes muddy and we have streams . And I proposed and implemented a new system , Conducted underground channels and , as it turned out , the bottom still beaten two - three have , became better and dirt quite there is no . In the dugout we have two rooms , one tent is stretched out and a little like a circus – here works my boss and I, and the other our employees . That's how we live . Work anything can happen , from seven in the morning until one o'clock , and then just a little and then our head goes and I stay and give in order other not urgent . In the evening we come to the other commanders and we play chess , dominoes , dinner and then something about hours sleep . As you can see life is anything but boring . How do you live there ? How are you ? Write about the mA'am, how is he ? Where you can be here and what his plans for the future ? Say Hello to your hosts and neighbors , as we call them . I am very grateful to them for their good attitude towards you. Help I send you in this letter , if you need something , then write . If you get the money for my passport ? I really want to help you with something . Tightly kiss , be healthy and don't worry about me . Your son.
Finally I succeeded ! My writing is over ! Enough paperwork, enough of this rope, when you worry about every piece of paper, when sometimes at night you dream of information , when you are scolded for the fact that the clerk made a mistake , for the fact that the driver lied ,for the fact that someone lost some paper ,for the fact that the chief did not sign the document ,and the clerk sent it . Though I didn't often get , but it was and could be again and again . Be enough!  All of this ends ! I'm going to study for the gunner !!! Hurray! Hurray! All -??? my took !! You certainly wonder how it turned out ? It turned out so . I had previously set myself a task to learn and understand this work to understand it all , read all its details , because it is necessary ,because life will be to her many times to rely . Do you remember I wrote you that I remain for the chief and work , and cope . Then I realized work , so I recognized her . In comparison with the day of my arrival , I will say without boasting , here the branch of my work is very corrected and of course the share of my efforts here is put and the share is not small . When I felt that she was understood , began first slightly and then more and more talking about leaving . I first suggested one place , but it did not like me and I began to pull .Then this work terribly bothered , disliked and, really , really, really to me to the young, healthy guy a place to Tinker with papers when my dear native Mamchik already twice wounded goes once again to the front to fight with the enemy . Am I in this busy season needs to sit almost in the rear? This is not supposed to be that way ! I'm young and healthy and therefore I MUST FIGHT . And from these considerations, I wrote a report myself to my big boss . The title of it, I will not write perfectly , but it's really big . Gave it my first Bulanovu a long time he thought as he sat half an hour with no one talking . I left at this time on business and when he returned he called me and asked : "Well what to do with you ? ". I of course said that I need to send my report above, and he again thought . The truth will say that this surprised me – a lot of it was the clerks and assistants, and almost all he was dissatisfied and almost all was removed , and I like to leave it. Strange it seemed to me . But at the same time, because I came knowing nothing , he write like chicken scratch, and why he only cares about me ? And he hasn't been I to him much either , but you know what, not when he hasn't been and will not tolerate suck-up . I really have great respect for the strong persistent character , his intelligence and willpower , that he quickly and accurately understands people .So I filed his report , and the report that please transfer me to the post of combatant commander or to send to school , or to pay to the infantry combatant commander . My boss said, "Well , I'll take your report , but where do you want to go ? If the combatant commander , the road in front of you is narrow , to move almost nowhere . If in the infantry , you're there before the first fight , from modern infantry commander requires a large knowledge of the business " and sent it to my report with a petition to send me to the course .( Though I was not with him I agree about the first fight ). The head of the above –also the big chief agreed with him , and with great thought, and said, "Where would someone put there and that place" , but told him how I want to be the commander to fight , not to spoil the paper and he agreed . Wonderful exceptional man this great boss is our master !
So, my dear, part of my dream has come true –I will become a commander of an artillery-mortar ! Hurray! And then suddenly once again will ride and all of a sudden in the Navy ! Oh , if that were the case ! I write and smile with happiness , and if I get into the Fleet, I will cry with happiness .And can be, that and in Fleet . The truth is some 1/99 part for the fact that I would become a sailor , but if I at least see or hear about this opportunity , I will fight for it I , my dear , do not quit the dream of the sea . Too bright it stands before my eyes to forget it , too bright I think of yachts and sorbate and , in my opinion , it is the sea will fly from my head .
So , my dear , I'm a gunner , I'll learn as best as possible , learning will be difficult , apparently I'll get into the program , which will have more or less knowledgeable gunners who graduated from College and went to training to become commanders of batteries , Here we must give all diligence and finish my studies as best as possible . And then I'll go to take revenge on the cursed enemy for two Mike's wound , for his blood , for you dear Maloposka what you've been through , alarmed , nice Kamchia for the fact that he also had bad , but studied . For the entire our long-suffering Russian people . Then it will not fight with the pen and the gun and projectile . Well, that's all my news , great and good , write about yourself , how are you ? As a little target, I didn't get anything from him . Got his address only 4re of your lost letters . Get can and Mishino , but when ? Write about Kostya, where is he now , maybe you're already back together ? Write more . Kiss you real hard . Your son.
20.06.43 G. Hello dear mummy and Bratchikov! Now you must together , what a joy for all of us ! And it's happiness not only for the two of you , but for us with Misha . It is very good that you will once again together is to support you , our little restless inventor Maloposka . Dear Kamchik , I congratulate you , my dear Bratchikov with a brilliant end of the course of the Institute. Kamchik , well done you , it just feels so good to write what a great deliver the same Bratchikov ! Just a hero ! Isn't that right, Baby? Well, I hope, my dear baby , that now it will be a little easier for you . Won't hurt so much darling your . Dear Hanuska and Bratchikov , why are you so few write to me about Mamcita , I want to know where he is and who he is and how his health . Once you learn his address , write a postcard (it goes faster) and be sure to send a telegram . I didn't have a letter from Mash . You told him you were probably my old address , I have not receive the letter . I live for nothing , I think . that'll leave here in two weeks , he , as my boss is going to Moscow , and for it to stay no one will have to wait for his arrival . I will take the case to explain to a new person how and what to do , and he will go to study ! What a great happiness was mine , what a beauty !
Dear little Fellow, don't worry about me . After the graduation I will probably go again in the same army . After all, we have decent fighting , and still the victims do not have , and Fritz feel our power of fire and it is unpleasant to them . And I'm not a fool – on the rampage will not climb to no avail , and when I need to be , then you will not regret yourself . I know my life is not a penny and it is impossible to throw it without sense . I need to avenge you , the brothers . for that nation.  All right . Lots of love to you both tightly . Your son and brother .
26.06.43 G. Hello , dear Maloposka. How are you , my little girl? You probably now Kamchia . Here is happiness what ! After all, it is a great joy for all of us .Kamchik-what he molodchaga ! Ah-Yes brother , here is molodchaga something ! Dear Maloposka , I wrote that Memcheck again went to the front . My front is next to him , I'm North of him . That's just it I can write about myself . I'm still living , still working , sending back to school is delayed because my chief –captain went to Moscow on business and I have to replace it , then when it will arrive and I will find a replacement . It's a pity , but I still get my way , I use this time for work , for study , and to prepare myself for joining the candidates VKP/b /. Think it's time for me to join . A little here prepared , and then try to quickly take shape and to study will go a candidate of the CPSU/b/. This of course obliges me more serious about learning , applying all forces and efforts to overcome all difficulties , and difficulties will be very much , well I'll try not to disappoint , I will look to you Kamchik . Now already half of the eleventh , the work was done , brought me the Charter of the VKP/b/ , I finish the letter and begin to study . Nice Maloposka , once again I ask you , as soon as you know the address Misha –Telegraph How long have I not received letters from him , as I want again to establish a correspondence with him , and how I want to meet him . He did not write to you , who is he now rank ? If you write , then write to me . If you get a letter from him , then write him my address , maybe his letter will find me on this site . Well.  honey, cumming . Write me together with Cam, write how much he intends to stay with you . The whole hard-on .
