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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher

Letters From the past-1920

What a small world!.
There are no uninteresting people in the world,
Their fates as the stories of planets,
Each has its own special,
And there are no planets like her.
Once at one of the meetings of our "Seniorclub" at the Russian-German house in Arkhangelsk, we read a letter dated 1920. It was written by Alexander Broon, who lived in those distant years in Arkhangelsk. He emigrated with his family from Arkhangelsk in August 1920. On arrival in London, Alexander brown wrote a letter to his friend Alexander Lurs in Hamburg that had left the Archangel. A private letter, written in German language. It has been going on for over 85 years. Before us passed events of that terrible time. In this letter A. Brown tells his friend about the fate of their common friends, their suffering, deprivation, the tragedy of what is happening, calls the names. This is our story!
Many of those present at the meeting recognized the familiar names. They talked about the fate of some of them. I also heard two familiar names: E. K. Peslak, Yegor Kuzmich. I suppose it was the brother of the first husband of my grandmother Yulia Kelestinovna, Yakov Kuzmich Pislyak, and (someone Kozmin) who, as it is written in the letter, headed Committee of military dictatorship in Arkhangelsk in 1920. Cosmina — my ancestors on the maternal side. That is why I have a special interest in this letter. I decided to translate it into Russian. I never found out who it was (someone Cosmin), but one thing I was pleased that with him in Arkhangelsk was not, no arrests, no shootings. On this issue I appealed to the State Archive of social-political movements and formations of Arkhangelsk oblast, but no additional information, neither Cosmin nor Palace, I have not received. But what a surprise! This story had a continuation. It all started with the fact that working on his pedigree, I learned that my grandmother Julia Celestina of Cosmin was the second marriage married Adolf Christian von Schnakenburg, a German by birth. I turned to the article of Nikolai Alekseevich Shumilov (Director of the State Archives of the Arkhangelsk region) "the Natives of Germany in the German village of Arkhangelsk in ХУ11-XX centuries."(The collection "the Germans and the Russian North" p. 234). In this article, he made reference to the documents of Mr. Henry Meyer-Eliza, genealogist, researcher, historian, who for many years was engaged in studying and compiling genealogies of German families, who lived in Arkhangelsk. N..Shumilov noted that this gentleman died recently in Hamburg. I had the idea to address the relatives of Mr. Meyer in the hope that they kept his archive and will be able to help in my research. The second letter I wrote in the Red Cross of Germany in Hamburg ("Suchdienst" — the body to search for missing persons during the second world war), with a request to help find relatives of Mr. Meyer and pass them my letter. Hope I have was little. But, three months later, I received letters: one from the red cross, from Hamburg; the other from Mr. Meyer. He proved alive and well! It was in 2001. So I started correspondence with Mr. Meyer-ELTZ. Last name Meyer mentioned in Arkhangelsk 1786года. His ancestors: Karl Ivanovich Meyer (1814 -+1884) was twice elected mayor of the city of Arkhangelsk (1871-1875 and 1883-1884гг.); Wilhelm wilghelmovich Meyer (1846 — 1911)was also elected as city mayor of Arkhangelsk in 1895году, but refused or accepted the offer to become German Consul in Arkhangelsk. ("Old Arkhangelsk" G. P. Popov).
At that time, Mr. Meyer-ELTZ was already quite an elderly man, he found it difficult to do business, and in 2003 he gave me the address of his Grand nephew Ulf Krause, who lives in Bremen, to whom he gave his archive. So I began to correspond with Mr. Ulf Krause. His mother, Mrs. Magda Krause, born Lurs, was born in Arkhangelsk. After the Revolution, her family left Russia. Name Lurs known in Arkhangelsk 1794года. The first ancestor of the great Ustyug and Arkhangelsk branches was Carl Johann Luers (1764 — 1807), he appeared in Arkhangelsk in 1794году as "the tailor's craft" master of Diepholz in Hanover. (GAAO F. 50 Op.1 D. 460 L. 1-5). All these immigrants from Germany became honorary hereditary citizens of the city of Arkhangelsk.
Already corresponding with Ulf Krause in one of his letters, I asked him if he knew anything about the letter Alexander Browne dated 1920годом. And received the answer: Wolf Krause was the grandson of Alexander Lyursa which is written the above letter, and the great-nephew Eugene Frazier, author known to many Archangelsk book "the house by the Dvina". Ulf Krause wrote: "a Copy of Alexander brown's letter to my grandfather Alexander (Sana'a) Lurs belongs to me. I found a letter in the papers of my grandfather, and rewrote, because I thought that it might be interesting for a lot of Archangelsk. I don't know how it came to You. Copies of the letters I sent aste, Fontaines, Sergey Gernet and my aunt Eugenie Fraser in Edinburgh. I believe You know Mrs Fraser, she has written two books about Arkhangelsk, two years ago, died in 2002. I will gladly send You a copy of the original letter, however, it is very difficult to read even German, as it is written in an antique font. I spent a lot of time reading it and rewriting it into modern German.".. Here is a response I received from Mr. Ulf Krause, and then a copy of the original letter and several letters from the correspondence of his grandfather A. Lyursa with Alexander Browne, in July 2004. Ulf Krause willingly answering our questions, assisting in genealogical research, share documents gathered himself and those handed to him by his uncle, Henry Meyer von ELTZ.
At the club meeting this letter was brought Natalia L. Tselikov, née Leuzinger, which found a letter in the papers asty, Fontanes, her aunt, after her death. ASTA, Fontanez worked for many years as a proofreader northwestern publishing house, corresponded with the Wolf Krause. Her last letter he received in the spring of 1998, at Easter. "She must have been a nice and brave woman. From the letters ASTA, Fontanes I could imagine, for example, that her life was rather hard, though she never complained..." – so wrote about it, Ulf Krause.
Ulf Krause lives in Bremen, Germany, a teacher by profession, married, has a daughter who graduated from the University of Freiburg. She, too, is responding, and helps his father to answer our questions. For which many thanks to her!














