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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher

Returning historical memory

The great past of Russian textiles, manufactories, factories, factories, together with the interesting history of the formation of these industries, the names of their founders and the names of merchant dynasties are an integral part of the relatively recent past of our country and, in particular, the city of Krasavino.
166 years is not such a long time to completely forget about the former glory of our Beautiful linen-weaving linen factory.  And the memory of the people who participated in the development of textile production of the country is still alive thanks to their descendants, who carefully preserved the memory and traces of those times.
Not all of us can boast of a rich pedigree. Heck, many people don't know about your family on grandparents. But the descendants of merchants keep their own family history and trying to learn about it as much as possible. Why is it so important now?
Families merchants have gone through hard times with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks. Many of the photographs, archival records were lost or destroyed. For a long time about their relationship with traders is not accepted to speak. And now they can conduct open conversations about their ancestors, learn the history of their families, share it with contemporaries. Indeed, precisely because merchants were developing schools, built churches, hospitals, universities, libraries.
On 30 and 31 may 2017 for the first time in the city of Krasavino, a meeting was held with the descendants of the founders flax and weaving linen factory. The event was held at the House of Culture and Sport to mark the 70th anniversary of the city Krasavino, 195-th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Gribanova (1822 – 1891) and 138-year anniversary of the death of the founder of a textile factory of Peter Karlovich Lyursa (1806 – 1879). Among the honored guests: Natalia L. tselikova – Leuzinger( Arkhangelsk), great-great-granddaughter of the first Manager of the factory of Carl A. PEC. Karl Andreyevich is a brother of Christian Andreyevich PEC, who faithfully served the manufacturer Gribanov for 30 years. The meeting was attended by representatives of the ancient aristocratic family, des Fontaines – Svetlana Igorevna and Alexey Samoilov (Arkhangelsk). Anna Abramovna des Fontaines – the wife of the owner of Vladimir Gribanov who ran a factory in the period from 1860 to 1891. the Descendants of the glorious kind Gribanova: Gradislava N. and Dmytro Viktorovych Levchenko (Cherepovets), Svetlana V. Diev (Saint – Petersburg).
The meeting was held in the cosy living room of a merchant – industrialist Gribanova. The interior of the 19th century introduces visitors to the atmosphere of merchant life. A special place is occupied by a Cabinet-Bureau with rare books of the 19th century edition. The magnificent mahogany table worked control PEC, Lopatin, Gribanov. The clock of the early twentieth century is unique. They're still in working order. Fireplace, antique mirror, unique photos-all witnesses of the era. And original documents, tissue samples in a miniature albums created in the NINETEENTH century. The meeting was opened by head of the Culture House and Sports city Krasavino Svetlana Kobylnica. She told the guests about the work of the cultural institution, Amateur creative teams, the work of the club formation "Living thread of history", whose members are engaged in search work on the history of Krasavinskaya factory, the city and the region. It was on the initiative of this Association that this meeting was organized.
At the round table in the living room they talked about the outstanding role of hereditary Honorary citizen, merchant of the 1st Guild of Peter Karlovich of Lurav the fate of the village, and later the city of Krasavino. A huge contribution to the development of Russia's first mechanical flax and weaving linen factory made Carl A. and Christians in A. PEC, Vladimir Ilyich Gribanov, Ilya M. Gribanov, Edward Abramovich des Fontaines and many others.
Descendants of PEC, Gribanova, Fontaines shared with the audience is extremely curious materials for the family tree of the ancestors, providing a presentation display of rare photographs, preserved in the families of descendants, copies of which recently came to our Museum Fund.
Each family in addition to memories brought with them a family heirloom. Natalia L. tselikova– Leuzinger donated tableware and wedding towel his grandmother's monogrammed "GP" (Gertrude PEC), as well as a book by Eugenie Fraser "Dvina". Svetlana I. Samoilov gave a beautifully produced, unique album of poetry and pictures "Pomeranian side. City over Dvina", as well as a gift set "Arkhangelsk gingerbread". Gradislava Nikolayevna, Dmitry and Svetlana Viktorovna Levchenko – Gribanova left copies of unique photos, these black and white pictures of their ancestors.
Despite the fact that some of the participants saw each other for the first time, the conversations were really easy for family.
Another important event — meeting of Krasavina in a Big auditorium with the descendants of the ancient family of PEC, Fontaines and Gribanova, as well as participation in the presentation published by the Educational Centre "torch", Dkis the 70th anniversary of the city collections "Alphabet city", "Notes of travel" message and workbook for children on the history of the city Krasavino. Especially for this meeting the creative workers of Dkis created a video on the history of the city "Nonecha, not what davicha".
The result of the meeting of descendants were not only new impressions of the participants, but also a new factual material that will be used in the excursion program and in the Museum exhibitions "Krasavino. Thread of ages", "Living merchant, Gribanova".
It is joyful that today people who are not indifferent to acts of ancestors, descendants of those who spared no effort, means and time unite, increasing welfare of the native land.
Nothing will compensate us for the personal memory of the descendants of those who participated in the creation of this textile giant, once, without exaggeration, known throughout the civilized world. Therefore, such meetings are truly invaluable not only for our Museum and lovers of the past, but also for all those who seek to preserve their dignity in a very difficult present.
I want to Express my gratitude to Whoknows (Bremen), Evgeny Bozhko Petrovich ( Petrozavodsk), Jeanne Parseval (Saint – Petersburg) for the assistance and the unique materials on the history of the Krause family.
T. V. Kurkina, researcher at the Educational center "Svetoch", head of the club Association" Living thread of history " D. Krasavino.

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