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Archangelica - children German settlement

Chronicles of the ancient genus PEC (Paetz), little-known pages of history from the XIV century to the present day

Light memory of Evgeny Petrovich Bozhko, historian-researcher


Evgeny Bozhko.


City on Onego

A military doctor E. V. Healthy


Chief physician to order

We had the 60s.

The essence of democratic renewal


1944 year. There is a war. My mother and grandmother live in the village of Upper Saved the Vologda region. I am very sick, the skin peels off with shreds on my hands, knees, nose and even on my stomach. Eat "Sagunto" — porridge from rye flour without milk and butter, nettle, sometimes potato bread from rotten potatoes, which have not taken for the front farmers. Mother and grandmother walk in bast shoes.
Winter. I was on the mend. Grandmother and mother sawing wood in the yard. I walk through the snow around them on big skis. On the way goes a column of military vehicles. It smells like gasoline, but I like that smell.



In Petrozavodsk we returned from evacuation in early April 1945. Still not melted snow in forests and fields. Not cleared of ice and lake Onega, spread out before our eyes. Before reaching the station, the train stopped at the closed semaphore. In open window car sharply pulled the scent of coal tar and medical plaster. Got lost goat "Mike", which we were taking with a. "Well, come," said the grandmother. The car jerked and drove past the warehouses, a heap of old gypsum langets and corsets, baths, water pumps, noisy marinas and soon stopped at the station platform Petrozavodsk.











Nobody's ever met us. On the stone pavements horseshoes clinked and rattled the iron hoops of the wheels of freight carts. Rubber move easily rysili "passenger" of the horse. Carrying the nodes with our belongings, together with a goat we reached for "Handling" to Agrippina Ivanovna resinol, prewar grandmother's friend, de I and mother lived until December, not yet returned from war father. And the grandmother with a goat went to the "end of the line" uncle Kostya, who worked at the fish factory.

At school No. 2, where mum worked before the war, she met Anna Plotnikova, who told about life in Petrozavodsk during the Finnish occupation. My mother's younger brother, 16 year old Volodya Koshev and his friend Mitya Dubrovsky 41, joined the guerrilla group the husband of Anna Ivanovna, the Director of the school №2, Plotnikov Mikhail Antonovich, and as if all of them during the war were missing.
Anna spent the war in a Finnish concentration camp in 1942 and were seen as the commandant of this camp brought spifflicate boys, and learned his former students. "They gave no Karel, and his Russian" — she said mom. The guys were silent when the shyutskorovtsev beat them with whips — whips from a bundle of insulated steel wire. Then they were shot and thrown on the porch of the commandant's office as a warning to others. Where guerrilla scouts are buried, we still don't know.
At school No. 2 ended the school year and my mom suggested to go to the education Department there was looking for teachers to work in a children's camp in the former Finnish town of Sortavala on lake Ladoga. There we found ourselves before the end of summer. The Director of the camp was my mother's cousin, kosheva Oktyabrina, strict and fair. Cook did not steal and we ate normally in comparison with the recent the orphanage.






Next to us was a farm "Comintern", where we went on a tour and saw huge, the rest of the Finns, cows and horses. The older children helped the farmers in weeding and making hay, or collected in the field spikelets. Sometimes the children gathered mushrooms and berries, but far from the camp were afraid to go – Finns left here, left mine surprises and people was being undermined. Arranged on a glade pioneer bonfires with songs and dances.
On smallness of years I don't remember much, but the jubilation of the entire population of the camp on 9 may 1945 is remembered well. Mom Oktyabrina told in two voices sang folk songs: "why are you standing, swaying, thin Rowan", "don walks...", "Evening bells" — favorite songs of their fathers, brothers, Yakov and Vasily Koshevoy. Their ancestors were the don Cossacks, who had been exiled to the North under Peter I for the Bulavin rebellion. We stayed in the children's camp until the end of August, and from September 1 my mother began to work in 11 primary schools on Kommunalnaya street, where I went to study after 2 years.













In the meantime, we lived in a cramped room of the two-storey barracks on Plank street. I was under the supervision of Nina Razina, Agrippina Ivanovna's daughter. Already winter came, I walked once in the hallway, watching, comes a tall man in a soldier's coat and right in the door to Razin. And this was my father, who went through two wars and came back healthy and unharmed. On the same day the father declared in the commandant's office that our pre-war dwelling space is occupied during war by Bushuyev. Through 24 hours we settled for years to come in the little room on Gogol №41.






In the corridors of this house always smelled like sauerkraut and cabbage soup with tripe, garlic and onions, tobacco and wine fumes, and almost the entire second floor was occupied by a men's dormitory architectural College, who was a house! And after all have many after the war and such a housing not was. On the first floor of our house in the winter the main children's club was a long, poorly lit corridor,where the brothers showed the old patronage films. Summer and winter in the yard dried linen, water column was not close, and the furnace was heated with firewood. Oh, and we drank them with his father, and how much I wood perekolol! Yes the water was my job.







Immediately, we went to Boris Romanov, the nugget is a musician with absolute pitch. My mom played a little guitar, and before the war, something Boris had taught. During the absence of the master the disciple has succeeded in the game, which immediately demonstrated. Then Boris learned to play the trumpet, graduated from music school Bayan (also well played) and worked in children's music school at Engels. Boris and introduced me to rebyatney our house and yard, taking under his wing.











The postwar period was hungry, and here brothers and sisters were born one after the other. In the kindergarten №8 in the street Gogol, bring used brown bread on a plate, so everyone tries to grab a crust and coat it with saliva, and REM Jung his snot — there is certainly this crust, no one will covet until you bring the porridge and the teacher will not be allowed to eat. And toys in the garden, you might say, was not nearly as-without them – in the great hall was rolling on the floor on the backs of chairs, but cleverly so.
Walk to town and nature we are constantly drove: to the river Lososinka, and often at Altitude (where today the television station). In winter this high hill (now here Gogol bridge) I started to ski, and since the mound from railroad bridge or from the Mound – used to blow, the river will docetic. With this empty, obstinate river Salmon associated all my childhood, since April it began to swim, and even snow in some places did not have time to melt. Let's make a fire and warm up. And it almost didn't hurt.
Today, listening to liberoids about the "cursed" past, about the absence of everything and everything in our lives, and most importantly, about the lack of freedom of choice, I remember my postwar childhood, and everything is seen in a different light, filled with new meaning. As long as we had a reliable power, we didn't care about thinking about our lives. My parents went through a very harsh childhood and worked hard all my life. And our childhood was not easy, but we had our joys: trousers and turnips from the neighboring collective farm field, Finnish sledges and iron rollers from a bent thick iron rod, skates "snowstorms", tied to the boots with a rope with a stick, wooden scooters and paws, glasses (towns) and Chizh, football and swimming on rafts and sanitary boats in a swamp near the house, the game "Knives". On the ground were all around the circle, divided into sectors, and each throwing knife in the land of the enemy, cut off his piece of territory. I was proud to play with my folding knife, which uncle Kostya gave me. We fishing sailing went on Onego, put seines at night, which is held in the fishing huts. Life is funny, filled with real fairy – tale in comparison to the shit we are mired today. And about freedom of choice — nobody has forced us to become good or bad – each chooses whom to be and everyone was responsible then for the wrong choice.












1949. 3 class. School No. 11. Our espoused programmer Zoya Nikolaevna Ilyina — in the center of the 2 series of, 1 a series of 3 from left — Valery Leontiev, 4-the author.

The school I went to maiden's green coat from "American aid" (mom said, "...not like a General"). 1 class the teacher was very good – Zoya Nikolaevna ilina, she lived nearby, in the "teacher's" house of Gogol 45. Here and a friend of mine lived, Valeriy Leontiev, on the same Desk with him, I spent all 4 years in 11 school, and in 9th "guards" too, some time. Very sensible the guy-in science, with degrees, lives in Ryazan.
During school holidays, the summer camp I went, and more lost in the woods, where he herded his two goats "Talivka" and darling "the Dawn" that was following me around like dogs and never left. Not trampled then the nature around the city, grass on river reaches to the waist and beaver lodges on the river, great big ant hills and the broad glades of wild flowers, hares and wolves, zabegaya on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk. In the evening, Narva a bag aspen leaf for goats, we walked with the boys home for Lososinskoe the road from the area of Drevlyanka. Here was a rifle range and infantry school, often finding ammo, threw them in the fire, that fools. No one, really, if I was not killed, but crippled guys come across at that time, often without hands, without eyes. The weapons in the woods then, too, came across (and unburied soldiers of the last war), even more weapons was a dump of captured equipment near the future railway station, even guns, mortars and tanks stood there.
These trips to the wood in the summer and in the winter and constant work on economy well prepared me for sport, especially to ski races and to wrestling too. But first wanted to learn to play the guitar. We went with the Valeric Leontiev Palace of pioneers on Kirov square (now the Museum of fine arts) to enroll in string orchestra. Pavel Vasilievich Teterin, the head of the orchestra, said that he would teach guitar, but he deceived the guitars in the orchestra never happened.








Valera played on the tiny "Piccolo" and I'm "prima" and "viola". I visited this legendary string orchestra of the Palace of pioneers for 6 years. My band mates Klim Smirnov and Sergey Frolov since years chose this profession and more recently, played in the string orchestra "Onego", and the balalaika Mike Izhboldin became a Professor at the Conservatory, the talent, with him Paul V. even personally involved.


One panel with Misha by Izhboldina the orchestra played my classmate Viktor Vasin. After seven years he graduated from the forestry College and, devoting his life to the car, balalaika never forgot, even in his final days at the forest Ranger station “backwater”. We performed with the orchestra at many concerts of children's Amateur performances in the Republic, went to different cities of Karelia, but mostly in the Palace of pioneers, there was a good stage and a spacious hall. Remember the Glory Dudkina, Leroux Astrakhan, Currencies Myachina, Yuri Ivanov, roofing Sizov, Alexey Miatleva, violinist Yuri Lifshits, accordionist Victor Bydanova.
Still remember how at our rehearsals to listen to the "Dance" and "Dance" by N. Budashkina in a purely string performance and prodirizhiroval orchestra came cheerful man Helmer Sinisalo, who played the flute in the Symphony orchestra of Karelian radio with my cousin Eugene Prokhorov from Podujatia. Jack told us a lot about his colleague, who had already then the glory of the budding composer. Indeed, in 1959 Helmer N. Sinisalo wrote the music for the brilliant ballet "Sampo" based on the Karelian-Finnish epos "Kalevala". This work was a great success and was performed repeatedly both in the USSR and abroad. A remarkable event took place in the history of musical culture of Karelia — the national ballet was born!
My sisters worked then in our Music and drama theatre: Natalia was a make-up artist, Lydia was a costume designer, and I occasionally visited the theatre. Natasha and Lida were friends there with the actor of the operetta Zalman Naumovich Estrin – "uncle Zalia", as they called it. They introduced me to him, too.
The first time I saw Zalman Naumovich in an unforgettable image Popandopulo in the play “Wedding in Malinovka”, where he played with Rausa Sabirova. Saw Zalman Naumovich and in” Kumoh "by Ruvim Parchment, in ballet performances" Doctor Aibolit”and "don Quixote". In 50-ies and 70-ies of the last century Zalman Estrin was the glory of the Petrozavodsk theatre.


















Beginning his theatrical career, actor Estrin played in Moscow with Vladimir Yakhontov in the play “Yes, vaudeville is a thing", showing himself as a worthy partner of the famous master of artistic expression. Yakhontov, wrote: “My servant was silent. But it was absolutely necessary: like the handyman at the fair, helping the magician to perform magic. It serves me not behind the scenes, and on stage, in full view of all respectable audience. We showed tricks, so to speak, frankly”
Talented actor Estrin Petrozavodsk spectators remember dozens of brilliantly created images in our Musical theater. He passed away in 1992, having served 27 years of the Karelian stage. The last words of 76-year-old actor was the treatment to his wife: “Give to the theatre that I can't come to life!".
Today, as before, the theater begins not with scenery, lighting effects and luxurious costumes, but with actors. Where else but the vteatr, see people, so responsibly appropriate to their work. The most important thing that the actors of the theater have today is the passion for the profession.













I will tell you about two actors Petrozavodsk Russian drama theater. People's artist of Karelia Oleg Belonuchkin, whose name has always been one of the most beloved and revered by the audience of our city, after GITIS arrived in Petrozavodsk. Here the actor was created a whole galaxy of images. Among them I in "Wedding Krechinsky", Salieri in "Mozart and Salieri", Rizzio in "Marie Stuart," Wynn in "Uncle Vanya", Mack the knife in "Threepenny Opera" in which he I particularly remember. During the difficult years of social upheaval in the country Oleg Alexandrovich from 1990 to 1994 was Minister of culture of Karelia. Then he managed to defend the Symphony orchestra of The Karelian Philharmonic and his native theater "Creative workshop". He did author's programs, read poems and prose, participated in TV and radio performances. Oleg Belonuchkin even in his last television interview spoke only about his favorite work, about the theater, about the last role.
Anatoly Sokolovsky, while studying at the Higher naval school in Leningrad, sang in the school choir. At the audition in the choir of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra clergy was struck by the depth and strength of his voice, his famous bass, he predicted success on the Opera stage. But Anatoly enters the theater Institute named after An. Ostrovsky, having chosen for himself a way of the actor of drama theater, understanding it as high service and mission.
Nature itself-with its artistry, charm, voice, appearance, it was created for the stage. In the 60-ies of the Sokolovsky — actor of the Leningrad theater. Master stage has traveled all over the country from edge to edge. He is remembered for the scenes Of the Russian drama theaters of Tallinn and Vilnius, Yerevan and Novosibirsk, Murmansk and Petrozavodsk, where he saw my sister Lydia and made her an offer. Today, their daughter Xenia and two granddaughters Natasha and Sasha live in Portugal in Porto.










Since 1981, honored artist of Russia Anatoly Sokolovsky inextricably links his life with a scene of the academic drama theatre named after F. G. Volkov, the first Russian theatre. One of the favorite citizens of the performances was "Solo for a striking clock" by O. Zahradnik, where his character, soft, slightly ironic, eccentric — in his later years remained forever love boys. And Anatol was always optimistic, slender, smart, athletic and youthful. He was busy in many productions, always in demand by the theater. One of his last works — the role Styrova in the play by A. N. Ostrovsky's "Hunting forest captivity". With his beautiful voice, his remarkable understanding of Russian poetry, he easily became the soul of all activities. Metropolitan criticism has repeatedly noted his excellent acting. In Claudius ("hamlet") remember dry the face ascetic, the comeliness and the unconscious fear of exposure. In "tango" by S. mroczek luck Sokolowski was uncle Eugene with his sarcasm and sarcasm, grotesque paramilitary mentality In the play "the Concert" his solo number was heartbreaking "Romance city" — "Why are you I have not met..." In the play "the Slave" on the play by A. N. Ostrovsky his hero Evdokim egorych longed to see those who are near, kindness, humanity and cordiality.
Both the actor and the man Anatoly Sokolovsky in life also cherished generosity, cordiality and conscientiousness, spiritual generosity, which he himself fully noted. Anatoly Sokolovsky starred in several films: "Bagramova night," "Crash of engineer Garina", "Anna" Love Kazarnovskaya in the title role... an Artist, a restless time in the works, Sokolowski was a warrior, a brave fighter for national culture. His worried and disturbed by "age, dislocated from their joints." He created in Yaroslavl his own Theater of poetic words, was the initiator of many creative evenings. Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov, Northerner, parsnips, poets, soldiers, poets of the land of Yaroslavl, that his main subject. His creative projects, carried out and depicted in time, were television films — a solo performance "Mephistopheles" (successfully shown on the TV channel "Culture") and "the Word about Igor's regiment: the age of XXI" (YAGTRK "Yaroslaviya").
Both of these wonderful actor Oleg Belonuchkin and Anatoly Sokolovsky lived large, bright and meaningful life, leaving a noticeable trace in the hearts of their fans and in the hearts of their grateful audience.







... In 1953, I was in the 6th grade when a history teacher Serafima Ivanovna told us about Amnesty. And she said that the Soviet state has set itself the task not only to punish criminals, but also to help them to be corrected, including through early release and removal of the criminal record. About the criminal record, I did not understand then, but I remember about the release well, because uncle Kostya was rehabilitated and relatives began to return to my classmates, although hundreds of thousands of so-called political convicted under the famous 58th article, continued to remain behind bars — engineers, writers, journalists, doctors, artists, sculptors — how they waited for this Amnesty and how the country needed.
The majority of the amnestied were then bytoviki, received the sentence for being late to the factory for stealing three ears of corn in dying from hunger the village. Children, starting from 12 years old, were then equal to adults criminal liability. Among other outside recidivist thieves, crime bosses and just incorrigible hooligans, severely complicating life for the authorities and ordinary citizens. What is the goal of criminals were released? No doubt to intimidate the people. The new government was not concerned that the released criminals would Rob, beat and even kill the country's working citizens and their children.
Yesterday the prisoners came to Petrozavodsk at once, like locusts, oshalev of a sudden will. There was a crazy wave of crimes: robbery, hooliganism, theft, violence, robbery of shops and post offices. A man could have been stabbed because of a minor offense. Police struggling to cope with this rise in crime. In the morning on streets collected corpses robbed and killed at night. On the streets of the have become walk patrols operating. Nights happened, the bandits were shot on the streets without a trial. Many of those released under Amnesty were again convicted in subsequent years.
Criminals brought to life priblatnennyi romance. Among the youth it became fashionable to walk in boots with lapels, in caps-octahedrons with short visors, many have knives-finks. Our speech includes criminal words and songs, for example, "The guy in the cap and the Golden tooth", "Taganka", "in the port of Cape town", "Lilac fog", from which today "dragged" listeners.