I would like to end my short Preface with the words of the famous German poet Rainer Maria Rilke: "the Root of immortality in the continuity of times."
Jeanne Parsheva.

Alexander Brown an Alexander Luehrs

Alexander Brown, Alexander Lurs.
September 10, 1920. London.
Dear Sanya!
As you may have heard from your own, we arrived happily here on the 27th of last month after more than two weeks of sailing, as we set off from Arkhangelsk on the eleventh evening on a small Norwegian motor-sailboat. As soon as we had left behind Chizhovka, all were relieved from a heavy burden rested upon us and our hometown. It was a really awful hard time that we were able to survive, but it was much easier for us, foreigners, than the poor exhausted natives of the city! My departure to England did not cause any obstacles, but still, obtaining permission to travel by sea took a long time. Our unwillingness to expose our little Cook to the difficulties of traveling through Moscow was recognized by the competent authorities as a valid and reasonable reason.
You probably know that immediately after Your departure, the cesma sailors carried out a coup d'état, formed a Committee headed by Petrov, who served in a technical warehouse earlier, if memory serves me. But this did not lead to special excesses. There were no changes for the worse after the removal of this Committee, when came to power a military dictatorship, headed by someone Kozmin.
Much worse was when the user took the former leaders-the leaders of 1919. The situation changed right before our eyes, when Kedrov And his team and R. Plastinin began to carry out their violent activities — followed by searches, arrests, executions. Lately, before we left, repressions were especially cruel. Became known the names of those shot, about fifty people, among them my dear, good friends, of which you probably have already heard: Walter PEC, old Kyrylov, S. S. Alexandrov, Sachanski young, who returned from Norway, and two Russian priests. And how many who passed the road of death near our house, we saw ourselves – it's really terrible! About all this we, perhaps, talk again, on a date, because you will be back in London?
Now a few words about your there. Conrad wilhelmovic( Meyer), whom I saw the day before we left, asked me to tell you that you should not be upset and sad that you should leave your old mother and mother-in-law so unexpectedly, because as a representative of a timber trading company and bourgeoisie, you could certainly be persecuted. Definitely wouldn't have avoided arresting you. Think only, because of arrest in 1918 of the former Chairman of factory Committee Abram Popov, many now have to sit: former managing Pochinkov, our mechanic Smirnov, Vladimir Petrovich Witt. All of them were sentenced to a certain period of forced labour.
Smirnov on Bakaritsa, Witt must be in his work, where he served, and again to return to the camp — former Michigan barracks he was sentenced to one year of forced labour. Smirnov, I think, soon to be released. Your old mother's living a good life. Despite the fact that the house is municipal property of the city, she and Emilia Alexandrovna and Zhenya Fedorovna occupy three rooms for which they have to pay an apartment fee. Here live two decent people (for example, a Sirotkin, which knows Egor Fedorovich) who help them. Emilia Alexandrovna has to be harder, she had me before she left. She confessed to me that she left twenty thousand rubles <cikovic> she needs to hide, because during the searches simply be taken away, in the same way(unintelligible)…
For the money nothing can not be purchased in addition to the products, which are also issued on ration cards. After all, we now only commodity exchange, Bazaar and trading shops no more. Therefore, they also need to perform an exchange of goods.But while they have something for the first time, we can assume that they will not starve. Of course, the food was delicious. Meat is difficult to get, cost almost one black bread and stale fish. But still was bearable, in addition, to help vegetables, because that was an unusually good year, a great summer.
Mrs. Meyer lives with Conrad at his home in the same room. From your stuff, I guess there's not a lot. Zhenya Ivanovna is healthy, only very nervous. Conrad wanted to, whatever it was, try to take her out of Arkhangelsk, because Anvik is still here and, of course, would give her a visa to Norway. I think an old lady like her would have no trouble getting ready to leave. Conrad himself pretty bad, serves the national economic Council, together with Became and Engwerda HanseDom.  Shura PEC also serves in the state Farm.
That Edgar Karlovich (PEC) died of a heart attack and thanks to this great death got rid of all the worries and troubles the sad existence you undoubtedly know. E. K. Pislak had to sit three months, because he was an employee (official) in intelligence. Adia Scholz is also under arrest, he already served a month when we left. For the first time after the coup, he was still there, where before serving. But, later, he became an artist of the state demonstration theater, (Lokal Commerz Club — a local commercial club), and as such, got a good ration. His arrest followed as a result of the discovery of a hiding place in the house № 114 on Trinity Avenue, where silver things were found and much more. Political motive apparently his arrest is not. He's probably being held in prison just like a bourgeois. (This is a Russian word too nasty – nasty!) His wife very much hoped that he as the actor will be released. Moreover, his colleagues filed for his petition, and Cedars and his assistant Lomoviki themselves were very interested in the theater.

