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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher

A list of the archangels since 1701

S. M. Gernet.
Ayrer Carolina-germ. podd. One thousand nine hundred four
Airer rose – germ. podd. One thousand nine hundred four
Alexander I.-the pharmacist of the Arkhangelsk Admiralty drugstore. One thousand seven hundred ninety seven
Albrecht Fedor-Mecklenburg-Schwerin podd. One thousand eight hundred ninety nine
Altinger Jan – Prussian podd. One thousand eight hundred sixty seven
The amburger (Amburger), Karl Fedorovich – revel merchant. 1811-13.
The amburger F. Franz was born in St. Petersburg. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1819 Signed up for the Arch. 3rd Guild coop in 1825 from foreign. Nassau-Gouzinsky of the nation.
Anderson Andrei Ivanovich-Prussian podd. One thousand eight hundred eighty five
Atland Jonas – germ. podd. About the note in the petty bourgeoisie of the mountains. Mezen. One thousand seven hundred eighty eight
Bading, Heinrich Theodor – Prussian podd. One thousand nine hundred five
Malkovich, Oscar Henry Leo – Prussian podd., office worker 1893-94 gg
Banach Tomas Osipovich-Prussian podd. One thousand eight hundred seventy nine
Bartman, a former Secretary of the Onega district. One thousand seven hundred ninety seven
Bartz Martin Martinov – Danish supp. 1786-1788
East Prussian podd. 1868-69.
Baum Georg-Wilhelm (Baum) – urozh. G. Neuwied-on-Rhine. Enrolled at Ross. military. the service in 1805 the battalion doctor. 4.08.1816 – appointed main doctor in Arhang. military ground. hospital.
Bach-Prussian podd. One thousand eight hundred sixty three
Beer (Beyer) (Beyer) Yakov Mikhailov. – Saxon. 1786-1788, 1806
Beyer Ivan is a Saxon native. One thousand seven hundred ninety six
Bayle Henrietta with their two children – Hamburg podd., 1825-26.
Becken Login-Hamburg podd., broker at Arch. port 1729-1778 years.
Becker Alexander is a Brandenburg merchant. One thousand seven hundred seventy seven
Becker Alexander is a Danish merchant. 1790.
Becker samoylo – revel merchant. Signed up for Arch. The 1st Guild merchant. 1819.
Becker Samuel is a Brandenburg merchant. One thousand seven hundred seventy seven
Becker Jacob is a foreigner. 1766-1796.
Beckman Matvey-Cooper master (Cooper). 1885.
Benky Franz Ivanov-Hamburg podd., rope master. In Arkhangelsk since 1804, 1806.
Berard is a Professor. Issued by the merchants Rode, Dibaccara, des Fontanna and Garneton to Russia to teach their children. 1798.
The ber Karl – Mecklenburg podd. 1891-93.
Berend Alexander Julius-Prussian podd. One thousand nine hundred eight
Berend Woldemar Emil – Prussian podd. One thousand nine hundred three
Behrend, Carl Julius – German podd. Kind. in Gottet. In Arkhangelsk Vinokur and mednik. One thousand eight hundred ninety nine
Behrend, Carl Julius – Prussian podd. Died? One thousand eight hundred ninety nine
Berend Robert-Prussian podd. One thousand nine hundred two
Behrens is a Hamburg merchant. He died in Arkhangelsk in 1728.
Behrens-Hamburg podd. Died. 1728-29.
Betehtina Alexander Alexeev – architect. petty bourgeoisie, midwife. 1906.
Bidder Hugo – agronomist. 1908-09.
Bilinsky Konstantin Matveevich-Prussian podd. Supervised 1906-18.
Bertram, Wilhelm, Prussian podd. One thousand eight hundred thirty nine
Blau Ivan-Prussian podd., a Minister in the Lutheran Church. One thousand seven hundred ninety six
Blow John DOE. – Hamburger. 1768-1788.
Blue (Yu)m Johann – Hamburg podd. About the note in peasants of the Kholmogorsky district. One thousand seven hundred ninety
Blumenroder, William The Leper. 1786-1788 - Saxon native. Temporarily written to the Architect. merchant class.
von Blossfeldt(Blossfeldt) Frederick Edward George Peter, hereditary nobleman, barrister, 32 years. Pskov Ave., Thunder.Died 9.07.1913 g.
Boswell John (George) – Hamburg podd., merchant clerk. One thousand eight hundred fifty one
Brandt (Brandt) William Yoganow – Hamburg podd. Arrived to Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk in 1802, the merchant of 1st Guild. Written to the merchant in 1808 from foreign visitors.
Brant Carl – Architect. merchant of the 1st Guild. Offsprings'. honorary citizen. One thousand eight hundred fifty eight
Braceros Leonid – German podd. One thousand nine hundred two
Brautigam Emil Karlovic – Prussian podd. Got it. in Arch. the merchant of the 2nd Guild. One thousand nine hundred
Broker, Henry merchant's clerk. 1795.
Broker Thomas Timashov – revel born.
Brunner, Erwin – Germans. podd. One thousand nine hundred two
Brust Victor – home teacher. 1854.
Brust Christians – Danish merchant. 1791.
Botox Sofia – Germans. podd. One thousand nine hundred eight
Wagner Ivan Egorov-Bavarian freak. In Arkhangelsk since 1819. Philistine.
Wakarecy, Emilia – Germans. podd. 1907.