14.07.43 G. Hello , dear Mom and Kamchik. How are you doing ? How is your health and Affairs ? I live nothing . Now we began the real fighting days . We are here to listen to the music of our tools today and listened to the recent bombing , but to us in the camp flew into no and again all is quiet and calm . Now we stand much closer to the front line , but she stubbornly departs from us to the West . It is very good and so happy and uplifting . It's a pity that the relations I have with some of the military soured and become very ugly . During the absence of my boss (he went to Moscow ) I had to endure so many attacks that unwillingly they had to spoil . I don't feel guilty about it . but some go to meanness and trying to make me dirty , dirty , talk, and gossip , but the truth will tell , although this is very disgusting , but I try to pay less attention to it , it is a Pity that you can not only write , if it was possible to talk , I'm sure you both would say I'm right . Something when I really get excited and do stupid things because of this fever , but I generally right . I have a big hope from day to day waiting for the order sending me to school . Oh what a happiness it will be ! The orders have been written and one chief has been signed , and the second big good man doesn't happen here . It's all ahead where bullets , shells and bombs are . He's wonderful . Can he really leave me here , I will say that now I'm useful , but still I hope he'll let me go , because he was the one who signed my report for school . Who I will learn is not yet known . I'll ask for the gunner . It is a pity that I will not be able to get in these parts –they are good , very good , and what parts you certainly do not know , but to write I can't . Of course, better than being a gunner , becoming a sailor in a tanker . a pilot , but it's still a dream . But still , Maloposka , it is better to be even a simple infantryman—com.platoon than the head.department. Our zavelsky work is very bad , not very grateful . You berate on any trifles , and you climb out of the skin to eliminate all shortcomings –you work , you care and nobody notices your work . No, it's better and I'll get more use with a weapon in hand while I'm young and strong I will fight , fight , and how will old or sick or will be disabled , then it is in the extreme , and in the extreme case will be the "sandalista". Here are my thoughts and my actions . Well , my dear , must stop , and it is already quite dark , need to light "toptyshka", and it is also not a lot of sense . Bless you.  I hope in a week my trail get cold here already . Hard-firmly kiss you both my loved and the most expensive for me . Be healthy and happy . Your Doctor .
17.07.43 G. Hello , dear Mom and Bratchikov . I finally fulfilled my dream of Finally I quit the job . Now I am in PLAVSK of the Tula region. I am sent by drive to one village where I will wait for appointment to courses . The courses I get , but what is not known , but what they were still better than my previous work . Dear Mother , I beg you at your old address do not write how to come to a specific location , so send your address . My mood is now upbeat , good look to all the difficulties in the eye , and the difficulties will be very much , well, never mind –wrestle . The old job was fully paid off, all right . Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! I'm out of my old dirty work . Forward to overcome the difficulties in life . Go ahead to become human . Kiss tight . Your D. S.

19.07.43 G. Hello dear Malupit and Bratchikov Cam ! Here I am in a new place in anticipation of a new place . From part I finally left , now we wait when gets to school. All -??? I insisted on his . Firmly not yet know which courses I will get , but apparently will learn from staff of the commander of the infantry ,it's certainly many times better than my old job . Of course better would be to get into another line of troops , but that's unlikely . It is necessary to be comforted by the words: "Infantry is the main kind of troops , it decides the outcome of the battle." So, since I'm in the infantry , but still a staff commander , and so I will largely depend on the outcome of the battle , well, there's a need to -- to lay to myself to not disappoint . My life , dear Maloposka and Kamchik good , I'm cheerful and happy and looking forward to the start of the study . I struggled to try to learn to better then to beat the enemy . If I am a warlord , and I will be , then directly from me how much will depend on human lives ? Because of every mistake I make, how many people can die? Therefore, to avoid excessive senses in battle more needs to be taken in the study . Right , my dear ? Well , perhaps , perhaps it is necessary to finish . It is a pity that you long letters will not want to have a conversation . Can be going to courses through MOSCOW , then race to the Shura ( I also today wrote a letter too ) and then I learn something new about you and about our beloved Mamcita . Tight, tight . Your D. S.
15.08.43 g. Hello , Mommy dearest! Today's my day off , got up an hour later and now it's almost dinnertime , and I did –rest . Swimming on the river, swimming, indulging . You know how I love to swim and now sat down to write you a letter . I haven't got , apparently letters will not soon , probably before I can get out of old parts , the ones that you sent . I live well , I have already received two marks – one 5 and one 4, this of course can not stop and calm down . On Saturday, we also have free time and yesterday I went to the movies . Lately, as I left , I reviewed a lot of films ,and the theatres visited . Though the provincial theatres , not too good , but Oh the entertainment .In Tulia even managed to take a picture with one of the friends even from school. I do not remember whether I wrote you that I met a lot of friends here guys and they are learning , so I didn't have to get used to people . Yeah.  my dear , after all , I live well here , sometimes I go to the cinema, or even to the theater . This year I even ate tomatoes and apples , milk drink , tasted cherries , currants and gooseberries . I had to eat and have to . But by the end of the day and decently tired from classes , but it's good that the muscles are sore , that by the evening, and other times I can't move . And who does not get tired , you my even harder than me .
Dear Maloposka, I in every letter I ask you about the same and as I can not get an answer –where is Misha ? I know about him , please write . Suddenly we will be able to meet with him , I think he's somewhere near me , though address learn , and there...Well, that's all . Whole strong-strong , yours D, ,
22.08.43 g. Hello , Mommy dearest! I live in the old , continue to learn ,nothing interesting happens ,so even and not much to write about . On weekends go to the movies or MICHURINSKIY theatre , the theatre played a very unimportant , but the movie still nothing . Dear little Girl, I look forward to your letters, I really want to know how you live , how your health and well-being, I really want to know where the cute little Lady, where is the Bone? Sorry for so little writing , but nothing more . I have a good mood , cheerful . All right , honey , whole hard-on .Your son .
06.09.43 G. Hello , my dear Maloposka ! Long time I have not been contacted , nothing can be done – could not , even impossible . But you don't think I finished my studies and went somewhere , no, I still continue to learn , all on the same commander , the same courses , but different place . Here we have to settle down anew . I am now in a former front-line or rather front-line town from which the entire population was evacuated , which was subjected to frequent bombardments and even shelling . Incidentally , not so far from this city, fought my old part , but now , thanks to the attack , the enemy dropped out far to the West . Civilians begin to flock here from all sides and the city comes to life every day . Residents come, correct the mowed, beaten and almost destroyed houses . In the empty frames inserted broken glass or leaves stencils , tattered cover roofs ; tear with the back of mugs and swans , raised above my height and try to establish the old life . And life is improving — the city comes to life every day and has fun , it becomes more comfortable . Yes life it will be difficult to adjust, but it after all will be made !
Dear Maloposka , in relation to me don't worry , I have everything without changes , only one thing starts to worry me greatly why you so long no emails . Got a postcard from T. Shura , she writes that she has no letters from you , very worried about Misha and Kostya , I know nothing about them , and so want to know ! Write soon , my dear , don't worry about me . Write as health and where brothers . Pp45870k
15.09.43 g. Hello , Mommy dearest ! Here again I am going to write you a little letter . My life is old , the changes, though there are some , but they are small and writing about them can't . In the rest of the same all on old . Learn and level is good . I have news – received from T. Shura Mishin address , it seems to me that we are with him on one front , though I'm not at the front , but still belong to the rear of the front . I'm Misha , of course ,immediately wrote and is now waiting for a response and then I'll know where he is . If we are really on the same front , I will try very hard to see him , and maybe , but there is little hope that I will get to him in part to work . I really want to see my brother . Dear Maloposka, I have no news , look forward to your letters , still you never had one , only the so Shura writes . Well I love write , my dear .
21.09.43 G. Hello , my flower , pretty Maloposka ! You write your big Acic . Once you are getting , tiny , still did not have from you any letter , and I await them with a tremendous impatience . When you get to me your affectionate heart of the letter . I think you already wrote that got Mike's address ( PP 43100 K ) . Thank you so Shura is, she cares about me . The answer is from Misha received , but still hope that the relationship will work out . I have to be here probably only 3 months . Write me about Kamchia where he is , what are the prospects , what's the address ? About myself I can write that takes a lot of hours in ten , besides two independent hours . The food is excellent , just enough . Dear Maloposka , don't be mad at me that writing a little , write nothing , and paper is very bad . Well, I'm finishing my smear. Looking forward to your Kostenich letters . Lots of kisses , tight . Your son.
06.10.43 city of Altai Krai , p/o SOROKINO Stalin street 63 , Valerie Feodorovna .
G. BELEV, Tula region on demand.
The date on the stamp is 14.10.1943 G. ; Stamp receipt – 30.10.1943 G.

Hello, dear Mommy ! Here again I am going to write a letter , although recently written , letters you have not yet received . Do me a little write in the old part wrote there too, I have no letters , but I was not discouraged . Your rare letters are very dear to me . Poorly that from Mischa, too, until now nothing there is no . My dreams about the future were more likely to complete their studies , in reality people are fighting for 5-7 once visited the front , 5-7 times wounded , and I am healthy and this all in the rear and everyone learns and does not learn . However the time I was working in the old part , perhaps justified all the expenditure of the state for me as I worked still hard , but it was not my job . Right now all thoughts are focused on the early completion of the study . And so life goes on as before . In my last letter wrote that you want to transfer to another group, and now it's all gone , learn from the old comrades together . In the General case nothing - it's all right . Mood I have, too, good .