You probably understand that our company, as well as the representative office of the insurance company "Russia", were soon nationalized. Christians Drichel immediately entered the service of the Provincial forestry Committee, and we Test just thrown into the street. All books, documents of representation we had to hand over, also cash (the rest on cash Desk). Of course, the cash I did not specify, it directly coincided with the debt Maimax Mill Co insurance. I attach a copy of the register I have compiled. In early March, "Fire-guard Department" demanded to prepare everything for the transfer. I tried, despite his warning, to delay this moment. We had to vacate the office for three days, even though the PSO was trying to cut it down. I could cite that as a reason, but at the end of April gave all. Furniture Maimaksa enterprises partially remained in place, partially went to the Provincial forestry Committee to the mill to be subordinate to him. Your furniture was taken there, too. Now it is likely that all this is dispelled in the wind, as various organizations and corporations, which have a great many, constantly move somewhere, and much is being dragged away. Fire-insurance Department, for example, moved to a bar, in our office visited two institutions. Despite the fact that the transfer I received receipts that have passed the Test, and even in the event of any change, these things will never find. All movable and immovable property is declared nationalized, state-owned.  The entire archive moved there, the property of the Provincial forest Committee. It is good that the Tests found a job in the Provincial forestry Committee, it is in the economic Department, so we were able to make the latest books and documents. But it is unlikely that they will be saved, which is also doubtful, since we placed them in the <Karetnik> in the old Desk, where later hosted the Commission Kedrova. We must assume that these books are also missing. The rest Maimax M. Co cash in "shaikovka" (about 11.500), such as in <Onega WOOd Co>, was to be transferred. I have all of the same documents from the register is partially Packed in the box. Tests took him to his home, where he now lives, to save. Various shares and the like took itself Adya. It goes without saying that it is still a question of whether anything will survive. I Test looking for an opportunity to do something and save only the most necessary, were carrying everything ourselves, but bring it to fruit???
With our community Affairs, things are not so good. Like all churches, our Church also became the property of the Republic, but all the same was handed over with all the equipment in the use of the community — of course, after signing all the necessary papers – and worship in the Church was continued. The pastor spoke fearlessly and firmly, however, now suffers terribly in (unintelligible), especially after having experienced a thorough search in his apartment. Moreover, he was selected all the silver, including silver froylene Withol's, which she, dying, gave him for his brother, and soon after he was evicted from the pastor's house. He admitted his mistake that his further tenure of the pastor of our community of little use, because the slightest careless word he could get arrested and be sent to Finnish jail. To the community he petitioned to grant him a six-month vacation, and thinking, if the Balts will be to evacuate, to leave, as many others. He wants me to collect for him from the members of the community, who are here, a small collection of funds, if possible, because with Soviet money there will be nothing to begin.
Stumberg was also recently evicted from his apartment. To them on Troitsk Avenue, 8, absolutely on other end of the city, according to the Resolution provided two rooms, together with their tenants. When we left, they were just moving there. I couldn't say good-bye to Stumberg. Elmar was just arrested, someone in Arkhangelsk identified him as a participant in the Onega case. They worried about him, especially Mrs. Stumberg, but I hope that he is a minor and it will be taken into account. Sasha Meyer serves as the accountant Sub-division of the North-Dvina area there Herman PEC and Baskakov /Altens/. Medvedkov their chief. Lemongrass in Roublesome. Old Olsen, bielawski, Brautigam, Pislak serve in Vneshtorg, or rather in the foreign trade Department. Should all serve to get more rations. The latter category, those that do not serve and priests can claim only six pounds of flour per month. What is this “service” – hard to say. Only a few sawmills work, loading work is not conducted, fish does not arrive, any productive activity is not visible. But we strictly adhere to all operating mode – sit in the office from ten to four.  Something without end is written, paper a little, because I write on the old forms, no forms, etc. Mar Hansen again became a Norwegian citizen and, together with Engwerda going to Norway. Perhaps Jenny Ivanovna will go with them. None of the foreigners did not want to stay here for the winter. And Anvik, too. Many others who now too turned into foreigners-Latvians, Estonians, Finns too will leave as soon as their evacuation... < > Boris was sent for a year of forced works to Solovki. A. E. Popov was exiled to Anask. Dessin in Arkhangelsk.

