Walter John Smith – burghers of the city of Narva. Signed up for arch. merchants of the 3rd Guild in 1858.
Wargenau, Leopold Charles, Riga citizen. Enrolled in Arkhangelsk philistinism in 1856 Enrolled in architect. 3rd Guild forming. 185 (9?) g .
Veda Johann Christian – Mecklenburg-Schwerin podd., mournful master. 1850.
Veda Dandy Johann Christian – Mecklenburg-Schwerin podd. On the adoption in Ross. podd-vo. 1850.
Wade (Wade?) Ivan-braunschweg podd. 1789.
Weyman Ivan Ivanov – Livonia harvested. A foreigner. guest.
Weyman Carl-Hanover podd., musician. 1850.
Wafel WOL – German podd. 1917.
Welke, Hermann – Prussian podd. his wife, Mary, daughter of Mariam. 1902.
Verze Maxim-germansk. podd. His wife Martha with children: Vladimir and Emilia. 1908.
Werner Karl – Riga citizen. Arkhangelsk petty bourgeois. 1862.
Westerman James F. – enlisted in architect. 3rd Guild merchant in 1825, of foreign. G. Hamburg.
Vetere, Johann Friedrich Hamburg podd. 1850.
Vetere, Friedrich – Hamburg podd. About acceptance in the Russian citizenship. 1850.
Visa Voldemar-German podd. 1915.
Vielman Eduard Karl Prussian podd. 1851.
Wilton Emilia-Prussian podd. 1902.
Withers, August Andreev – Hamburg podd. Apprentice for sugar s de brunt. 1826.
Withers, William – Hanover supp. 1850.
Withers, William August – Prussian podd. Merchant clerk (see wife, children) 1868-70
Withers, Johann Friedrich of Hanover supp. 1850.
Withers, Feodor – recorded in arch. the merchant in 1851 from Hanover supp. Rewritten in 1852, in the merchant city of Veliky Ustyug.
Withers, Edward – Hanover supp. the brother of William Witers. 1850.
Vitim Emilia-Prussian podd. 1903.97
Witt (Witt) Bernhardt – teacher Arkhangelsk gymnasium. 1913.
Wishaw (Whishay) William Borisov joined the architect. The 1st Guild merchant in 1843, from SP\b merchants.
Volgan Engelbrecht-Prussian podd. owner l/p z-Yes, in the Mezen district, der. MEGRA. 1916.
Wolf Paul – Germans. podd. 1907.
Wolf Paul Wilhelm. 1908.
background Vyshemirskaya Wanda – wife of Stanislaus von Wyszomirski. 1905.
background Wyszomirski Ludwig – German podd. 1906.
background Wyszomirski Stanislav Franzevich – Skinner. 1905.
Wasin Thomas – German podd. Expressed a desire to enter the Russian military service. 1772.

Haas Charles Kondratyevich. 1908-1909
Gabel, Hans jürgen – Hamburg nation. Sugar's the apprentice. 1796.
Gabel Julien-Hamburg podd. Serves in the office of the merchants "Becker and K?". 1796.
Hammer-Hamburg podd. 1815.
Sandtoft Karl fridrikhovich – foreign. 1920.
Hahneman Willy-Prussian podd. 1902.
Hansen, Fedor – Hamburg podd. 1845.
Hansen, Christopher Frederick of Prussia podd., skipper. 1815.
Garres is a Hamburg merchant. 1828.
Hartmann Nicholas Charles joined the Architect. the merchants of Riga's citizens in 1852
Haslinger, Elizabeth – widow of Prussian support. 1884-85.
Gashar Augustus Theodore-Hamburg podd., teacher in the German school of Arkhangelsk. wife Maria.
Gashar Augustus Theodore-teacher of the German school. wife Maria. Daughter Dorothea. 1851.
Quaker Ludwig – 1917.
Goebel Carl Herman Fedorovich. 1903.
Geders Carl K. is a pharmacist. Acting accountant of the Admiralty pharmacy. 1791.98
Heideke-Bernburg podd. 1870.
Heideke – braniborsky podd. 1870.
Game Christopher-Prussian podd. About the note to the peasants of the Mezen district. 1787.
Heinrich Oscar-German podd., the driver lived. road. He died in 1898.
The Heinrich Edward Ioannou – Saxon podd. 1859.
Gateman's a foreigner. 1848.
Heytmann, Anna – the daughter of the Hanover supp. Yevgeny Andreyev of Geitman with Shenkurskiy cross, K. G. Cancer, 26.05.1891 G.
Gateman Wilhelm is a Hanover pod. 1851.
Heytmann, Henry – Hanover supp. 1848-1850.
Heytmann, Eugene – Hanover supp. 1854-1884.
Gateman Carl is a foreigner. 1851.
Heytmann, Paul Yevgeny – Russian podd. 1893.
Gateman Edward is a foreigner. 1851.
Gates Maurice? Augustus-Hamburg citizens. 1905.
Gellerman Johann Heinrich – born in Bremen. About the note in Arch. merchant class. Skipper. 1819.
Gelman, the Frederick etinski born. About the note in farmers Arch. districts. 1798.
Gender (Genter?) Bernhard-Arkhangelsk petty bourgeoisie, sausage master. 1853.
Gena Coil Gottlieb – servant Background Hoffmansegg. 1854.
Genter Maria and her daughters Clara and Louise are Hamburg assholes. 1875 (One of the daughters took Ross. podd-in in 1872).