Dear Maloposka , I beg you to write to me often . Kamchia also very often asked to write me a little letter or you write , how is he doing with a diploma , and practice what is in store for the future , whether he is an engineer — a geologist, or he will have to go into the Army . Dear Kamchik , whatever intelligence is , whether there is success , found anything . Cam , write ,please , what method work and diploma in what you write . Or all geophysical methods now differ sharply in the future as you work all of them . Cam , do you remember how we went in SOBAKINO to t Mary and you told me about all the methods , about Geology . I often think back and think which method you choose . Very interesting your work ! Just beautiful ! Yes, and I need to get higher education ! I will seek it . I will seek civil higher education , and if it is not possible , then the military Academy , but higher education should be in any way . Well end , and then just became dark , smoke much junk . All right , kiss you tight, tight . D. S.
15.10.43 Hello, my dear mother ! Here again I am going to write you a little letter . Something from you, too , long there is no letters, for all time I received from you only one thing letter . Why so few , my honey dear? True, and I wrote so much , well , honey , you really do not take offense at me , with time tight , and the paper is very bad . I recently bought half of the big books for $ 100 , and now the paper better .
I live in the old , studying in the same group by an average of 4, 4 . You can of course better , Yes, and it's still here and there . I'm looking forward to graduating , but I don't think it's going to be so soon . At the expense of his comrades I think you have already written – I have here right almost friends . All together with one guy – and sleep , and learn , and buzim – full the collective . It's a pity that he was very fond of music and almost gave up studies . With him we studied together in the same battalion in College , I'm not was , but the knew each other well . A little interrupted – I'll go get some dinner , we all left already . After dinner ends . Come.  I have here and other comrades , too , the school of the battalion and company . Generally the group we have friendly , most of the guys are young , in performance one of the best groups . Here is so I'm doing , all goes well , pity only letters I little get . From Misha's nothing there , wrote to him , but the answer is not waited , however, hoping to get . Well, that seems to be all . With huge impatience I shall wait from you letters , I think that I did not receive them due to bad postal services . Kisses for you and nice Cache . Yet , to be healthy . D. S.
25.10.43 G. Hello , my dear , dear , dear Mother ! Here is only that received from you letter and I hasten to answer . You're asking me if I got your letter with a card and a copy of your business trip . Already in my last letter I wrote to you and thanked you for such a tender and lovely message . It's a pity and very sorry that you have malaria and you as does not give permission to travel to MOSCOW . Here I tried to bother, talked to the guys and no one else can give any advice yet, I will talk to another person , I do not know if he will do anything , but the hope is very small . There will be more hope when I get to my job and then I hope I can do something . And until the end of the dropping out still decently – month 2-3 , and the and more . So , my dear tiny , stocking up on patience , see you have winter again far, far away from relatives and people close to you . Well, nothing , don't despair , my joy . Look at the progress on the fronts , because if we do not stop coming , so that's about the end of the war will be . And I'll see you there and settle all our Affairs . Misha will come , will come, and I , all get together and drink , like old times , our room on Gorky street . Yes the war will end , then I will try to finish my service and will make his way to the Institute , and if ordered . then it will have to remain a military, then I will try to get into the military Academy . Still, the more you know , the more you learn , the more interesting live , the more I understand life . Such are my plans for the future . Currently studying at the moment , though there are minutes that seem would give anything just to go from the Academy to the front to fight for real . Still, we must do justice – I know a lot of new things . My grades are old, I have to go up for the holidays . That's all I have .
Very happy for Kamchaka that he will be able to study . From Misha still nothing not get . I finish my writing . Dear little Fellow, I'm sure it'll be all right , but you take care of yourself , our baby, and don't worry about us . Know as the song says : "You calm down , better to take refuge / your Son will return home." Kiss you hard, your son .
04.12.43 G. happy New Year ! Hello , my dear Maloposka ! I got another letter from you today . Very glad you live nothing , it's a pity that again there was one without Kamchia , but Oh no , I hope that this last winter you spend so far and one . Dear Maloposka, you ask, do I receive letters from Misha ? has received only one , and he scolded me soundly for what I tried to raise his mood . Writes, that it have him and so not bad . From Kamchia I still have not received anything all summer , but I don't mind him , I'm to blame for this . He has a lot of interesting work , but still loved the girl , apparently very much — where can we write letters . After all he knew about me all the , that and you knew , and you me wrote Pro him and can be said , that we had the link with each other through you . I'm very happy for Massika that he used in the new part . Now my news . I continue to study, wait for the end of the program and dream as soon as possible to get to the part . but apparently the New year will have to be found in the walls of the "Academy"- as we jokingly call our school . However, it seems that these walls will change and we will move , only of course without walls to the North , perhaps I will pass in MOSCOW and then again see my brother and talk to him about his dreams and hopes . Yeah I really want to visit MOSCOW and see the Bratchikov ! Dear Maloposka , I understand you , what you like to see more Kamchik was with you he was probably very small, well Darling , you really don't mind him , I don't think he was to forget you , don't think about it . It's never gonna happen . It's been more than two years , as I haven't seen and have the ability only to read the paper , written in your hand , and think of you so often and think about you alot . I'm sure that similarly, Kamchik . well, just now he got involved with a girl and several less spend time with you . Are you asking me whether I planned to marry , no , dear Maloposka , I don't have Janicki and do not intend to marry .Here in this city I do not even know girls ,and in General there are of course acquaintances and I have correspondence with them , but I do not think about marriage , so be calm for me in this regard . Yes where can we get married , I can fight, you need to fulfill your duty to the state , and not to build their family happiness . Be calm – my marriage is far away . Well, that's all . Big kiss . D. S.
15.12.43 -1 MOSCOW , Gorky street , building 24 , room 53
VYSHNIY VOLOCHEK , on demand .
The date on the stamp -16.12.43 G. ; Stamp receipt – 26.12 43g.
Hello, dear Brother ! Early on the morning of 14.12. 43 propulsion I having until their . Had a little obligati because we changed the route . Sorry that was gone the whole day , well it does not matter , after all, I went in search of them . Here we settled down quite well – much better than the old place , though not yet all finished , but today I do . Drove all the time well , from MOSCOW on the middle shelf , where you put me . The road was all fine , here, too, yet all goes well . I hope that I won't be long and month will be enough to go on the front . Cam, don't worry about me . Vest wear , I even think it is good that I forgot it , he'll be useful , but I still have the sweatshirt and I did not freeze . Hello to all relatives and acquaintances . Kiss you hard, your brother . D. S.

Hello, dear Brother ! Early on the morning of 14.12. 43g. I got mine . Had a little obligati because we changed the route . Sorry that was gone the whole day , well it does not matter , after all, I went in search of them . Here we got not bad – much better than the old place , though not yet all finished , but today I do . Drove all the time well , from MOSCOW on the middle shelf , where you put me . The road was all fine , here, too, yet all goes well . I hope that I won't be long and month will be enough to go on the front . Cam, don't worry about me . Vest wear , I even think it is good that I forgot it , he'll be useful , but I still have the sweatshirt and I did not freeze . Hello to all relatives and acquaintances . Kiss you hard, your brother . D. S.
23.12.43 New year , new happiness !
Hello, my dear Mother ! Here I am again to continue my studies . I visited my home . How well!  What glorious I have brother , such a good ! so he was sweet to take care of me , how well we spent this time with him !! All the time were together . He almost never left me ! Dear brother! The house was so good that I didn't want to leave but had to . Need to to cum at school , and then to fight. How soon it will be — I don't know , I think that it's not so soon , I'm still in the reserves , but emails perhaps you should not write to this address . But don't worry about me , it'll be all right . Write Kenchiku , I'm not so far from Moscow and letters , I hope , will quickly reach me . It may happen that before the front I will visit Moscow once again , but the hope for this is very small , but still there . Expensive Malinochka continue my letter a few days later . All these days had passed the test . It's over tonight . Now very little is left until the desired release . I want to leave soon and apply the theoretical knowledge that I received here .