Однако довольно, нужно же моему письму где-то кончиться. Надеюсь, ты простишь меня за то, что я так задержался с письмом, когда прочтешь этот подробный отчет. Со слов Жоли  я понял, что ты намереваешься приехать сюда, вот тогда мы с тобой и поговорим об остальных оставшихся, ведь еще так много хочется рассказать. Сердечный привет тебе и жене ото всех ваших. Жена тоже шлет вам сердечный привет.

Alexander Lyurs — Alexander Brown

Haarlem, 24.september's.1920.
Zomerluststraat 20.
Dear Sasha!
I was looking forward to hearing from you directly, and I thank you for the detailed, detailed messages you sent me. First of all, I am sincerely happy to congratulate you and your loved ones on the fact that you managed to escape from Arkhangelsk safely and again feel completely free and free, not bound by anything, people free from pressure and depression, which are steadily gravitating over everyone who felt the cruel repression of the Soviet regime. I can well imagine how every moment brighter and brighter became your look, the farther removed from you native Shore! It's had to endure for us, when, after a dangerous and difficult journey we've set foot on solid ground. After a series full of hardships, I felt myself finally in a normal environment. Yes, I can only talk about happiness, because then, so to speak, at the last minute, I managed to leave Arkhangelsk unharmed and join my family here. How would I feel at the time, don't introduce yourself to a convenient case then. Who knows where I would be now, could hardly be useful to my loved ones there, perhaps even the opposite! Heart, if you think that there is not everyone can patiently endure the oppression and harassment, insults, and hardships, and how to survive a long, cold winter, which is exacerbated by nutritional deficits. It is impossible to think that these orders can be kept forever, and sooner or later these guys are going to break their neck. But how many victims will require they have, how long! Nothing but ruins and destruction remains after their power. And Arkhangelsk, probably, will also soon be a sad picture. Who knows who else is there declared an enemy! Of course, everyone who could only have some opportunity, will try to leave this hell, this hell! For us it would be a great happiness if Jenny Ivanovna succeeded (?) ... and Mar and Ingvar would join their intended departure. But I personally, unfortunately, have little hope that the old ladies will be satisfied with their request and will be given a pass to leave. Rest and rest would be the most joyful for them in their old age. With confusion and horror I listened to the news of various executions that have taken place recently in Arkhangelsk. What a shock it was for me to learn that our old friend Walter PEC met his death, as well as other familiar S. S. Alexandrov, M. K. Kurkalova, arrested, ADU. I feel restless! I hope that the efforts of the actors it still managed to release that Dries and test left alone that Pilaka and Smirnov, all went relatively well, with minimal losses. I hope no one puts him in reproach that our office was released in the shortest possible time, all of the books, etc. were delivered. And yet you need to be ready for anything unpleasant! But I hope there are documents that you tried to save, but that will soon be used for business. Until now, I am very sorry that I still had them in my hands on the day of my departure, and yet did not take them with me, gave them to Hell. Will it save?! This, at least, is one of the most important documents that we will later need. I hope that will continue! As for the Russian Agency, I see that you gave all the documents together with the report to the Fire insurance company, and thank you for sending a copy of the estimate. According to our loss from fire ...?... in 1919, we were able to obtain compensation in advance for damages in the amount of 8000 pounds sterling from 2 British insurance companies under the contract. Apparently, soon I will come to London, many things you still talk, much to discuss. I was pleased with your message about "Luda" and Onega sawmill, which you passed...?... that "Luda" has not suffered as a result of the coup, it fills me with great satisfaction. With best wishes to Florencia Khristianovna and family from my wife and me, and also to you personally.
I remain loyal to you in my business. Your A. Lyurs.