... Valera Leontiev once left the orchestra, and I was going more than once, but Pavel Vasilyevich will come to our home, talk to babus about the old days, about common friends, and she will persuade me to stay. By the time I became an active reader of the library of the Palace of pioneers, it was a pity to throw. And on the first floor of the Palace there was a reading room of the Public library and we, children, were allowed to read magazines and books there, even medical literature was given to me. Since then, I have been visiting the "public" (now called The national library), and today has not ceased to read — in a madhouse, what has become our country, you have to be in sanity.
By the way, until the 90s, our country was considered the most reading in the world (in the subway, tram, bus people sat with books and Newspapers, now with bottles of beer). A lot of guys have been recorded in the library, and the great happiness honored to get, sometimes driven by reading a book.
There are many books nowadays, but before, at least this stuff wasn't beautiful. And the reading today was, and more broadly, and comprehensively developed personality, and in the literature now other "songs". In our time, the book was a carrier of high meanings. Not to inflame the instincts and not to tickle nerves, and to make man kinder and more honest. Not to make a living on a word, but to teach the mind-mind. After censorship was abolished in our country, we were literally flooded with a muddy stream of low-grade reading. The book, as such, ceases to be a source of knowledge today.









The statement: "All best – to children!"it was not just a set of words, but it expressed the essence of our life. In the Palace of pioneers there was a lot of extracurricular activities: drama with O. I. Lapina and choir with the C. P. Eskinol, dance and a circle of young sailors from A. A. Berezin, ship and aircraft manufacturing, photographic and cine technical, chess and Makarovym Fedor Fedorovich — choose any and all for free! The slogan was: "Create! Invent! Try!"(today: "Learn to have fun!") Once almost every village had its own house of pioneers. Now that the benefits have come first, they have turned into offices, Nightclubs and restaurants for adults.
On TV, you hear people raise money for the surgery for children. How is it possible in an oil and gas country whose incomes have been so high for many years? On the sick, pensioners and treatment of children no money, and for the salvation of the banks are located, and to pay to Alexey Miller, Chairman of OAO "Gazprom" — 3 million 42 thousand, or Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft 6 million 85 thousand rubles a day the money is! We are told that a lot of money is allocated to the health sector, but why do mothers with a hat go around the world and ask for a penny to save the life of their child? With all the nobility of the campaign to collect from the world on the thread of the operation for children, it is a shame of the state, unable, or rather unwilling to heal its future. And when any oligarch has donated money to treat a sick child, do not know!
And why the country's budget for 2013-15 years for medicine cut by 20%, and the military and police raised by 50% ? Recently I saw an announcement: "Come to work in the new Russian police. Starting salary of 60 thousand rubles." And the initial salary of the candidate of Sciences-30 thousand rubles.











In our time, at the rink stadium "Red star" (then renamed "Spartak") children wore to the music, from time to time, running into the locker room to drink a Cup of coffee or tea, not beer, which is now young people openly drinking in the streets and playgrounds. And how many children and adults went in the winter to ride on the icy children's slide (now there is a memorial in honor of those killed in world war II), polished to a mirror Shine with notes, boots and clothes. On Sundays there was a whole queue of people wanting to "unburden". Until late in the evening laughter, squeals and jokes echoed far under the nose of the granite Lenin, clearly located to the fun.
Man is the product of his reading. All we come from the best childhood, when writers were on perform well. The names of Aleksey Tolstoy, Agnes Barto and Korney Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak and Mikhalkov, Sergey, Anatoly alexina and Vladislav Krapivin sound so far. Until now, the children are reading in kindergarten poems about uncle Stepa and Sink.
In the distant 70–ies I liked to read your son tale by Nikolai Nosov the adventures of dunno and his friends, especially "dunno on the moon" where the character gets not just to the moon, and then only familiar to us by the Newspapers of the capitalist world. In simple language, the author showed a lot of frightening predictions: the rule of oligarchy, the system of cuts and kickbacks, joint – stock companies and financial pyramids, "new Russians" - cruel, evil and insidious shorties, "free" press, advertising, rampant crime, corrupt police, homeless. But the most striking piece was the head of the mysterious "Stupid island" with many stupid entertainment that literally turns people into sheep, then they cut. It is very similar to what happened to Russia in the 1990s: the same wild capitalism, where no one respects the laws, the same delights of a democratic society, the same release of low-lying instincts. Alas! We thalis "most can not" to "Beautiful Far", written as a children's dystopia.
Sadly, this book is now even more relevant than it was when it came out. Tough heroes, totally unprepared for such a life. Read this book now grandson and remember the ordeal of engineers, teachers, doctors, intellectuals in the early 90-ies, when destroying the economy, we were deceived as the last suckers, "threw" so deftly and competently that 99% of the population lost the right to participate in its wealth. Officials big the apparatchiks, the people close to them shady businessmen by that time stole millions and billions, but the system of the USSR was not allowed to legalize it all out in the open and to become masters. to do this, it was necessary to destroy the state and change the system to capitalism. and here is they already owners factories, Newspapers, steamships, gold mines, land, and importantly — human souls, both of which have become slaves.
The country was torn apart, its avarice swept over it, and the humanoid animals roared under themselves as much as they could. Millions of tons of oil and gas regularly pumped to the West , and dollars flowed to accounts of owners of life — "new Russians". "Chermet" passed unique machines, tractors, harvesters, aircraft, and deliverers to build houses and having mistresses. Black realtors drove the victim to the forest, shot her in the back of the head, the apartment was sold and also included in the overall celebration of life. The former collective farmers removed wires in the village, on the gained money bought moonshine.
Young women pushed to the cities to sell their bodies,having a material interest. Ordinary people were abandoned to their fate, humiliated and slowly died. Moral values have melted and disappeared, it was the height of cynicism, hopelessness and human misery.
What he called business, in fact it was robbery. Since Yeltsin disbanded the KGB, there was another force on the streets of Russia. The KGB, as you know, in addition to political repression and the fight against dissenting citizens, had another function — the fight against organized crime. In that moment, when Russia stopped the fight against organized crime, and criminal prison camps opened, power was seized by two new forces. At the head there were criminals of "the first table", that is prisoners who sat in a camp dining room at the first table. They were criminals, sitting mainly for economic crimes, well versed in foreign exchange transactions and who knew what the dollar was. Because they needed "soldiers," they teamed up with bandits who were well known and who became the second force — the Executive. All this terrible and merciless brotherhood spilled into the streets of Russia and began to plunder.
Liberoids, so sweetly singing about the atrocities of the Soviet regime, persistently forgets that they took power is not bloodless. On October 4, 1993, the White house was shot from tanks and stormed by order of President Yeltsin. The unconstitutional act of dissolution of the Congress of people's deputies and the Supreme Council was supported by military force, and Russian parliamentarism was crushed by tank caterpillars. It was the execution of the White house that became the Foundation on which the oligarchic dictatorship, which remains in Russia to this day, grew. And today, a rich Russia with all kinds of resources cannot provide decent living for its poor citizens.

But do not we see the fabulous palaces, estates, offshore accounts, jewelry, yachts, aircraft for Pets, art collections (and other attributes of "beautiful life"), which without a doubt demonstrates the oligarchs and our new aristocracy — "evil" in the world of high officials, in the field of civil service, state corporations, politics. And they perfectly understand: it is impossible to buy for the symbolical sum or a pillowcase of dirty vouchers an industrial complex which the country built two five-year plans, and then to bankrupt it, having expelled workers and having opened the market to the Western firms.
Corruption, regional budgets, criminal game with state orders, racketeering, extortion have become an almost open and undisguised form of doping for our economy and civil life. Reports of corrupt governors, mayors, Ministers, senior officials, judges and prosecutors are multiplying. Corruption plague struck security forces, law enforcement officers. Even in those agencies that were created to combat corruption. Today's rich Russians no one says directly that they are thieves, although everyone knows it. Moreover, they even distribute posts that they had a place to steal....Well, what is the purpose of Chubais can be assigned to lead nanotechnology? One might think that he is a great scientist or, if not a scientist, he has done something great for the country, that there is hope that he will create something intelligent in this area. Held the takeover, as a result of the most profitable state-owned enterprises were in the hands of thieves, and of the less profitable plundered equipment, timed, closed. RAO EU-stole, brought to offshore, sold to foreigners, made so that now the electric power to the European part of the country is delivered from Vladivostok, and from the European to Vladivostok. Well, what else was appointed? To keep quiet, shut your mouth? And Serdyukov? Also the state position was given. But it will burst someday the patience of the people!
... Everything that was written then and it was shown to children, had no right neither to falseness, nor to a hack — not to entertain, and to bring up, entertaining and carrying away. To lay the foundations, not forgetting about the game, love of a teenager for adventures and dangers, to the pirate caravels and coral reefs. Today, the child gets used to having fun since childhood and getting tons of toys, instead of living education. So when school intrudes notorious "sex light". Modern computer technology in design sometimes make the picture children's books, a standard set of lurid images.
And what was then the illustrators in the "Detgiz"! Therefore, many parents even now prefer the good old books with illustrations by Erik Bulatov and Oleg Vassiliev to the fairy tales of Charles Perrault, or, say, Henry Val to the story of Nikolai Nosov.
Our generation was brought up on classics: great operas and performances sounded on the radio. And then cartoons - a Golden Fund of culture, "Soyuzmultfilm" should be a monument to put for humanity, creative imagination and the preservation of the child's soul. (The first cartoons that our children watch today, worked in the Studio of Walt Disney. Then the children become accustomed to kinofentezi about the hobbit and the school of sorcerers in which the student Harry Potter).
The Soviet Union was the first country in the world where children's cinema was widely spread. Not just with the participation of young artists and not so — called ‘Family Films’, namely paintings addressed to the children's audience-for the purpose of education and upbringing.
In our time, the films were heroic and romantic: "Mysterious island" and George Saakadze." "Captain at fifteen" and "Son of the regiment", "treasure Island" and "the Story of a real man", "Alexander Nevsky" and many others. This movie is an eerie mixture of nitrous oxide — laughing gas! — opium for the people, selling the tears and laughter, laughter and the mad, violence and pop music. Laughter under the silence killed and plundered the country.
Today, the main textbook of life was the Internet, the territory of freedom, full of temptations and dangers for the immature soul. School only teaches you (don't raise children – it has only "educational services", like dry cleaners or nail Polish), parents mostly only earn, but left to themselves the children sit in social networks, replacing them and the library and club, and stadium. Who needs same this need, to our children and grandchildren were morons?? "Education reform" today is simply a blatant gangster decline in the level of education. The educated person is dangerous for the current government, so the standard of past education is changed to a set of disciplines at the request of the inexpensive. The number of schools and universities is decreasing, as well as the budget financing of education. But their children of those in power and "broilers capitalism" are sent to study abroad.
Classes In the circles of the Palace of pioneers, sports training and competitions, scrap metal collection, assistance to farmers in harvesting, pioneer camps and songs by the fire-brought together children. Now everyone survives by itself, taking into account the slogans: "Do not let yourself step on your foot! Make money any way you want!", children's organizations have long dispersed, and instead, the clouds of homeless and drug addicts. More than half of anonymously surveyed graduates of schools and technical schools do not consider shameful profession of the prostitute, and the young people brought up on examples of turtles of the ninja And the uncle of the Scrooge hardly cope with temptation to earn several thousand bucks even if it is necessary to break the first of Christ's reserves.
... Outside our house on the former vegetable gardens of the prisoners, the Austrians began to build large stone bath No. 3. Asking the ruble's mother, we ran to them, changing to wood pistols or gymnasts on the horizontal bar. Sometimes I saw my grandmother talking to them about something in their language, but I did not attach any importance to it, but I'm sorry. Completed the bath the prisoners, and they already had free access, and the construction was blocked by barbed wire and towers at the corners of the set.
Very convenient and good bath was on Gogol, and beer in her buffet was not translated, however, in those days it was only 2 grades: "beer is" and "beer is not present", but then it in Petrozavodsk was very decent — tasty, live if it was not diluted with water and soda, and it did not upset the people with its quality. We did not even realize that there are other Beers: "Barley spike", "Moskovskoe", "Riga", "Stolichnoe" and exotic — "Velvety", "porter", "Nasha Marka".
Then the cost of one gram of alcohol in beer was much lower than in vodka, and to achieve the "effect" of beer had to drink much more. It is now a gram of alcohol in vodka is much cheaper, and in beer — increased in price. And not beer at all, but a diluted drink low grade alcohol with taste, odor and color of the beer, destroys the liver.
In postwar Petrozavodsk there were several pubs where former veterans, disabled people, criminals of all professions gathered and people who just slept after the sorrows of the war. You can see the sketches when they were drunk with man clothes. In autumn and winter evenings in beer halls there were a lot of people, noisy and fun. People sat there for hours, slowly drinking beer, eating salted crackers and crayfish. The barman or waiter from the floor were offered dried fish, and persons highlighted, bream. For a mug of beer solved global issues. People have discovered each other's soul. Our " point "on Gogol street was called" Blue Danube", the people's trail never grew there. Ah, that this was for place! What people there looked!











Big piftochka was on the square antikaynena, and close to the bus station by the river Neglinka, another, very popular with the rural population. On the Kirov square in front of the Finnish theatre, a beer house with slatted booths was called "the zoo". In a Park people visited the cafe, after passing through the winding corridor which was accessible to a small rack for the "elite", where for 5 rubles you could get a glass of portveshok and candy "stratosphere" for a snack. Near the cinema "Sampo" piftochka respectfully was called "Ivan Ivanovich" by the name of the barman who was not abused raw water for dilution of the precious drink.










These beer helped the suffering, it was not necessary, buying a pint, frantically searching for companions to split it three ways in the alley, sniffing "Manufaktura". No! In the pub you can just "otografia", podlekareva this case a beer, a bite to eat not just sandwiches – hot Zakus were there, that's what! And calm after the event to get home. It is no secret that many men who returned from the fields of war, brought with it a dependence on "narkomovskih 100 grams". So with the help of such Pittock all took place in a cultural and quiet. But when the points were closed, then began, in my opinion, "alcoholism throughout the country", and now she took in Russia total – juvenile girls instead of ice cream in public places drinking beer, advertising of which climbs from all cracks.
They were walking and robbing in the streets, in the summer garden, at the dance floor. The order for a while was put at the expense of patrol soldiers. The military commandant of Petrozavodsk Colonel A. P. Chaduneli (my father's friend in the fight) allowed them to act cool — brawlers "taught" belt buckle.
The postwar years were close for the comfort of life to the military, but people were not angry and petty, as it is today. In our 9 school children of officers and generals of the North. Vo, but it was difficult for everyone, and every person could achieve success in life, there would be a desire.
In those years, in the yards of the neighbors played "foundry", checkers and dominoes, the attitude of people to each other was easier: in any house you will be greeted in a friendly way, and so cigarettes and drinks will certainly share.











Everywhere-in factories, hospitals, schools, baths, even on the fence of the headquarters of the Northern Military District on Gogol street, hung the usual portraits of the leaders. In The North. V. O. painted them in the basement Studio my friend, a good man Zhenya Sudakov, a very capable artist, it's a pity that he died so early — in 44 years. He lived a difficult but wonderful life. In 1955, after serving in the army, Zhenya got a job for a meager salary as an artist-designer in the house of officers, where I met him.
Without special education, Eugene reached all on your own. Day at work, and every night until four in the morning, work on his paintings. There was often a shortage of funds for materials, but Eugene is not stopped. I was struck by his dedication — you will come to him in the Studio, and he is not distracted from the case. You sit next to him on the bus or at the Komsomolsk meeting, and he paints everything in his notebook. Jack loved poet Matsuo Basho, created illustrations to his works. Is it not because of some landscapes and still lifes of the artist inherent elements of sophistication classical painting of Ancient China or Japan. The way to art Evgeniya Sudakova was thorny, he created his own style of drawing, wrote in favor of the government in the spirit of socialist realism, so the official critics and cultural leaders did not really complain, and the road to the Union of artists was he closed, and, accordingly, workshop and other benefits.
Each spring Zhenya went with a rubber boat to the river Shuya, to the forest lakes to the places of appearance of the first flowers to feel the birth of nature. The creative heritage of Yevgeny Sudakov has more than a thousand works, the artist is original and does not look like anyone else. His paintings still touch the soul, are restrained, permeated with peace and quiet. For the lines, shape, color spots, composition, felt depth and integrity along with the pathos, and even tenderness towards the world. Flowers, birds, sky, trees — favorite motifs in the artist's work are covered with subtle poetic lyricism and touching sadness, and at the same time they are full of psychology and philosophical meaning, helping the viewer to see the world in an unusual perspective, gain strength in the beauty of the surrounding reality. And he was criticized for the fact that in his works allegedly there is no culture, knowledge of perspective, drawing... the Artist said: "you Can not leave without working for people..." Everything remains for people – both bad and good, and this is our oblivion and our immortality.