My dear Mother , I beg you not to write me letters . Write Kenchiku , and I'm going to try with him to keep a constant connection . It will be easier , since we are much closer to each other . My Affairs go well , the mood is excellent , health too . That's just how you feel , my dear 7 take Care of yourself , dear ! Yes, my dear, take care of yourself. I may have an opportunity to visit Moscow again . Ah , the beauty was again to see the cute Bratchikov . You know , my dear , Kamchik I became even more expensive . I understood it even more . Now I get weary and understand it better , the difference between our ages is now not so visible and I still began to think differently . Yes, until what same good our Kemchik . Well, I'm coming . Letters I will try to write often so you know where I wander . Well, kiss you tenderly.
Great 23.12.43 G., Bratchikov ! Happy New year ! I wish you , Cam , lots of happiness , fun , health and good study . Hopefully , 1944. to return again to that house , where are you now and again begin to live all together our whole family ! Kamchik , how are you doing ? I'm all right . Passed the exams , now , it seems , was the end of the study . You know , Kamchik , I now have some hope to go to MOSCOW . Oh , if only for the New year to please , that's the beauty of it will . Cam , while , write, finish , after 3 days write again , then suddenly again after five days filled up to visit , but not so much now as before . Well good luck . To write I do not need . Good day, dear brother .
06.01.1944. Happy New Year! Hello, dear Mommy ! I'm not in the "Academy" — finished it , and I am very pleased . Now I'm waiting to be assigned to the unit . I do not know where I will go yet – directly to the front or to reformation . Again, takes a look , again most desirable . Dear Maloposka ! I remember our meeting with Kamikam. What a happiness it was for both of us ! Honey, good brother ! What he are a good and attentive , cheerful . Oh , Kamchik ! Cool did not want to part with it . but what can you do – had and now I am one among the new people to me , but I was not discouraged , on the contrary I feel great . I met guys , got himself a companion – he's a good guy , in General, live well , great actually , so don't worry about me .
I want to write you how I met the New year . Interestingly, but all -??? well. On 30 December we arrived in the town of TOROPETS , from our place about 12 km , we arrived in the afternoon , but the day wore on , the Blizzard was strong for this and the previous day had dropped a lot of snow and the going was quite difficult . I went out and decided to walk a little faster , and got one of the first . Spent the night in one village at school, and 31.12. also to evening went to other village, but the road to us really didn't tell and we got lost . Has been going first on road , then have scaled back on path . I went one of the first , and on a path before us during a Blizzard there passed only one person . They walked and walked and finally lost it and had to go right over the snow . I had to go first , but I was not discouraged and cheerfully walked directly to the village seen in the twilight . Sinking knee-deep , sometimes waist-deep , so we walked about 1km .  everything got wet , some whined and would not go out of the village , but a friend ( he is now my friend ) went on . It was dark , went to the forest , the road was difficult , but the going was good , because I always admired the nature – forest , bushes , and sky was very beautiful . well and day when it was all looked around and admired . It seems there is nothing beautiful forest , hills , snow-covered swamps , and everything is so wonderful and beautiful , because it was New year's eve , I remembered how we used to spend this day , I thought about how we celebrated the New year and I thought I'm with you , we drink together "Soviet champagne", which a fun kicks the tube in the ceiling and having fun in the glasses , then suddenly I was transferred to MOSCOW and was Capcicum , with his friends , then suddenly flew to the Bear on the front in a dugout and raised with him an enamel mug "Moscow". Or it seemed to me that we are back in our room all together meet New year , but already in 1945 and everything is so nice and cozy and dreaming so I went to the village . Here we decided to spend the night and meet the new year . To sleep , of course , had a soldier on the floor , covered with a coat , under a coat and head overcoat . To sleep although it was chilly, but nothing it's still good . That's how I met this New year .
Street address now I have no, as only will immediately same write . All the news tell Kenchiku from him I'll get the news . I finish writing, it's dark, it's dark .Well hard , a big kiss , my dear Maloposka , take care of yourself a bit , take care sweetheart , your sincik .

The date on the stamp is 15.01.44 G. ; Stamp receipt – 28.01.44 G.
12.01.1944. Happy birthday , cute Camchick ! Hello, dear brother Cam ! I live in the old , all waiting to be in part , how many will stay not know , but I hope not very long , so the address your report will not . write me while is not necessary . Where I'm going don't know sent directly to the front or to the formation . In General, about itself to write much do not have . All the old , the mood is cheerful , cheerful . Live better.  Often , very often remember our meeting and I am very glad to see you again. Time here free quite many , but , it is a pity that books all read, truth took out I A. Bloc — poem "Twelve" and "Retribution." Read "a Hero of our time" , and now got a German textbook for the 7th grade and here I read it . However, most of the time playing with a three year old daughter of the hostess . We are in the village on the flats , a bit boring , so I want more to part . At work time always goes faster letters here I don't get any , and really want to know about Misha and about Hapuku . Well, here to write something and nothing more . Yes , Kamchik , you know what I think – if I'm going to go straight to the front , I mom will not write , why would she worry about me , she thinks I'm in the back , enough for her and Michael worry , I will write . At all , know I have such foreboding in , that I'm gonna stay alive after the war necessarily , although foreboding in and is nonsense , but all -??? this will be so ! Don't worry about me , Cam . Properdine wear on my health , I don't need it , tomorrow I'll go get the jacket . Well all be healthy and happy .Brother.
21.01.44 g. Hello, dear mommy ! Here again I am going to write you a letter . Live yet at the old place , waiting to send , but still can not wait , already tired of sitting here . Writing here to very difficult and so I did not report your address . Here once I get the part then I will again have the opportunity to read dear letters for me , but it probably will not be soon . Probably the first Camogo letters will not be less than a month , and before you were half , or even two . Well, nothing I do not lose heart , still cheerful . When from you long there are no letters , then I mentally go to you - to you and Kostik, and to the dear hero of our Menu , but it's hard for me to get even mentally , because I don't know where he is . From him during the war, I received only 4 letters , and after got to the part received only one little letter and "abusive" , but I'm not offended . Continue my letter in 2 days . Nothing new happens , everything is old . Yesterday I stoked , bath here to drown in the black , is for me a novelty , still never washed . Boost its nice , so nice that I had to bathe sitting on the floor . It was hot . After the bath was to wash their clothes , wash not bad – became clearer . and then you watch the night . I sleep in the hut on the floor , brought straw and sleep no worse than a feather bed . In General, life is not bad to eat hearty , sleep enough , and yet not stay in place . Wherever I was I always want more on the new place , like everywhere needles under expose me , moving for me is always a joy , although they are always associated with difficulties , well, now as soon as I get to the part to find his real place . Well , that's probably finish his scribble .Be healthy, my dear baby, take care of yourself, take care of as best you can , do not waste too much work , do not deny yourself food, eat better . That's it , my dear . Tight, tight kiss you, your youngest son .
The date on the stamp -26.01.44 G. ; Stamp receipt -10.02.44 G.
05.02.44 G. Congratulations, happy birthday , dear Mommy ! Hello, dear Mommy ! We hasten to inform you my new address – p. P. 03641 "X" . Now I'm finally again in the part and the part , luckily for you , in the rear , so nothing to worry for me don't need , I thought and hoped I would get to the front , but failed in my opinion, and what's interesting is my fate . It should be the same – from the first day of the war, eager to fight . and I still to the rear but in the rear . I'm really ashamed to be . However others in my place would have rejoiced to this , many people so envious or evil grin , as if it is all in the rear climb , and I'm nothing to do with . Well , nothing else in the fight . I must say that the conditions are good , the food is good , I live in a small house of three rooms , in our room the three of us – clean and comfortable , warm and light , the beds and sheets , so I am for the war lived . There is also a club , is where to walk . About the job to write something difficult because I came here 3 hours ago and the work was not accepted . Work – I'm not afraid if its going to be a lot , it's good time rather go , but few , I'd find something to do , get books to read . In General to live here can be and even to live well . You , of course , interested in how long I'll be here , difficult to answer , but anyway I hope you get an answer to this letter , and maybe the next and another and another . It is necessary perhaps to call it a day , it's time to go to bed – time an hour and gotta be up in 6 hours Wait for the emails , hopefully it will be a time of this , my mood is excellent , only a gnawing conscience , do not fight , Yes, it's not my fault I'm still here, too, in the right place and not in vain eat the bread of state . Be healthy, kiss hard, your son .
