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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher


O. G. Shergold.


I generation
1. George Shergold (Egor Yakovlevich) (16.03.1777, England, Millsboro – 6.03.1851, Arkhangelsk), a British citizen. His parents, James and Sarah Shergold Grades. George was baptized in Sunbury on July 25, 1777. In 1798, he arrived from London to Arkhangelsk with a passport obtained from the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the British court of count Vorontsov for travel to Russia, the document was "submitted to the Arkhangelsk provincial government, where it is now stored." The return of the passport they issued him a ticket "for a free stay in Arkhangelsk, counting from nigeriano number continue for 3 months, with the Buda after this period, another permit will have the need to stay to obtain again for another ticket would be with him in the Provincial government"\1\. In the future, the residence ticket is issued for a period of 1 year.
Each ticket showed signs of its owner, "George (Yegor Yakovlevich) Shergold, tall, hair and eyebrows brown, eyes brown, nose, mouth moderate, the chin croupy, white face. Special signs has not. Reformed Episcopal religion. Idle. The house has not, lives in the city. Located at the office of Becker and company. Works as a clerk " \2\.
In August 1809 Shergold submits a request Arkhangelsk military Governor, the Governor of the Civil part of the commander of the port of Arkhangelsk to Martyn Petrovich von Dezin, in which he asked to grant him a passport for free travel from Arkhangelsk to one of the coming summer ships to America, as here, has no job, no money for food \3\. 30 Aug 1809 George Shergold received passport # 1446 and permission to leave the Arkhangelsk sea to America. However, the supporting documents about his departure are not found.
01. Zh. Anna-Dorothea-Elizabeth (23.06.1780-24.10.1846, Arkhangelsk) from February 3, 1801, daughter of the Archangel merchant of the 1st Guild of Peter Guernet, who arrived in Arkhangelsk from revel in 1765\4\.
II generation
2.Elizabeth Egorovna (1802-01.01.1883, Arkhangelsk). According to this ticket, it was "of considerable growth, hair, eyebrows dark brown, eyes blue, nose, mouth moderate, the chin round, face white round"\5\.
3.Egor (George), Ye (1804-?). In the surviving ticket from January 5, 1824, are features: 19 years of age, the growth of large, brown hair, eyebrows dark brown, eyes grey, nose medium, mouth moderate, the chin round, white face. Special signs are not present \6\, narrow-minded book 1823-1825 over the years know that Yegor was at the office of a merchant of Brant clerk \7\.
4.Jacob (James) Ye (1805, Archangel Is?), a British citizen. It is only known that he lived in Arkhangelsk "Express the mind" and on September 23, 1827, received a ticket (No. 116) to a free travel to St. Petersburg\8\.
5.Stepan (Stefan) Egorovich (1807- ?), a British citizen, a merchant's son. Growth was great, hair and eyebrows dark brown, eyes hazel (father), a long nose, mouth medium, chin sharp, oblong face, no distinguishing traits. In July 1827, he "met circumstances", went to St. Petersburg to determine the position. And from Saint-Petersburg was eliminated London. In 1828 he returned to Arkhangelsk "for a temporary stay"\9\. Here the passport confiscated and be given a "legalized ticket"\10\. The ticket for the accommodation in Arkhangelsk, in the month of July 1830, stated that Stefan Shergold was engaged in a work Affairs at the office of Clark\11\. July 17, 1831 he received a passport (№2127) and sent abroad by sea to the city of Bremen with Peter Guernet\12\. More information about him was found.
6. Margaret E. (1808, Archangel Is?). She was born in the house of a foreigner Menke, A Mecklenburg citizen. All of George Shergold's children were born there. Data about it very little. So, from a ticket find, that growth she was a small, hair and eyebrows dark, eyes brown, nose, his mouth moderate, chin today, face white, provided with\13\.
21 Jul 1853 Elizabeth and Margaret filed a petition Arkhangelsk military Governor, Vice Admiral Roman Platonovich issues like asking about leaving by sea to London, on family matters. They receive a passport and on July 28 they leave for the UK\14\. They returned to Arkhangelsk in 1857 to the house of the foreigner Menke, where they lived.