Eugene worked on the limit and ... slipped on the takeoff, tragically, as a woodcock to his picture. In this painting he had my eyes opened of their own destiny. The artist had the strength for a spiritual take-off, which would have continued much longer if the indifference and envy is not interrupted creative work of this unique artist and unique individual.
... Portraits wore to the demonstration. All members of the Politburo and the Government was something similar to each other. We did not perceive them then as living people. They were somewhere far away, as would in another dimension. Their surnames on radio were listed in a strict order, as poem. They were men without flaws, without features, without. were Not allocated to this series, and Lavrenty Beria. And although already went to the people poem:
Who's knocking on my house?
I ask doors.
Babe! daddy call.
We from uncle Beria!
our neighbors Wavelink prudently hung in the red corner, a portrait of Lavrenty Pavlovich instead of the icon.
1 May and 7 November to the podium in the square of Kirov were raised members of the regional Committee, city Committee and of the government of Karelia, military leaders, distinguished people of the city. There someone all the time, shouted loudly "Glory" — comrades Lenin, Stalin, party, work, work of Onigawara, mica factories, railroad workers, motorists... Demonstrators with flags, portraits of leaders, with paper flowers and balloons at the podium loudly shouted "Hurrah!"in response to appeals. Brass bands played on the outdoor stage, people were dancing in parks and squares. The mood was festive at home waiting for tables (and during the procession the men have time to "make responsive on the chest").
There was a sea of enthusiasm, feasts and demonstrations give people a sense of unity of the nation, they were proud of being part of a great country (almost 70 years Victory day is the only reasonable reason to be proud of their own history, but the veterans as they lived, and live no more than beggars, rejoicing in the moment. Sadly it all — but the leaders we choose for ourselves shouting "no!»)
Very few then thought of as Bertolt Brecht:
They move sheep in a row,
Under the drums,
Skin for drums
They're taking the sheep off.
And who spoke about it received 10 years under article 58 of the RSFSR criminal code, as my uncle Koshev Konstantin Yakovlevich.








город на онего

I remember the days of the elections. They usually chose from one or two candidates. From the people only needed to come and "vote". A week before the election, agitators went home. They are told where and when to come to vote, I left the tickets. In order to interest voters, at the polling stations was music Amateur groups showed everything they can. But the main thing — at six o'clock in the morning when polling stations (as a rule, in schools and clubs) opened, there brought various scarce products: sausages, sweets, good pastries. Everyone knew it and was in a hurry to take their turn. And the atmosphere in the elections was festive. Voters brought their children, and wanting to please them, right in the auditorium were fed something tasty.
Singers sang songs about the wise Stalin and the Soviet government. Our neighbor Yuri Trifoev constantly "encore" performed songs of war "With his gun are inseparable" and "Oh, the track of the front". Cheerful entertainer amused undemanding audience. There were dance and acrobatic performances, but free movies enjoyed a special success.
In a big shop in the square antikaynena under glass showcase-counter inclined were white enameled oval trays. They were filled to the brim with fillets, salmon and a beautiful amber eggs — all the eggs clean, translucent, and so wanted to try it! Pounds this calf cost seems to be 57! But the workers and employees were obliged to sign up for a Bottomless State Loan, often for the entire salary, so that no one had free money. And people thought, let's wait a little longer, there'll be money, and we can afford a little bit of that caviar. And when people finally came for the caviar, we were surprised to see empty trays.




On weekends people would go to the market on the banks of the Lososinka (now in the place of paid Parking at the monument Meretskov). On the bridge sat the poor and the disabled among them in tankistam helmet legless stump of a human Vitek Chrukin with a normal right hand (left hand was without a finger) — in the morning he was brought to the trolley the rope's sister, and in the evening took them home to "Golikovka". Then he disappeared somewhere, as did other disabled people. Many later said that he saw him in Nadvoitsy in the area of p\I 220\1. And when it came time to escape, the prisoners hid him under a pile of jackets. Guards Stolbun and Uchaikin Vic found and taken to Valaam, where he once again came to the area. It has now become his home: the rope will take the wretched into the dining room and the bath, where will naparivayu broom, Terry rolled a cigarette and put it in your mouth, cifico will give to drink and in the evening in the dryer, under chifirok or under "something else", he nails the prisoners some personal experiences "on wheels" or in the tank at Prokhorovka. Sometimes, a full "driftwood" stuffed people to listen to the hero of the last war.
Since 1944, Soviet cities have been flooded with people who received the most severe injuries in the great Patriotic war. Young guys without future, without hands, without legs, burnt, terrible, on crutches and prostheses, on gurney — homemade carts on bearings, on which sat legless people, starting from the ground "Ironing". Disabled people were shouting and irritable, not always cleanly dressed, many orders and medals on jackets and tunics.









They survived, cleaning up the streets and markets, cinemas and train stations, singing and asking for alms on the cars, on the porch of the Neglinskaya and Zaretskaya churches, often were not sober. Understandable, after all life something for them, normal human life, ended. Many did not want to return to their families, not to become a burden for loved ones, and preferred to remain missing, stealing the miserable existence of street beggars.
In General, not painted, they are neither the city nor the concern of the party and government on disability is not demonstrated. And most importantly – they had nothing and was not afraid. And suddenly they disappeared.
In 1947, when erased the memory of the war, and the country carried out a monetary reform and began to cancel the various benefits of war veterans and "may 9 at the request of workers" again became a working day in many cities of Russia were raided. At night, secretly, to avoid noise, the NKVD caught in the yards, on street corners, train stations blind, legless, armless disabled, loaded them into "funnels" and taken to the island of Valaam, in the monastic buildings of which, by decree of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR, was formed the House of invalids of war and labor — the boarding school closed with a special regime administered by the NKVD.
It was a terrible injustice — instead of deserved awards, care and honor — persecution, arrests, expulsion. Even fascists didn't think up to take out the disabled of war to camps and there to destroy them. Even in the terrible Kolyma camp people always had hope to find freedom. With Balaam, too, the outcome was not — only to the grave. They died here from tuberculosis or a cold, mostly from wounds. Someone has drowned in lake Ladoga, was missing, and someone convicted. What was happening in the hearts of ex-soldiers, have not regretted any of them I died in battle? Have not experienced the anguish from the fact that the homeland, for the freedom which they sacrificed their health, send them to this cool island?
... After 6 years of training in the string orchestra pulled me into the sport. Valera an Tolmachev we came to the sports club of the army on Polenezkoy the street. Classes in Greco-Roman wrestling led by the master of sports Ivan Baranov. And the people on the carpet – not crowded, heat duhotischa, not much I liked it after expanses of forest. And I went skiing, but he stayed and later became a renowned coach in freestyle wrestling at the "Dynamo", after graduating from the Institute. Lesgafta.








With classmate Vladimir Efremov in society "Burevestnik" in the ski section at trainer Peter Geroyev we began to train together with the valley Vassilev, Vladimir Kiryanov, Yuri Kanaev, Tolia Frolov, Vladimir Arbuzov, and others. Winter came, and Vladimir Kiryanov ski was not given – it seemed he coach unpromising, and Vladimir began skiing at Aino's Franzini, Valamaa (champion of the USSR in cross-country skiing 1945) at the Palace of pioneers. When the society "Petrel" became a student, and the ski coaches Nicholas and Nina Sytniki, Vova went to them and these coaches brought him to the national team of the Soviet Union, where he helped in all our famous countryman Olympic champion Fyodor Terentyev, a native of the Karelian village of Padana. And the championship of Karelia cross-country skiing Vladimir Kiryanov have won multiple times!










I learned then (5th-8th grade) at 9 school street is Mountainous. In the liberated from Finns Petrozavodsk in 1944-1945 there was a military hospital. After the war, maybe so, and maybe because until 1954 it was studying all boys, 9 school is almost officially called the male guards the school. And maybe because in 1938 9, the school graduated the legendary subsequently, the sniper hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Pchelintsev.





Volodya from an early age was fond of shooting sports. As a boy in 1935 passed the normal on the icon "Voroshilov sharpshooter". And in 1937 he headed the school team at the Karelian Republican shooting competitions and took the 1st place. Then he was handed the prize – a small-caliber rifle TOZ-9. Vladimir was fond not only of shooting — he loved tennis, ran in the winter on skis, and in the summer was engaged in athletics. Another student of the Leningrad mining Institute, he graduated from the school of snipers, he became an instructor and master of sports of the USSR. And what persistence, courage and military skill on that bloody war Vladimir Pchelintsev's duels with enemy snipers demanded. After them, the enemy was on 14 snipers less, and generally during the war, Vladimir destroyed the 456 officers and soldiers of the enemy!!!








... Opposite the House of PE Onego was the boathouse and the sailing section of the marine club DOSAAF, Vitka Serebryakova there on the pier stood the boat — "kizhanka", Oh, and we buried it on the surface of Onego. And where are the boat stations and festivals on the water now, where are the parades of athletes? Where the hockey rink in the courts and a volleyball court?
In 1955, after 8 classes, Anatoly Danshin and Khalaf Shimanov persuaded to go to study in group No. 6 on the Green, and family, so I could help, since 2 years at a vocational school was in full gosobespechenii. Having been in this school a good profession electrician mobile stations, ran I did a lot of skiing, exercising in the OF (sports school of youth) coaches Ivanov Pavel Dmitrievich and Masurenko Vladimir Pavlovich — he was the Director OF Yes, and we lived in the same house on Gogolya 41. He was a good coach and man Vladimir Pavlovich and my friends are skiers still gratefully remember him.

















Vladimir Pavlovich and the championship of the USSR on youth cross-country skiing in Kirovsk in 1957 I went. A couple of times participated in the championship of the CA Labor reserves, even in athletics in Riga, where participants of the event welcomed famous Soviet writer Vilis Lacis.











Free time we spent on the Riga coast — how lovely these former German resorts Majori, Bulduri, Dzintari, wooden architecture of pedestrian street-Jomas promenade with restaurants, cafes and shops, a shady forest. You can admire the Baltic sea, beaches with white quartz sand and centuries-old pines forever.


Old Riga-once was a "German island" in the sea of the Latvian population. The medieval houses are brick and stone with Bay Windows, turrets and sculptures, with green copper spires, towering over the red tile roofs and reflected in the waters of the Daugava. The dome Cathedral with its famous organ, the powder tower, the Riga castle, the Swedish gate, the Troksnu street, where once lived the Riga executioner. The center of the old town – town hall square, where the meetings of the residents of the city, tournaments, processions, celebrations and executions. Here and the town Hall, a tall building with a clock and a pointer of the wind, and opposite the house of the blackheads.














Next powerful stands the German Lutheran Church of St. Peter, crowned with a Golden Cockerel-one of the symbols of Riga and Latvia. In the narrow streets of Riga today and heard the footsteps echoing centuries. Not once I visited with my family this German fairy tale.
After graduating from College I had to work as an electrician at the bakery (that's where ate their fill of bread), then a technician – electrician at the headquarters of the North. Oh, not far from my house. Then finished the evening SHRM No. 1. TVs have not yet been, and people actively attended sporting events-and ski Lososinka, and stadiums, And the house of physical education, and gyms, especially willingly gymnastics, Boxing and wrestling.


Soon I became involved in the House of physical culture in Greco-Roman wrestling Sergey Petushkov — he was a good man, he had no sound to let me go on Sambo coach in eagles sports club of the army. Master of sports in Sambo elders Orlov served as a meteorologist at the airport in Besovets and, unfortunately, constantly could not go to training, then for some time Sasha Vinogradov, a soldier from Leningrad, was engaged with us. And to me this Sambo liked more than any other. Along the way I met a lot of Karelian fighters: Alex Zhuravlev (that's really lomovik was), Valery Novikov, Kudryashov Kolya, Kolya Carpini, Misha Popov, Edward Drobot, Yura by Teterevleva, Sergei Simonov, and many others.
Now I understand that it is the sport that saved us from a lot of trouble in life. Neighborhood friends of those years who were unable to escape from polulate street atmosphere, gone or in jail, or just drunk. I looked at the guys dropping tears in beer, whose careers are rapidly faded because of this "addiction", and how many have already buried.
I remember the Olympics of the USSR, the competition of teenagers "Leather ball"and" Golden puck". For many years we have been a leading power in sport and art. And scientific and technological progress in our country was developing quite quickly, because science and education received much more attention then in the United States of America, due to the concentration of resources, of course, so we were the first to launch both satellites and humans into space.
Remember April 12, 1961 year classes in LSGMI was cancelled and the entire group of 12 we went on the 14 tram on Nevsky Prospekt and Palace square.




















How people rejoiced then and were proud of our achievements! Everyone experienced this success as their own, not because the Soviet leadership announced that Yuri Gagarin's successful flight was proof of the superiority of socialism over capitalism. The people who raised the country from post-war devastation, has received visible proof that his efforts and the associated hardships were not in vain. People thought: if you can fly into space-then you can build a just and prosperous society. Then it was called communism, but by that word every normal person meant just a happy life. Gagarin was our last hero. And space was our last great idea. And last, who do the entire soul wanted to become the boys were astronauts — because this is our country launched into space the first man. Did not come up with all this propagandists of the CPSU and the KGB
US President Kennedy in 1961 said that America lost the Soviet Union space at a school Desk, but over the last 20 years the level of education in Russia has been steadily falling, and the school of Russian cosmonautics destroyed. Today 12 of April is not a holiday, but just a date, and it is sad to realize that we have entered into the history not heroic page, and that the country lost not only a sport, but also entire branches of industry, science and education, and that the Empire of bill gates was created by the graduates of the best educational institutions of our country, which in Russia are "not useful", and shining Gagarin's smile gave way to a rotten grin Abramovich.

A military doctor E. V. Healthy

Even while skiing, in 1955 I met Yevgeny Vasilievich Healthy, who had just returned from the camps for rehabilitation, doctor of medical and sports clinic, former master of sports and champion of the USSR Armed forces in speed skating.











Having two higher education (sports and health), Evgeny Vasilievich served in the Petrozavodsk military hospital, and in 1950 sentenced by a Military Tribunal Belomorsky military district according to article 58-10 Part 1 of the criminal code of the RSFSR, was sentenced to 10 years.
He told me a lot about camps, prisons and transports, about the bitch war and the camp uprisings of the 53rd year, when the snitches were drowned in toilets, that he survived only because he worked in the areas of a doctor. It as the doctor was thrown into special camps, where the inmates on his back, chest and right thigh were sewn numbers, and Kundalini camp – kandleri where prisoners worked in chains, every day packs dying from hard labor.
Yevgeny Vasilyevich said: "In the bath on people was afraid to look at some skeletons. During the shooting, I sat on the watch on the stool and touched everyone passing by me Zek under the ass. If there was still some meat in there, go work. If some bones were in the hospital, but very few." Constant companions of Stalin's camps: starvation, scurrying, pellagra, not to mention dysentery, pneumonia and other "accidental" diseases.
In winter, the corpses of convicts were folded at a specially designated barracks, then adjusted the tractor and took them to the pits, where they were filled up with a bulldozer.








Most of all I was struck by his story about the camps "501 construction" — the railway from Ob to the Yenisei, which was built on the personal instructions of Stalin. 80 percent of prisoners here were "enemies of the people", planted" for spikelets"," for beets"," for 15 minutes late for work " and the military, who passed Nazi concentration camps. Swamps, impassable roads, bitter cold — frosts under 50, summer mosquitoes, from which people went crazy.
Yevgeny Vasilyevich helped in camp on early famous athletes-football players do brothers Starostiny, which he well knew in Moscow, playing summer still and in football. If the camp commander was required to work, though he spared, but not destroyed unnecessarily the prisoners, the escort was on all to spit, among them there are just sadists, and the most ferocious was "Vologda convoy".
In 1949, prisoners disarmed and beat the guards at Obyaz station and headed towards Vorkuta. They were about 80 kilometers from the fighting, freeing up camp for the camp. They were joined by more and more forces from the liberated camps, and in the end, the number of rebels reached more than 70 thousand. In their progress they destroyed local people — Evenks, Yakuts Zyrians because they were given to the authorities of runaway prisoners for good monetary reward, and often for vodka. In the direction of the path of the prisoners of the NKVD tightened mortars, artillery, and began the extermination of people with air and earth. Two weeks has been going-fighting, until all fugitive not destroyed.
Better Lazarus Veniaminovich Shereshevsky, who was arrested on being denounced and convicted under article 58-10 after the conclusion of the "Construction site No. 501" I will not say:
Us as would there is no,
— and yet we are everywhere:
And in the mounds, and in the rails, and in the bridges.
Construction miracle rises
On the bones absorbed by the tundra.
We died in the rain and in the cold
Over The Ob, Kolyma, Indigirka,
And on the graves of our — not a star,
A number of aspen plywood tag.