Hermann August Richard Bruno – German podd. 1907-15.
German Anton-German podd. 1907.
Peter Gernet – from revel merchants. Signed up for arch. Posad in 1782
Gert Heinrich-Norman. the skipper of the Emden. 1824.
Hertz Ivan-Prussian podd., artisan. 1796.
Herzenberg Ivan Mikhailov-Danish podd. 1786-1788.
Gesler, James Hanover supp. Musician. 1851.
Gilda Carl, Riga P. P. G. teacher in Arhang. The Evangelical. school since 1852.
Gitman Carl – Hanover supp. 1864.
Lovers Ivan – the merchant of Hamburg to Arkhangelsk. 1701.
Hovers Johann is a Hamburg native. Died in 1827-29.
Golb-Revelsky merchant. Rewritten in Arch. merchants 1822.
Holbom, Ekbert (Egbertus Hoolboom)– the pastor.
Goltz Ludwig-Hamburg podd. On the adoption in Ross. nationality. 1844.
Gorman H. – Kholmogory district physician. 1797.
Gortman-Austrian podd., Baker. 1878.
Hartman, Adolf – Austrian podd. Pastry apprentice. 1851. Signed up for arhang. hlebopechek. shop. in 1857 he signed up for the arch in 1863. 2nd Guild. coop-WO.
Gosman Gottlieb-Prussian podd., organ master. 1796.
Gots Alexander fridrikhovich – German podd., person under surveillance. 1908-12.
Gousman Mikhail-Prussian podd., organ apprentice. 1796.
Hoffmann Rudolf wilhelmovich-German podd. 1897.
Von Hoffman seconded Centuries – Saxon podd. 1854.
Grager August Wilhelm. – German support. 1917.
Granatier Henry – Hamburg podd. 1850.
Grandman Filosi – Prussian podd. (see family) 1858. About the note in Arch. philistinism.
Grandsport F. – Prussian podd. 1858.
Grafport Andrew Hamburg merchant. 1729.
Christian heating-Hamburg podd., the clerk at the merchant's office. 1796-1806.
Grelle Christians Ivanov – Hamburg native. A foreigner. guest in Arkhangelsk. The clerk in the commercial. office (1796). Signed up for Arch. 1 th guilds coop-in. Commercial Advisor (1824), P. P. G. (1833).
Hrenhof – Hanover supp. Maiden. About the note in Arch. philistinism. 1856.
Grenz Ivan-Prussian podd. Artisan. 1796.
Gronemeyer – Hamburg podd. 1825.
Gronemeyer – Arkhangelsk tradesman. One thousand eight hundred eighty one
Gronemeyer Henry – Hamburg podd. About the note in Arch. philistinism. 1839.
Gronemeyer Henry Ross. podd. Arkhangelsk petty bourgeois. Signed up for arch. 3rd Guild forming.
Gratarul Anna Andreeva – Hamburg podd. 1806.
Gugler-Bavarian podd. 1857.
Gulf Friedrich Ivanov – foreign. 1806.
Gul (Guhl) Karl Fedorov – in 1807 signed up to the Arch. the narrow-mindedness of foreigners, Fredrikstad.
Gut Ernest? German? Augustus (Huht) – German podd. 1907.
Guf-Prussian podd. 1847.
Gulzow Friedrich – Hamburg merchant. 1826.
Gaogao – Prussian podd. Prisoner. 1885-88.
Dahl commander is an employee in the white sea company. 1805-1806.
Dangers, Gustav – Hanover supp. 1855.
Danske (Dance) H. – staff physician. 1801.
Desev Andrey Leopoldovich 1920.
Deseve Leopold A. – 1920.
Demartin Ivan – Prussian podd. 1849-50.
Derwald Vasily Fedorovich – meklenburgsky podd. Baker. He died in 1861.
Deleers (Dangers?)- Hamburg podd. On the adoption in Ross. podd. 1856.
Detlov Emil Heinrich-German podd. 1906.
Detlov Jacob-Hamburg podd. 1856.
Is Petr Nikolaev – Danish supp. 1786-1788.
Dolgner-German podd. 1916.
Domize – Prussian sailor. 1869.
Dangers, Gustav – Hanover supp. 1885.
Doerbecker Kondrat Pavlov – foreigner Hessian of the nation. 1786-1788. Archangel 1st Guild merchant from 1794
Dost Egor Ivanov is a native of Mecklenburg, the regimental doctor. 1806.
Dresen Mary (Magdalene) born. PEC (Paetz) – Saxon podd., with daughter Margarita
Dressen (Dressen) Petr Nikolaus Petrov – Danish podd. From the city of Warns. Came to Arch. in 1801, a Teacher at the reformed Church.
Drichel Christians of Yoganow – of the citizens of the city of lübeck. Signed up for Arhang. petty bourgeoisie in 1812, The owner of the kitchen.
The Spirit Chum? Elena-Prussian podd. 1906.
Eders-pharmacist of the Arkhangelsk Admiralty pharmacy. 1997.
Erner-Kola Gorodnichy. 1798.
Jamat, Hermann – Prussian podd. 1908.
Jamat ? Joseph-German podd. 1906.
Zander Gregory – saxecoburggotski podd., school teacher. 1850.
Sass Ivan Konstantinovich. 1920.
Seburg – Prussian podd., artisan. 1860.
Zeid (Zeid?) Ivan Yuryev is a Braunschweig native. Hairdresser. 1776-1806.