We can assume that in England they received an inheritance. In statements on foreigners in 1853 overseer Vetkalov stated, "what food have from his relatives," and in 1857 "living on inherited capital"\15\.
Elizabeth and Marguerite were not married. When their mother died, they lived with their father, after whose death, they took care of brother Samuel, when he left for Kronstadt, Elizabeth lived in the house of his brother John. There she died.
7. Dorothea Louise (1811 -?). From the spiritual Testament of his eldest sister, Elizabeth, we learn that in 1883, she resides in England in the County of Devon.
07. M. Smith.

8.William (William) (1815-?). In may 1839 he was admitted to teaching English to the provincial gymnasium "on idle places... in the form of hiring"\16\. However, when checking the documents in the presented translations into English were found " many mistakes on the recall of the English lecturer at St. Petersburg University." As a result, in March 1841 he was dismissed from his post. From the spiritual will of Elizabeth is known that William went to Kronstadt\17\.
9.Samuel (Samoil) Egorovich (1817-?), a British citizen. In January 1843 he arrived from Kronstadt to Arkhangelsk. He stayed with his father, who lived in the house of merchant Onegin. In 1844 he and his family live in the house of a merchant Russata, a merchant of Foresman, in 1847 — in the houses of merchants Fabrina and Brandt, 1848 — merchant Mitropolia\18\. In 1849, Samuel lives with his wife Karolina and daughter Matilda Dorothea in the house of the official Vologda. In 1851 (December 15) Samuel ye "buys a place at the official 10th class, Franz F. Amburger, through attorney Karl Brant Wilghelmovich the structures: wooden one-story house and so have two sheds, consisting of the city beyond the river Black Curia, against the village of Solombala, where the first sugar factory Amburger. For this place paid 500 rubles silver. Measure the same place: the longitudinal axis of the two hundred and one hundred and seven feet across. With this amount of duties in the Commission of this deed of purchase pays prodaval wilghelmovich Karl Brant"\19\.
Works in these years a clerk in the office of Clark, in 1850 — attorney of the Russian marine and river insurance company, on behalf of the society went to Ustiug district\20\.
July 20, 1865, received a certificate (#1061) on taking the oath of allegiance to Russia. He took the oath in Kronstadt in the presence of the Kronstadt city police on 24 June 1865.
15 Dec 1869 applies for "a PostScript to the Arkhangelsk petty-bourgeois society with his wife Caroline, daughters Adelia, IDA and son John. The residence is in the city of Kronstadt, a merchant of part 1 of the block Zitadelle the street in the house of Philip Stepanov,"\21\. But for some reason, his request was not satisfied, and since the second half of 1871 he was ranked as Kronstadt petty bourgeois.
09.J. Carolina (1826, Kronstadt -?), née Ebsen.
10.Ivan (John) ye (1827, Arkhangelsk — 19.10.1879), a British citizen (1858), Arkhangelsk merchant 1-St Guild, the Lutheran religion. He was educated at the Arkhangelsk Evangelical school. In the "ticket" for accommodation has the following features: the growth of big hair and eyebrows dark brown, eyes grey, nose, mouth moderate, the chin round, white face\22\. He lived with the family in his house (wooden one-story on a stone Foundation) in the Second part of the city, the Second quarter.
He worked as a clerk at a St. Petersburg merchant Alexander Clark, then became his attorney, in whose office he worked until his death\23\.
Since 1863 he has been a Belgian consular agent since 1868-Belgian Consul, and since October 1876 – British Consul in Arkhangelsk\24\.
Candidate for membership in the Committee for supervision of the marriage of goods from a foreign party (2 June 1871-1 September 1871), member of the Committee (1 September 1871-1 September 1873).
Awarded a gold medal for his work "to find a Member of the Committee to monitor the marriage goods of the Arkhangelsk port" (1873) \25\.
Ivan Egorovich was buried on October 22, 1879 at the Lutheran cemetery in Arkhangelsk.