Alexander Lyurs — Alexander Brown

December 10, 1920.
Dear Sasha!
Today I take up the pen to convey to you and your esteemed Florencia Christianovna From myself and my wife the most sincere, warmest congratulations on Your Silver wedding, with the most cordial wish that You were destined to go by your way of life for the next 25 years in the same kind agreement and in the same devotion to each other as so far, surrounded by love and happiness of your children.
Perhaps no one to blame, You have to celebrate this great family holiday with a certain sense of sadness knowing that you were torn from your usual circle of activity. But we will trust God with hope that this turn of fate will be temporary, and we will soon be able to return to our old city again, to resume our interrupted work with renewed vigour and zeal.
On behalf of our company in maymaksan with great respect, I ask you to accept the amount transferred to you two days ago as a holiday gift, as well as a small reminder of your long-term activity in the enterprise in Maymaksan Scholtz, which flourished more than 30 years.  It would be more appropriate to offer you other values in relation to this event, but given the present circumstances, I have to give you gifts in this form. In Arkhangelsk have been talking about this between me and Ada, as to show our gratitude to you in connection with your Anniversary. I find the present the occasion as resembling, in order to do it.
Once again I wish you a lot of happiness and prosperity on your future life path to the Golden Wedding. I remain with best wishes in a sincere and faithful friendship and disposition.
Your colleague and friend A. E. Lyurs.
Lnem congratulations on the birth of a child!





















Alexander Brown — Alexander Lyurs

December 24, 1920.
37 Queens Road. Beckenham. Kent. London S. E..
Dear Sanya!
Your line from 8-10 December, I received in a timely manner. I bring you and your beloved wife from me and on behalf of my wife the most sincere gratitude for your deep participation in our anniversary celebration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Silver Wedding, for all your congratulations and good advice to the same. Also accept my deepest gratitude for the gift to the Anniversary — 100 pounds for the transfer from "Foy Morgan Co" on the occasion of my holiday and long service to "Maimax Mill Co" (Maimax sawmill). You're absolutely right that on big holidays to us involuntarily creeps sorrow (so!). Now you're living in uncertain conditions, without a job, without a goal in life. Prospects for change or improvement so negligible that recall previous activities of which we were deprived, of a beloved, dear and dear to us city there in the far North, which has found a promising field activities, and all that you loved, kind friends who were around in joyous and sorrowful hours, and now live in extreme poverty. And yet we should not complain that everything has changed, that there came other times. And rejoice and hope, so much suffering around, a different lost all, but remained in survivors, need thank God, that well and unharmed and can to live together with their children in normal conditions! There was so much attention and participation from all sides, so many good Friends from their hometown were looking for us, so that we could feel in our former lives. I would also like to thank you very much for the encouraging words that you welcomed me about the resumption of work in our former enterprise! So Gott will nicht all zu fern begruesst! - If it pleases God! Our apartment is quite nice, 5 rooms, kitchen, bath, toilet-everything as always. We pretty froze only in the first days after our arrival, then the weather was quite cold. To our Silver Jubilee the weather was too cold winter, with snow and frost, — as if our former homeland have sent us their greetings! And today we already write the December 24, Christmas eve, Christmas eve, so I am allowed to bring a Gift to you and Alma vilimoni the best heartfelt congratulations on this important holiday, the opportunity to have fun and happy to spend it in the circle of your children and returned home to his mother. But the New year let us all find again in our old Home in good, stable conditions, joined together, and each safely and effectively performed his duties, he worked on his specialty.
Your faithful friend, A. Broun.