Seger Gregory – saxecoburggotski podd., home teacher. 1851.
Serocki – German podd., prisoner. 1883.
Seifert Bogdan Bogdanov – a native of Hamburg. 1886.
Seifert Egor-Hamburg nation, teacher of the German school. 1796-1800.
Seifert Christian-Harold-Saxon podd. from the city of Annebert. Arrived at the Arch in 1819. Director of the Evangelical school.
Iskele (Icel?) Karl-Prussian podd. with his wife Carolina Amalia. Artisan. 1851.
Casel Feodor – recorded in arch. the narrow-mindedness of the citizens of the mountains. Lübeck in 1809. Interpreter to the Architect. custom. Vice-Consul of the United States in ARH-SK. With 1806, recorded in foreign. guests in 1808.
Kal Ivan Daniel – classicalstyle native (in. the case of Hamburg podd). Organ master. 1796.
Kamke Carl-Hanover podd., musician. 1851.
Camp Avdotya – Hanover supp., Arkhangelsk petty bourgeois widow. 1862.
Camp Carl – Hanover supp., musician. 1850.
Curpage Edward – Prussian podd. On the adoption in Ross. nationality. 1850.
Cat commander – servant employed in the white sea company. 1805-06.
Cowart Benjamin Gottlieb – Prussian podd., widows (see children) 1859-1868-70.
Kaufer Benjamin Gottlieb-Prussian podd., gardener. 1854.
Quirit Charlotte-German podd. 1908.
Keller, Eduard Karlovich – German podd. 1910-12.
Kerken Johann-German podd. expressed a desire to enter the Ross. military service. 1772.
Kester, Peter, Friedrich – Hamburg podd. The clerk at the office. 1796.
Kizel-Lubeck merchant.
Keel Jacobus Mr. J. Christensen – German podd. 1903.
Claver Peter-Hamburg podd. 1763.
Cool (Classen) Egor Ivanov joined the architect. merchants of the 1st Guild in 1820 from St. Petersburg merchants. P. P. G. and Commerce. advice with 1835.
Classen Johann is a foreigner. merchant in Arch. 1778.
Cool Friedrich – a native of Hamburg. 1825.
Clevex Bernhard-Friedrich (Martin Andreev) – Hamburg podd. About the note in Arch. The 1st Guild merchant. 1810.
Kling-German podd., prisoner. 1883.
Kohler Johann-German podd. 1907.
Colmorgen Gottlieb Andrew, a Prussian native, Arkhangelsk merchant. 1816-17.
Kohl, Christopher – Hanover supp., musician. 1850.
The end of Peter-Prussian podd. 1866.
Konol Yuri is a Hamburg merchant in Arkhangelsk. 1701.
Konol Yuri is a Hamburg merchant. 1701.
Conrad (s) Ivan – Saxon podd., matrimony rogozh under Arch. port. 1796.
Cordes Franz-Wilhelm Laurentius – Hamburg podd. 1793-96.
Kotetsky Yuzef-German podd. 1916.
Koch, Ivan Frederick, a native of Westphalia. 1909-10.
Koch, Johann Friedrich – hour master of the German nation, the Westphalian district, G. Duderstat? 1814-19.
Kashani, August – Prussian podd. Recorded temporarily in the archipelago. mechanical arts. shop in 1874.
Kashani, Lydia – German podd. 1903.
Kashani, Ernst August – recorded at Arkh. petty bourgeoisie in 1912.
Krell Christians Ivanov – Mecklenburg podd., tailor. 1835.
Krel Catherine – on the road in Hamburg. 1780.
Kreti Moritz-German podd. 1902.
Kriston Georg is a Saxon podd., artisan. 1788.
Kroner Nikolai is a Hamburg native. 1786-88.
Kronberg, Johann Gottfried – Saxon podd. About the note in the peasantry Kholmogory district. 1788.
Kropp (n) (Cropp) Franz Fedorov – Hamburg podd. (see wife and children). 1806.
Kropp, Franz – Hamburg podd. He's with the Danish merchants ' office Becker and K?". 1796.
Kropp, Franz – revel merchant. 1815-16.
Cross Adam-Prussian podd. 1814.
Christians Ivanovich shakes-Mecklenburg podd., tailor master. 1835.
Kuhn (Kuhn Elise) Elise – German podd. 1907.
Kutner Vasily Augustov-Prussian podd. 1902.
Kutner Vasily augustovich-Prussian podd. 1902.

Lacanau, Nikolaus – Hamburg podd. sugar's the apprentice. 1796.
Landman-Hanover podd. 1861.
Landman George Andreev – Hanover supp. 1861.
Landman didrich-Hamburg podd. sugar master. 1850.
Landman Edward-Hamburg podd. sugar master. 1851.
Landman, Jurgen – Hamburg podd. sugar master. 1850.
Landman, Jurgen, ' 21 – Hanover supp. Took Ross. podd in 1861 Married to a Russian. podd. Kuznetsov's.
Larin of Pocop – merchant. Died in Arkhangelsk. 1789.
Maria lass (Lass Maria) – Prussian podd. 1902.
Laurentius – physician of the marine hospital. Died 1798.
Evening Barcafan – Prussian podd. 1827.
Lengauer, Yemelyan written in Ross. podd-in of the Austrian. podd. in 1913, The head of the fire brigade in Arkhangelsk (1920).
Lenore Petr Samoilovich – Hamburg podd. Is for commercial office. 1796.