Under the influence of Dr. E. V. Healthy in 1960, I enrolled at the Leningrad Sanitary-Hygienic medical Institute (LSGMI). There were excellent opportunities for sports, even the sports camp at the Institute was on the Karelian isthmus. With classmates Volodya by Shebanova, Ivan Bogdan, Jura by Zenovin and master of sports Tolia Mysam we were engaged in a classic struggle in the gym, LSGMI of Sergei Mikhailovich Ivanov, the former head coach of the Karelian fighters before the I sports of the USSR in 1956. With pleasure he remembered his disciples: Eugene Loskutov, Fyodor Dekleva, brothers Markelovich and Chaninah, nick Verigin, Tolia Fomin, Adik of Karklina, Kohl Chaduneli, Vladimir Nesterov, Robert Skvortsov, Victor Andronov, Glory Katerina, Victor Serov and many others, with whom I had to work out on a wrestling carpet of Petrozavodsk.
Before everyone without any money to enter any University, but now without a tidy sum in there and meddle nothing. Getting even an increased scholarship, I sometimes had to earn money at Piskaryov warehouses. At night there were students of many higher education institutions, University, in smoke breaks communicated. The most profitable work is unloading the car with barrels. Of course, we needed skill and skill, the work was fun and fast. Unloaded boxes of wine, juice, vegetables and fruits, especially grapes I liked. You can "accidentally" drop the box — shrinkage and outage was legalized, but we had a good meal. This was not pursued, as sharing of production with a gang of other institutions. Worked a fun and fast car 60 tons were emptied in a few hours.
Scholarship was small, and with a mediocre assessment on the exam, and could deprive her, but my studies are easy to be given, the memory was normal, and it was interesting in LSGMI, and had time to fight and even in the string orchestra to go and go with him to concerts, for example in the Palace of culture. Kirov and " behalf of the first five-year plan."

LSGMI is an excellent Institute, the founder of which was academician V. M. Bekhterev (then it was called, St. Petersburg psychoneurological Institute and had faculties of medical, legal and pedagogical), and Honorary members of the Institute were the writer Ln. Tolstoy and outstanding scientist I. I. Mechnikov. Within its walls were such world famous scientists, founders of scientific schools like P. F. Lesgaft, P. P. Harmful, N.E. Vvedensky, S. I. Zlatogorov, A. A. Ukhtomsky, V. A. Oppel, F. Y. Chistovich, G. F. Lang, D. A. Zhdanov, P. N. Napalkov, A. V. Smirnov, A. A. Kidron, S. M. Ryss, as well as distinguished academicians of medical Sciences of the USSR: a pathologist N. N. Anichkov and pharmacologist S. V. Anichkov, neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon A. L. Polenov, hygienist Z. G Frankel, who wrote the siege of Leningrad a unique scientific work "Lengthening of life and active ageing".










I well remember the Director of LSGMI Ivanov A. Ya., Gramenitskii E. M., Christmas, E. J., M. F. Stoma, Felix Pak, humorous Professor A. P. Brestkin, Machover M. V., senior lecturer of the Department of foreign languages, beautiful soul of a man C. L. Epstein, helped me a lot in reading difficult German texts and difficult life moments.








In Leningrad remained higher intellectual level of inhabitants and mass building by masterpieces of architecture, living traditions of musical culture — the spiritual values which are saved up for three centuries by elite of the country.
Walks on Nevsky prospect and from it, to the Arts square-Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Palace, Philharmonic Hall, Drama theatre. V. Komissarzhevskaya, Drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin, Bolshoi drama theatre. Arrow Vasilievsky island, Rostral columns, the building of customs (Pushkin house), Menshikov Palace and the building of the Academy of arts on the University embankment, Mining Institute, mysterious sphinxes. Palace square and arch of the General staff. The winter Palace, it is in Atlanta, Jordan staircase state rooms, St. Isaac's Cathedral with its mosaics on biblical themes, the domed building of 102 meters tall. Theatre square with the Yusupov house, the state Conservatory, the Opera and ballet theatre. The English Embankment, where once lived my distant relatives Lindesy and Pilecka, the Palace embankment and the entrance to the Summer garden, black and gold lattice fence, its sculpture and high spirit, forbidden walks in the garden in a White night, then Sadovaya street to the Engineering castle with its different facades. Along the Griboyedov canal, Kazan Cathedral, " Savior on blood."
In the Alexander Nevsky Lavra chorale of singers sounded at the funeral, I was struck by a huge monument with the inscription "Queen of my fairy tale." Novodevichy cemetery on Moskovsky prospect was one of the most privileged and expensive in St. Petersburg in the 19th-early 20th centuries. Here only people of the highest classes — Ministers, military leaders, writers, poets, scientists, artists and actors-were buried. The right of the entrance buried Russian poet and writer Nikolay Nekrasov, a monument which embellished his call to "Sow reasonable, good, eternal...".

















Commander of the Baltic fleet Admiral N. Oh. von Essen takes a sample of food on military transport "Argun".

And next to him-the grave of our distant relative of Admiral Nicholas Ottovich von Essen (1860-1915), the hero of Port Arthur and the Russian-Japanese war, from 1911 to 1915 headed the Baltic fleet. Just South of the monument is a remarkable Clinician, S. P. Botkin, whose son Yevgeny Sergeevich Botkin, the court physician of Emperor Nicholas II, was executed by the Bolsheviks along with the entire Imperial family at Yekaterinburg in 1918.
In the post-revolutionary years, the graves of many prominent state and public figures were scolded and destroyed here. The facts of plunder of monuments, vandalism and desecration of graves at Novodevichy cemetery continue until the last time…
... Then lifted the "iron" curtain, screens out foreign films, played jazz, and we loved Boogie woogie, and then a cheerful rock-n-roll and twist, which danced in the hall-the rotunda of our Dorm on the Stone island, where, according to legend, when the waltz and Alexander Pushkin.









Events of those years are far, but I remember them perfectly, especially, walks with the classmate Zhenya Besedina on picturesque Kirov Islands. Krestovsky, Elagin and Stone — very special world inside of Leningrad, which attracted several generations of architects and painters, writers and poets. A large number of works Of S. Galaktionov, A. Bryullov, K. Beggrov devoted to Islands remained.


Here it was crowded even in the afternoon, and in the evening here came the townspeople to watch the magnificent sunset, when it turned into a dark red ball, as if immersed deep into the Bay, throwing the audience farewell rays of purple. Slowly strolling along the paths of the audience. Sitting at the easel artists.
These festivities on the "arrow" of Krestovsky island include the words of the poet Igor Severyanin:
I won't come today; I don't know when.
I rejoice in the spring, lilacs, sun, may!
I rejoice in the fact that the newly growing grass!
"Feed my engine.The driver on the island!»
The front facade of the Yelagin Palace of Empress Maria Fedorovna decorated with cast-iron sentry lions. Huge villas-mansions of St. Petersburg nobility on the Stone island. The residence of the party elite, to which the monuments of Russian architecture was fenced with high fences and they were not available for review. Of the alley, turned into the corridors of the highways government transport. Former chief in Russia of the Imperial river yacht club. Lilac bushes, Jasmine, acacia, hawthorn, cafes, tennis courts, boat stations, volleyball courts. Central Park of culture and leisure and the stadium named after Kirov. In Soviet times, tens of thousands of citizens were engaged in sports here.
Today, an attempt is being made to build up the Islands with elite residential, hotel and shopping and entertainment complexes to the detriment of public sports clubs. Probably soon the Islands will be more and more withdrawn from the system of recreation and sports and become zones of elite residence and pastime.
... We read a lot then: Hemingway, Remarque, R. Rolland, lion Feuchtwanger, a wonderful "experience" Michel de Montaigne, written simply and wisely about what life is subordinated to sobriety, a better life, allowing excesses and extremes, and that self-knowledge is the Prime duty and responsibility of man, and that every person has the right to doubt.













A lot of guys from our course, after the Institute became great spices medicine: cvetna Asya Stepanovna — doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of human microecology FGU scientific research Institute of children's infections of Roszdrav, Brant Lev Yudovich – the head physician of City hospital No. 33, Blustein Yuri Lazarevich, the chief physician of hospital No. 5, the chief physician of S. — St. Petersburg metro Vladimir V. Smolski, from our 12 group Vladimir Shibanov — the head physician of hospital №15 and Dotsenko Vladimir Antonovich , honored scientist of Russia, academician of RANS, Professor, chief nutritionist for the healthcare Committee of St. Petersburg administration, head. chair of food hygiene and dietetics with a course of hygiene of children and teenagers and with clinic of medical food of Spbgma of them. I. I. Mechnikov.










Chief physician to order

In our 12 group studied and Vladimir M. Nightjar. In 1966, he successfully graduated from the SSMI, and in 1969 and the residency at the Department of social hygiene and health care. Until 1974 he worked in various senior positions in North Western Pozdravitel. Since July 1974 he led the implementation guide of state for transport, initially in the Baltic basin on water transport, which was later reorganized into the Center of sanitary inspection, water and air transport in the whole North-West region. Vladimir M. in 1999, he brilliantly defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences, becoming more and associate Professor at Medical Academy. Mechnikova, being the author of more than 50 scientific and practical works on problems of hygiene of transport. In the same year, he was elected Vice President of the Northwest health Association. For the outstanding activity of the organizer of health care on transport Vladimir received the honorary title “the Honored doctor of the Russian Federation”, was awarded the sign “the excellent student of health care”, repeatedly was encouraged by Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, received the highest qualification category.












Vladimir Matveevich had a lovely family: his wife, Nina Kudriavtseva was in our year 12 group, the son of Andrew at the airport Pulkovo-2 city of St. Petersburg is working to ensure the safety of passengers on international lines, and the daughter of Irina Vladimirovna, who followed in the footsteps of their parents, graduating, as they LSGMI, works in one of scientifically-research institutes of St. Petersburg.















A distinctive feature of Vladimir Matveevich was a timely strategic decision making for long-term development to provide the complex of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic activities in the region. At the same time, he took an active part and directed the work of his colleagues in the development of modern sanitary and legislative documents, as well as actively contributed to their implementation in practice.













Vladimir was a conflict — free man, but his service was entrusted with a specific task-to prevent the North-West of poor quality products. It is clear that conflict situations inevitably arose on this basis. The lion's share of goods which quality should be controlled by service of Vladimir Kozodoy comes to port. For example, several ships with meat on the debt service the state can't miss. And every day downtime is a lot of money. It is clear that the sanitary doctor, if desired, can "slow down" any product, and can "close his eyes" on the non-compliance of products to quality standards. Isn't this the reason for the death of Vladimir Matveevich? He liked touring on a jeep, and in the fateful evening went on it home. The nature of injuries Vladimir says that the killer was in the car. Who became the companion of the chief physician on October 21, 2000 and his murderer, still it isn't known?

We had the ' 60s.

We are the children of the twentieth century and remember it differently. Anything was. But remained a bright memory of childhood, adolescence and youth. And the most expensive and warm – a memory of the sixties, which today excite. This time will always be heard in our memory by live human voices.







The 1960s the years of our generation are strongly associated with the beginnings with spring — youth of the year, with a fresh wind, open Windows and a lightness of being.
The 60s is the time of the movies Gaidai, Hitchcock and Fellini, Godard, Antonioni and Kubrick, books W-P Sartre and Solzhenitsyn, Kurt Vonnegut and Carlos Castaneda, the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, original music and lyrics of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the rolling stones.
60 is the time of the cold war and corn, the flight of Gagarin and his famous charming smile, the man on the moon, Twiggy, Jacqueline Kennedy, hipsters, bikinis, hippies and the active use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs. It's Cybernetics and genetics, avant-garde and skits, travel together for the city, lectures and seminars, teachers, hostel and potatoes, the construction crew and demonstrations, Newspapers, holidays and vacations, canteens, pyshechnaya, taste and favorite cafe "gourmand" of the fifth-year student in Pigoreau on the Garden. This is a feeling of happiness that you feel after visiting Leningrad theaters and museums. The Impressionists van Gogh, Degas, Matisse, Delacroix and his proud "Moroccan»…
60 years is the cult of science, it is the designers and creators of space ships are physicists who have contributed to our world of science — Ginzburg, Landau, Abrikosov, Gorkov, Alferov, Basov, Prokhorov, that the geologists who discovered diamonds, this outstanding engineers and scientists — makers of nuclear submarines, it's a lot of other talented, selfless and honest people.








We were different, but fun, and the life we were shivering shoulders. Even a small salary, but was bread for 13 potatoes 10 cents, free housing, free education, free medical care and unique national economic complex, operating on the principle of a single factory. For our being — this is the only acceptable option for the development of the country: specialization, cooperation, unified plan, unified management.
The capitalism of the Jurassic period with animal murla for Russia in its geographical, climatic and geopolitical conditions of death is similar to what we see today — forests are burning, factories are standing, fields are overgrown. Are increasingly falling aircraft, need not reach the orbit of rockets and satellites, bubbling sewage, crumbling dams and bridges. In a state of disrepair come not only Stalin's barracks, but Khrushchev's five-story building. The infrastructure collapse, which we observed on the example of heating networks in St. Petersburg, is no longer a legacy of the Soviet past.
These are symptoms of power's disease of the present. This is not even a political, but a moral ugliness of people who accidentally broke through to the levers of control and disfigured by uncontrolled power. It's a temporary illness. Blinded by their impunity and protected by justice-controlled practices, they (as demonstrated by the extent of theft within the Ministry of defence) lose conscience and sense of moderation. It is not enough for them to steal millions — it is necessary to steal hundreds of millions, billions. To steal blatantly, openly and as quickly as possible. Otherwise, other timers will come... and the fact that everything around them will crumble, leak, become useless, they do not care much. Will run out of their time, and the stolen will remain. And this is to the stolen remains — today is a special subject of their worries. Including legislation.
... In our years, people were kinder to each other, more open, friendly and emotional, there was no today's isolation in them. All felt really one people, one family, all were equal. The negative aspects of life not only outraged us, but also made us laugh. Although there was freedom of speech, we in the company said anything. The anecdotes flowed, for example: "In contrast to what Lenin Saturday from Saturday these days? — The log is the same, and Lenin the other".






It was a bright and carefree life. Neither you unemployment and poverty, nor oligarchs and killers, nor MMMS and organized crime groups, nor racketeers and raiders, nor corruption and lobbying, nor prostitution and pornography, including child, nor homeless and street children, nor the disappearance of people and their sale abroad, including children, nor the spiritual and moral degradation of the people and its extinction. Something to hide, it has happened a murder, but then it was impossible to imagine that the grandson killed his grandmother because of the pension, and the mother threw in the winter in the window sucking child.
Was in the Soviet Union robbers and thieves, but their prey does not become whole plants and the industries considered folk, farms, and when stealing a high official, the people said, "what he lacked?"Now they say,' when will the rest be planted??"Deception and fraud also took place, but people were arranged to work, knowing that the salary will be paid necessarily, the apartments received or bought without the risk of entering them, the money was made to the Bank, without fear of losing them, bought food, without fear of poisoning, drugs drank with confidence that they will be cured, and not die, went to the resort, knowing they're waiting for you there. There were no concepts of false passports, diplomas, government awards, and counterfeit money, too. And most importantly, no one had fear for their lives and the lives of children. Young people were sure that after school, if desired, it can enter for free in a free Institute, and will be able to study for free and still receive a scholarship, which can be poorly lived, and will not do, so still without a job for nothing will remain. Even orphans planned the future, knowing that the state will take care of them further and will bring to people.
Now the company affected a total distrust each other, but in those years flourished whistleblowing, hypocrisy and deception, but if you've been afraid to call myself a thief, now a cheat "sucker", to rollback, simply to steal at a premium. And pouring mud life back then and trampling the last twenty years of Soviet history — is a mockery of the memory of the people, who are trying to take away the past, to deny its future.
Everything was GULAG and forced collectivization, penal battalions and night arrests, KGB and executions, was 1937 and the "doctors ' case", women in hard work and street children, queues and coupons for flour and calico, family cowards to the knees and a newspaper instead of toilet paper, communal and barracks for builders of communism. Yes, Genesis our was then modest, but a worthy. On present concepts we were poor, but not poor! And this was then not the main!! And this is not confined to the past life, and with all the insanity of socialism in it something very right. There was a victory in the bloodiest world war the world has ever experienced, and this war was won by the Soviet people. There were industrialization of the country and Dneproges, shock construction and space flight, outstanding achievements of science and the greatest discoveries of scientists, great art and the highest level of education and culture. And it was recognized by the whole world. Today, the situation is comparable with the military: a quarter of the territory lost, industry — in ruins, the population is reduced by one million annually. There are no bombings, but the landscape in many places is like after the bombing. Three and a half years the Nazis were ravaging our land, destroying millions of civilians, destroyed during the retreat of thousands of factories, homes, hospitals, schools, museums...Alexei Pushkov, the Professor,is certain: "...We must understand how deeply we have fallen and what a great price we paid for these so-called market reforms It was from an economic point of view in 2 times worse than Hitler's invasion."