26.02.44 Hello, my dear Mother! Here I am going to write you a little letter ! First , how are you , how's your health , job and business about moving home . I beg you to hurry to answer me .My business is good , life is good – work though a little bit overwhelming , but interesting . In this job you learn a lot of new and useful . I now teach for the completion of the front , so that you know responsible and yet interesting , in a relatively short period of time need to know the fighters , to give them a new and necessary , and then submit . At the moment I have almost no people – not so long ago sent its first graduates , guys like me respect and I tried to treat them as required by our statutes strictly , but fairly and sensitively . I live well – I already wrote that all my life I have not seen such good conditions . Despite the fact that the work still quite able to find time and to work on themselves and even time to walk . It would be good if not for my conscience , ashamed that I was back in the rear , though I here not and where to send me . I've got a strange fate and what it saves me so ? I already wrote that we three live in a small , clean and cozy room . Comrades is good , especially the one not so very young man , with whom I became friends – good , honest and direct . We live with him in perfect harmony , all that can be done together – we help each other , and in the evenings , when the third was on a business trip , read books . The last thing we read was "a Hero of our time", or rather, not read , and I read , and he , as a child sits and listens, spellbound , education it is not a big , heavy last the life of a homeless orphan to a Director of a fairly large food companies and despite this life had so many positive features . Now he's on a business trip and I'm bored without him and I always think and even worry about him – where he is and how to go – he is just like a loved one and a native person . Well, that's all . Be healthy , whole , your S. D.

27.02.44 G. Hello, dear Bratchikov ! Something for a long time I didn't write to you , but long it was not from you or any news . The address I gave you on the first day I came here , maybe you did not get my letter ? Still times announce-PP 03641's , me . I now am in the back, I train fighters for the front , already sent one party of my graduates . Although the work is difficult, so everyone speaks about it , but still interesting – in a short time it is necessary to study people, give them as much knowledge as possible and send . The living conditions here are very good , I will say directly that I have not lived for all my service yet . We live all together in one room that we have cleanliness and comfort , the light and warmth of the friends I have are not bad , and one rather elderly man compared to me , very good , he's like a father to us , and especially me . The job now is not very much , as have not yet received the new entrants . But still goes –that's just what came with cross - country skiing- 10km. time don't know yet , probably won't be very skiing was hard . All wet come – soaked with sweat and now I sit here without a shirt and write you a letter . In General, it would be all right , but my conscience does not allow me to live quietly , ashamed that once again in the rear , but the truth from me does not depend . That's my business . How are you doing ? As the diploma ? How are things going with mom's call? I beg you to make haste, answer me , looking forward to news from you , sure to write what you know about Misha , where is he, how is his health ,does he write ? Don't worry about me , I live well , work and find time for a walk , there is time for work – study regulations , read fiction – for the last time remains a little . Well, that's all , write , be healthy , Firmly shake his hand , your brother D. S.
12.03.44 Hello, dear Kamchik! Yesterday received from you letter - the first letter with of the time , as I was have you in Moscow .What a joy it was for me this day ! News from home ! And to wage not bad ! It's a pity though that you were ill , I hope that the illness was not serious and no consequences she didn't leave . I'm happy for Masha ! Finally he received an award for their writings , for all suffering and deprivation suffered them . I was sure for a long time that this was going to happen . Our Mesh is quite worthy of such an award , well done our dear Bratchikov – hero! Cam, cheers !!!
] I'm glad for you , Bratchikov that you continue study that soon will defend their work . The big day will come in your life ! Maybe someday will be a celebration for us with the Meme ! Oh , Kamchik , you're also a whiz kid , you know I would have, too, the order was given , seriously! Because you too suffered a lot , move all the time to study and learn in such a difficult time .
Now about myself . I live well , I have to work not so much that would be very much, but still free time is very, very little . From work I get pleasure, not what was in the old part –all the time with people . Previously, I was a little afraid that my character will be difficult , but it was not so . People understand me and I understand them too . Here, work is difficult because people change very often and have to start every time from the beginning . One bad for me –I have too much humanity , too I'm sorry soldier , but it is not always necessary . You'd be surprised at Cam, you'd say it's bullshit , but it's not bullshit , it's serious, you don't always have to be humane . I hope to eventually to find the right approach to people , but God knows . Cam , are you asking where I am ? I live near BOLOGOE on the line to RYBINSK , if any of your friends go to MOSCOW–then you will know more precisely. We live together all the time , and when it is, or read , or chat with friends . About reading aloud – this fellow is quite illiterate , but despite this, a rather cultured man , these people are and here it is with astonishment listening to my reading and I am pleased to read to him and then I remember , as we read Papalcy , remember sweet home and our family . Sometimes I read some military books , rare , but there are concerts . Forward to hearing.  Hey, Lena, he must have come home by now .Big kiss .Your brother D. S.
14.03.44 G. Hello , dear Maloposka ! I finally have news from you again . How long have I waited for this happy day . As well , that again it is time, when I can look and to read your native and a close handwriting . I'm glad for you , my baby, that you're healthy and feel nothing . I feel that you must be a very boring one to be among strangers and people apparently not very good , nothing , my dear , have patience –this is probably the last year that you have to spend alone . It seems to me , my little girl, that you are not quite okay with your masters . I remember you once wrote to me that you bought a cow in a fold , but in this letter you write . what do you have to buy milk , something I do not quite understand. I'm excited for Misha ! Finally he got the reward for their efforts , shed their blood twice , and finally it said government award . Long have I waited for this day and was confident that he would come . Ah Yes mA'am have us . Fuck our Mayor !!!
I continue to live with friends together , though, and its starting to get satisfaction , it's not pisarska , rather than clerical , as it was in my old part . Here all the time with people , at first I was very afraid that it will be difficult for me to work with people , it turned out not quite so . However I do not so all good , like the old commanders , but still quite bearable . Learn here how to deal with people , cleverly manage them , and then get the enemy to reason . The theory I now know it's not bad , but still there will reinforce their knowledge and be fully worthy of the title , which I now wear . Now tonight , we still have to prepare for tomorrow , I have an interesting people — Estonians , to work with them have an interpreter , yet he know that three Estonian words , and among them is such which Russian words you know as much as I'm Estonian , so it is necessary to prepare carefully . Well, that's all . Hard, hard kiss you . Your son .

30.03.44 G. Hello , my dear favorite Bratchikov Cam! Long I already you not wrote , the past 8 days spent in business trip , write could not . Just arrived today and I hasten to us . Now again it is the time that letters from all of you I will not get , but my address remains the same , write to me , may come sooner than I think .I was in a business trip, unfortunately, not in MOSCOW, and Vice versa . Visited newly liberated by our Soviet land . The unenviable spectacle . Was once large and beautiful talking cities of Velikie LUKI , NEVEL, and NOVOSOKOLNIKI , and now what is left of these cities ? Velikie LUKI is completely broken , literally not a single building , but even a little destroyed , for the most part they srovnani with the earth and only melkorazmernaja piles of bricks , Yes dried broken trees suggests that there once was a house and in it lived a happy family of Russian Soviet citizens . Everything is broken, destroyed, defeated by the villain enemy . Novosokol'niki slightly better BOW , and NEVEL ' he did good, is still a town , and in General a sight not very enviable .
My life is still going on in the same part , all the same battered rut , excluding here is this business trip . Truth soon will change and quite -??? a significant , but I until remain in the same parts of on the former work . Now, probably not soon I'll be able to write to you , so do not really wait and not really worry . About mom to do anything yet . Well, here end up like all wrote . Yes , going to join the party , but that's one recommendation is not enough , probably will have to ask Sofia Solomonovna – I will write to her . But the party should join , maybe will bring more use to end this bloody war . Big kiss, your brother .
16.04.44 city postcard . On chernobylzone the picture of a young and beautiful woman wrote a letter to the front of the picture of the man in the frame . Under the picture inscription: "Dear , congratulations on your victory !»
Altai Krai n / o SOROKINO, Stalin str., 63
Hello, dear Mommy ! Sorry I have not wrote all the time was on the road . Are now in the same part , but in another place , will stay here probably for a long time. Not worry for me , am in full security, letters your get . Very happy for Misha , I will write more . Now I am very tired , I have to work decently and this is certainly good . In a great mood . Write, your son .
Stamp send-17.04.44 G. ; Stamp receipt is not visible .
16.04.44 city of the same field card . MOSCOW-Gorky str. 1 , Dom 24, kV. 53 .
Hey, Cam! Long ago you wrote . Could not have been out , now in a new place, last days in this part , going back to the reserve . Wherever you have to . Mom about it do not write , do not write you . You can send letters to this address . In General, I am satisfied that I am leaving , going to a real job , and soon my mark yet , and now I go to sleep . Just , Cam . I shake his hand .D. S.