All letters read and rewritten in modern German grandson of Alexander Lyurs Mr. Ulf Krause, who lives in Bremen in Germany.

1. Grandma Wolf Krause, wife of Alexander Lyursa Alma Louise Vilgelmovna Lyurs, nee Meyer (*18.12.1876 SPb — 26.03.1953 Hamburg).Her father, Wilhelm Johann (Wilhelm wilghelmovich)Meyer (*03.10.1846, Arkhangelsk — 22.09.1911, Riga, buried in the Arch-SKE), PPG, a merchant of the 2nd Guild, then an officer, was promoted to the rank of a collegiate adviser,the German Consul (1885.) In 1895, Vladimir Meyer was elected mayor of the city of Arkhangelsk, but the post refused, did not want to leave the post of German Consul. Shareholder-shareholder of the company sawmill "Stella Polare" (1903). Buried in Arkhangelsk Lutheran cemetery (grave preserved).GAAO.  F. 50.Op.1 d. 151,231,335,391; 522 L. 21-22; 580 L. 16-16об.His grandfather on the paternal side, William Hugo Franz Krause was pastor at Arkhangelsk's Lutheran Church.Catherine (1911 — till 1914.)
2. Alexander Eduard (Alexander) Lyurs (*06.05.1877,Arkhangelsk -26.08.1942, Hamburg), Arkhangelsk merchant of the 1st Guild, BCPs, Director(with A. F. and A. A. Soltani) Maimaksa forest Association (1901), a shareholder of the Northern steamship society "Kotlas-Arkhangelsk-Murman". Member of the scientific Committee of the Arkhangelsk branch of the St. Petersburg international commercial Bank (1909). In 1920 he went to Germany. He died in exile.
3. Alexander Broun (12.01.1871 Arkhangelsk - 07.11.1951.London) is a British citizen, a representative of an insurance society "Russia", the head office of which was located in Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk was his branch. In Arkhangelsk have served in companies Soltow, Lyursa merchant in the firm of"Clarke and Co". Wife Florence Drichel (28.11.1873 Architect.- 21.09.1944.London.) The couple and their children left for London in 1920. Children: Herman, Florence, Helen, Alexander, Margaret, Ernestviller, Guardmans.
4. Great-grandfather of Ulf Krause, Carl Samuel (Karl Petrovich) Lyurs (*1840 Great Ustyug — 1894 SPb) has put his signature to the Testament of my great aunt Caroline von Dost (Fund 68.Inventory D. 6407 Sheet 3).
5. In A. brown's letter we are talking about the pastor of the Archangel Lutheran Church. SV.Catherine Frederick Barnala (1915-1920.)
6. "Someone Cosmin" was Kuzmin Nikolay Nikolaevich (*1883 — 1937, shot), graduated from the University of St. Petersburg, a Bolshevik with 1903года.
7. Peslak, Yegor Kuzmich (*1877 — Arkhangelsk ?), a tradesman, he started with a clerk in the firm of Scholz.
8. Walter Andrei (Walter Karlovich)PEC, (17.08.1874, Arch-SK – shot 1920), Arkhangelsk merchant 2-oops guilds. Co-owner of the trading house "Brothers PEC" and the sawmill on Habarka.