... When Stalin died, many thought that life was over — so were all fooled, remember, as in the 9 school on the morning line the teachers were crying, except "the Germans" Elsa Karlovna, and "istorichka" Seraphim she even fainted.
And then everything changed. Appeared samizdat literature, "One day of Ivan Denisovich" in the "New world", and it turned out that the ideas of socialism are not implemented as we were told, much in the activities of the leader was a criminal. For that have suffered in prisons and camps my grandfather "English spy" and as during – "enemy people" and many innocent people??
20 Congress, the exposure of the cult of personality, uncertainty and watchful waiting what happens next with this "jerk" Nikita, as it was called Stalin. Khrushchev, bringing out of control of senior officials, eventually launched the collapse of the USSR, transferred the Crimean region of the RSFSR in the USSR, destroyed the cooperative movement, although, as you know, during the war, the artels even produced weapons for the front, and in peacetime necessary things (utensils, shoes, furniture, etc.). Instead of co-operatives is easily controlled, productive, not speculative money-lending (like today) entrepreneurship appeared a monstrous evil – the underground plant. On Khrushchev's initiative, it was decided to stop payments on all issues of domestic loan bonds, which the authorities themselves had been forced to buy for decades. He shut and favorite people in the beer-of wood, and then came the all-Union movement "for three in the stopisyat" in the entrance. Khrushchev destroyed MTS, has introduced economic councils (then abolished them) , forbidden garden land, i.e.  he was anti-Midas -- everything he touched turned into shit. And among other high companions the reputation of Khrushchev was not the most worthy. "Jester, fool, Neuch" - haughtily spoke about him the old Bolsheviks of the Stalin guard. Talking about yourself or in a secure, hermetic corridors of power. Intellectual, Nikita Sergeevich, of course, was not, but the imbecile is not one of them. "Monkey with a grenade — - this is the most accurate description of the new first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. However, then this idiom nobody knew.  Komunistov have had the sense to remove this idiot, but the traitor Gorbachev, the mind is not enough and here is the result — Russia has degenerated almost to serfdom.
In 18 years of rule, four times Hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev laid the foundations of the country in which the law was changed concepts. These years were a destructive force for the country of undeveloped socialism. It was during these 18 years started what we Unscrew today, the criminalization of society, the bureaucratization of the party and Soviet leadership with criminal groups. Shadow profitable business, "black" lawyers, intermediaries, local authorities were closely tied. It was these people who shared millions of profits from illicit production. And kept them out of trouble the thieves, looking for regions. Around the ruling elite appeared a huge number of crooks and scammers of all stripes, fortune tellers and healers. The "Ocean" Tregubov, case Stavropol, Sochi, Tashkent... Corruption, like a cancer, had eaten the country. It was corruption that formed the basis of the Foundation of a new "democratic society" in which we "were lucky enough" to live today.







Long before us loomed our aging Kremlin gerontocracy. People of the older generation probably remember showing themselves on the podium Of the mausoleum of the leader. Harsh, impenetrable faces, avaricious gestures, faded eyes. The Politburo men were sitting to the end, not to some symbolic, no. All have seen that the man has one foot There, and anyway — he's a member of the Politburo, and supported him in all possible ways.
And we stayed true to myself and naively believed that at least 2000 will live under communism. The simple Russian people probably never lived well. But then, at least, were a man to consider himself.
Surprisingly beautiful was our youth! The main thing-we did not think about the money, because the basic necessary was cheap and affordable. Payment for housing-small; food, wine and cigarettes — cheap; cinema, theater, museums, pennies; anyone could buy a cheap ticket to the Baltic States, rent a room there and live quietly for a couple of rubles a day.
We, the northerners, loved the former Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad), Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Curonian spit, Klaipeda (the ancient German city of Memel founded by German crusaders in 1252). A cozy Riga and Tallinn cafes, Riga balm, Estonian liqueurs "kappi Kukk"("Rooster on the stump") and"Vana Tallinn"("Old Tallinn")!








And how well we were received in Ukraine, my native grandmother Olga Davydovna with father Feodor Kirillovich in Ivkivtsi that under the Pryluky, sister Olga Ovdienko with her husband, Paul Kuzmich with the Incense and her daughter Natasha with her husband Vasily, Prihnenko in Zhuravka.











Unique Ukrainian nature, air, filled with the smell of gardens and dried mint on the Maidan, steam water in the river Uday, mighty oak forests and endless fields. And people, and the Ukrainian songs (where there Italian).
The future seemed predictable, Hiking, parties, miniskirts, talk about Space and Cybernetics, old ham and Remark, friendship and debate, the magazine "America" (who knew then that his editor Harald G. Lindes-our distant relative). We joked a lot, meanness and cynicism were not quoted, it was a cheerful contempt for material values that was cultivated – all lived then on "copper money", as my grandmother Lidia PEC used to say. We easily got acquainted, there was no delamination in the community, and valued only personal qualities. Our girlfriends were enough just to walk the streets, watch movies, sit in some cafe.
In those days, the media praised "the triumphant March of socialism," branded "decadent West" and "corrupt agents of influence", sang the corn innovations "dear Nikita Sergeevich", the feats of the "dear Leonid Ilyich". Today, all the television channels daily talk about new increases in pensions, the growth of salaries and social benefits, the continued increase in income, the fact that there are more fresh fruits and vegetables in the food basket. No one says about the chronic poverty of the population, that the earnings of every third worker barely enough to make ends meet, as for the work of the people mostly pay "subsistence minimum".
Soviet TV crew sought to entertain, to educate people, now dealers on television and in publishing houses say:"We promote only what the market needs", suggesting to us that obscene books and TV shows about gangsters is the choice of today. And when it comes to reform TV to at least stop the child molestation, then we hear: "People are not yet ripe." And the reason is simple-money, money, money: "Monster oblo, mischievous, huge, stozevno and Laya!"Television has become a solid advertising, clowning, copying purchased in the West game programs.
All channels, except for a few programs and the channel "Culture", persistently strive to turn us into a herd of sheep ready to kiss the owner's ass for an extra hundred dollars a month, and the display of scenes of violence has become as common as the" pioneer dawn " under Soviet rule. Television has become a Handbook for the Commission of crimes. And most importantly, how to listen to and what are the terms of (conditional) provide for the millions (in dollars) the theft, so just envy you. This is not a trifle in his pockets to steal (kidding).
To people less thought about the problems organized by the government and did not riot, he was put on the Ostankino needle. But, according to The Bilderberg puppeteers, the people are still not brought to the desired condition of trained primates, although they silence and dutifully vote for their oppressors, and then in the kitchens looking for the guilty. Therefore, the main bet is made on the immature mind of young people.
Twenty-four hours a day TV and all sorts of yellow "voices" brainwash, convince us that neither morality nor morality there. What good, honesty, decency, compassion in this world is not the place. What is the purpose of life – the power of pleasure, and the only way to achieve this goal – money. Only they, many faces, look at us from the icons of those "gaping heights" (A. Zinoviev), which we erected ourselves. Just them.
... After the shooting of the White House in 1993, the gloomy river pomoev flowed through the media, blundering and blundering people, the TV became a purposeful conductor of fear, cynicism, anger and boundless greed, the impression that it was occupied by a team of mentally ill and perverts: it is necessary to be able to consistently and aggressively promote the worst human qualities in the style of the late Dr. Goebbels, who claimed: "Give me the media, and I from any people will make a herd of pigs."
Since then, as the Soviet Union collapsed, it took more than 20 years. Like weed, it has grown throughout the former Soviet Country liberal Russophobic ideology, terrorism, prostitution and drug addiction. Crime and the moral decay of society is a natural consequence of the liberalism introduced in our country.
We know that this is not a small part of the credit of London and Washington, but we forget about the "5 column" — those Jews who ate away the body of their own country from the inside. persistently, methodically, insidiously as wood beetles, which have long not seen in the logs, pretended to be "reliable and the support". The gentlemen of column 5 are so active that it seems that they are the patients of ward 6.They and today live among us, communicate with us and at the same time consider themselves penetrating public figures, and us the defective people, narrow-minded "scoops", "cattle" — (from the Polish-bydlo cattle; stupid common, spiritually undeveloped, obeying a foreign will and allows itself to be exploited). The worst enemy of our people, the fifth column, hates Russia, but the strongest anti — Russian team is the government, which destroys the remnants of Russia's industrial potential by its domestic policy, increasing the impoverishment of people and already barely making ends meet. Devastated cities, destroyed villages, optimized education and healthcare, and more on the list. As a worm, the fifth column has penetrated into the very heart of the state, it is full of brilliant political scientists, witty journalists, profound philosophers. This fifth column has television channels, paper and electronic Newspapers, websites and blogs, the most popular radio station in Russia. This fifth column is sponsored by the West, as stated by the state Department, allocating millions of dollars to support the Russian opposition. It is sponsored by oligarchs, for whom the Russian state – the last obstacle in their monstrous theft and taxing. It is sponsored by the state itself, keeping on its payroll the most prominent representatives of the liberal circles, spending money "Gazprom" on its feeding and nurturing. The contradictions of today's Russian society are unbearable for the state. One percent of Russian citizens own eighty percent of national property, how did it happen? Oligarchs, blind and insatiable as greedy boars, loosening their greedy snout Russian soil, eroding the very foundations of the existence of the Russian state. They forgot the fate of their precursors, which raised the forks and put to the wall.














To quote the composer Valery Gavrilin: "Liberalism is a deceitful, evasive and elusive. He confuses a clear attitude to things and knocks down the road... liberalism is the decency of the villains... who betrayed the USSR, with the same enthusiasm at the earliest opportunity will betray Russia." At its core, all liberals are pests and traitors to the interests of their own country. Just dissolve a few of them, to re-educate these, in essence Pro-Western lackeys, is hardly possible. The best disinfectant on them — to give in court the rights, freedoms and privileges, but duties and responsibilities, and many with confiscation of the stolen property. His desire for wealth, luxury, rejection of the common man who has no Bentley, the liberals closed down the Holy words. And freedom they need in order to freely steal, profit, and not bear any responsibility. For them the sun rises in the West, and they pray that the black sun gain, destroying it for the sake of their people. "We managed to get over the precipice," the liberals say, it could have been worse, and only thanks to them, the result was not so bad. This subtle thought is being instilled in society in order to whitewash itself, to evade political and criminal responsibility for the cursed 1990s, in order to come back to power and return the country to external governance. The liberals have done their job. They are privatized. They dug. They Packed their own pockets. After that, they are not interested in anything. They throw all the middle of the road, who had come ostensibly for "beautiful life." They do not care deeply about the ordinary performers of their program who followed them. The question confused and thrown to the crowds – "and with us now, what will happen?"- liberals give the answer, the most clearly and truthfully sounding from lips Chubais: "and me what deal, that now with you will." The classic situation of the deceivers and entangled them in the thicket of the wild forest, deceived followers who understand with horror that they fed someone else's dream. And that for them personally-nothing is saved and nothing is expected. That is radical: nothing! They are strangers, and superfluous at this "celebration of life" (or rather, the Orgy of theft and sell) — they are cynically used.
People, the collapse of a great country, to destroy its factories, to build a system cashing, offshore and withdrawal of money abroad, trample on culture, perverted history, slandering Russia, no one to hold accountable. Moreover, they put monuments, their names are streets and squares, and even libraries. In Yekaterinburg opened "Yeltsin centre" — the apotheosis of abuse over the entire history of Russia, the spittle of mockery in the heart of the people, which in 90-e years were thrown to survival, And although the purpose of the center is to rehabilitate in the minds of the Russian people 90 years and call them the great years of Russian history, but most Russians believe the figure of Yeltsin's Russian disaster and synonymous with evil (even the liberals, a few years later after the death of his patron, found "critical moments"). Film Director Nikita Mikhalkov has offered to recognize the crime policies of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. This should be done at the state level, said the film Director in an interview with "Interfax". He reiterated Vladimir Putin's 2005 thesis that the collapse of the USSR was the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century. Responsibility for it is borne by the Soviet leader and the first President of the Russian Federation, said the filmmaker. "On the wave of liberal reforms, a class of Russian capitalists was created, which acted in the conditions of wild, anti-social capitalism.This was done deliberately, there was even a certain philosophy: it does not matter what will happen to the country, with the population, [let] 30 million will die out, nothing is the price for our entry into the market", - says Professor Alexei Pushkov MGIMO,
The result of Yeltsin's rule, Russia has lost a third of its territory, has lost a great army, which was able during the three days of East Germany to reach the Pyrenees, was destroyed factories, destroyed KB thousands of documents exported to the United States, killing a lot of cutting-edge proprietary technology. In Russia there was 7 million people who could not be born in a state of horror, anguish, hunger and depression, and our graveyards are full of victims of the warring Russian young people but at other times they can become astronauts and military leaders, scientists and artists. Famous American demographer Nicholas N. Eberstadt, who 35 years studying Russia, has recently published a study on the rapid decline of Russia's population. He argues that the demographic situation is deteriorating because Russians live with a sense of dead hope for a happy future. In the center of Moscow in 1993, a fire from the Russian parliamentarism, and Russian democracy disappeared forever, and not born. In 1996 it made its first Grand electoral fraud — when Zyuganov won, but the victory was attributed to Yeltsin. Since then, falsification has become the norm. The people found themselves in the grip of a huge constitutional lie. In the 1990s, a class of oligarchs was formed, which was conceived as an engine of capitalist development. But instead, some oligarchs are feeling like a temporary worker, sold plants, cut cattle, turned into the ruins of towns and villages, while others took the most profitable part of the Soviet economy — metallurgy, aluminum, oil, gas, Nickel and steel to enjoy all the benefit of their own enrichment. Emerged and the ideology of a monstrous social stratification: it turns out, is the Wiener — successful, rich people are "chosen, extremely talented, brilliant" and there are losers — impoverished people, the servants, the darkness, the crowd — "incompetent, ineffective, useless noobs, doomed to a miserable existence that lay on the stove and clapped ears" when the Wiener frantically looted the common heritage. This ideology of superiority, essentially a form of fascism, was formed in the 1990s, and this level of social injustice condemns the country to catastrophe.

военный врач
главврач на заказ
у нас были 60-е

... In the days of my barefoot childhood mate was considered the language of the diggers and movers. It was considered indecent to speak in the presence of women and children and to comment, for example, in public transport. Today the mother of all "from the coachman to first poet" — men, women, youth, children — for them it is not the "great and terrible", which, for example, we were ashamed, and which, according to the Word of the Church, is a blasphemy against the virgin, for them it is like popcorn, seeds, chewing gum. The culture of prison, the aesthetics of the Mat, as the disease unfolded in the whole of Russia. At the same time, in everyday speech, the majority of the country's population uses obscene speech not even for swearing, but instead of introductory words, so as not to stumble when looking for the right word. Some come to abuse even further and as a replacement use conventional swear words. For example, the word "man." Especially a lot of it – in conversations about power, problem some official "stabilization" and the people answered him: Yes, Yes, "stabilizes". And clear to everyone.
Already several generations have grown up for which talk the Mat — like breathing. Matom say everywhere. In transport and at work, on the phone with friends and service workers, with unknown fellow citizens and with members of the family, with animals, and alone. Writing mats on the walls — anywhere in the world it is not. To walk the streets disgusting — the mother of even children, sex education which starts today with the knowledge of mats and their values. This is absolutely abnormal. People do not understand that the mate destroys the foundations of Society, that the mother goes into the minds of people through the depravity of our children and, in fact, little different from child pornography or seduction of minors. At the same time there is no need to use the great Russian language. Young people are not brought up in the classics, and chatted on the Internet in a bird's, incomprehensible language.
Man is a hostage of his biography! Unfortunately, as well as Veronica Booth and Victor Pogorelov of our 12 groups, LSGMI I was not able to finish. Later he worked as a master and teacher of electrical engineering disciplines in vocational school № 1 pic. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute (SZPI), for many years was the head of the electrical Department and the chief power engineer at the enterprises of Petrozavodsk and Moscow region, and to this day in this profession. I like the typical middle class by the standards, by the age of 40, bought an apartment and a car, a dacha later. All necessary for normal life I have and my family was!















Left to right: author, doctor of technical Sciences, honored coach of Russia in combat Sambo Ilya

I studied a lot, worked often two jobs, moved through the ranks without connections, relationships, and "the bread book" of the Communist party. Then social mobility existed for ordinary people, and the Communist party to join no one is forced, and in party of this, in my opinion, it was 90 % cling greedy careerists, political crooks, vile villains and people who do not understand why they joined it.
Then often listened to the "German wave", "Voice of America", BBC, "Free Europe" and other"voices", carelessly spoke about the authorities and the party, and my mother repeatedly said: "...Oh, and put you as a grandfather and uncle Kostya...". Thank God, that was close. For people my circle and my mentality be in this party was not necessarily. We worked, loved and recognized the state as our own, without regard for modesty of life. We had other values, among which equality and fraternity, solidarity, work and knowledge, accessibility and gratuity of state-guaranteed economic and social rights, richness of the spirit and power of the state, which was not ideal, but it was the best for our people. Didn't have much, but we was first to reach for the stars! Do we have nostalgic feelings about the Soviet Union? Of course, there is! Our work (my work experience is 61 years) and our hopes were invested in our country. The grandeur of history and the nobility of the original idea of justice imbued the atmosphere. Dreaming of reorganization as happiness, we meant that your personal happiness should at the same time coincide with happiness and justice for all. It turned out differently, and the so-called" elite " trampled on all notions of justice, appropriated huge wealth created by the work of several generations of Soviet people.
And although I believe that the Orthodox monarchy is the best form of government in Russia, but today vote for the primitive socialism without the spirit of profit and haggling, without the fear and blood of the 90s, without degradation of industry and agriculture, no sneaky prihvatizatory — beacons of capitalism, brazenly poking us in the face with his stolen billions, their foreign sports teams, their yachts, aircraft carriers and their Faberge eggs.

The essence of democratic renewal

Yesterday the clerks made their way into power.
The dense ignorant become elite.
Now not masters of doom is famous for,
And those who managed to Rob Russia.
Andrey Dementyev.