Augustus lets-Saxon podd., son Andrew. 1844.
Andrey lets-Saxon podd. 1844.
Lets Christians-Saxon podd., son Andrew. 1844.
Lebendes Elizabeth home – a teacher in Arkhangelsk. Her mother was born. GAPP. 1835.
Lynge-Lubeck podd. About the note in the peasantry Kholmogory district. 1788.
Lingen (EB) Niklas-Hamburg podd. sugar master. 1796.
Lindes Georg – Hamburg CET. 1857.
Lindes Egor-Hamburg podd. Carolina's Wife. One thousand eight hundred fifty
Children: Egor.F., the Waterfront, the office T-VA.Director North. Paroh, who called the. Societies.
Edward, Theodore, Robert, Caroline, Matilda.
InDesign-Heinrich of Yoganow son. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1784. The pastor of the Lutheran Church. Hamburg podd. 1789-91.
Lindes Louise – Hamburg podd. Widow with children: Gustave, Louise, IDA. 1850.
Lindes Matilda-Hamburg podd. Took the oath of office to Ross. podd-in 15.11.1866 g.
Lindes Robert-German podd. 1875.
Lindes Ferdinand is 26 years old-Hamburg podd. 1865.Took Ross. podd-in 8.04.1868 g.)
Lindes Emilia-Hamburg podd. Children: daughter Emilia. 1850.
Loftus Carl Timofeev-Danish podd. 1786-88.
Luben Ludwig Robert-Prussian podd. 1854.
Luben Ludwig Robert-Prussian podd., student of Commerce at the office of merchant brunt. 1854.
Ludovic Balthazar-Brandenburg podd., doctor. 1729-30.
Lyurs (Luhrs), Karl – Hanover supp. 1796.
Lyurs (Luhrs) Peter Charles – Hanover supp. A note in the Arch. 2nd Guild forming. 1832. Architect of the 1st Guild merchant.
Mader is a staff physician. 1802.
Malik-Prussian podd. 1864.
Malison Egor-Prussian podd., young child. 1850.
Mallison Egor Andreev-ARH. 2-second Guild merchant, enlisted in the merchant in 1849, of Prussian support.
Mallison, Yegor Yegorov – architect 2-second Guild merchant, enlisted in the merchant from Pruss. podd. in 1844. P. p. G. since 1874. Hanover Consul since 1850.
Mann Ivan-Hamburg podd. Children: John and Henry. Bookbinder books.
Martinius Johann Georg is a Hamburg merchant. 1777.
Martinsen, Peter – Bremen merchant. 1701.
Mouse Carl-Prussian podd. 1850.
MEHIB Anton Efimov – Holstein born. 1786-88.
Mahiber Anton – Prussian podd. A Minister in the Lutheran Church. 1796.
Mahiber Anton Friedrich Holstein born. A Minister in the Lutheran Church.
Meighan (Maine) Ivan* – Mecklenburg native, he was a salesman. 1786-88, 1796. Mayen is a Christian, his son. 1796. Meighan, Andrew – his son. 1796. (young children are with their parents).
* Possibly, the Arkhangelsk Meyens (meyns) are in relationship with Alexander Danilovich Mein (1837-1899), the grandfather of Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva.
Meyer (Meyer) Bertold Jacob is a Hamburg native. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1803. Recorded in Arch. 3rd Guild merchant. 1812. The average Adjuster in the Arch. port.
Meyer Benjamin – a native of Hamburg. Arch. 3rd Guild merchant. 1812.
Meyer, Jeremy – the Hamburg merchant. 1728.
Maier Johann is a native of the mountains. Dresden's. About the note in peasants of the Arkhangelsk district. 1790.
Meincke Jens Georg Joachim – Mecklenburg podd. Wife Elizabeth, daughter of Matilda. 1859.
Manske Johann Georg Joachim Nucleus – Mecklenburg podd. sugar master. 1850-51.
Mysner Sofia-Prussian podd. 1883-84.
Maitz-Prussian podd. 1864.
Malir Ivan Christiano – a native of Mecklenburg (see wife and kids). 1806.
Meng Yark-Bremen podd. 1806.
Menk Yakov Christians son-Mecklenburg podd. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1818 the Port master.
Menke, Karl – Prussian podd. With his wife and children. 1875.
Menke Jacob-Mecklenburg podd, tailor. 1850. Wilhelmin's Wife. Children: Wilhelm, Wilhelmina, Leontina, Emma.
Mary Gustav – württemberg podd., candidate of theology. Augustus ' Wife. 1851.
Miller Fedor-Prussian podd., artisan. 1851.
Minsk German-German podd. 1915-17.
Malvo (Mollwo) Herman Narva citizen. Enrolled in Arkhangelsk merchant. 1820.
All-in-Philip – Hanover supp., musician. 1851.
Mut Ivan Ivanov-Saxon podd. (see wife and children). 1806.
Myshevsky-Prussian podd. Find. under police supervision. 1876.
Nadler, Moritz – Prussian podd. 1881-83.
Nathanson S. K. – German podd. 1902.
Nathanson, Samuel Charles – German podd. 1902.)
Nakhtigal Nikolay-Prussian podd. About the note in Arch. philistinism. 1846.
Neubauer, Gottfried – Prussian podd. 1765.
Neubauer, Klemen – Saxon podd., music teacher. 1850.
Neubauer Clemens is a Saxon pod., music teacher. 1851.