9. Edgar Herman (Edgar Karlovich) PEC, (*1863, Architect-SK — 1920), Arkhangelsk, Kem then the merchant 2nd Guild. In 1909. In Arkhangelsk brother Walter (1874-1920), and the nephew of Adolf R.(1887-1939), founded the trading house "Brothers PEC" for forest exploitation within the Empire and abroad, and later, "Amosov,Gernet and PEC". Owned a sawmill on Habarka (future Lesozavod № 13).
10. "Old Karkalou" — Martinian Kuzmich (04.02.1858-31.03.1920,Architect-SK) GPR,then personal gentleman, Arkhangelsk merchant of the 1st Guild, knight of the orders of St. Anna 3rd degree and St. Stanislaus 3rd degree. Opened (with 3января 1914). in Arkhangelsk forestry partnership "M. Kirilov and sons" for all sorts of Commerce in Russia and abroad, enterprises for the purchase and the sale for export overseas of forest materials." The partnership owned a sawmill on the right Bank of Dvina river in 4 versts from Arkhangelsk(future l / plant № 5 named after L. B. Krasin) and a large l/plant in maimax(future № 14 named after Him.M. A. Maslov). One of the founders of the Northern commercial and industrial Bank (1918). In 1920. was arrested and shot on Mosses.
11.Pochinkov Alexander, Arkhangelsk merchant 2nd Guild. In 1892 to 1901 he. companion merchants M. A. Olsen, and K. K. Stump, Vladislavovo home "Olsen,Stampa and Co.". The shareholder of Association of sawmill plant <Stella Polare " (1903). In 1895. with merchant A. F. Belyaevskaya were elected assistants of the mayor Vladimir Hoevelaken for the coronation of Emperor Nicholas II.
12.Frau Meyer, Konrad-Jenny Louise Ivanovna Meyer, Russian Federation. Gernet wife of Wilhelm Johann (Wilhelm Wilghelmovich) Meyer (*12.03.1853 Architect-SK — 24.03.1921 Harlem). Conrad Felix Meyer is their son.
13.EAL Scholz Adolf Adolfovich Scholz, son of Bernhard Adolf (Adolph F.) Scholz (1856-1918), the founder of the Association of the Arkhangelsk sawmill, Director (with his son Adolf, and A. A. Larcom) Maimaksa forest partnership.
14.Alexander Meyer, accountant in 1937 by the NKVD, the case was fabricated by the Norwegian Consul Wicklund, Arnold Adol (1886 Architect-SK — ?), according to which on the night of 22 to 23 September and later more than 60 northerners were arrested, accused of espionage and treason, among the victims was A. Meyer, shot.
15.Egor Ivanovicha (1860 Ar-SK - 1921), known lumberman, entrepreneur, public figure, Arkhangelsk merchant of the 1st Guild. In 1879 with his son A. Y. Surkov, founded the Association in Arkhangelsk brewery in 1881 founded the trading house "Surkov and Shergold< ( with A. Yu. Surkov V. V., Hoevelaken) for operation of a saw mill at the 6th mile on the Metropolitan tract (the 3rd sawmill)... Vowel of the Arkhangelsk city Duma, honorary justice of the peace of the Arkhangelsk province, a member of the Council of the Evangelical society at the Lutheran Church.Catherine (the German Church), Chairman of the Board of Directors (1917-1920).Boris Egorovich Shergold (1885 - 28.08.1938), accountant. Was arrested in 1937 and executed in the case of the so-called Viklund.