After his death, stayed home spiritual Testament, written on 19 January 1878, by which he all his personal property worth 2000 rubles and real estate value of 1,000 rubles was left of his wife, Wendelin Mihailovna, and a capital of 50000 thousand rubles, in circulation of the trading house "Clark with sons", his 6 children, half of the capital in their coming of age, and the other half only after the death of his mother, giving her the opportunity of a lifetime ownership of this capital. By the decision of the Archangelsk chamber of criminal and civil court of January 24, 1880 the will was testified\26\.
010.  Wendelin J. M. (20.05.1830, Arkhangelsk — 20.11.1902), née Kinse. Married September 9, 1851, was crowned pastor Friedrich August Breme\27\. Wendelina Mikhailovna died at the age of 72 years from "senile decrepitness", left a household spiritual will, written by hand on January 3, 1897, according to which the money in the case of the trading house "Surkov and Shergold" in the amount of 19941 rubles 25 kopecks were to be distributed equally among her 5 children, excluding the amount that had already been paid to 3 daughters. House with all services worth 13,699 rubles, furniture, silver, all the things that are in her house, worth 5,000 rubles, passed into the possession of her 5 children. The old, faithful servant Nadezhda had to receive a pension before she died. 500 rubles of Wendelin M. left the Evangelical school in Arkhangelsk. Her son-in-law, Lord albert Surkov and Carl Stampa, were appointed executors of this will. Arkhangelsk district court will was approved for execution January 1903\28\. Buried of Wendelin M. at Lutheran cemetery, tombstone has been preserved.
III generation
11. Matilda Dorothea Samuilovna (1847- )\29\.
12. Yegor S. (7-22.11.1850), died "from rodimets"\30\.
13. Caroline Agatha Elizabeth Samuilovna (17.10.1848-14.08.1849), Baptized March 10. Buried 17 August\31\.
4. Adelia Samuilovna.
15. IDA Samuilovna.
6. John S. \32\.
17. Jenny Dorothea Ivanovna (24.07.1853, Arkhangelsk -15.01.1894), Lutheran religion. He studied at the German Evangelical school in the years 1865-1868. Was left a widow at 24. Died at age 40 from pneumonia. There were no children\33\.
017. M. Peter Edward Leopold (Peter Petrovich) drezen 14.04.1841-1885), Archangel merchant of the 2nd Guild\34\.
18.Matilda Ivanovna (1855-1.01.1860).
19. Georg Ivanovich (1856-2.01.I860) \35\.

According to other sources, "the children of John Shergold will of God died George January 25 and Matilda January 26, 1860"\36\.
20. Lidia (07.07.1858-30.08.1915, Petrograd). Buried in Arkhangelsk, at the Lutheran cemetery. When the city learned about her death in the newspaper "Northern morning" was a lot of feedback. Here is one of them: "on Sunday, August 30, news was received from Petrograd about the death of the famous benefactor of our city Lydia Ivanovna Surkova. News is our city, of course, met with deep sorrow and sadness. In the person of the deceased Arkhangelsk suffered a painful loss, not to mention the charitable societies in which Lydia Ivanovna has always shown its active activity and provided major material support, it should be noted that more than a dozen poor families owe their welfare exclusively to Lydia Ivanovna. The construction of our Boulevard on the waterfront entirely belongs to the initiative and works of the late benefactor. The main merit of it before the Archangel — the establishment in the Arkhangelsk society of the hospital of the order of public charity, a member of the Board, of which the deceased was from the beginning open it until his untimely death. Many of the poor will mourn Lydia Ivanovna. Yes, it will rest in peace" \37\.
020.  M. albert yulevich Surkov (23.03.1848 [baptized on may 18] by pastor Tideman in the Kretingen Church — 8.05.1917, sanatorium "Rauch", Finland), Archangel merchant of the 1st Guild. His parents: Julius Surkov and Anna Louise, nee Malke, both Lutheran faiths, from Retov \38\. The wedding took place on January 8, 1878 in the Evangelical Church of St. Catherine (pastor F. I. Barnel). Education albert Yulievich got the General at the Riga gymnasium and pharmacy in the Medico-surgical Academy in St. Petersburg. Took the oath on citizenship of Russia in the Arkhangelsk provincial Board on April 2, 1875 \39\.