16.05.44 G. Hello dear beloved Bratchikov Cam ! A very long time I did not write to you and finally gathered . Now I am in part on a position . In part of I fell 30.04.  and for the post – right to the front – 03.05. Stood in defense , was defended by one small village , I know that now the front-line life . The life of the infantry on the front lines – not a very enviable this jizdenka , but honorable all the time in danger , all the while under fire and in anticipation of all sorts of tricks of the enemy . Two days before me in the night in the village went to exploration –rescued her , killed one of Fritz directly from our trenches . Our all remained alive . During the defense of the 10 people I lost one wounded and now are in the rear , but soon back on the defensive , to fight again . You know , Cam, I already opened my revenge account, by the way . Once our snipers incendiary bullets ignited the village , which is about 1.5 km away . At that time I was with snipers , asked them for a rifle and began shooting at cheeky extinguishing the fire of the Germans . One of them climbed on the burnt roof ( in the optical sight of his rifle was clearly visible ) , I aimed and fired and Fritz flew down sideways into the burning house –this is my first German . It was revenge for Mike's injured ! Now I will take revenge on . Well that's all , soon back in the fight , but it doesn't scare me – I'm getting used to this life – don't worry about me . Tight, tight .
P. S. Mother, I did not write that fight , not write you . Well good luck , again big kiss , your brother D. S.
P. S. S. Cam ! Write to me.  My address: PP 02346 "W»
Stamp sending-19.05. 44; Stamp of receipt-28.05.44.
Altai Krai p/o SOROKINO , Stalin street , the house 63 . VF.
Hello , dear Maloposka !Here is now I am already in the other parts of , here I recently . Haven't talked to you for so long because I moved from place to place or from reserve to reserve –to write it once , and didn't want to , I'm sorry for such the long silence . Now I'm back at the part and I will be here probably for a long time and constantly my new address : PP 02346 "sh".
Dear Maloposka , I really missed your letters , write soon to me again how I want to read your little letter . Dear Mother , I don't know if you should send a certificate , I'm afraid you will move soon, and there will be bagpipes . It's better I'll send every month transfers and now may be able to send you more some money .
Dear Maloposka, please write what you know about Michael , perhaps there is news and they are good .
I now live well , today's the first day of warm , almost summer weather , fun filled lark , and the sky high spinning crane , not finding the nest and the familiar village , burned down by the Germans, spinning and plaintively us . Also plaintive plaintive as old women tell about their village , the hut and a cow , from which no trace remains . Well , nothing, and the crane will build a new nest , and people staying while in the dugouts and dugouts , rebuild a new home even better than before and life will again be happy and cheerful and then is sad Corsicana crane will everywhere be heard reverberating cheerful warbling of larks . Well that's all my little letter , Oh, and I rasfantazirovalis .Tight, tight kiss, your son .
Stamp send – 19.05.44 G. ; Stamp receipt – oiled .
Sverdlovsk regional MILITARY COMMISSARIAT of the city of Moscow
3rd part, June 17, 1944 № 3 / 1706 Moscow, Kuznetsky most, house 6/3 . Phone To 5-73-45
Your brother guard Lieutenant SAVINO Dmitry Aleksandrovich born in Moscow to battle for the Socialist Motherland , the faithful of the military oath , demonstrating heroism and courage , was killed on 19 may 1944 and is buried in the cemetery is 1 km to u-Zap. D. Toletti Area district of the Leningrad region.
This notice is a document for initiating a request for a pension ( Order NKO USSR № 220 ) .
Sverdlovsk District Military Commander's Signature .
The head of the 3rd part of the Signature
27.12.1944, Moscow, Gorkogo str., 24 ,53 sq . VF.
Hello, dear Mommy ! Mom, I'm writing you a second letter . The first thing to report that it is still alive . Dear mommy , how do you live, how are you healthy ? And at all all detail write . Mother write , even if I'm not writing . Are now in a fight , anything can happen , if hopefully you'll . Now two o'clock in the morning and there was a free minute , but it will pass soon . Well, that's finished , I wish you all the best . Kiss tight . Hello to your sons and daughter-in-law . L. V. Perova
PP 73717 Yu.
Stamp send — 27.12.44 G. ; Stamp receipt – 07.01.45 G.
25.02.1945 . Hello, dear Mommy! The first thing I convey to you my greetings officers and a lot of best wishes in your life , and most importantly to be healthy . Mom , I thought I you are tired of your and you why so long did not answer me . I am alive and well, my illness has already passed . We made March on many kilometers, and it was very cold , you will go you will warm , and on a halt you will cool down and you want to drink , you will bread cold water . But here all the colds pass quickly . Mom , I am very glad that Kostya and Misha live well with their wives , and we with Dima were not destined and I know that I will meet the same fate as happened to him . Death is very often spinning over my head , but I don't pay attention to it . Before , when I came into the army , was very afraid , and now used as and if necessary , to fight you need at least victory is near , but she won't come . And then we had the offensive , had to go too , but at the last minute aside . Mom as you are alive and well , what's new with you , as there is in the World ? Mommy doesn't think I forgot Dima , no, no, no I'll never forget him , especially here, every day , every minute of the tragedy . Just got a letter in the battle was seriously injured relative died during surgery on the table, and again Dima is in front of me . Too bad I didn't go with him then . He said that if he had a business trip to the rear , he would take , and if the front , then do not think . Could have been different if I hadn't insisted on bringing my soul and yours down , and it's already been shattered . Dear mom , please write me letters , if you are not very difficult , and I really need it , can be a little easier when I receive from you the letter . Bye, bye . Write often, write . Hi Margaret , Moses , World , Shura , Kostya , Misha , and Olga a little kiss hard , hard . Okay, Luba .
02.03.1945 year. Hello, dear mommy!!! Mommy , I wanted to write you before leaving on a mission , you do not want to think that it's the latter , but who knows ? How you live , how your health ? Anything new? I live still , and now sitting in the tent , the rain and the night pitch dark , and in 12 hours I me eleven people have to go on a mission . How will the operation – God knows , fear not , I'll live – I'll write , and if that happens – will write others . Mom , I am sending you this Diminu a photograph , I always look before leaving on a mission , look and remember . Write me how it looks like in this photo and send me some where you are with Dima and the guys , I think you will not refuse me this . If there was anywhere you could take a picture , I'd do it with great pleasure , dear mommy . Goodbye, waiting for an answer . Hi Margaret , Moses , World , coast , Misha and Shura . How is Olga ? Why the World says nothing ? Okay, goodbye . Luba.

MOMMY , Maloposka , Bednarek , Capuleti , Hanuska etc Savinskaya Valeriya Fedorovna ( nee Glezer – German by nationality , her ancestors in Russia over three hundred years old) scientist , worked in VIR ( all-Union Institute of plant industry ), together with the Vavilov N. I. , academician and a geneticist , "losing the scientific duel with the people's academician" Etc. Lysenko ( Isai Prezent wrote a note , saying Vavilov said that the Soviet Union began a persecution of science , as in the days of Galileo , Lysenko signed it and gave it to Molotov , and that showed Stalin ) , arrested in August 1940 and died in Saratov prison 26.01.1943 G.
so LES , Lesenka Eleanor (Adelheid) Fedorovna - the sister of the MOM, the teacher of Russian , English , German and French languages
PAPALCY – savinskiy Alexander – from hereditary Yaroslavl clergy , SR – bomber , the General –the Governor of Yaroslavl province by Rimsky –Korsakov ( the composer's brother ) was sentenced to death , commuted to perpetual hard labor in the Soviet time, a prominent economist and has worked as the people's Commissariat predsovmina A. Rykov was invited to work in the government , but he refused , and died in 1940
STALIN is the teacher of all peoples , Generalissimo
Aunt LOLA , TONYA , DYLAN and TAMARA and IRINA Omsk extras
BABUS – Frederick Christianovna Glaser ( nee PEC ) – the grandmother of the author of these letters , died in Semipalatinsk in the years of the war , where he was interned from Moscow
STUTTERERS , Baby , Mitya and Dima , Sincik ,the Son of the author of these letters
MA'AM, Bear , Mamchik , Bratchikov –the elder brother of the author of these letters , fought from the beginning of the war , wounded twice ( the first time in a big battle near the town POCKETS of the Smolensk region) , twice awarded with high government awards , participated in the battles near Moscow , Stalingrad , Kursk , the Dnieper platzdarm — liberated city of Zhovti Vody , Krivoy Rog , Kiev , Green, etc., and finished the war outside of our country , as well as the Academy of the General Staff within our homeland , after which he continued service in the Military – political Academy .