16.Yakov Belyaevsky A. (1858 -?), large entrepreneur, Arkhangelsk merchant of the 1st Guild, PPG (c1905). The trade case studied in England, established business trading ties with the banking house of the Rothschilds. In 1885, together with his father, Andrei Filippovich, trading house under the firm "A. and I. Belyaevskie" engaged in the trade of bread, exports of resin and turpentine. With banker M. A. Krilichevsky and merchant F. Lindes founded the Northern steamship company "Kotlas-Arkhangelsk-Murmansk". In 1910 donated 20 000rubley scholarship students provincial (Lomonosov) school (for 100 rubles a year). In 1911godu with the merchant E. F. Lindes founded the "Association of North zolotarjova" for a period of 5 years. For 15 years he headed the Board of the company "Northern river shipping company". In August 1918 he became one of the founders (with merchants I. E. Volodin, M. A. Ulsen and A. S. Chudinov) of the new Northern commercial and industrial Bank with authorized capital of 5.0 million rubles. Together with M. A. Ulsen became Directors of joint stock company "Severo-Okean". Summer 1920godabyl arrested and more three months spent in provincial jail. In 1920 he served in the office of the Arkhangelsk branch of the foreign Trade. In 1922, in the direction of Gubchek went to England (London) to establish foreign trade. In Russia did not come back. Its further fate is unknown.
17.Martin Abram (Martin Abramovich)ulsen (18.09.1850 Trondheim,Norway -1924, London), Archangel merchant of the 1st Guild. In 1876году came to Russia from vardø, have taken Russian citizenship. Worked at the mill Rusanov. In 1881году with merchants K. K. Stamp and M. A. Pochinkov opened in Arkhangelsk trading house "Olsen, Stampa and Co."; in 1899году companions founded a full "Partnership sawmill Olsen,Stampe To" the sawmill was in Solombala in the former Forest Admiralty. Also had a sawmill on the island Brevent and Maimaxa. In 1900году with merchants by PEC and A. F. Solam founded the Association of the Arkhangelsk sawmill in Maimaxa. In 1903 with R. K. PEC and D. I. Valavanidis partnership sawmill "Stella Polare". Founder of the Northern commercial and industrial Bank (since 1918). Vowel of Arkhangelsk city Duma, Chairman of the Board of the Union of timber industry (1906-1917). From 1917 a member of the Arkhangelsk provincial trade Union. In 1920 he was arrested with the A. I. Belaiev, as Director of the "North Ocean". Three months later, was released. Worked in the Archangel office of Foreign trade expert specialist in the forest. In January 1922 he went to London to expand export transactions, where he died two years later.
18.Anatoly E. (1893 — ?.10.1938) and Victor E. (13.09.1900 — 13.10.1938) Brontosauri, belonged to Arkhangelsk merchant family, known since the NINETEENTH century, the natives of the city of Memel (Klaipeda,Lithuania). He was arrested in the case Wiklund and shot.
19.Vladimir p. Witt (23.03.1873 -p. 1920), BCPs, court counselor, engineer, acting architect of the city of Arkhangelsk (1901-1917). Had arhangelske brick factory. In 1911, together with architect max Arnoldovich Baldinger, he opened a full partnership "Construction office of V. Witt and M. Baldinger" for the production of works on all branches of building art, for the development of projects, estimates and plans, for supervision and management of these works." In 1913году in Arkhangelsk was founded with E. F. Lindes Arkhangelsk forestry partnership "Vitt Ko" (on faith) for "purchase and development of forest materials." In 1920 he was arrested. He died in exile. His two sons, Boris (05.09.1902 — 1937) and George (George) Hans (16.01.1908 — 1937) was arrested in 1937 by the so-called "case Viklund" and shot.
20.Arnold Adol, Wiklund (01.08.1886 Architect-SK — ?), from the Arkhangelsk merchant family known from the XIX Century, natives of Norway (tromsø). Norwegian diplomat, Secretary of the Norwegian Consulate in Arkhangelsk (Jan.1925года), then Vice-Consul, and 22.04.1937, 11.05.1938 G. Consul of Norway in Arkhangelsk. In 1937 by the NKVD fabricated the so-called "case of the Norwegian Consul Wiklund", in which he was arrested more than 60 northerners, accused of espionage and treason. Among the victims was: Burkov I. V., and G. Witt, E. Gernet,Lovelace, E. A. and I. V. Zhilinskii, V. and A. Leuzinger, A. Meyer, B. E. PEC, M. Olsen,B. E. Shergold and others.A. Wiklund left Arkhangelsk in may 1938года.
21.Mr Sobyanin Alexandrov (1859 - 1920), Arkhangelsk bourgeois family, known since the ХV111 century, immigrants from the economic peasants of Kholmogory Archbishop's house. The last mayor of Arkhangelsk (con.1919-February.1920). Archangel merchant, then official. Collegiate assessor. Head of the food Department of the Arkhangelsk city Duma. Member of the Arkhangelsk city Council. In 1913, in Arkhangelsk, in Solombal, with his brother Alexander founded the trading house"brothers Alexander". The owner of the commercial and industrial enterprise of bakery and confectionery products and plant of artificial, mineral and fruit waters. After the restoration of Soviet power in Arkhangelsk (February 1920) was arrested and by the decision of Arhigubka shot.
22.Inguinale Hansen (Hansen)(13.10.1889 — ?), the son of a Norwegian citizen, a skipper, a native of the city of Hammerfest. His sister Martha-Maria (1886 - 1969) was the last teacher Of the German — Evangelical school of St. Catherine in Arkhangelsk.

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