He built a brewery and his own house on the Finnish street, where the family lived. Arkhangelsk merchants founded the trading house, and the society "Sokol" and others. \40\
Awarded medals: gold for the Ann's Protestant and Stanislav tape, silver to be worn in their buttonholes and the Norwegian order of St. Olav \41\.
Albert yulevich was buried in the cemetery of the Evangelical Lutheran Finnish parish \ 42\.
21. Egor (George) I. (26.04.1860, Arkhangelsk [baptized 14.08.I860]43 — 1921), British citizen, Arkhangelsk merchant of the 2nd Guild, then 1st. 14 Aug 1895, received Russian citizenship. This gave a commitment that his children after they reach the age of majority will take the set oath of allegiance to the Russian Empire \44\.
In 1879 with his son A. Y. Surkov, founded the Association in Arkhangelsk brewery in 1881 founded the trading house "Surkov and Shergold" (with A. Y. Surkov and V. V. Hoevelaken) for operation of a saw mill at the 6th mile on the Metropolitan tract.
Iy generation.
25.  Boris Ivan Ye (G.) (06.03.1885 — 13.09.1938, Arkhangelsk). He studied at the Evangelical school. In 1904 he graduated from the 6th grade of a secondary school and accounting courses. He worked in the "Association brewery Surkov" accountant-accountant. 12 Aug 19 year Boris Ivan Shergold due to the coming of age is allowed to join the Russian citizenship on the basis of "847 article IX of the T. SV. Zach. Ross. Imp., ed. In 1899, he, Boris Ivan Shergold, given the 12th of August of this year to swear allegiance to the Russian Empire" \60\. From October 1919 to February 1920 he served as a private in the army Miller mobilization. Served 2 months in 1920 at the call of the red army as a private in the guards parts.
On 22 November 1937, he was arrested in the Vicklund case. At the time of arrest worked as an accountant in "Seoblondinki". The resolution of the NKVD of the USSR of August 28, 1938 on execution concerning Boris Georgievich Shergold is brought to execution on September 13, 1938. January 15, 1957, son of Boris, Vladimir Georgievich was issued the certificate: decision of the IEC of the USSR from 28 August 1938 against Boris Georgievich Shergold reversed, and the case for lack of corpus crime stopped.
The case on charges of Boris Georgievich Shergold revised Military Board of the Supreme court of the USSR December 6, 1956. B. G. Shergold was rehabilitated posthumously.
025. Zh. Maria Alexandrovna, nee Presnyakova. Children: George (born in 1910), Boris (17.03.1912 G. R.), twins Sergey and Vladimir (09.05.1919 G. R.).
26. Olga Caroline E. (19.03.1889-?). Upon reaching the age of majority on June 28, 1913 she was sworn in to the Russian citizenship by pastor of the Arkhangelsk Evangelical Church in Krause \61\.
27. Adolf Konstantin Georgievich (Egorovich) (29.11.1887, Arkhangelsk — 6.08.1916, Riga), Lieutenant. Baptized 20 Mar 1888 in his parents ' home by pastor HanseDom. Godfather: clerk Oscar Gilda, Edmund von Pilecki, Mrs. Matilda the Stump, nee Shergold, Lydia Surkova, nee Shergold \62\. Idle.
In the first world war of 1914-1918 he was called up for service. August 6, 1916 in Riga after a short but serious illness died. The body was delivered to Arkhangelsk on August 15 and buried at The Lutheran cemetery.
28. Edward George Georgievich (Egorovich) (11.06.1889-1938), the merchant's son, the Protestant confession. He was baptized on March 18, 1890 at his parents ' house by pastor Hansen. Godfather: Edouard des Fontaines, Carl Stump, Robert Shergold, Mary Meyer, Bertha PEC. He studied at the Archangelsk gymnasium from August 1902 to August 14, 1909, and then, at the end of six classes, left the gymnasium at the request of his father. With 1909 year adopted Russian citizenship \63\.