Natit Ivan, Bremen, podd. About the note in the Arkhangelsk merchants. 1784.
Natit Karl – Hamburg podd., smoker. 1850-51.
Natit Karl – German podd. Was born in Arkhangelsk in 1814. 1825-26.
Niederberger (Niederberger) Emilia – Hermann. podd. 1902.
Niederberger, Mar Charlotte Agnes – German podd. 1903.
Nielsen, Johann, a native of Holstein. About the note in peasants of the Kholmogorsky district. 1791.
Nitsch, Wilhelm – Prussian podd., Baker. 1845.
Nitsch, Wilhelm – Prussian podd., Baker. 1845.
Norman – Chairman velikoustyugskaya provincial magistrate, of the College counselor. 1783.
Norman Dorothy – Hamburg podd. 1850.
Nuska – Prussian podd. 1847.
Nucks Ivan Antonov, a Prussian-born. 1786-88.
Beleren Pavel Andreev – Danish supp. The Yield Of Hamburg. 1786-88. Merchant. 1789.
Alfred ogrel-Prussian podd. 1881.
Oldecop Egor-arch. a merchant. son. Listed in the number of civil, Fredrikstad. 1835.
Oldekop Elizaveta Fedorova – a merchant's daughter. 1835.
Oldecop Friedrich Artemiev-revel merchant. Signed up for temporary arhang. a merchant in 1798
Olivier (Olivie) Johann-Heinrich Of Yoganow. Signed up for Arch. petty bourgeoisie in 1810 from foreigners of the German nation. Signed up for Arch. the merchant in 1812.
Oliver Ivan – Prussian nation. In the service of the merchant Christian Rodde (Rohde). 1796.
Ottlie George Nicholas Ferdinand-Prussian podd. GL. mechanic Architect post and Telegraph district. 1888-93.
Pagels Johann-Prussian podd. 1825-26.
Packard – the healer of the coastal command fleet ship in Arkhangelsk. 1799.
Paron (Vapors) albert – Prussian podd., sailor. About sending home. 1881.
Paterson – born in Dorpat. 1796.
Pegs-Saxon podd. 1874-75.
PEL Paul is a Hamburg merchant in Arkhangelsk. 1701.
PEC (Paetz) August August – Saxon native, Archangel merchant. (see wife and children) lives in Arkhangelsk for 32 years. 1806.
PEC Andrey Avgustov-Saxon podd., joined Ross. nationality. Signed up for Arch. petty bourgeoisie in 1819. Signed up for Arch. a merchant in 1835. Children his, Saxon podd.: Andrew,Martin, Dorothea, Caroline. One thousand eight hundred fifty
PEC Wilhelm-Saxon podd., tailor master. Adelfina wife, daughter Wilhelmina. 1850.
PEC Bruno F.
Pilecki Jakob Gottlieb Constantine – born in Fallin. Principal arch. man. gymnasia. 1851-91. Hereditary nobleman.
Pilz Maria-German podd. 1907.
Plint is a doctor in Pinega. 1798.
Pasteling – the Hamburg merchant. 1799.
Pasteling Taba the Adams Hamburg merchant. Danish support. 1786-88.
Pasteling, Tobias is a Hamburg merchant. 1778.
Pasteling, Jacob – Hamburg podd., clerk. 1796.
Popp Matthew – the Hamburg merchant in Arkhangelsk. 1701.
Potash Aron-Bremen podd. 1796-97.
Procopius Boris Gavrilovic – Colonel. Arch. uyezd. military. the beginning-K. 1897.
Putlin – Oldenburg born. 1815.
Putman arch. Philistine. Skipper Ross. ship "Saint Nicholas".
Ranger Andrew-Hamburg merchant. 1729.
Fedor Fedorov is an organist of the reformed Church. 1806. (see wife and children) in Arkhangelsk 10 years.
Rebs Clara Emilia Rosina-German podd. 1903.
Revald Alexandra Matveevna-German podd. 1917.
Rewald Emil Emilie – German podd., confectioner. 1893.
Revald Emil Emilievich-Prussian podd. 1902. His wife Alexandra.
Revolt – Prussian podd. 1910.
Revald Emil Emil'evich-Prussian podd. 1910-11.
Rosen Egor (Rese Georg Ernest) – branderburger, the Builder of the Novodvinskaya fortress 1701-05.
Flight Fedor-Hamburg podd., merchant clerk. 1851.
Jurgen - Hamburg podd. (see wife and children). 1824.
Jurgen - Hamburg podd. His daughter Maria. 1854.
Roerich, Alexander Fedorovich – the official. 1870.
Remsnyder, A. F., constable of Council decorum (master) in Arkhangelsk. 1791.
Remsnyder Fedor – locker architect. port. 1786-88.
Rindfleish Vasily Fedorov – from foreign. herms'. nation, Leipzig. Signed up for Arch. petty bourgeoisie in 1815.
Rinek (Rieneck) Christian-Wilhelm Martynov – Hamburg podd. The organist of the Lutheran Church in Arkhangelsk. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1798
Rinek (Rineck) Philip Ivanov – Hamburg podd. In Arkhangelsk 10 years. 1806.
Richter-Prussian podd. 1894.
Richter Untilt Christians Eduard Brandenburg podd. Potter. Manufacturer of porcelain and faience ware. 1851.
Richter Veniamin polikarpovich-Saxon native, Archangel meshchanin (see wife and children). 1806.