CAM , Kamchik , Bratchikov, etc. – the elder brother of the author of these letters , he graduated from the geological Institute , Academy of industrial , discoverer of deposits of iron ore and oil , a researcher in Western and Eastern Siberia , the organizer and first Director of the Institute of mineral raw materials in Irkutsk , Professor, Irkutsk and Moscow universities
C, C, PLOTKIN – she's Sofia Solomonovna, roommate , revolutionary
Aunt SHURA –perhaps Paskevich ( her husband ) , the wife of a party worker , was living at the time in Omsk
Captain BALKANOV – army quartermaster with the appropriate name
GYPSIES – they are Gypsies
PEROV, L, IN, she LUBA – knew the author of these letters and correspondence ( ? ) his close relatives
MARGARET friend , wife , companion Cam and an accomplice of all that he discovered and produced , associate Professor , candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences .the mother of two daughters and a son
MUSYA-wife and girlfriend of mA'am, a prominent hydrologist, co-author of many built in the USSR and the socialist camp of hydroelectric power stations, mother of two daughters
The WORLD – graduated from the Timiryazevka , an employee and a relative , breeder , candidate of economic Sciences
OLECHKA-the daughter of Cam and Margarita, was born 04.01.1945 in the city MOSCOW was six months of age at the VICTORY parade in MOSCOW, graduated from high school in IRKUTSK , Moscow mining Institute , later at distribution together with her husband and ten-month-old daughter Irina went to the Ukraine in the city of YELLOW WATERS ( which at the end of 1943, composed 170й tank "Kirovograd" brigade liberated from the Germans her uncle – "mA'AM»- Savinskaya Mikhail Alexandrovich ) to strengthen the power of the NUCLEAR SHIELD of the MOTHERLAND , has become a leading specialist of the Institute of automation of mining production , inspired the husband on the birth of the beautiful Helen and the defense of the dissertation , then worked for four years in Germany , after the collapse of the USSR "fighting" their way to MOSCOW.


From ZYUZIN in MOSCOW we with Ruslan decided to go on the Egorievsk highway through Kansas city , there to make a stop at the construction market and see some of the plumbing . Some time later we carried on and I almost drove away , I saw – as you can see on the turn – in front of a barely moving chain of cars and avoid standing in the "tube" immediately after the English turned right on highway Korenevskaya and after the railway crossing, I suddenly saw the pointer arrow to the left of the "Street LORCH" and in my head there was the different passages connected with this name . First of all , this is the potato variety , known to everyone – white , crumbly with a wonderful taste, I'm talking about this kind of "LORCH", not the one that is now sold in the store and especially in the market . Dark from birth and chapped from the constant exposure to fresh air sellers with accent called , basically , three "grades" — Tambov , Oryol and red .
The second thing I remembered immediately my wife's grandmother (nee GLEZER Valeriya Fyodorovna ) were familiar with him and was in correspondence with him and finally they were friends and was applied , to the best of their years and capacities , each other visits and I thought I could see him on Bolotnikovskaya , when we lived there, together with Valeria Fedorovna and her sister Lesya, etc .
On arrival home ( wife wasn't home to question her more , she went to Dmitrov for a celebration – on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of his cousin ELMIRA EDUARDOVNA IZHEVSK, nee GLEZER ), I went online and to my humble knowledge added a lot of new : "LORCH, Alexander G. ( 15.05. 1889 — 06.02.1980 gg) , Soviet plant breeder , doctor of agricultural Sciences , Hero of socialist labor , one of the pioneers of breeding, and introduced the potato in the USSR , and led ( with P. S. Gusev ) varieties LORKH and KORENEVSKIY, he was awarded two orders of Lenin , order of red banner of Labor , three Gold medals VDNH".With pictures to me looked older , but felt strong enough man , with a thick spade beard and a very careful look, and this look , I learned that later confirmed by the wife : "He came at a time three times in the old family albums, grandma has a few pictures of him" was Born in St. Petersburg , graduated from the agricultural. school in debeln (Germany), continued his studies at the University of Leipzig agricultural. faculty.  In 1909. he returned to his Homeland and entered the Moscow farm. Institute ( now the Moscow agricultural Academy im. K. A. Timiryazeva ) . After graduation in 1913. it was left at the Department for research work .After the devastation of the First world war , the country did not have net varietal potato plantations, drought and famine of the 20s exacerbated the problem of nutrition . Lorch walked around a dozen potato neighborhoods in Moscow, looking for high-quality crops that have survived since pre-war times . On the instructions of the government organized KORENEVSKIY potato breeding station , which he headed from 1920 to 1930.g. In 1925. Lorch A. G. were sent abroad and assembled there a large collection , acquainted with the methods of selection , purchase books and laboratory equipment . In 1927.all-Union Institute of applied botany and new crops in a conflict of the Director N. I. VAVILOV with a number of leading officers , among whom were A. G. Lorch , A. K. Kohl , D. D. Artsybashev . As a result of this conflict , Vavilov wrote a resignation letter, which was not accepted . In 1936. the qualification Commission of VASHNIL without thesis defense awarded A. G. LORHA the scientific degree of doctor of agricultural Sciences. Sciences, and in 1937. HAC awarded him the title of Professor . Since 1931. on 1957g. - senior researcher of the Institute of Potato economy with a break in 1945-47 - associate Professor and Professor of the Ministry of agriculture . I was friends with I. V. Michurin , I visited him more than once , I was interested in works . On dynamics of accumulation of a crop of tubers it worked one and a half ten-calves , having included in the book of generalization and the analysis of works with Balitskaya T. These are works in Korenevo, Polushkino, Nemchinovka and Altai . The book opens with a memorial inscription : "this Work is dedicated to the memory of the chief assistant in this work – the son of Yuri – a graduate physiologist , who died on March 5 , 1945goda"(Germans , finding out that the captive part of a German , immediately shot him . Lorch A. G. himself had in the pedigree up to eight nationalities : father and mother – German and Russian blood ; there were also roots of Swedish , Hungarian , Yugoslav and even Turkish blood ) . Since 1957. A. G. LORCH retired, but constantly kept in touch with the Institute , working with young scientists and postgraduates . In 1964году he was awarded the title Hero of socialist labor .
Friday , 11ноября 1960. Dear Valeriya Fedorovna , from the 8th of this November, we moved in with Natasha and her husband Fame and of course, Evgenia Ivanovna in Timiryazeva CX the Academy of SETTLEMENTS . Our new address is : Moscow AND St. 239 VYSELKOVSKIY , house 32/36 , 2nd floor , room 26 . To go to us from the metro stop "Novoslobodskaya" bus 72 to the stop behind the pond at the pharmacy . In addition, from the center of the bus 87 to tskha, and from there on any tram one stop to the end of the dam . From the bus or tram is better to go for Mihalkovskogo dead end before the first five houses to the left . I live in the second floor with a balcony , a separate apartment of 3 rooms . When moving lost 22,73% of the area ( i.e., 10m2) and the 36,77% of the cubic capacity , because the ceilings are 60 see below , besides Natasha and Glory lose on the drive one way at least 25 mins , not counting waiting time for transport . TAA in the next 5 years will be transferred to the Podolsk district, Moscow region. basically we live near a Park with a pond and woods . It had to agree , because in the future, best to not wait . He lived for 66 years (from 1894 to 1960 ) on DOLGORUKOVSKAYA ( she's now Kalyaev and Novoslobodskaya ) , and in the end through the Windows we smoked brake plant , and from the apartment of the wife of the brother. Now my brother's family moved into our rooms . Housewarming mastering the virgin , yet impassable mud , so come when you freeze slightly . Acts from the very beginning Central heating , the Sewerage managed to clog up and forbade to use it , closed also a water supply system . Water go out to the column and put in jail "shit". Of course all this is temporary and in the future expect "heaven on earth". Meantime themselves over a joke , good nothing can be done and just have to endure .So greetings from the family . Will be waiting for You to yourself when podmerznet the soil , as it is still construction work going on , building another house , heating plant, etc. Bulldozers pick and day and night . In the morning you go out one path, and in the evening it already was, blaine and have to climb over other people's gardens and orchards and fences , not to get bogged down on the "street" in the mud . This is happening everywhere because "the structure in our country is a process". It is difficult to adapt to such a "perpetum mobile" in old age, and you will not find anything calm and well-established now , apparently , either in our country or in capitalist countries . Waiting for Luba with children and nanny , she wants to come for a month and get acquainted with the latest laboratory equipment and machines . Grandchildren are under the care of grandparents . Yet in the new apartment for 8,5M2 per capita , and with the arrival of Luba is 4,25m2 . But the wife of the brother won 11m2 per capita , though now this has calmed down and has ceased to set me brother , so I want a quiet and peaceful life . So far , all good , I look forward to meeting with You.