In 1919 he voluntarily joined the ranks of the White army Miller in Arkhangelsk. Seconded to the team that carries the guard of the city of Arkhangelsk, a month later transferred to the cruiser "Chesna" ordinary sailor, served until the arrival of the red army. From 1920 to 1923 he served in the military port to mobilize the red army – accountant. On February 19, 1938, NKVD was arrested on suspicion of espionage. Charged under article 58 paragraph 6 of part 1 of the RSFSR criminal code. A meeting of the Troika at the NKVD in Arkhangelsk region was sentenced to imprisonment in a correctional trudler for a period of 10 years, counting the period from February 19, 1938. Die in prison. Rehabilitated on 1 June 1988 the Presidium of the Arkhangelsk regional court pursuant to part 3 of article 21 of the Law of the RSFSR "On rehabilitation of victims of political repressions" of 18 October 1991, recognised suffered from political repressions. A certificate of rehabilitation, got a daughter, Lidiya Eduardovna Snigiryova.
028.  Zh. Vera Vladimirovna, nee Brazhnikova (1893 — 08.08.1926), from the first marriage had a son Michael (born in 1912). In the second marriage with Edward 2 daughters: Lydia was born 14 November 1919 year, Olga — 7 June 1921 year. In 1915 Vera Vladimirovna served as a female debt collector in the administration of the Arkhangelsk military port.
29. George G. (26.12.1891, died in infancy).
30. Martha Georgievna (4.04.1892 -?), a Russian citizen with 28.06.1913). She was baptized on October 18, 1892 at her parents ' house by pastor Vick. Vegacream. Godfather: Ms. Alice Shergold, Fanny Lindes, merchant William Hoevelaken, the official Alexander von Pilecki missing Adelina von Pilecka \64\. Since August 1905 she studied at the 1st women's gymnasium in Arkhangelsk Mariinsky and finished her full course with a certificate in 1910. During the 1910/1911 school year, he attended a course of pedagogical VIII class in the same school. Studied the established obligatory courses. Her chosen subject of mathematics studied specifically in the scope established for male high schools M N all times, the exercises in the Arkhangelsk Mariinsky 1st women's high school, i.e. since August 1905, the behavior was excellent. At the end of the General course of teaching a girls ' school, was awarded a silver medal, on the basis of article 30 Highest approved may 24, 1870 provisions on women's gymnasiums and schools of the Ministry of national education. According to the pedagogical Council of the gymnasium, held on June 1, 1911, she was awarded the title of home mentor in mathematics.
Martha Georgievna worked in the Agency of the state Bank at the "Palace of the group" accountant-operator. November 22, 1937, he was prosecuted under article 58 paragraph 6 of part 1 of the RSFSR criminal code. Resolution of the Troika at the NKVD in Arkhangelsk region from 11 January 1938, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a forced labor camp. She served in the camp for 6 years, in 1943 she was released ahead of schedule. Since 1955, he has been seeking a review of his case. 25 December 1956 the case against Martha Bonner Zaldokas was reviewed in order of supervision by the military Tribunal of the Northern military district, and in the absence of evidence discontinued. The last years of her life she lived in the village of Shipitsyno Arkhangelsk region Atlasovo district on North street, 149. Year and date death is unknown.
030. M. Alphonse P. Zaldokas (1893, Riga-?), serviceman. Married on 21 may 1923. Witnesses at their wedding were L. Presnyakov, and A. Gilde.

31. Garald Peter G. (Egorovich) (29.06.1893 -?), Russian citizen (with 28.06.1913 years), a merchant's son. He was baptized on November 19, 1893 at his parents ' house by pastor Bock. Godfather: Wilhelm Meyer, Adolf Scholz, Arthur Pilaski, Margaret Gilda, Emma Clapton \65\. In 1918, went from Arkhangelsk to Tula, 1920 — returned. In 1929, he was deprived of voting rights. Restored St. VTSIK No. 83/48 from 30.04.1930. Later he lived in Moscow and died there.
On July 16, 1917, as a student of the faculty of law of Petrograd University, he was married in the Orthodox Church.
031. J. N. Ksenofontova, nee Voeikov, the daughter of the Chairman of the County Council.
32. Jenny Anna G. (E.) (16.07.1897-?). On 11 January 1898 at his parents ' home at the sixth verst baptized by pastor Bock. Godfather: Alexander Engelhardt, Arkhangelsk Governor, Rudolf PEC, Michael Krilichevsky, Lydia Surkova, nee Shergold, Lydia Lindes, nee Beck, Anna Pilecka, nee Beck \66\. Not married, lived with her mother until 1926.