Recently read the book “the Power of TNT” Poltoranina M. N., the former Minister of press of Russia, an active supporter of bn.Yeltsin about how under the approving reports of the American media down the toilet of history a great power as disorganizations economy and a crumbling standard of living, and as it was destroyed and looted, and posthumously slandered, dishonored, and drowned in the mud of a country in which we were born, grew up, studied and lived. I realized that the words "iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck: "Revolutions prepare geniuses, make romantics, and enjoy the fruits of the crooks," for our oligarchic revolution of 1991 can be taken with a reservation, as prepared, and made and its fruits took advantage of villains, and it was a carefully planned action. And Deputy Secretary of state strobe Talbott at the time, I wrote: "Yeltsin agreed to any concessions, the main thing — to have time between cups...". In 1992, after receiving instructions from Kissinger at the U.S. Embassy to break the entire Russian industry, leaving only raw materials, Gaidar said: "...we will kindle the fire of inflation, which will burn the industry."
The Soviet Union was destroyed deliberately in the course of a special operation called "Perestroika". Almost 4 years" sawed " all the pillars of the state — ideology, culture, economy. Took out the constituent power of the Communist party, its stamped out in the dirt. And the crown of everything is the Bialowieza conspiracy, which violated all constitutional norms and procedures.
Revolutions always raise the turbidity and the terrible mud and raise it to the top, although what happened in the ' 90s, a revolution can not be called — is falling into the abyss, the seemingly invincible country. And the power was seized by absolutely unscrupulous, cynical, greedy, selfish and ruthless people. No homeland, no patriotism, no good people, they do not exist except to snatch a piece from the living body of the country, this piece of some how to swallow, crawl to the side, burping him over the hill, hidden, so nobody steals it, and go for the following. It is surprising that the people, who honored themselves as the avant-garde of humanity, which will lead everyone to the victory of world communism and universal happiness, in the country that was able to create the most spiritual literature in the world, at the end of the twentieth century suddenly ripened such a greedy and shameless bastard who managed to devour the whole country, explaining to everyone that this is modern society, freedom and universal justice, creating a functioning system of vertical, nepotism, flourishing corruption and inequality before the law.
When the restructuring was started only (who then knew that her script was written in Washington — Matlock George. "Death of the Empire. The us Ambassador's view on the collapse of the Soviet Union"), we were very trusting, as we sought a fair arrangement of Russia. And in 1991 felt that finally this country belongs to us! Our young reformers - "Chicago boys in pink pants", never led even a team or shop, planning a "dance" with vouchers and other reforms, assured: "we are educated, we studied at Harvard, so Russia will be rich as America. Now the most important thing is to transfer everything to private hands, it will not take five years since the beginning of reforms, as we will be in chocolate. Because the market — take a look at the West! - will give us abundance and happiness. The market will regulate everything!!»
"Give us a class of owners, and you will not know Russia!",- speakers at democratic meetings rattled bad voices. The case seemed like it was about the creation of a domestic volleyball team. Lying Gorbachev academics "sacred and inviolable right of private property," the selfish principle of "every man for himself" was lauded as the leading motives of the person. They "forgot" to tell people that restructuring is a way to slavery, to General desecration, to ineffectiveness of economy, to degradation and death, that Russia has no historical future on this way, it is immersion in the Sewerage.
At that time, it seemed to us that a country adhering to the highest humanistic values in the social, political, economic, scientific and cultural spheres would become a democratic country respecting the rights of the individual and, being the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources, would provide citizens with one of the first places in the world in terms of living standards. We really wanted to make a better life. And the Union for this collapse — all earnestly believed in the Western way of life. We believed in freedom, in the fact that the whole world lives normally, and only we built such ugliness of the USSR. Yes, not for nothing foreign journalists of change and action of that time in Russia called nonsense of mad puzzlers.
And here the market is here! But not the one that regulates, and the gangster who robs! It has been more than 20 years — and we really turned upside down in a kind of brown substance, but IT is not chocolate! Why did this happen? Why we're sitting in liberoidnoy democracy as we used to sit in the muck of Stalinism? Why the country has turned into thieves and criminal enterprise, from the customs who are sick of the people and horrified the rest of the world even more than from atomic and hydrogen bombs and the threat of expansion of Bolshevism?
The first law of the market is the law of profit (the rest is not about, including conscience, and honor, and morality — they do not even buy a bottle of vodka, unlike pleasantly crispy North American or European banknotes). Profit should be maximum at minimum cost and in the shortest possible time. And then it turns out, that the most market guise of commodity relations is theft — if you simply took and stole. That is, with a minimum of labor costs, he received a maximum of profit in the minimum time. It is this law that began to work from the very beginning of 1992, and "theft without borders" became the norm of Russia's life. Neither under the tsars, under the authority of the Secretary General was not in Russia theft is so boundless and unceasing. About the number of paintings, collection of weapons and diamonds oligarchs even can not speak – in front of this magnificence even the faithful associate of Peter I and the first thief of the Russian Empire, Alexander Danilovich Menshikov seems to be homeless, collecting bottles at the dump.
... No sooner had the people to celebrate the deliverance from the Communists and enjoy a brighter future, as the state had stolen from them all savings accumulated during the Soviet period. and Gaidar flatly refused to compensate the impaired deposits, thereby trying to give legitimacy to deprivation of citizens of their private property. And it went, went – the most remote and close to the power stole factories, Newspapers, steamships, inherited from the USSR, and those who smaller – stole machines from abandoned enterprises and cut wires on non-ferrous metal, stopping the movement of trains and de-energizing entire cities. Was created organizational and economic conditions, pay attention, simultaneously, to the Stripping of private property, state ownership, and where it was impossible to take away, to finish her taxes.






And the struggle for the redistribution of property went not at the level of common sense, but at the level of instincts. It went red-hot irons. It bandit redistribution spawned numerous new layer of capitalists. And competitor the easiest way was to kill. No man, no problem! Our economy today is built on this, and the cemeteries are filled with people who shot each other for profit. Each oligarch, like a seasoned doctor, has his own personal cemetery. Only if doctors in such a cemetery bear witness to their professional failures, then the oligarchs it, on the contrary, is a success story. The basis for billions of dollars was laid barrows the skulls of those who are not lucky enough to be in the way "successful" (who stole) entrepreneurs. There is a breed of people: the money is not only the Motherland mother will not regret it. This spiritual quality, which contributed a lot to enrichment, is called today an entrepreneurial vein. These greedy and tenacious prihvatizatory, possessing the remnants of the party and the government or the shadow state in barely ten million dollars, for a few years suddenly become the owners of aluminum, steel and oil giants (where a scrap was worth billions).
Now the main" liberal value " is the Russian budget — it is the administrative and financial system for pumping all folk money into the pockets of the upper part of the administrative class. The budget is in fact the rightful property of the elite administrative class (according to their own conviction and according to established practice). And when we understand this value scale of the state apparatus, everything that happens ceases to seem strange. Budget sawing on proven technology: "Rosnano", "Skolkov" and other "national projects". Because this technology is designed to ensure that the Treasury billions accumulated on personal accounts. And Dmitry Medvedev says: "after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its planned economy, our country has made great progress in development"??? How can we praise the raw materials economy of modern Russia, comparing it with the capabilities of the USSR, when all our economic miracle – is high oil prices, and gas speculation,and nanotechnology, innovation, modernization — a bubble for the TV box. And how can you assure that the country will not get off the chosen path of "open economy" and will not allow the creation of a mobilization economy. Although the bankruptcy of the liberal course is increasingly obvious, and the West is already openly talking about confrontation with Russia, up to the military and political
At home, where hiding citizens, are not lost sight of these technologists. A system of pumping money by "managing companies" created by local authorities was introduced.
In the risk group were single owners of housing of any category-in the country the number of people who disappeared without a trace is growing dramatically. Cases of missing people were before, in Soviet times, but such a number of missing. 50 thousand people disappear every year-children, adults, the elderly. What's it? How so? How can people disappear who have no reason and no preconditions for it? The Ministry of internal Affairs connects these losses with the criminogenic situation in the country: over the past 10 years, as a result of apartment scams, 30,000 people have died or disappeared, and young girls disappear directly from the doors of their homes. Sometimes there are people with a partial lack of internal organs and limbs taken for transplantation — children and adults are considered criminals as carriers of spare parts that can be sold for a lot of money. The value of human life has become meager, and the dollar is declared a measure of all things.
The people fell into the abyss of disaster and the shit floated to the surface — liberoidnuyu reforms raked from social doorways all human waste, and slipped into the guides of society — yesterday's marketplace the sharper and gambler, black-marketeers and speculators by theatrical tickets, bandits and thieves, the drug dealers and crooks of all stripes (and many with certificates from psychoneurologic dispensary) is now officially called the entrepreneurs. Previously, it was clear who belongs to the intellectual layer: University professors and scientists, inventors and teachers, actors and musicians, book publishers and journalists. Today all these people behind the scenes of the public and political scene, and in light of the ramp — known show-men, extravagant MPs, telecommuni, which with an overall drop of culture the people adopt for intellectuals. And what have you heard recently about Steelworkers, builders, combine harvesters? It's as if they would not. But once the songs were sung: "the workers create all the wealth of the world" Today... a simple man — no one could call him.
The technology of "liberal values" triumphs. It is also implemented in the electoral system. No matter how the vote, will win the "liberal reformers", because there is a rule: no matter how they vote, it is important as. In 1993, as adviser Boris Yeltsin noted, Russia's first Secretary of state, knowledgeable Gennady Eduardovich Burbulis, Yeltsin dragged through the ass the Constitution, which was written by American advisers, and in 1996 through the ass in the Kremlin dragged Yeltsin himself.
You may recall how for insane Yeltsin together voted almost all the inhabitants of the psychiatric hospitals, as Chairman of Tsentrizbirkoma Ryabov "very well," was counting votes and how the ballot papers were soon destroyed.











And on August 12, 1996, the" popularly elected " alcoholic by decree No. 1208 abolished a lot of his own decrees, decrees and orders of the government, which have a social orientation. All election promises were annulled, and the Ministry of Social Protection was abolished altogether.
People with luxury real estate and huge accounts abroad were in the highest echelons of power. Why do people represent the rich? Do they understand the needs of the people? Where are the doctors? Where is the teacher? Where are engineers, writers, poets? Why for the stolen chicken of the simple citizen put in prison, and to officials millions dismissed get away with it? Before Gorbachev was not the Riot police, dragged against his people, but the stolen capital was impossible to hide abroad — foreign intelligence everywhere had their eyes and ears, so the thieves went to the lumber in the solar Komi SSR.
Reformers claim that at the time of Yeltsin's coming to power the country was on the edge of hunger. But 1991 was one of the most productive in a decade. By December, the USSR's bins broke from bread-it was only time to organize the transportation of food to the city. Talk about an empty Treasury — the same bluff. Gokhran was filled with diamonds, gold, Soviet banks worked in London, Singapore, Frankfurt, actively crediting the whole world. The country continued to trade in currency, wood, metal and oil. Finally, there was a huge state reserve — stocks of canned meat, pasta and other supplies. So the destruction of the USSR was an unjustifiable crime.
Before privatization, taking advantage of the confusion of Perestroika, the collapse of our economy was provoked with a shortage of literally everything, even the most basic goods. Gabriel Popov at the Interregional Deputy group, which played an important role in the collapse of the Soviet Union, said that it is necessary to create a situation with food that products were issued on coupons. That it caused indignation of workers and their performances against the Soviet power.
For example, how the tobacco crisis was organized: 26 tobacco factories were stopped one day for repairs, and this is out of 28 total number of these factories. Not surprisingly, there was a deficit and tobacco riots. The shelves were empty overnight, not because there was no food, but because they were simply hidden. Did not sales — how do we get the money? People massively lost their jobs, so there are no taxes, no buyers. Oil and gas are cheap. The Treasury was empty. And times so, - "had to" going in debt. But the credits we have under the political conditions: stop to produce and grow, we all will provide! So the West got into our market, ruined our economy, and Russia fell into the trap, out of which would be very difficult. Dense liberoidy put the country on imported food needle, giving all the gold reserves for Bush's legs, destroying the agriculture, and industry (except mining) is now in deep coma!











The stories of Gaidar and Chubais that Russia was on the verge of starvation do not correspond to reality. Why the government was holding closed a huge grain stocks? Hearing about the death of people from hunger, Gaidar calmly noted that the extinction of the people during the transformation is quite a natural phenomenon, and later, when the people began to go to the next world for a million a year, noted with satisfaction that there is not so long to wait until the last weaklings will die, referring to the elderly and people who are not adapted to business. This is confirmed by Chubais his question: "If we can not feed, do we need so many people?»
In unison these bastards seconded and the Prime Minister of Britain George. Major: "Russia's Task after the loss of the cold war is to provide resources to prosperous countries. But they only need fifty or sixty million people to do that."
The privatization of the 1990s not only overturned the country's economy and abandoned Russia in its development decades ago, turning democratic reforms from the expected good into a curse, but also eroded confidence in reforms as such. The market took away the little that socialism gave the people-work, food, housing and stability.
One of the authors of the policy of "shock therapy" in Bolivia, Poland and Russia Jeffrey Sachs, from 1991 to 1994, the head of the group of economic advisers Yeltsin, formulated his opinion on the privatization of Chubais – Koch: "this is not shock therapy. This is a malicious, premeditated, well-thought-out action aimed at large-scale redistribution of wealth in the interests of a narrow circle of people."
Privatization had to ensure the rise of the country, to create a system of efficient capitalist enterprises, which will show all the failure of the management system of the Soviet era. It was supposed to replace the owner, open the way to technological progress, dramatically increase labor productivity, promote the introduction of modern technologies, provide an increase in jobs and wages, create social structures, new housing, hospitals, kindergartens. But resolved was the only issue – there was a change of owner. And all the other major requirements went nowhere. What's not clear — we have been robbed and Yes, Rob still, and most importantly, no one is guilty. Even though all that they stole belongs to us, the people of Russia. And no one knows how long it will last, and this is all the money of the people and our salary and our pension, it seems we will die poor people, under our government. You slowly enter the market: to give to private hands any magazinesi, gas stations, hairdressers, hotels... borrow away! But the factories do not touch!
The new owners of the property for a penny hapnuli billion value of the enterprise, and the funds in their development did not invest, sucking out of the enterprises all that is possible. After privatization and reforms none of the industrial sectors – oil, gas, metallurgy, energy, chemistry, mechanical engineering, agriculture, light industry did not work more effectively. Almost completely destroyed civil aircraft building, shipbuilding, instrumentation, electronics, engineering. Agricultural machinery is in disastrous condition. For 23 years, almost 2/3 of Russia's industrial potential was destroyed. Thousands of large industrial enterprises have been destroyed. Those few newly built industrial facilities and a hundredth of a share do not compensate for the losses and, moreover, they are working on the further transformation of Russia into a raw colony. It is necessary to make private property legitimate in the eyes of the vast majority of citizens. Otherwise, we will live with this bomb, which is able to completely destroy the entire political and economic system of the country... but we must start with the legitimacy of the government itself, which many people in Russia today question. Whatever decisions this government makes, it will not make private property legal.
Today, corruption (the internal essential feature of capitalism), which has become the habitat of society and one of the pillars of our system, is hindering progress. According to the Association of lawyers of Russia "For human rights" if in 2008 the average size of a bribe was about 9 thousand rubles, in 2011-2012 — already 300 thousand rubles.
The fight against corruption in Russia is similar to the search for Scottish Nessie — talk a lot, but no one has seen. And hardly ever will see. But in China, for example, there are cases when officials caught on bribes are cut off their hands, and correctly do.
And TV channels today trumpeting corruption. At the same time rich mansions aren't withdrawn from anybody though all mansions of officials are constructed on stolen or other criminal money – legally the rich official can't be by definition.
This is the era of totalitarianism the publication in the press could be grounds for criminal prosecution. If the mess they say, but do not work – so it is POSSIBLE. To expose it, to speak of the outrages and to take no action against them – this means their ugliness, allow.
And the first and most important step towards the legalization of the Treasury was made in the early 90-ies, when liberoids excluded from the Criminal code of the country famous article 93.1, which provides for strict liability for theft of state property, for which theft was punished, up to the death penalty with confiscation.
At the same time, article 92, which provided for liability for embezzlement through abuse of office, was deleted. That is, now we have in the Criminal Code in General there is no article which would directly provide responsibility for Treasury.
At the same time, this responsibility is only getting tougher all over the world – look at the US, where the bureaucrats are given life. On Chinese television from time to time show public executions of officials for a bribe or plunder for the sum more than million dollars. Since 2000, China executed for corruption about 10 thousand officials, 120 thousand more received till 10-20 years of imprisonment.
The laws of the country deprived of the possibility in principle to confront the fraudsters and embezzlers, because we have still not ratified the 20th article of the UN Convention, which requires "establish as criminal offences the illicit enrichment of a public official that his legitimate income, which it can not reasonably explain".
We did not accept this article because it directly threatens welfare of officials gained on corruption transactions and prescribes to punish for illegal enrichment. In fact, it relies at least to put on paper for fraud in especially large sizes. Because the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been withdrawn is not even very large, it is unprecedented in size. These are astronomical dimensions. In such units, the distance between the luminaries in the Universe is measured. And yet still haven't planted any bastards. Until confiscation — will steal This definitely will reduce theft and at least partially return money stolen.
800 billion dollars have been exported from Russia for 20 years and the process continues! I can't believe we can get the country out of crisis by letting it go further and further. And although official statistics continues to convince us: to live in Russia is better, more fun, but for some reason the Russians do not share the fun. What will remain after our oligarchs? Yes, after they left scorched earth! Exhausted and devastated the bowels, mutilated taiga and tundra, where the deflated oil and gas, which are summarized and taken for the hill forest. Today Terry swindlers and oligarchs prosper and continue to plunder Russia, hiding the income in Offshores, Switzerland, England. And even the iconic processes of" famous " corrupt officials and scammers often fall apart, and a large pile manages to escape abroad.
A soap Opera called "the fight against corruption in Russia" continues. And, probably, the next step of the Russian legislators in the field of fight against corruption is rewarding of swindlers and treasurers with the highest state awards!