Richter Wilhelmina Yakovlev – Anhalt-barburski podd. 1884.
Richter Lydia-German podd. 1902.
Richter, Traugott Benami Polikarpov – Saxon podd. 1796-98.
Richter Christian – barburski podd. 1875.
Richter Edward is a foreigner. 1880-81.
Richter Emil Filipov – political exile in Kholmogory district. 1906.
Rodde (Rodde) Christians Borisov – arch. merchant, who signed up in 1786 from the merchants of Revel.
Rodde (Rode) Jacob – Hamburg podd. About the note in Arch. merchant class. 1809-11.

Santier (Santjer) Garm Iogannovich (G. R. 1773) – skipper. Arch. merchant enrolled foreigners of the German nation, Prussian possession of Emden. 1823-25. In 1928 in his house Joachim guernet opened a school for children.
Sass, Edward M. – German podd. 1920.
Siling Karsten of Karsten – the Hamburg native. Got it. temporary architect-mechanical philistinism. 1801.
Sting Friedrich Wilhelm of Hanover supp., Baker. 1841.
The sting William Frederick Hanover supp., Baker. 1841.
Sarcophyton – Prussian podd.1874-75
Suling Karsten – Hamburg podd. The clerk at the merchant's office. 1796-1801.
TAS Ivan Nikolaev-Hamburg podd. 1806.
Tashner Emil-German podd., MD. 1903.
Tainor Xaver – German podd. About sending to Prussia. 1833.
Cherkinskaya Maria – German podd. 1903.
Tiden Johann Dietrich Ludwig-Johann son. Signed up for Arhang. Posad in 1809 from Kurland natives, run Inn serves excellent cuisine. Resin braver in Arhan. port.
Tim Bogdan Bogdanov is a Saxon native, Archangel merchant. 1806.
Toms Ernst-German podd. 1907.
Trendman – Prussian podd. For admission to Ross. podd-in with family. 1858.
Traube, Karl – Bavarian podd. 1869.
Trochenbrod Pavel Ivanov – Saxon native, Arkhangelsk tradesman. 1806.
Ullay440. (Ullay) Richard Johann wesenbergii tradesman. Managing the sawmill plant. 1907.
Ulrich Ebeltoft-Hamburg podd. 1850.
Olsen, Martin Abramowitz. Troitskiy PR., sob. D. timber merchant.
Untied, Nicholas A. – Danish supp. A native of Kiel. Since 1821 he has been a teacher at the Evangelical school in Arkhangelsk.
Urbach Aug – Prussian podd. 1902.
Fasel, Ivan Fedorov – Hamburg podd. 1786-88.Arkhangelsk merchant
Felix Peter-Hamburg podd., marriage worker fat under Arch. port. 1770.
Felsh-Hamburg podd., meat braver at Arch. port. 1770.
Ferdiš Augustus-Prussian podd. 1885.
Ferdiš Augustus-Prussian podd. For admission to Ross. podd-vo. 1855.
Fink Carl-Saxon podd. 1866-67.
Finn Carl-Saxon podd. 1864.
Fisher, Joseph – Austrian podd. Took Ross. podd-in in 1914.
Emil Fischer – German podd. 1906.
Flucht Andrei Israel – Vyborgsky born. 1786-88.
Vogelgesang Friedrich – German podd. 1902.
Vogelgesang Friedrich – German podd., skipper. Wife Mary, nee. Landman. 1884.
Foy Marianne-Hamburg podd. On the adoption in Ross. podd-vo. 1851
Fockenberg Baltazar – Prussian podd., convict. 1871.
Fontaines, Abram I. des (26.08.1802, Arkhangelsk – 24.09.1873), merchant 1-St Guild, Commerce adviser, Arkhangelsk mayor in 1853-1859 years.
Fontanez, Alexander Adolf des (11/26.04.1869, London – 12.02.1872).
Fontaines, Anna M. des (17.06.1820–22.06.18?). I. Fontaines.
Fontanasalsa A. des (24.07.1924–18.09.1998).
Fontaines, Berthe des born. Sholts (9.12.1869, Arkhangelsk – 18.12.1886).
Fontaines Wilhemina Margaret des born. Dressen (1839-30.01.1894). J. E. Fontanes.
Fontaines, Herman ten (27.08.1858–3.09.1899).
Fontanez, Edward des (31.07.1830, Arkhangelsk – 15.08.1901 Peterhof) hereditary honorary citizen, honorary patron of the Arkhangelsk Evangelical parish."Ninety eight
Foxter – non-commissioned officer in the Prussian service. 1871.
Forsman (Forssmann) Margarita – German podd. 1904.
Voigt (Voigt) Julia Margarita – Hamburg podd., with daughters: Mariana, Julia, Margarita. Widow. She opened a private school in Arkhangelsk in 1851.
Focht Gustav Augustus-Prussian podd. 1902.
Voht Margarita-the widow of the Hamburg podd. with daughter Teresa. 1875.
von focht– Kholmogorskaya Forester. 1903-08.
French Prussian pod., prisoner. 1849.
Friedrich Franz-Prussian podd. 1848.artisan
Frieze Nikolai-student Mosk. Empire. at-TA. in 1849, a Gentleman. Later-the official in Arkhangelsk.
Fulop Friedrich – Hamburg podd., merchant clerk. 1851.
Furst. – a foreigner, gofmakler Architect. port 1728-1806.
Furst Ivan Ivanov is a Hamburg native. 1786-91.