33.   Georgy Georgievich (Egorovich) (27.11.1895, Arkhangelsk — 11.01.1972, Moscow), Russian citizen with 26.06.1916). He served in the Headquarters of the red army in Vologda.
33. J. Sophia Ksenofontova, nee Voeikov (25.03.1905-12.02.1969).
34.  Helga Elizabeth R. (3.08.1892, Arhagelsk-?), British subject. The baptism took place on November 2, 1892 at his parents ' home by pastor W. Vegacream. Godfather: Wendelin Shergold, Alice des Fontaines, Alice Shergold, F. PEC, Geor Shergold, Alexander Meyer, Edmund PEC, Elizabeth PEC \67\.
034. M. Hermann von Berg (13.06.1894, Neuhausen castle -?), a student of the historical-philological faculty of the Imperial University of Tartu, the son of Rodger tenant Robert von Berg. Performed the ceremony of marriage in Arkhangelsk Evangelical Church on 9 September 1917. 9 September 1918 they had a son Robert Fritz Herman \68\.
35. Arna of Wendelin R. (27.10.1893, Arkhangelsk -1987, Sweden), a British subject. Baptism 4 Feb 1894 in his parents ' home by pastor Bock. Godfather: Theodore PEC, Arnest Schmidt, Matilda The Stump, Fanny Kuznetsova, Lydia Surkova \69\.
35. M. Olaf Oskarovich Vager, Swedish citizen (17.01.1888, Norderhov Norway ?). The rite of marriage 6 Jan 1918 made in Arkhangelsk Evangelical Church pastor F. IV. Warnell.
Margit Vager's daughter was born in London in 1930 and lives in Sweden.
36. Elsbeth Valet R. (22.10.1897 And Arkhangelsk ?). The baptism took place on March 5, 1898 in the house of parents on the sixth verst by pastor Bock. Godfather: Arthur PEC, Emil Brautigam, Ernestine Schmidt nee PEC, Fanny Landman, née Lindes, Anna Shergold, nee Pilecka \70\.
37. Hedwig Lydia R. (2.06.1907-). Baptism took place on November 28, 1907 in the apartment of parents in Arkhangelsk pastor Bock. Receptionists: albert Surkov, Boris Shergold, IDA F., nee von bill, Louise brown, Ella PEC \71\.
It took more than 200 years the name Shergold appeared in Arkhangelsk, when the young George Shergold at the age of 21 years arrived from London. And to this day his descendants live in Arkhangelsk. Grandson of the author, Ilya A. Shergold, a pupil of the 6th grade of secondary school № 50-VIII generation.

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schulz kruger schmidt Alps Linde desfontaines paetz clafton outzen brown van dyk van nimwegen gernet van brienen dest.valery
WSGABE 18.December2008 / (41F27). FRANKFURT AM MAIN
Dear Family, Lifting Friends,
the year is coming to an end, and so a bit of time and Leisure is, other things to deal with, had to wait all year about something. Time so, again, in the long family history.
But before that, I want to say, from this position, two of congratulations, or the news which is known not to do this it knew:
My Cousin Bjorn Bohning married on 30.5.2008 his girlfriend Sara Franz. I'm sure that you all the good wishes of the whole big family for accompany your future together. So good luck for both of you.
In addition, my Xante celebrates Maren Kerstine Fischer-Paulitsch on 24. December 2008 60.Birthday. Congratulations to You also, Maren. I admire how calmly You the fate to have as a child on Christmas eve, a birthday had to endure did. So much Fun to celebrate.
To liked but now again the "old" Relatives in the last few centuries: this Time, I will make the family of shear-gold /Shergold known. Although most of you are not descended directly from the Schergolds, so they are marriages, but about with some of the arch angeler families.
The oldest known representative of the family, James Shergold, who lived in England. About him we know, except that he was also married to a Sarah ( here, however, unlike in the case of our new family member, with a written).