A realtor friend once said: "People are equal only in the bath, and in my life now, someone would have to be content with black bread, some pineapples and hazel grouses". Yes, a new generation of tough people focused only on the protection of their own interests has come into life, who received quick and often accidental access to huge resources and accumulated huge personal wealth during privatization. They call themselves the elite. And in fact, are narrow self-clans (financial, commodity, security or administrative) for the preservation of the current status, new pieces of property.
Yesterday the beacon of capitalism was blowing his nose in the floor their crimson jackets, kill and steal (privatization of oil is a boorish theft!) Then many of them went into politics because it's a more profitable business than armed robbery. And today they are the elite?! And who determined that they are the elite of the country?
Is wealth on drugs, weapons, betrayal, and the moral degradation of society an elite? Nowhere in the world is a sign of equality between the elite and wealth put — only in Russia. Such an elite coming out of the doorways of the crooks who looted the country repeatedly betrayed their homeland, discreditied our country. On it judge about our society in a whole, so civilized the world and despises today Russia.
Our elite — not writers, not artists, not doctors, not engineers of high qualification, not mathematicians, opening new laws, and fabulously rich snot-UPS with a vague biography of the found billions, and valor is considered not just to steal a billion, but to remain with honor. To steal so to get the order to stand at the Easter service in front of the President, to approach the hand of the Patriarch. Among this "elite", flashing on the TV screens, the competition is not for who will do more for the Motherland, but for who will steal more from the Treasury, will lead abroad, whose wife has bigger diamonds, who has steeper hours and higher than Fazenda. They have one homeland — their pockets.
For 23 years the country is not living by the laws and by the rules of the prison and the AREA is so popular morals and manners typical of life criminals. You begin to believe that in Russia only two options are possible: either Stalin or lawlessness, although the country does not need either.
Before there were levers of control. You could have complained to the district, they were reacting. There was a Soviet control Committee and a people's control Committee, which were a means of controlling officials and which were destroyed in the first place in 1991-1993. That's when officials and unbridled, honor has become extremely elastic as the conscience of mimic.
Today, the official goes to the temple, and tomorrow – in the night club on the strip, today it is "telephone justice" are satisfied with their child in a prestigious school, and tomorrow a stroke of the pen closes educational network in the villages, today round table calls upon to fight corruption, and tomorrow "rolls" in your own pocket budget money. Sometimes you look at popular officials, writers and other political scientists, during their debates on political topics, and I want to advise them to go to a psychiatric clinic: they are so excited, angry, as many foam flies. They throw insults at each other, accusations, ready to break each other. And deputies carry out the responsibility of the Commission to raise as much dust and stench that would distract attention from the complete failure of the economy, investment, medicine, education and the fight against corruption.
The Bolsheviks took away wealth from the owners, strained the people and created a great state. Liberoidy stolen public property in their pockets. How are they better? Today a lot of talk about Stalin and his deeds. But he did not steal himself, and most importantly, didn't allow others to steal! And there was under Stalin, "black Tuesday", "defaults" and other "prihvatizatsii". In a survey conducted by "Levada-Center", Russian citizens, Stalin put on first place among the most prominent figures of all times and peoples. People, put him first, and close don't mean small, withered Joseph Dzhugashvili. They mean the great, wise, strict, but kind Stalin performed by the artist Gelovani. Handsome with a smart, slightly tired eyes, that day and night thinks only of the welfare of the country and the people. Embezzlers he shoots, ordinary workers become heroes of socialist labor. And in country — order. And after he left money on partvznosy in a Desk drawer, an old coat and lined boots. Giving voice to Stalin, the people thereby shows that he wants to come to one and has destroyed all this arrogant, presumptuous oligarchic trash.
"Yeltsin gave us freedom!"liberoids claim. Yeah, he gave them, just like thieves and crooks. And the people he gave freedom to die, the weak — hung, to emigrate, to write on the fence different words or to pester editors, trying to achieve justice. It is because of this so-called "freedom" that we have an army of homeless people, street children, beggars, the country's population is declining, and fertility cannot block mortality. On any kind of party forums tell us how the power cares of teachers, doctors, engineers, scientific workers, students, pensioners. But suddenly Rosstat with figures in hands showed on whom the country works-on officials, managers, security officers. Officials ' salaries are growing twice as fast as the national average. Not forgotten and people in uniform. And in thousands of settlements of Russia today there is no gas and heating, often there is no high-quality water. There are no roads, supplies and public transport. Due to the humiliating low wages, they leave the doctors, nurses and teachers. Medical stations, libraries, clubs and schools are closing – now it is a "Russian ghetto", a humiliating term for the state. Where is the prosperity? Where is the inevitable progress from the all-powerful "market hand"? Where the life-giving results from inflows of EU funds and the introduction of European standards?
Traitors from the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, who brutally suppressed dissent, sent to prisons and mental hospitals, drove out for the cordon of the best people of the country, handed over and betrayed their party and its ordinary members. The party bosses changed the power on the property, having received huge bribes, veiled in the form of international awards, secret Bank accounts, foreign foreign palaces (issued on figureheads), overseas cruises. Then they openly declared that they hated the Soviet power, and after all held the highest posts in party and the state. It is clear that the collapse of the Soviet Union is not a spontaneous operation, but a carefully prepared and planned action, the final stage of many years of training and placement of their personnel, that the betrayal of the so — called party nomenclature and generals did not happen all of a sudden, but because this very party nomenclature and generals were planted everywhere as a result of the Grand cleaning of the state and party apparatus, the army leadership, conducted by Gorbachev
When the "wind of moral and liberal changes" blew and the system changed, many CPSU historians, chatterers who taught scientific communism for decades and suddenly realized its inferiority, and just faithful Leninists easily crossed over to their recent ideological opponents, and with great enthusiasm began to help their owners Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky people to cook "noodles" and hang it on their ears, as it turned out, long despised "sovka", that is, workers.
Once they prayed for a portrait of Stalin, then they were told that Stalin was a Heartbreaker, and they easily and naturally began to pray for a photo card of maizer Khrushchev — the one who trampled on their previous love. They loved his bald head, were faithful to his corn and admired the Shoe, which he beat on the podium, threatening basurman kuzkina mother. And just ten years later, they forgot it, easily and naturally falling in love with him who "dismissed". Yesterday the word "Solzhenitsyn" they were growling like guard dogs, and today licked "the GULAG Archipelago", like a Lollipop. Yesterday they barked at America, now began to kiss her right in the globe. It was an absolutely amazing sight.
I am sure that people will read with great interest a selection of statements to join the Communist party of some politicians of our time. And as it sounds, for example, an excerpt from the statement of Anatoly Sobchak: "... please accept me as a member of the CPSU, because at this crucial time for the party and the country I want to be in the forefront of the fighters for the cause of socialism and communism." The yard was in 1988. (* Boris Yeltsin, a member of the Communist party, 1961-1990; Dmitry Medvedev — a member of the Communist party, 1986-1991; A. Chubais — a member of the Communist party, 1980— 1990; Yegor Gaidar is a member of the Communist party, 1980-1991; Viktor Chernomyrdin — a member of the CPSU, 1961— 1991; Viktor Zubkov is a member of the Communist party, 1967-1991, and so forth darkness, and the darkness of personalities that are "nice, comfortable and built with a conscience get along").
Interestingly, and ash membership cards are not knocking at their hearts? Overnight changed the Changeling their religion, throwing a crucifix on top of coats (when they were lying – then or now??) And none of them came out, as President Salvador Allende of Chile, to defend their beliefs and to die for them. Confessing Sovietism, the whole gang turncoats and traitors morally its rebirth, its corporate detachment and hostility to the interests of the majority. And spitting in the direction of the Soviet Union became a matter of honour almost every ex-Communist. And all this venomous husk screams us daily from the TV and stage: "Oh, how sweet we live! Here is how to live! If you don't have a billion — you g...! If you didn't steal anything, you asshole!!»













To whom in Russia to live well... Look at these "good persons". How could they steal from us ?? What reason can we understand that the fact that millions of people built 70 years suddenly began to belong to these people ???

Many of us, caught in the millstone between the past and the present, realize that socialism was a lot of untruths, but all that was written about capitalism in the West, and it turned out, even in the worst case. The restructuring is a starry hour of our generation. Let's remember how it all started. First, liberoids called for renewed socialism, then for the rejection of the Communist party monopoly on power, then for the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of a "truly democratic system", and by the autumn of 1993 they had fallen to the violation of the Constitution and the bloody massacre — mass killings of political opponents.


Endless, ugly,
In the murky game of the month
Swirling demons are different,
Like the leaves in November…

Of A. S. Pushkin.
21-23 August 1991 because of the treacherous betrayal of Mikhail Gorbachev, unprepared, inept and cowardly actions of the State emergency Committee (GKCHP) tried to stop the collapse of the country, in the USSR there was a counter-revolutionary coup d'etat (August coup): the Madding crowd glorifying drug freedom, steel mesh, which was rocking bronze Dzerzhinsky, yellow, glowing from the first to the last floor, the window of the Lubyanka, from which there was no single cry, no one shot.
SCCPs ridiculed and arrested, with some of the conservative leaders found somehow "thrown out" of the Windows of the working rooms.
The failure of the PPP's attempt to take power led to an open bourgeois counterrevolution, which ended in the collapse of the USSR in December 1991 and the execution of the Supreme Soviet of Russia in October 1993.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky says: "... I welcomed the PPPs ... Everything could be done, but their only trouble is that they did not arrest Yeltsin and shoot Gorbachev. It was an attempt to save the state, not to destroy it…»
Many people supported the desire of gekapistov-to restore basic order in the country, to stop the total plundering of material values created by many generations of Soviet people, to return to the USSR international prestige and authority.
But thousands of Muscovites were misled and came to the White house to "defend democracy". They naively and sincerely believed that the notorious SCP brought an axe over democracy. Because giving to gulp the air of freedom, we again want to drive into the cells.
Entrepreneurs — heads of exchanges, various commercial structures, wholesalers and financiers-played an active role in the organization of resistance to PPPs. They provided financial and technical assistance to the Russian authorities, and their staff were active participants in the live ring around the White house.
Many of those who were in the August ' 91 at the walls of the House of Soviets, spoken of as was subsequently trampled their ideals. None of them could imagine what would happen to Russia in a nightmare, that inflation would throw them off the "poverty line" and many of them, who genuinely fought for freedom and democracy, would not receive salaries, scholarships, pensions for months, would become unemployed.
And then the euphoria of complete victory reigned and many did not understand that the coup d'état of 91 years is a shameful page in the history of Russia.
The medal "Defender of Free Russia" (people call it "SAG.R ... coy") was awarded to a group of activists: "for the performance of civic duty in the protection of democracy and the constitutional system on August 19-21, 1991, for the implementation of democratic reforms, economic and political reforms, the strengthening of Russian statehood; for contribution to the solution of the national issue." Of the total mass awarded in 1993 deserve to be highlighted are: Borodin, Pavel S., Borovik, Artyom H., Deitch, mark M., Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, Leonid Roshal, Kalugin Oleg Danilovich, Luzhkov Yuri Mikhailovich Popov, Gavriil Kharitonovich, Filatov Sergey A., Shakhrai Sergei Mikhailovich, Hinstein Alexander Evseevich, Fateyeva Natalia, the Durov Lev Konstantinovich, Gdlyan Telman Kh, Dorenko Sergey Leonidovich, Kinchev, Konstantin Evgenievich (medal returned!), Makarevich Andrey Vadimovich, Shchekochikhin, Yuri Petrovich and others (list available).
To give historical significance to the August "revolutionary slope", the titles of the heroes of Russia were donated to the unfortunate onlookers, young guys V. Usov, D. Komar, I. Krichevsky, who died on the night of 20-21 August (when the tanks were already leaving The white house in the garrisons).
But all this seems a trifle against the backdrop of the bloodbath that the criminal Yeltsin "democratic regime" staged in the terrible days of October 1993. There are already heroes did not need hundreds of corpses, the defenders of the Supreme Council was hiding. After all, now the regime itself claimed the title of "collective hero", trying (through intimidation of the people through all channels of television) to ensure the irreversibility of change.
With great enthusiasm, some of the "sixties" took the coming to power firmly laid for the collar of the foreman of the great Russian Capitalist revolution of 1991 Yeltsin and Gaidar reform. In October 1993, more than four dozen artists signed vile, servile "the Letter 42-h", also known under the title "Crush vermin!"The demands of harsh reprisals against opposition came from the lips of artists, writers, and artists not only to 4 October 1993, but after hundreds of civilians people were shot in Moscow.
Some of them were just beaming with joy. Bulat Okudzhava, so he did and said: "I enjoyed the show!"though such as he, on a steep historic turning point, turned out to be a dime a dozen.
Here as wrote V. Novodvorskaya: "on the Morning of October 4 volleys of tank shells tore the azure silence, and we caught every sound with pleasure. If at night we, Democrats and humanists, given tanks, at least the most overlooked, and some discounted planes and other Shirley myrli type machine guns, grenade launchers and machine guns, nobody hesitated, "the White house" would not live until morning and he would be left in ruins.
I wanted those who gathered in the White house, one thing – death. I regretted and only regret that someone from the White house left alive. To deal with them, we'll need bullets. We have not stopped and more blood…
I am quite prepared for the fact that you have to get rid of each of the fifth. And about our white clothes we will always be able to say you put them in the wash. Fresh blood washes well.
No matter how many they were, they died by our hand. It turned out also, that I can kill and then quietly sleep and there is. Never, except August 1991 and October 1993, have I seen any reason to be proud of my country. Just blushed and was ashamed for her."








Very sorry that among the signers were respectable people academician D. S. Likhachev, poet Bella Akhmadulina, Andrey Dementyev, Robert Rozhdestvensky. Robert once studied in 9 of our school and our University, and wrote these poems in the magazine "On the border" (Petrozavodsk):
“...The fourth — will not change
The flag color of my blood…
... To kill it in me,
We must kill the heart first."
The creative establishment these days chose to itself a role of the provoker and the instigator, loudly and pathetically calling to worry of defenders of the House of Soviets and demanding from Yeltsin immediate closing of the TV program “600 seconds”, “Literary Russia”, “Day” and a number of other Newspapers. Given the age of the haters, there's something schizophrenic about it. Although there is nothing surprising, because many of them were regular customers of psychoneurological institutions.
There were performances and live Russian television of various representatives of the "enlightened" democracy, which were broadcast on the eve of the execution of the house of Soviets. Here are some of them:
"This is the inhumane, beast! No negotiation!.. It is necessary to kill this gang" (Prime Minister V. Chernomyrdin).
"Davi, Davi, Viktor Stepanovich, there is no time. Destroy them!"(Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region B. Nemtsov)
"The President must show maximum rigidity and firmness in suppression!» (Yavlinsky.)
Yeltsin's regime executed these requests and until October 1993. Beating of participants of oppositional actions became habitual business since February, 1992. Beat, not especially understanding, who beat the elderly, veterans, women or Teens. The law was on the side of the Supreme Council and its supporters, but the President and liberoids trampled on the law and flooded the streets of Moscow with blood to achieve their political goals.
Many of them are still building the "conscience of the nation", are members of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, teach us how to live and build a civil society, quietly speak from the TV screens and pages of Newspapers, and over the past twenty years not only did not repent of this, but even protect this meanness as an attempt to "protect the young democracy".
Among them were honest people — so against the bloody crimes of the authorities made even dissident writers Vladimir Maksimov, Andrei Sinyavsky and philosopher Peter Aboven-Egides, but their voice was not heard, muffled carnivorous makaniem demonic coven in the blood…
And remained in memory of the crowd in front of the" White house", a rock concert on its steps with drug musicians, Sverdlovsk werewolf on a tank and a cellist running around the" White house " with a Kalashnikov.
If in 1919 the West did not support Kolchak and Denikin, as they stood for a "United and indivisible Russia", in 1993 he rushed to help Yeltsin.














Here tanks Kantemirovskaya division beat direct fire on the burning white building in the center of Moscow. Here is the building not allowed the fire Department. But miss some of the people in armored personnel carriers in civilian clothes but with weapons. And here shoot at the doctors of "ambulance" trying to give help wounded. The West was happy — kill-you Russian. And kill the Russians.
The sight of the execution of the White house was so wild, cynical and immoral that people stood at the TV silently, trying not to look at each other. It was unbearably sad and ashamed all. Russian liberalism showed its bloody grin to the Russian people and the world.
There was a feeling of unreality about what was happening, because we never had such a thing. We, almost fifty years living without war, and to imagine such a could not. But all have taught us a good lesson. We were shown where we belong and what we stand for. Games in "democracy" over, and more ceremony will not, and will shoot, and if you try to help, will shoot and white robes. Because "the price of the question", as they like to say, three hundred percent of the profit, for which, as you know, the capital will go to any crime. Yes that there three hundred percent! Hardly anyone doubts that these people would go on a crime for the smallest of greed. But after such a monstrous crime, people have a great need to know the truth about what happened, why the Soviet army could not save the country, did not fulfill its main task.
And 24 years after the shooting of the Parliament, the topic is relevant and hot as if the Parliament was shot just yesterday. Fresh wound, from which gushing blood, “October” logic of resistance to world Evil 93 years. But when and who will be responsible for several thousand innocently killed by hecatombs in October 1993? Because there are specific names of those who prepared the monstrous decree in 1400, who was ordered to kill his own people, and now zatiharilsya. Some even star Heroes hooked. And razvalschiki 91 and Rastrelli ' 93 must answer to the court and receive the deserved retribution. The new Nuremberg is yet to come!
No occupier can not do the country much harm, how much of it will make power. During the years of war 1941-45 production in the country decreased by 25 percent, and during the years of the current "reform" since the beginning of 90-ies it collapsed by half and more. And if Hitler had destroyed the industry of Russia from Brest to the Volga, Yeltsin in time of peace from Brest to Vladivostok. Russia was under the fifth new conquerors, the current occupiers, who implemented the Hitler "Barbarossa plan"in a different way.