Your A. and E. Lorch
( DOLGORUKOVSKAYA St. named in honor of the Governor – General Vladimir Andreevich Dolgorukov , 1810-1891.g. during his 25-year rule was completed the construction of the Temple of Christ the Savior , began lighting streets by gas was put Conca and the monument to Pushkin , recently, the street was returned its former name ;
27-year-old Ivan Kalyaev bomb killed in 1905. Governor-General of Moscow Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich , uncle of Tsar Nicholas II ) .
Dear Valeriya Fyodorovna ! I congratulate you and all Your happy New Year , I wish you happiness and health for many years , and for now it is cozy to meet this holiday among relatives and friends . How often I remember the daughter of EDWARD F. GLASER – your niece , You I once introduced . As we all in the family lack such a person ! Yesterday Evgenia fell and broke his leg , now Natasha went to visit her on the Old highway to hospital No. 50 .Nina was taken on New year's in SOCHI to parents . We stayed with Natasha to celebrate the New year , in March, she will be 49 years . Luba and her husband health is not very reliable, working out of their last strength . Luba has postponed a major surgery , because the patient's husband to leave no one . I'm afraid for both of them . Nina learns on 3 and 4 , and 5 only for behavior . Inattentive and a little plodding , but it reads readily . Natasha grieved its loss , in the summer they were going to celebrate their silver wedding , but not necessary .
Expect winter with thaws , I'm afraid for winter crop . Again will bail out themselves by growing potatoes . Prepare the seeds for the garden . Bohemia cascades Directive , sometimes contradictory . Waiting for when the boss dogadatsa certain decisions , although it is time to act . Days from 27.12. began to increase , has gained 5 minutes . Year hardly on weather conditions will be productive, it is necessary to be ready to everything . Greetings from me and mine all . Your Large .
Dear Valeria Fedorovna ! Finally yesterday after a three week absence to us was brought from the hospital Evgenia Ivanovna , she is quite cheerful , but lying to her is still a pretty long time . Natasha, my very gentle with her and patient . Her attacks – they say nothing else to live for and nothing to care about babies , let de mother takes care of them – all at this stage stopped . For how long ? Such an outbreak occurred in her family when there was a difficulty .When will Eugenia Ivanovna and I leave the family ? What will happen to her then ? All this speaks for the fact that while her husband Thank her support she lacked composure , and after his death it was found out , for suddenly , her internal weakness . On Friday 17 January we were visited ELMIRA EDUARDOVNA IZHEVSK . After receiving your letter , she found an opportunity to visit us . I think she understood me . If she becomes friends with Natasha, and will be able to support her in moments of weakness , the family will be able to guide the upbringing of their kids to their majority , and with it will protect adults from the harmful excesses in difficult moments of life, which in our age is inevitable . If earlier the balance was looking for in inventory of livelihood , but now it can only be found in friendship . As you can see life has developed so that I began to exploit You and your family . My fault is that I have not paid enough attention to my children before and failed to give them solid moral foundations . Forgive me for that . With sincere greetings, Your A. and E. LORCH .
. He died on 91 year of life , buried at the Vvedenskoye ( German ) cemetery .
He graduated in 1913. She , she is educated at the Highest Golitsin women's agricultural . courses, which graduated in 1916. , having received a rank agronomasovmestny work in Korenevskaya potato plant breeding blood of ancestors-genetic memory of other culture in every sense
Knowledge of the "enemy" languages and therefore are more broad-minded the Death of each of them has one son in the war with the Germans
Or such person as N. VAVILOV. I., with whom they worked and treated him with profound respect ( Valery Fyodorovna told , that it was happiness in life – she worked under start such a great human , as Vavilov . His Deputy, doctor of biological Sciences Professor of E. N. Sinskaya wrote to her: "Nikolay Ivanovich waits for the completion of Your monograph on the genetics of barley and if it is good then it everything else is easy to arrange ". After his arrest in 1940 came the persecution of geneticists, read V. Dudintsev "White clothes" — she deposited the thesis , and then she lost her job.)
And on the streets of Lorch in Koreneve think there are still institutions of Potato farms and Starch , as well as experimental fields .
A. G. Lorch, of course, was completely devoted to work , and V. F., as a woman, was still to give birth and raise children and at the same time not to be confined to three "K" - KINDER , KUCHE , KIRCHE-children, kitchen, Church , and she was lucky enough to find herself in an interesting work among GREAT people and to raise three wonderful sons , the youngest of whom could not reveal completely his talents , he, unfortunately, died in the war with the Germans ; middle-known geologist-researcher of Western and Eastern Siberia-doctor of Sciences, Professor ; senior-personnel military, passed all war-including the most significant battles-Smolensk , Moscow , Stalingrad , Kursk bulge, Dnieper bridgehead, etc . to Berlin, twice severely wounded , was awarded the highest military awards.
All this is true , but the main thing — they were the PERSONALITIES .


Recently received from you a postcard , I am very glad , that means You have not without losses – this damned war were swept , who were separated for years , anyone forever . So we've not spoken in six or seven years . My guys with their wives and granddaughter went to the Victory parade , and I stayed home to cover the holiday table to their arrival , and since the table from the pits will not break I have time for a short page – another answer to your questions .
Let's start with the guys . You may remember that my eldest -Medvedska – before the war he graduated from military school and went through the war in the battles from Smolensk to Moscow from Stalingrad to Prague , he was twice seriously wounded , awarded the order , recently entered the Military Academy, and married , and I think ( secretly ) , they have a child .
Mid – Katushka – ends Exploration Institute , at the beginning of the war dug trenches on the outskirts of Moscow , then traveled the country in geological parties in search of gold , uranium , oil and other strategic raw materials . I'm 52 years old has made a grandmother , I have a granddaughter – Olga , she is now almost six months – beautiful and clever , seems to have taken everything good from their parents , her mother Margot — learning along with Kotey .
A Bunny was killed in may 1944 under Prevom the Pskov region , there was fierce fighting and many died on both sides . We'll have to go and look for his grave . His reports threw his superiors and he was sent to the school accelerated training of the commanders , and then advanced ... And what a gentle and caring letters he wrote to me and I almost believed that nothing could happen ...After the war he wanted to be or the military , like Michael , or a geologist , as Kostya …
Alexander died of a heart attack even before the war , apparently affected by the consequences of the Yakutsk prison in 1907 , after graduating from a Higher school of Commerce has long worked in the people's Commissariat . A. I. Rykov invited him to work in the government , but he refused . It was difficult to raise three sons alone , and even in the situation that developed in my family and at work .
You probably remember when in August 1940 Vavilov was arrested, Nikolay Ivanovich – our directorysite Genetics , began a crackdown on employees , to defend a thesis I did not , and then I ( and many others ) reduced , at the beginning of the war, I went to the Altai mountains in Sorokino , where he worked in the seed nursery , returned to Moscow in late 1944, and now here I am with Misha and her live in one room in a communal apartment on Staropimenovsky lane to the red square where now there is a Victory parade at hand – walk down Gorky street and the coast with Margot, and little Olga live at Margolina parents on Sadovaya – Spasskaya street .Lately I've been working in the Institute of Plant are lupine .
And now briefly about a Victory Parade from my children who there were-so to speak from a place of events . Since we have heavy rain in the morning, the air parade and the demonstration of workers have been canceled. At 10 o'clock, under the chiming clock on a white horse from the Spassky gate were left by the Marshal Zhukov , who took from the parade Marshal Rokossovsky , seated on a black horse . Then they traveled around the troops built on red square , and congratulated on the great victory. The troops were dressed in new form and on the chest all of them, in addition to previously well-deserved awards , blazed brand new medal "For victory over Germany" , on the reverse side of which was engraved "Our cause is just — we won." In crowd someone told that the Supreme commander-in-chief transferred powers on reception of Parade to the Deputy because he had no skills on horse dressage, and on training the horse suffered it and he fell from it and therefore he watched everything happening from the Mausoleum . And at this time the area began to take place in military formation with musical accompaniment of thousands of musicians representatives of the fronts and suddenly the music stopped — heard the roar of drums and went two hundred soldiers wearing gloves , carrying a half-mast concerning wet pavement , German flags and banners , and at the approach to the mausoleum they threw the banners and standards on a specially constructed for this purpose two of the platform , then removed the gloves and threw them in there . After the end of the all ceremonial action these platforms with all breaker on them burned the . So that's something . And in the evening , they say , there will be a colorful fireworks , which will run not only from the ground , but also from balloons . Well let's see .
So long.  With respect Your Valery Fyodorovna .
24.06.1945 year

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