His son, George Shergold was born on 13.3.1777 probably in London. In 1798, he came from London to Arkhangelsk, in order to accept a position as an accountant at the company Becker&co.. In the Russian documents it is carried out as Igor Jacoblevitch. On 3.2.1801 he married in Arkhangelsk Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Gernet, the daughter of the Tallinn master Kaiser-Russian fleet Lieutenant Peter Gernet, whose family's drove up to the year 1525 in Gollnow/Pomeranian back, and his St. Petersburg-born wife Margaretha Elisabeth Riemsnyder (de Yong). Anna's date of birth is probably the 23.1.1780, occasionally you can also find the date 23.6.1780 or 1786. George dies on the 6.3.1851.
Of his children up on the name little is known. His son of the same name, George leads the line.
Also in the next Generation there are not too many information. Alone about John Shergold as a merchant of the first Guild in Arkhangelsk and king Lich of British Consul a little more known. He was married to Wilhelmina line Kinsche, whose family came from the Swiss Canton of Graubunden Turn.
In the next Generation, there are several person stand out. The third George Shergold, on 20.4.1860 British state biirger was born still, but later the Russian Nationality, to be able to may, the family timber company, "Surkov & shear gold" went. He was a merchant of the second Guild, as well as Belgian and German Consul. He was married to Anna Wilhelmina of Pilatzky. Georges sister Lydia was married to Albert she is a merchant of the first Guild, and Partner of George. Their son Arnold (Arno), Surkov was the last Director of the family business, before it was expropriated by the Bolsheviks. The youngest sister, Alice Shergold, was married to the Director of the Russian foreign trade Bank in Arkhangelsk Mikhail Krillichevsky. She was slain at the age of 33 years, from the lightning.
Whose sister Matilda was married to the Norwegian Karl Stampe. Something puzzles the information on Robert John Shergold. He was probably born on 30.5.1861. Elsewhere, I have also found the date 1864. He was a merchant of the second Guild and a Partner in "Surkov & shear gold". About his life, I have two different kinds of information: according to the haufigeren he escaped later with his daughter Hedwig uber Poland to East Germany and there, at the 5.6.1950 died. For it speaks, and that two of his children lived later there and died. According to another source, he died already at the 5.12.1904 in Arkhangelsk.
Hedwig's husband, Heinrich Papcke (Paepcke/Popcke) has been shot down in a bombing attack on London with his plane. The Cousin of his wife, Vladimir Kuprianoff was a Pilot on the French side, the family Shergold was actually from England and lived in Russia. The whole Widersirm of this war is from the family's point of view on this set.
Hedwig's oldest sister, Helga Elisabeth shear gold was married to a Baltic Nobleman, Hermann Alexander von Berg, who had studied in Dorpat and the fraternity "Livonia" budding places. Hire the daughter of Helga from the mountain drowned in an accident in the Baltic sea, the son of Robert "Robby" of the mountain was a Journalist and translator and has lived in Dorpat, float, Bad Kissingen, and New York. He was married to Countess Lucia Uvarov.
Of the other branches of the Shergold family little is known to me. Adolf Konstantin Shergold, son of George Shergold and Anna of Pilatzky, was Sub-Lieutenant of the Russian Navy, and fell in 1. World war II in Riga. He was buried in the Lutheran cemetery in Arkhangelsk. His older brother, Boris, was executed in may or June of 1938, the Communist terrorist actions. His grandson, Alexander Shergold was later President of the over 100-year-old "Foreign Colony Club", which was mitgegrtindet of his ancestors, Robert Shergold.
Andrei Shergold, son of George Shergold and Sophia Woikova, came during the 2.World war, in captivity and the last of may, was seen in a pow camp near Vienna. Since then, he is considered to be missing.
An interesting Detail even to a conclusion. During a visit to the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, I was able to find out what happened to Louis, the Fontaines, the older brother of our proven direct ancestors of Pierre des Fontaines, after he had left France in April, 1695, he was apparently one of the municipality of the French community elderly in London (see origin map). Later, in 1700, he went with his wife on the Board of the Huguenot emigrant ship "Peter and Anthony", and emigrated to Virginia, USA. There he is aufgefflhrt in the passenger + immigrants lists. I follow the track in London. Perhaps insights can be Yes about the ancestors of the brother of Fontaine's win.
You alien a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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