Right were the classics saying that the property separates and turns people into animals-the venom of heaviness and selfishness infected today the people of Russia, and the future of our children and grandchildren has long been distributed in the pockets of the powerful. Before the Communists sought to justify their dirty deeds of a higher political expedience inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Now liberoids do it.
Otorop takes from today's days, in a terrible dream could not dream that the economic terror against the people, which Lenin dreamed of yet – is obvious. Today, almost everything guaranteed by the Constitution, in one form or another have to buy. Poverty today is a loss of self-respect and dignity, it is poor housing in the "zanyuhannom" area, it is limited access to recreation, culture, sports, treatment, good education. Poverty is bad teeth, pale vodka, early aging. Poverty is when young children feel that they are "in the wrong category".
And in Russia there was one "moral", one ideology – MONEY. This is the very thing that is " built "on the ruins of the"Soviet Empire". The country has lost the respect for each other and the fear of God, and the hoax became commonplace, and everyday life.
Don't be the rich inheritance s s s R the current government would long ago have waited for the collapse with all the ensuing consequences. But the reserve created by previous generations (explored resources, oil and gas pipelines, uranium reserves, weapons, infrastructure, factories, power plants, "turnkey" scientific developments, etc.) is so great that it still allows the authorities to stay afloat, imitate, parasitize, violent activities and even announce their alleged successes. But well, we began to understand the terms on which our authorities tell us: 1) "MODERNIZATION" = degraded, 2) the "RESTRUCTURING" = bandit Redistribution, 3) the "OPTIMIZATION" = the revenues and expenditures of the population, 4) "MOBILITY" = the loss of jobs, massive layoffs, forced removals, migration that people survive 5) "RECESSION" = the degradation and dying economy, 6) "SEQUESTRATION" = unexpected for the population, the theft of the national heritage authorities lawful means, 7) "NANO" "INNOVATION", "SKOLKOVO" = a black hole in the economy, laundering by the ruling elite of the country's budget, the justification of his theft, 8) "DEVELOPMENT BUDGET TARGET PROGRAM" = theft of data and transfer money to personal offshore accounts of foreign banks, 9)"NATIONAL WELFARE FUND = gangster obshchak for economic manipulation of the people.
Entering into confrontation with the ideological monsters rooted in the territory of Russia for more than 70 years, the first-wave Democrats thought about a respected and respected country with a democratic sense of law, a prosperous economy, a universally recognized culture. Today's Russia is a symbiosis of yesterday's nomenclature corrupters with Frank, absolutely unpunished criminality, which causes nothing but fastidiousness and contempt for civilized humanity.
But the most humiliating thing is that this shameful state was brought to its Communists-cut, who were able to achieve titles and titles in socialism, built on the most "I can't" in the vertical of power in the USSR, crucified about the "ideas of Marxism-Leninism", the party slogans and installations, delicious and satisfying eaten from the Communist "spetskormushki."
Realizing that "blew the wind of change", they immediately repainted and bitterly lashing out against their previous beliefs, ridiculing and zapletina "the Scoop", has begun to be baptized and to burn the party and Komsomol tickets, and then build, without losses neatly jumped like a flea, market Paradise.
Then the whole crowd jumped in one main party that took over the Communist party, all the rituals: numerous congresses in huge palaces, a unanimous "for" stormy, prolonged applause turning into applause. They fell in love with another leader, and faithfully fulfill his will. They sincerely quote his speech and walk with him in the leg. And, importantly, each time they like sincerely and from the heart.
Amazing metamorphosis!! These scoundrels, hastily pulled on itself a democratic duds — former regional gauleiters, party, journalists and writers, and the Komsomol vandals and telegony, artists, athletes and even some astronauts. How many of these shifters appeared 25 years before our astonished eyes! o Lord! When you will save the humiliation of Russia from this voracious locusts??
And the Communist party, the successor of the Communist party, has become mired in compromises with the regime and today lets out in a whistle pairs of popular anger, reconciling with the role of forever losing. In the presidential election in 1996, the year the Communist leader was startled by the thought that he might become President. Actually Zyuganov desperately didn't want it because to be the leader of the largest Duma fraction which sits in Parliament and criticizes the Kremlin where it is more comfortable, than to make decisions and to bear for them responsibility. Even the court acknowledged that the presidential elections in 1996, in one only Tatarstan Zyuganov was stolen 600 thousand votes, but he was afraid of victory more than defeat Yeltsin, acting in the role card "fool" preference. On this occasion, the ever — memorable liberoid Nemtsov frankly said: "Zyuganov is a wonderful gift to Russia... It is our happiness. If there was a stronger choice...But, fortunately, there is Zyuganov, and you can not worry" !! Unfortunately, some still think that the Communist party is the main left party of Russia and the "people's advocate". But the party only plays the role of the opposition, receiving from the budget of huge subsidies and or degraded in CJSC named Zyuganov, who (according to Posner) pair of crocs worth 60 thousand dollars — Hey seniors!

муть демократического обновления

And whether it was necessary so ruthlessly to refuse very much good that we had earlier. Vladimir Putin once said:"You... lived in the USSR and remember that... it was socialism, which you were proud of before the world." He complimentarily outlined the role of Soviet planning in many of the landmark, most important components of society's life, such as medicine, education and Victory in the great Patriotic war.
"First of all, it should be recognized that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the largest geopolitical catastrophe of the century, — said Vladimir Putin in a message to the Federal Assembly in 2005 —for the Russian people it became a real drama." I would add — and TRAGEDY!
But the murder of the USSR could not make a traitor Gorbachev, although he admits: "It's a done deal. Disorganized.»… Who stood behind him? It has long been necessary to understand not only journalists, but also lawyers, prosecutors...and give a legal assessment of what happened in 1991-1993 coup. During a meeting with the leadership of political parties in the Kremlin, Mr Putin said that the Soviet Union should not have been collapsed. He also said that the USSR could be changed by transformation, including democratic, and not to destroy a huge state.
Vladimir Putin to a certain extent contradictory. He remains to a large extent a man of Soviet mentality, at the same time believing in the possibility of a market economy. Putin wants unity of the country and social justice, however, is not ready, in my opinion, to move to post-market planned management of the economy.
Today there is a project of liberation of Russia from colonial dependence, the announcement of the fifth column by the criminal community and purification of Russia from anti-state elements that trade the future of the country. But is there political will to do so? And is there an understanding that Russia's problem is not that she can't feed the poor, and that the rich will never be able to get DRUNK ??
For those who say that the Soviet economy has exhausted its potential, look at China, where, maintaining the pros of the previous system, moved on!! Because there the government suppressed a well-trained insurgency, which liberal Western countries called a riot of "unarmed students", shooting at the army with machine guns and grenade launchers, with a lot of killed soldiers and policemen, with streets full of burning armored vehicles.
Andrei Sakharov in the late 60-ies had high hopes on convergence — convergence "capitalist" and "socialist" models: "...I assume that the economic system resulting from this approximation process should be an economy of a mixed type that combines a maximum of flexibility, freedom, social achievements and opportunities for global regulation." This document, the progressiveness and consistency of which frightened the most recorded Democrats of our country, was perceived critically by them, but the authority of the academician was used by them to promote the ideas of human liberalism and the achievement of their own goals.
A.D. Sakharov died early, seeing neither privatization, nor the collapse of the country, nor war with the Chechens. If he had at least another year, the scientist, without a doubt, would be able to finish his version of the theory of convergence, and his concept of pluralistic socialism. And if the fate had been divided for two years, then such a revolution, from which Yeltsin in the interests of the old and new nomenclature after August 91, according to him, "saved Russia" could have occurred in our country, and all the development of the country would have flowed in a different direction.
Here and Vladimir Putin said: "Who does not regret the collapse of the USSR, has no heart. And the one who wants to restore it in its previous form has no head."
From socialist countries to implement convergence in practice managed only to China, which gave this way for "socialism with Chinese specificity." We, "rearranging", sought to emulate the West, which has turned Russia into a vassal, and the economy took a lopsided raw materials. The benefits of convergence demonstrate today the Scandinavian countries, India and Brazil, became thereby emerging giants of the twenty-first century. It is the convergence that reflects the General direction of social progress. If we restore order in Russia, we are not afraid of any crisis, so we have enormous internal reserves.
The state and the people need to return the strategic enterprises and raw materials industries, including the electric power industry, which were "taken over" by the oligarchs. But without the development of its own science and industry, the country will remain a raw colony of the West.
The institutions of control, such as people's control (only people's Control), must be returned. Conduct annual inspections of all state-owned Corporations, to set a limit for salaries and bonuses. Convicted in greed to judge with full confiscation of all unrighteously acquired from the guilty and all his relatives who will not be able to prove the origin of the income! Order can be brought very quickly, if desired, of course, and this will be enough and one presidential term!
The ending of life for a person determines lived. We are the children of war! In the terrible years of 1941-1945 quite small and a little older as adults we died under Nazi bombs and starved, lost their relatives and rescued the wounded, suffered hardships and died in concentration camps. Those who survived, remained undermined health and orphanhood. On a holiday we went mostly in the early 90s, getting paid medicine and expensive drugs unavailable, prohibitively high housing prices and curtailed retirement, becoming a generation of poor people. In Germany, the children of Hitler's army soldiers have long received allowances as social support, as the State recognized that their childhood was crippled by war. Pay "children of war" even in Latvia, where there is no oil or gas. Our authorities have no money for the" children of war", although billions are for the" effective managers "— the Treasury of the Ministry of defence and" RUSNANO".
The state cannot exist without a national idea, to be spiritless. More than 80% of the population is traditionally positive about the ROC, as the Church, contrary to persecution and suffering, remained faithful to Christ, truth and good, was with the people in the crucial years of getting rid of the Bolshevik yoke. Orthodoxy is associated with the themes of family, parenting, non-participation of the Church in politics, human rights, prevention and treatment of AIDS and various dependencies, "Orthodox culture" in schools, etc. All this helps our citizens to understand that Orthodox Christians are not aliens, that faith in Christ does not tear a person from society, does not remove the responsibility of Christians for what is happening. Faith in Christ sets, first of all, moral and religious boundaries for Christians, opening up a full scope for social and public life.
Now that money has become both God and the meaning of life for so many people, and material gain has become the measure of everything, perhaps only the Church can consolidate people and try to get them out of a bestial state.
But liberoids benefit from maintaining the status quo, they see where the danger comes from, and by preemptive strikes, they are waging a real psychological war against the Church. Faith in God liberoidami proclaims foolishness and obscurantism. Hatred of the Orthodox Church, they have no less than to the interior Ministry. They all piled into a single pile, all of them prevents from the Orthodox Church to the revival of the GTO, from the parade on may 9 to the procession. For them anyone who doubts the usefulness of gay pride parades, it seems bearded rioters-black hundreds. For them, every mother giving child to Sunday school at the Church, an inadequate mrakobes, and the flight of Yuri Gagarin – "the ideological action of a beggar and a bloody shovel". This liberal ideological terror even N. Mikhalkov called worse than Stalin!











Trusting we are Ivan, not remembering kinship, so easy to believe the foremen and liberals and trying to bite your elbow today! And who will formulate the surest conclusion from all that has happened and is happening in our Russian life? Why wanted in 1917, socialism: factories — to workers, land to peasants and got Stalin, the party bureaucracy and the repression of innocent people? Why wanted Khrushchev thaw, and got corn on the head? Why I wanted transparency, equality and truth, but given the collapse of the Soviet Union? Why wanted democracy, the rule of law and a reasonable, civilized market, and received deceptive privatization, oligarchs, monopolism, corruption, crime and General theft (such robbery and robbery Russian land did not know for all its more than a thousand years)?
In my opinion, all the "reformers" and prihvatizatory ravaged the country in the ' 90s; divided between themselves and appropriated the property of others under the slogans of democratization, liberalization and other overseas bullshit, should be held criminally responsible for their actions with the country and the tragic consequences for the people when it continued genocide of alcoholism free sale of drugs, rampant crime and growing unemployment due to the mass closure of enterprises, factories, plants, collective farms.
The monstrous income stratification has transformed the social state into an African Bantustan, it continues to split society into warring classes. Therefore, the image of the future is the nationalization of natural resources, many sectors of the economy and the economy, and until it is held no social peace in Russia will not. And it can happen that an empty fridge will win over the TV, and then we will see absolutely other people, not brainwashed by propaganda, and came in itself, and sober.
And should be passed laws on free education and health care, a death penalty murderers with aggravating circumstances and merchants to hard drugs, the confiscation of property of all relatives and lifelong ban from holding public office persons convicted of bribery and corruption. It is necessary to take tough measures as a king. At that time there was order and silence, although in the Soviet Union also had order and quiet.
Liberoids proclaimed and implemented the slogan of" removal " of the state from the economy. Why, then, do the state? But they want to bring it down to the pathetic role of the tax collector, the tax collector, besides, almost the lowest in the world, to which it must contain the army and police, education and culture, and much more. Therefore, the only way out is to strengthen the role of the state, which should once again nationalize many sectors of the national economy and economy.
Against our country is a war-information, psychological, economic, it can at any time grow into a "hot". All the world experience shows that wars are won only by those States that organize the effective mobilization of all their material and spiritual resources. Including the mobilization of the economy. And here all the same: the market will put everything in place, i.e. we are not going to create mobilization economy. Translated into Russian, this means: we will keep our "liberal model". But we have seen how South Korea has turned from a poor pseudo-state into a technological power with the help of absolutely "sovkovyh" techniques – Gosplan, five-year plans, closed borders, strict currency regulation and other anti-market charms.
Personally, I am a staunch supporter of the monarchy, when the laws are in force and strictly observed. When they are violated, offenders are strictly punished. When power is replaced and reported. When the government is transparent. When the thief didn't shake hands. The monarchy is the conscience of the Russian people. The revival of Russia requires first of all the moral ideal and monarchical rule, not the chaos and permissiveness of modern liberalism. Monarchy is good because with her still there is a chance that the power will truly be a decent person. And with a democratic system, and in any country, it is excluded at all. Until a person gets to the apex of power, he is so much meanness be compelled to do, so many friends to sell... If it comes to that, and how Adolf Hitler came to power democratically — won in a fair election.
The democratic system is not unique to the Russian state, as the grandson of the priest philosopher Ivan Solonevich wrote, saying that after the defeat of communism, only the monarchy will save Russia, because in the democratic system, the military will arrange militarism, Industrialists — kleptocracy, and the intelligentsia will be satisfied with any "ISM", which will be the most fashionable at the moment.
The confrontation between the whole industrial world and Russia speaks of its recent power. But now we've lost. Well have to pay for everything. Huge territorial losses throw us at the time of Alexei Mikhailovich. Industrial opportunities at the time of late Stalin. Cultural opportunities to after the revolutionary or after the war years of the XX century. Science and education are degraded by leaps and bounds. The material situation of the bulk of the population below the subsistence level.
Solonevich considered the return of our country to the monarchy, national in spirit and national in social content to be a historical way out for Russia. At the same time, he considered it necessary to return to the whole system of institutions — from the all-Russian throne to the rural Assembly, and not to the system of the current elections, which nourish the "cosmopolitan elite", destroying the country. In this system, the monarch would belong to the "power of power", and the people — "the power of opinion". The restoration of the monarchy is difficult, but not impossible. Otherwise-death and death from bureaucracy and the Western liberal democratic ideas are provided to us.
A properly arranged monarchy can be a symbol of the unity of a multinational state, including an Empire. The monarchy can also be a symbol of unity of the nation, social stability. Even formally constitutional, but in fact decorative monarchies (like the modern monarchy in the UK) continue to fulfill this mission — a symbol and instrument of unity.
Here is Vladimir Putin in the book "in the first person" says: "...from the very beginning, Russia was created as a super-centralized state. It is embedded in its genetic code, in traditions, in the mentality of people" General... at certain times... in a certain place... under certain conditions... the monarchy played and still plays a positive role. In Spain, for example. I think the monarchy played a decisive role in the country's departure from despotism and totalitarianism. The monarchy was a stabilizing factor. The monarch does not need to think, will elect him or not, finely conjunctural, such as to influence the electorate. He can think about the fate of his people and not be distracted by little things." But the Emperor is not a title, not a rank or even position. The Emperor is a tax. Before tax all of its land. And bear his not shifting. Answering before God and the people, it is important for the monarch to convey to his heir a strong, calm, peaceful state, it is important to remain in the history of the sovereign, in which there were no great shocks. The monarchy is not only an unlimited power, it is also an unlimited responsibility of the monarch, it is not a concern for personal benefit, but for the power and prosperity of a multinational state. The salvation of Russia — Orthodoxy and the Orthodox monarchy!!
LSGMI 66\12.

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