Hald Augustine – Prussian podd. 1908.
Hyun-Saxon podd., tailor. 1844.
Henke, Karl – Saxon podd., photographer. 1857.
The CET Max – Prussian podd. 1907.
Zacharius Andreas – Hamburg podd. 1814-15.
Tsilke Paul-German podd. 1882-84.
Zimmer Ivan-Hamburg podd. 1763.
Citron Alma daughter Felicity Herman. podd. 1908.
Tsuk Andrey Ivanov – foreign. tailor master. 1786-88.
Zutrauen Willie Adol – German podd. 1910-11.
Seberg August – Prussian pod. 1882-84.
Sheila Gottfried Getridof – German podd. 1909-16.
Calling Emil Friedrich – German podd. 1917.
Share Augustine Ivanov – Prussian podd. 1806.
The schwander, Arthur – Prussian podd. 1903.
Starting Gazlon, Bremen, podd. 1806.
Luebke – Prussian podd. 1876.
Luebke Wilhelm – Prussian podd. 1892.
Luebke Wilhelm Ferdinand's Prussian podd. Bakery master. 1875.
Shvek William Ferdinand-Prussian podd. (see wife). 1878.
Shvek Ferdinand Christians. 1898.
Svece – Prussian podd., Baker. 1862-66.
Svece – Prussian podd., Baker. 1868-70.
Masterpiece-Prussian podd. 1868-69.
Scheierl Joseph-German podd. 1908.
Shel is a retired Lieutenant Colonel.
Schel (Scheel) - Kholmogorsky district physician 1827-31.
Chelle Alexander is a public notary with the Architect. port. 1820.
Shirvinsky Maria-German podd. 1904.
Shirvinsky-German podd. 1902.
Sew Vilim-Hamburg podd. 1764-69.
Schmalz Alexander Rudolph – retired lieutenants. Signed up for Arhang. 3rd Guild merchants in 1848. Vice-Consul of the North German Union.)
Schmalz Max Alexandrov son-German podd. Signed up to the Onega 2nd Guild merchant class in 1890.
Schmaltz, Max A. – former Hamburg podd. who took Ross. podd. 1878.
Schmidt's the Saxon podd. 1849-51.
Schmidt August-German podd. 1915.
Schmidt Rudolf Georg-German podd. 1917.
Schmidt Serent-Prussian podd. 1868-70.
Snider (Schneider?)- Madame from Hamburg. 1767.
Scholtz (Scholtz) Ivan Ivanov – Prussian podd. Recorded in Arch. merchants since 1885.
Scholtz (Scholtz) Ivan Ivanov – Prussian podd. About the note in Arch. merchant class. 1785.
Schroeder, Karl – Prussian podd. 1889.
Schroeder, Karl – Prussian podd. 1889.
Schroeder, Karl – Prussian podd. 1894.
Schroeder Olga-German podd. Elvira's daughter. 1905.
Schroeder Francis-germansk. podd. 1908.
Schroeder, Francis – the girl, the Prussian podd. 1877.
Schreiber Christopher-Danish podd. 1789-91.
Schrader Johann Heinrich Jakob, a Hamburg native. Enrolled temporarily in a 3rd Guild merchant of Arkhangelsk. 1804.
Starke Valentin-Prussian podd. 1892-93.
Starke Valentin-Prussian podd 1892-93.
Steyer Max Ludwig-German podd. 1902.
Stein Ivan-Prussian podd., about the note in the peasants of the Mezen district. 1788.
Steiner Max-German podd. 1906.
Stenert Ludwig-German podd. 1904.
Stopp (Stopp) Login Christiano joined the Architect. merchants from St. Petersburg merchants in 1820.
The surge drum (Stutzer) Ivan Christiano joined the Architect. 3rd Guild merchants in 1807. In 1821 perepisali the 2nd Guild.
The surge drum Ivan – Prussian podd., the clerk at the merchant's office. 1796.
The surge drum Yakov – police in Arkhangelsk. 1796.)
Fitting Christopher Yakovlev-Prussian podd. 1886-88.
Schultz-naval doctor in Arkhangelsk. 1797.
Schultz Johann-German podd. 1902.
Schultz Louise-Prussian podd. 1903.
Schultz Otto-Prussian podd. 1902.
Schultz Julius-Prussian podd., artisan. 1851.
Sunder Ivan Andreev, born in the city of Hamburg. Archangel merchant. Arrived in Arkhangelsk in 1802 from St. Petersburg. 1806.
Sunder Ivan Mikhailov – the Hamburg native. Archangel merchant. 1806. (see wife, children).
Sunder Franz Ivanov joined the Architect. 3rd Guild merchant in 1822 from foreign. G. Hamburg.
Schuster is a titular expert Advisor. Accepted in Ross. podd-in in 1841.
Ebergard Catherine-German podd. 1912.
Ewald Augustine-Prussian podd. 1908.
Evers Johann-Hamburg podd. Lives in the town of Onega. 1826.
Evert Rudolf Gustav-German podd. 1905.
Euler Johann-Hamburg podd. 1825-26.
Eckart Carl Reingoldovich. 1920.
von Essenian – German podd., the clerk at the merchant's office. 1796.
Astersik Johann Gottlieb – Saxon podd., tailor journeyman. 1825-26.
Jung, Hans Düsseldorf – Hamburg podd. sugar master. 1796.
Janz, Elizabeth, a widow, Hamburg podd. 1850-68)

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